• Spark Capital's Bijan Sabet on Competition, MBAs, and His Work

    Ask a VC: Bijan Sabet on Competition, MBAs, and What He’d Rather Be Doing (TCTV)

    It's time for Ask a VC, and this week Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital was back. We talked about whether it's worth it for startups to launch at a conference like DEMO or Disrupt, the decision to turn a profitable lifestyle business into a venture-backed, cash-burning startup, how entrepreneurs in other countries can find US mentors and the value of MBAs. In one of our more personal questions from… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Bijan Sabet Returns to the Hot Seat. Send Your Questions Now!

    Ask a VC: Bijan Sabet Returns to the Hot Seat. Send Your Questions Now!

    This week, I invited Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital back to Ask a VC, because it’s been a while and there were a ton of questions we didn’t get to last time. Sabet is in the middle of some of the most interesting companies on the Web today including Tumblr, Twitter and Boxee. And as you can see from his last time on the show, he’s a great guest. Last time we talked about everything… Read More

  • Tony Conrad on True Ventures Investment Method

    Ask a VC: "Investing in Music Is a Little Like Vietnam" (TCTV)

    Ask a VC was on hiatus for a few weeks, but your Friday investor-talk fix is back. Our guest this week is Tony Conrad, partner at True Ventures and founder of About.Me, which recently sold to AOL along with TechCrunch. There was a pent-up flood of questions this week, and Conrad addressed many of them. In case you want to skip around here they are in order: -Why does True Ventures invest in… Read More

  • Reid Hoffman on Social Networks and Micropayments

    Reid Hoffman Bristles Being Called a VC, Answers Reader Questions Anyway [TCTV]

    Reid Hoffman was my guest on Ask a VC this week, although he still considers himself more of an entrepreneur than a VC and did the call from LinkedIn, not Greylock. Oh well at least the question asking and answering was as advertised. Among the questions he answered were who Facebook's biggest competitive threat would be, why Google has failed in two attempts to build a social platform and… Read More

  • This Friday: Fred Wilson Answers Your Questions

    This Friday: Fred Wilson Answers Your Questions

    So far most of our shows on TechCrunchTV have been about bringing you news, analysis and interviews of some of Silicon Valley's most powerful and interesting personalities. But starting this Friday, we're going to get you, dear readers, into the mix-- or at least your questions. We're launching a new weekly show called "Ask a VC" until we think of something more clever or punny. (Paging, Dr. Carr… Read More