• Aeir Talk Gives A Father’s Autistic Kids A Voice

    Aeir Talk Gives A Father’s Autistic Kids A Voice

    We met Joe Hill in Norfolk, Virginia last week. He had a story to tell us. He has two autistic sons who have had trouble communicating and he noticed that the world of tools for autism often overlooked a few things - aesthetics, usability, and customization, to name three. Instead of relying on ready-made utilities, Joe wanted to make something fun and cool. He created Aeir Talk. It's an app… Read More

  • Wi-Fi causing autism?

    Wi-Fi causing autism?

    According to a study by Dr. George Carlo in Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine, the signals emitted by Wi-Fi routers cause metals to be trapped in brain cells, thereby accelerating the onset of autism. I’m not quite sure how Wi-Fi singnals are the significant culprits here — unless they have 50 kids in faraday cages with 802.11G routers strapped to their heads… Read More