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  • The AP Is Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports

    The AP Is Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports

    The Associated Press is going to start using “automation technology” (otherwise known as robots) to deliver stories recapping the quarterly earnings reports of thousands of companies starting in July. According to a post on the AP official blog, this will allow the AP to cover the earnings reports of approximately 4,400 companies each quarter, as opposed to their usual volume… Read More

  • Verdict On Pakistan YouTube Ban Delayed As Case Is Moved To High Court Full Bench

    Verdict On Pakistan YouTube Ban Delayed As Case Is Moved To High Court Full Bench

    The year-long saga of the Pakistan government’s YouTube ban has just taken another twist, as a case to unblock the website has been referred to a panel of Lahore High Court justices who will now decide whether the country’s haphazard internet censorship regime is unconstitutional. It’s another reprieve for the government’s IT minister Anusha Rehman, who has overseen… Read More

  • AP Takes A Stake In Bambuser, The Real-Time Mobile Video Service That Helps Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

    AP Takes A Stake In Bambuser, The Real-Time Mobile Video Service That Helps Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

    Bambuser, the upstart mobile video service that has carved out a name for itself as a crucial tool for eyewitnesses to record and transmit footage of major events — be they political uprisings, bombings or a star sighting — is today announcing another step along the route to becoming a part and parcel of the traditional media world. It’s taking an investment from the… Read More

  • AP Not Amused By The Woot Story, Tries To Play The Oil Spill Card

    AP Not Amused By The Woot Story, Tries To Play The Oil Spill Card

    Oh those jokesters over at the AP — the fun never ends! Last night, we wrote a post noting that Woot was (humorously) calling out the AP for not following their own ridiculous rules when quoting from content. By Woot’s calculation, using the AP tool, the AP owes them $17.50 (but Woot was nice enough to offer them the chance to buy some headphones off of Woot instead). The AP… Read More

  • Woot To The AP: Nice Story About Our Sale — You Now Owe Us $17.50

    Woot To The AP: Nice Story About Our Sale — You Now Owe Us $17.50

    Gotta love those guys at Woot. They just sold to Amazon for $110 million, but that’s not stopping them from calling anyone out as they see fit. In this case, we particularly love it because they’re calling out the AP — and they’re doing so right on their highly trafficked homepage. You see, Woot noticed that the AP covered the story of their sale five days ago. But in… Read More

  • Publish2 Wants To Disrupt The Associated Press With An Online News Exchange

    Online news aggregation and curation startup Publish2 is today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference launching a new product dubbed Publish2 News Exchange, with the ambitious goal of disrupting the entire reason for being of The Associated Press. The AP being the cooperative owned by its contributing newspapers, radio and TV stations in the US, which operates a monster news and photo… Read More

  • Livestream Goes Mainstream With AP Deal To Stream Video From The Oscars Red Carpet

    Livestream Goes Mainstream With AP Deal To Stream Video From The Oscars Red Carpet

    Live video streaming on the Web is finally going mainstream. Livestream, the NYC-based live video streaming startup, just landed a one-year partnership with the Associated Press to power all of the AP’s live video streams on the Web. The first event to be streamed live under the new deal will be video from the red carpet at the Oscars this Sunday. The video will be hosted by Livestream… Read More

  • The AP Is Using Twitter To Send People To Facebook. Wait. What?

    Oh the Associated Press, our most favorite banned news source. It seems almost monthly they do something that defies logic and/or looks to be a suicidal act. And today brings another oddity. The AP is using their Twitter feed to tweet out their stories — nothing new there, obviously — but every single one of them links to the story on their Facebook Notes page. It’s not clear… Read More

  • Foxy Tactics: Google News Pulls The AP's Content As Contract Comes Up For Renewal

    Through much of last year, the Associated Press threw public barbs and veiled threats at Google, while in private it was renegotiating its licensing agreement with Google News. That agreement is believed to be up for renewal at the end of this month, yet no new AP stories have appeared directly on Google News since December 23, 2009.  (AP stories licensed by other news sites such as ABC News… Read More

  • Jason Explains The Latest Twists In The Obamicon Case on Attack Of The Show

    Are you still confused about the latest twists in the AP’s copyright infringement case against artist Shepard Fairey for his use of an AP photograph as the inspiration for his famous Obama Hope poster? Just watch this Attack of the Show video in which TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid explains how Fairey was caught lying about which image he used (a story Jason broke on Friday, even… Read More

  • Shepard Fairey Responds To The AP: Yes, I Lied. But It Was Still Fair Use.

    We reached out to Shepard Fairey about the AP’s release this evening claiming that he had admitted lying about which image he used as the source image for his iconic Hope poster. He sent us a response (reproduced below), which effectively confirms what the AP says. Tonight’s admission focuses on the photo that Fairey originally claimed to use during his creation of the… Read More

  • AP Claims Shepard Fairey Admits To Lying And Trying To Destroy Evidence; His Counsel Quits (Updated)

    The AP has just released a statement declaring that Shepard Fairey, the artist being accused of copyright infringement for his iconic ‘Hope’ poster that became ubiquitous during the Obama campaign, has “admitted to the AP that he fabricated and attempted to destroy other evidence in an effort to bolster his fair use case and cover up his previous lies and… Read More

  • The A.P. Apologizes, Admits To A "Misunderstanding Of YouTube Usage"

    My post yesterday about the Associated Press going after one of its own affiliates for embedding videos from the A.P.’s own YouTube channel on its Website caused a bit of a dust-up. As I noted in an update to the original post, the A.P. is now backing down and apologizing. It will allow the videos to go up again. The A.P. also sent me a statement saying no cease-and-desist letter was… Read More

  • A.P. Exec Doesn't Know It Has A YouTube Channel: Threatens Affiliate For Embedding Videos

    (Updated) Here is another great moment in A.P. history. In its quest to become the RIAA of the newspaper industry, the A.P.’s executives and lawyers are beginning to match their counterparts in the music industry for cluelessness. A country radio station in Tennessee, WTNQ-FM, received a cease-and-desist letter warning from an A.P. vice president of affiliate relations for posting… Read More

  • That Whining Sound You Hear Is The Death Wheeze Of Newspapers

    The newspaper industry is making a lot of noise these days about the Web “stealing” its content and destroying its business. Invariably, the newsmen point their ink-stained fingers at blogs, which are nothing more than “parasites”, or at Google, which is supposedly aiding and abetting in the wholesale theft of the newspaper’s precious words. Rupert Murdoch, owner… Read More

  • Behind The A.P.'s Plan To Become The Web's News Cop

    With its news syndication business under direct attack by the growing abundance of other news sources on the Internet, the Associated Press announced today that it will begin to police the Web and “develop a system to track content distributed online to determine if it is being legally used.” The A.P., it appears, wants to become the RIAA of the flailing newspaper… Read More

  • Once Again, The AP Tries To Redefine Fair Use; Goes After Shepard Fairey For Obama Poster

    The Associated Press is on the wrong of a fair use argument again. It is actually suing artist Shepard Fairey for his iconic Obama poster, which it recently discovered was based on an AP news photograph by Mannie Garcia. The poster is clearly based on that photograph (see comparison at left), but this is exactly the kind of use of copyrighted works that is meant to be protected. The poster… Read More

  • Associated Press wants to charge $12.50 to quote five words, then turns around and quotes Arrington

    Far be it for the simple gadget bloggers here at to comment on legal issues concerning fair use and quoting other news sources, but if you’ve been following the Associated Press brouhaha over the past week or so, you’ll know that plenty of people are pretty riled up. If you haven’t been following the debate, the short version is that the Associated Press now… Read More

  • The A.P. Has Violated My Copyright, And I Demand Justice

    As far as I can tell, the Associated Press is sticking by its ridiculous and unlawful assertion that “direct quotations, even short ones” are copyright infringements and result in lawsuit threats and DMCA takedown notices. This story led us to ban the A.P., call the New York Times out on undisclosed conflicts of interest and begin to investigate some ridiculous organization called… Read More

  • The AP-Blogger Imbroglio Jumps The Pond The controversy over the Associated Press trying to create its own rules about bloggers quoting from its… Read More