• Withings Wants To Wake You Up Right And Provide True Sleep Tracking With The Aura

    Withings Wants To Wake You Up Right And Provide True Sleep Tracking With The Aura

    At CES 2014, Withings was showing off the latest product in its lineup of home health tracking connected gadgets, the Aura. The Aura looks vaguely like a submarine’s periscope, but it lives on your nightstand, connects to a sensor pad that goes under your mattress, and provides super sophisticated sleep tracking along with intelligent wake up and sleep sequences to give you your best… Read More

  • Video: Half-robot David Beckham totally uses the Motorola Aura (which costs $2,000)

    Just like Krusty the Clown, David Beckham will endorse damn near anything, provided the price is right. That helps explain this latest promotional video, wherein the benched AC Milan (via LA Galaxy) midfielder holds, quite masculinely, the Motorola Aura, the $2,000 cellphone that nobody wants. Read More

  • Pardon my Engrish: RicT-007 AVRA

    Pardon my Engrish: RicT-007 AVRA

    Here’s a perfect companion to your Lolex watch and Mike shoe collection: the RicT-007 AVRA. It is basically a craptacular Motorola AURA clone. And when I mean craptacular, I mean aside from the looks, it is utter trash. Just look at the specs. Read More

  • Motorola AURA gets poked, prodded, and photographed

    The up-scale AURA might be Motorola’s last attempt to remain relevant in a post-RAZR mobile world and yet the dudes at Mobile Review got their grubby hands on the $2k cell phone. It sounds like they were impressed with the build quality and the round LCD, but Moto might have dropped the ball on the GUI by simply reworking a standard square LCD menu rather than, you know… Read More

  • Aura concept speaker uses resonating glass to transmit sound

    [photopress:auras1.jpg,full,center] The crew at Yanko reminds us today of the awesome power of the cone, the preferred shape of bullhorns and other sound-emitting devices. Yes, that seems plausible. With that in mind, take a look at Aura, a Jetsons-esque speaker that sorta looks like a blender and “aims to fill a room with sound using resonating glass.” She was designed by one… Read More

  • ASUSTeK Puts The Kibosh On Aura Concept

    ASUSTeK wasn’t too happy about the Aura concept phone that was making the rounds a few weeks back and now it’s in writing. They’ve officially denied any Aura phone in concept or production by ASUSTeK. The designs came from Hungarian design company Egy Studio. That’s too bad, it was pretty a cool design, maybe someone else will pick it up. It has come to our attention… Read More