• Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

    Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

    Wibbitz, a new service that functions as sort of a “play button” for the Web, has just raised a seed round of approximately half a million. The service is similar to former TechCrunch Disrupt winner Qwiki, in that it, too, automatically generates videos on the fly using the content found on a given website. But unlike Qwiki, Wibbitz is positioned as a tool designed specifically… Read More

  • Automated beer brewing courtesy of Arduino

    Brewing your own beer by hand is soooo 1992. You can now automate most of the process using an Arduino controller and some source code over at Read More

  • Eli Manning’s automagical condo

    Say hey, that’s New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, also known as my new fantasy football quarterback since about halfway in to the first quarter of the Patriots-Chiefs game when Tom Brady’s leg exploded along with my dreams of a good season. Anyway, Electronic House has an interesting piece on Eli’s New Jersey condo. It’s apparently an exercise in automated… Read More

  • Automated house construction

    Wouldn’t it be great if things could just build their own damn selves? Just press the button and walk away. I’m not talking about some small injection molder churning out car parts; think bigger than that. No, not cars. Bigger. Houses. More details and a cool vid after the jump. Read More

  • Nobu 8" In Wall Touchscreen

    This new system from Nobu was designed to be the ultimate in wall system. It features an 8″ polyester laminate finger touchscreen within a small casing. The system is run by a fanless 1GHz Intel Celeron M processor, a 4GB embedded disk card and upto 1GB DDR memory. It includes ethernet, but WiFi is optional. I have absolutely no use for one of these things, but I want one all-the-same. I… Read More