• Gimped "Avatar" Blu-ray coming soon

    Everyone’s favorite Dances With Wolves remake, Avatar, is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. Just don’t expect many extras. Or 3-D. As reported by the great TheDigitalBits.com, 20th Century Fox will shortly announce a 4/22 release date for Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD. But be aware that if you want some bonus features, or 3D, you might have to double or even triple dip. According to… Read More

  • Hollywood has its best year ever in 2009 (but piracy is killing the business?)

    I could have sworn “piracy” was killing the movie industry. Apparently not, when you actually look at the data! The year 2009 was the single best year in Hollywood history as far as “money” is concerned—if you can find a single decent movie produced by Hollywood last year I’d love to see it—where it made $29.9 billion in ticket sales alone. (Never mind… Read More

  • An Oscar win for Avatar tonight is a win for 3D technology as a whole

    Tonight’s Oscars are as much about technology as they are good movies. Granted, movie-making has always been about embracing new technology—critics complained when movies first appeared, when they added sound, when they added color, etc.—but Avatar can be looked at as nothing more than a glorified tech demo. A win for Avatar tonight is a win for 3D technology, end of. Read More

  • Koreans watch Avatar in "4D"

    One important factor that can explain Avatar’s success at the box office is certainly the 3D experience viewers can have when they walk into the right movie theater. But what about watching Avatar in “4D”? In Korea, you can. The nation’s leading multiplex chain, CJ-CGV, runs a handful of so-called “4D plexes” where the experience includes moving seats… Read More

  • Avatar has made a billion dollars. Twice.

    Prepare yourself for motion picture history. Seems that Avatar is the first movie in the history of ever to pull in 2 billion USD worldwide. Uncork the champagne people. Read More

  • The best Avatar review ever

    The same guy who reviewed the Phantom Menace, apparently while sloppy drunk on a mixture of Percocet and vodka, just reviewed Avatar. His bottom line? Cameron made an affective film – affective in its purest form. Everything is “perfect,” culturally. Part two is after the jump. Good stuff. Read More

  • We never named a mountain after Avatar. What are you talking about?

    Monday could have marked one of the greatest acts of trolling of the decade. An official ceremony was held to change the name of a mountain in the Hunan province to commemorate James Cameron’s Avatar. Seems that now they’re realizing naming national monuments after movies isn’t the best idea. Read More

  • DIY: Avatar fiber optic jungle

    Inspired by Avatar, this crafty fellow created his own version of the Pandora jungle. Made using conductive thread, fiber optic strands, and LEDs, he built a rather impressive looking patch of grass that lights up when you touch it. I’m not sure what the practical usage of this would be, but it’s one of those projects that is just cool to look at. Read More

  • U.S. military now wants 3D surveillance cameras. Avatar invented 3D, you know.

    In a sense, the following story can be summed up thus: the US military wants new, hi-tech equipment. That’s not exactly breaking news, no, but there’s an Avatar connection, so if the world could stop rotating on its axis for a moment… It’s called Fine Detail Optical Surveillance, and the military wants Darpa to develop it. Think 3D spy cameras. Attach one to a… Read More

  • The Avatar sex scene

    First SNL did it and then reader Alex sent us this little bit of text, purportedly from the actual Avatar script. WTF indeed. Both comically NSFW items can be found after the jump. Read More

  • Avatar has made more than $1 billion. That's a lot of dollars.

    Pretty sure none of us here ever said that Avatar would tank at the box office, but did we think it’d make a billion dollars in just a few days? I sure didn’t! (To be fair, I never really gave the topic much thought.) But yes, wipe the look of shock off your face as it’s now revealed that the James Cameron film made $1.02 billion in three weeks. That includes… Read More