• CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

    CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

    This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was typical in one key regard: The best insights to be had at the event are those that appear when you look at its overall composition, rather than at any single¬†announcement or product unveiling. For CES 2015, one theme in particular struck me as especially important, made more so because of it considerable progression over the past few years of… Read More

  • Amazing Writing Automaton from 1772

    You can have your Legos, Asimos, and Transformers. I’ll take this 100% analog scripting automaton called the Writer. This little ragamuffin was completed in 1772, and its movements are based on the complex clockwork of Switzerland’s Jacquet-Droz. It’s entirely mechanical, and is powered by a wind-up spring mechanism. Caged kinetics was one of the only portable power sources… Read More