• Here Come The MacBook Air Clones! Asus Set To Announce 5+ Ultrabooks

    Here Come The MacBook Air Clones! Asus Set To Announce 5+ Ultrabooks

    The day of the Ultrabook is nearly upon us and per Asustek chairman, Jonney Shih, the PC maker has five to six models on the bill for an October release. Prices are said to start out $899 but also reach $1,999. That’s notable higher than Intel’s target price of $999 and under. Still, if Intel has its way, ultrabooks will be the next big thing in PC notebooks. The ultra-thin… Read More

  • The Asus Transformer Is Now Available For $349 At Walmart

    The Asus Transformer Is Now Available For $349 At Walmart

    Remember when the Asus Eee Pad Transformer was the hottest thing since Laserdisc? Remember when it was hailed as an iPad killer with its fancy IPS screen, low price and sweet name. Autobots, unite! Well, Walmart is currently selling it for $350, which puts it at the low-end of the Honeycomb tab price scale. Jokes aside, it’s actually a great deal for an Android tablet. Read More

  • Apple Leads In West European PC Growth, Competitors Tank

    Apple Leads In West European PC Growth, Competitors Tank

    Western Europe is a tough place to be for PC manufacturers right now. According to a report from technology research firm Gartner, sales are down nearly across the board, with just a single exception: Apple. Read More

  • The Netbook Lives! Asus Launches Product Page For The MeeGo Eee PC X101 Netbook

    The Netbook Lives! Asus Launches Product Page For The MeeGo Eee PC X101 Netbook

    Asus’s next-gen netbook, the MeeGo-running Eee PC X101, is nearing launch and just earned its very own product page on the company’s website. This notebook, and its slightly more bloated brother, the Windows-ifed X101H, are nearing launch and ready to usher netbooks into a new age of prosperity. Netbooks aren’t dead. As much as some feel that they hurt the personal… Read More

  • Will Asus’s Kinect Clone End Up Like Its Wii Clone?

    Will Asus’s Kinect Clone End Up Like Its Wii Clone?

    Asus has been working with Kinect co-creator PrimeSense to put together a PC-based version of Microsoft’s hit depth-detecting game controller. The thought, I presume, was that PC gamers and hackers would like a native device and an open platform for gesture-based game and OS controls. Their creation has been around for a bit, but we haven’t heard much regarding it, perhaps because… Read More

  • ASUS Eee Pad Slider Will Be Delayed Until Fall

    The ASUS Eee Pad Slider, a tablet with sliding keyboard that was supposed to launch in August has been delayed until the Fall, according to the ASUS Facebook Page. “Eee Pad Slider will be coming to the UK this Autumn” and ASUS will “confirm dates and pricing later in July.” Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: Man Cave Gear For Pops

    Poor dad. He’s always getting shafted when it comes to Father’s Day. Usually he gets a tie or a chess set or a fancy prize-winning goat (it was a weird year that year at the Biggs house, let me tell you). But does he ever get a full home gaming/3D video/Blu-Ray playing All-In-One gaming center? With speakers? And fancy lights? Well now you can send Dad what he really wants. Read More

  • Intel Pitches New Category Of Thin And Light Laptops: "Ultrabooks"

    Intel is using the yearly Computex Taipei exhibition in Taiwan as a platform to pitch a new category of laptops. Dubbed Ultrabooks, these devices are supposed to have three distinct features: they are thinner (less than 20mm/0.8 inches) and lighter than most existing laptops, and they should be priced below $1,000 in order to become mainstream. Read More

  • Padfone: Asus Officially Announces Its Android Tablet/Phone Combo (Videos)

    Today, on the first day of the yearly Computex Taipei exhibition in Taiwan, Asus took the wraps off the Android tablet/phone combo it teased last week. Dubbed Padfone, Asus is relatively mum on details (specs, pricing, availability) at this point. Read More

  • Transformer Overclocked To An Unstable But Still Awesome 1.4GHz

    The Transformer runs the modest 1GHz Tegra 2 platform, but that clearly isn’t enough. More power, right, Clarkson? Some clever folks over at XDA recently outed a custom kernel that bumps the clockspeed to 1.4GHz. It’s just too bad that this particular kernel with its super-speed chip leaves the Transformer unstable and therefore a bit useless for most. However, for those out… Read More

  • Asus Takes To Facebook To Tease Its Next….Tablet Or Phone

    It’s a trap! A PR trap. I’ll bite. Asus just posted a teaser images on its official Facebook page of some unknown device. The trick here is that while it’s clearly a slate device, the company is purposely not saying if it’s a phone or tablet. In fact that’s seemingly the point of the Facebook page in that it asks that exact question. “Break The Rules: Pad… Read More

  • As Production Ramps Up In June, The Asus Transformer Will Hit The Japanese Market

    The Asus Transformer might be the queen of the Honeycomb hive — if Asus had made enough of them. As it sits right now the tablet is still on the hard-to-find list, but production is reportedly set to increase by June. That might not be a good thing for eager fans here in the states as Asus is set to unleash the hot tablet on the awaiting Japanese marketplace sometime next month as well. Read More

  • Apple Is #5 In PC Sales In Europe

    Gartner found that Apple is number five in European PC sales, just below Acer, Dell, and Asus. They sold 966,000 units in 1Q11, 292,000 less than the fourth place winner. But wait… there’s more! Read More

  • Asus Comments On Transformer Shortage, Confirms Manufacturing Will Increase In June

    It’s nearly impossible to get an Asus Transformer right now and it’s not because the tablet saw an iPad-ish firesale. No, the shortage was reportedly caused by low supply levels. Asus simply didn’t expect docking tablet to be in high demand. Read More

  • Lame Report Of The Day: Asus To Sell Tegra 3 Quad-Core Tablets

    Hope your radiation insurance is up to date. Asus is reportedly working on a tablet powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3, a quad-core platform that aims to kill frame rates and sperm counts at equal rates. Digitimes makes mention of the upcoming super tablet but fails when it comes to the details. In fact the report is silly light on specifics. Simply saying that Asus will launch a tablet with… Read More

  • Report: Asus Limited To Only 10k Transformer Tablets Per Month Due To Component Shortage

    We hear by way of our good friend Sascha Pallenberg that a component shortage is to blame for the low initial volumes of the Asus Transformer. Apparently Asus is running well below of its capacity and only outing about 10k units per month, rather than 300k. The shortage is reportedly expected to remain until mid-June. No word on exactly which component is to blame here, but it… Read More

  • Here Are The Official Asus Transformer Accessories And Add-ons

    Asus has a whole host of accessories on tap for the hot Transformer tablet/netbook. The keyboard dock was just the beginning. There’s a desktop dock, HDMI-VGA adapter, a very iPad-ish looking folio case, and an adapter to plug in a USB flash drive. Asus has yet to make these official so no word on pricing or availability. They appeared on Asus’ Italian Facebook page about four… Read More

  • Unboxing The Asus Eee Pad Transformer (Video)

    Here we have the first parturition of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer from its retail container. As you’ll see, the Transformer looks respectably thin and durable. And that’s about all you can see in this unboxing video — the guy only manages to turn on the tablet for a few seconds. Needless to say, we want to see more. Read More

  • Asus Launches The Eee Pad Transformer's Product Page, Releases Source Code

    The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is nearing a US release — at least that’s what Fandroids hope. The Transformer hit Taiwanese retailers late last month and it’s been showing up randomly in retailer’s websites. Asus just launched the official product page that details the convertible tablet down to each spec. The only thing missing at this point is the US release date… Read More

  • Even An Asus Netbook Can Run Crysis 2

    Crytek went to great pains throughout the development of Crysis 2 to stress that it wasn’t going to be a repeat of the first game. You weren’t going to need a monstrous machine merely to get 20 frames per second. No, Crytek said, we’ve managed to get the game running on the Xbox 360! And if the 360 can run it, what can’t run it? Not the Asus Eee 1215B, that’s… Read More

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