• USAA Leads $24 Million Round For Connected Car Platform Automatic

    USAA Leads $24 Million Round For Connected Car Platform Automatic

    Automatic, the connected car platform whose sensor and app combination is sometimes referred to as a “Fitbit for your car,” announced this morning $24 million in Series B funding, led by the investment arm at USAA, a top insurance and financial services provider for military families, which today counts 11 million members. Also participating in the round were new investors CDK… Read More

  • Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed)

    Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed)

    Carvoyant is a new service that aims to maintain your car’s “health records” in the cloud, while also keeping track of when you need repairs, where you should go, and what that blasted “check engine” light means, already! To build the database containing your car’s health and service history, the company uses data gathered from a transmitter you plug into… Read More

  • GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    Auto maker General Motors and LG Group will be working together to design and engineer electric vehicles thanks to a new partnership that expands on LG’s earlier work for GM in lithium-ion batteries.  Previously, LG delivered batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, the Opel Ampera, and later for a demo fleet of Chevrolet Cruze electric vehicles. According to the companies, their goal is to… Read More

  • Video Review: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. The BMW M3 Contender.

    It’s not easy to get over the fact that the Germans have dominated the high-performance luxury car segment year after year. So, when I got hold of the Cadillac CTS-V coupe, I knew that it would be hard to be a fair judge. This car would really have to blow my socks off if it had any shot of taking out the M3; my experiences with GM vehicles haven’t always been positive. But… Read More

  • Tesla to open seven new dealerships this summer

    Looking to take a Tesla electric car for a spin, are ya? Lucky you, as the company will be opening seven sales centers this summer — four in the US and three abroad. You’ll be able to take a test drive in New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami, along with London, Monaco, and Munich. Read More

  • Behold the cupholder-friendly power inverter

    File this under “stuff that makes sense” and drop a carbon copy in the “why didn’t I think of that” folder. This is an in-vehicle power inverter with two AC outlets and a USB charging port in the shape of a coffee cup so it’ll fit perfectly in your car’s cupholder. Read More

  • Build Your Own Car (If You're Living In Japan)

    Now we know why cars in Japan are cheaper; people build cars as a hobby! Or at least that’s what Mitsuoka Motor is betting on. The auto company has released the K-4 micro car kit. This is a real, working mini-car that is about eight-feet long and comes in an old-school sports car design. You assemble everything on your own (to an extent) and after about 40 hours of work, you’ll… Read More