• Fortis Andora Emotion Limited Art Edition Watch

    Holy crap, what is this thing? I realize this is one of Fortis’ edgy “Art Edition” watches, but wow. This is unexpected for even the art version of the serious tool watch brand’s products. Limited to just 100 pieces and in a 42mm wide titanium case, this watch isn’t just an (questionably bastardized) artist’s rendering of a Fortis chronograph watch, but… Read More

  • Meet The Bicycle That Fits In A Briefcase

    When you say “foldable bicycle”, the first thing that comes to mind are those ugly little things with small tires, intended for the vacationer set. Turns out that there are other designs as well, bicycles that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to ride in public, but will still fold up small enough to fit into a briefcase. Read More

  • Facade printer creates wall-size illustrations with paintballs

    At long last, a way to write off that paintball gun you’ve always wanted as “art supplies.” Read More

  • Are video games art?

    I’m hesitant to write this because, really, who cares? And I don’t mean that in a negative, cynical way at all, but rather in a practical way. Clearly there are people who enjoy playing video games, just as there are people who enjoy creating video games. Why should these people concern themselves with whether or not Roger Ebert, a 67-year-old man who wouldn’t know the… Read More

  • There's Gelaskins for iPad now~!

    Forgot to mention this last night, so apologies in advance. Y’all know Gelaskins, right? The neat-looking, device-sized decals that you stick to your laptop, phone, or whatnot? They’re available for the iPad now. Rejoice! Read More

  • Rat Rod bikes – the bicycle as art?

    Living in Nevada, I get to see all kinds of art projects on the road as Burning Man approaches. I will admit however, that none of them look quite as cool as these, a combination of the “rat-rod” and an art bicycle. Read More

  • Desktop lamp powered by hamster cells

    This seems a bit odd, but here’s another take on alternative power; Dutch designer Joris Laarman came up with a concept for a desktop lamp that glows from bio-luminescent hamster ovaries. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. Read More

  • The blind camera shows you someone else's pictures

    Here’s an interesting item, from artist Sascha Pohflepp. It’s called Blinks and Buttons, and it’s a “blind camera.” Possessing no lens and no viewfinder, the “camera” still takes a picture when you press the big red shutter button. Read More

  • Video game inspired skateboard decks

    Artist Logan Zawacki (what a fun name!) put together some pretty impressive game-themed skateboard decks for the I’M BOARD skateboard art show held earlier this week in Florida. Read More

  • Man-powered wooden digital clock (but is it art?)

    It may be an art installation, but this “digital” clock, operated for 24 hours straight by a group of staunch Dutchmen might fare better as a desktop widget. I suppose it’s meant to say something about the nature of time, and perhaps it does, but this is a gadget blog, not the MOMA coffee shop. Go, you. Talk about it there. Read More

  • The motherboard as art: The Mona Lisa

    Well, I think we finally know what Asus does when they get a dead motherboard. They take it apart, and turn it into a picture! Behold the loveliness that is the Motherboard Mona Lisa, a model of PCI and AGP slot beauty and mystery. Read More

  • High voltage art: still and video

    It’s not exactly gadget-related, but it does involve high voltage so I figured that’s a go. Some great (and terrifying) pictures are making their way around the web right now that are the result of artist Hiroshi Sugimoto passing a huge amount of voltage through a bit of film. A very cool application of technology to art. I thought I’d pass it on, with the significant… Read More

  • Eraser with built-in brush for eraser bits – absolutely brilliant

    How many times do you think you’ve used a pencil eraser and then brushed off the little rubber bits with your pinky? A million times? — a billion? Well, no more! This invention, while coming about fifty or sixty years too late, will certainly be useful for those of you still using pencils. What’s that? I’m getting reports that no one uses pencils any more, anywhere. Read More

  • Shouts and Murmurs: New Yorker cover drawn on iPhone

    Artist Jorge Colombo drew this entire New Yorker cover using Brushes for the iPhone, a $4.99 drawing app. He recorded the entire process using Brushes Viewer, offering us a glimpse into the future of touch-screen art reproduced on the cover of a print magazine. Read More

  • Nice stems, Gundam

    How come we don’t get stuff like this all over the states? Gigantic beetlebots, wall-climbing spider monsters, and now a full-sized Gundam? For some reason, the only thing we super-size here is fries. Shouldn’t we have thousand-foot-tall robot cowboys and stuff? Read More

  • They have Gelaskins for netbooks, BlackBerry Bold now

    Kudos to Gelaskins, who have finally released their telltale gadget skins for netbooks and the BlackBerry Bold. (That pleases Doug and Peter, respectively.) It’s the same deal as the company’s laptop skins: exotic-looking art slapped across your device that not only looks fairly neat, but protects it from dirt and grime. Read More

  • The Downloading Rug

    Do not check your connection, your internet is fine. What is not fine is this rug from artist Richard Hutten. Intended to make you recall those fond days of dialup, to me it just looks unfinished. Like the weaver stopped working at some point. Read More

  • The Perfect Unison x Parra: Wooden headphones with pretty pictures painted on

    The Perfect Unison x Parra, a pair of wooden headphones that make it easy to pretend to look like you care about the environment. Unfortunately, only 50 of them are being made, being that they’re exclusive and limited and all that. So limited, in fact, that they’re only on sale at a shop (The Lazy Dog) in Paris, all the way over in France. It’s the product of, you guessed it… Read More

  • Ukrainian calendar allows you to burn away your sad, sad life

    The Ukraine – party central, from what I hear from my friend Alex – is also privy to some of the worst melancholy the Slavic spirit has to offer. Witness this calendar with a matchstick per day. When you wake up – or go to bed with a comely young dzevotchka – simply rip out a match, light that first or last papierosa of the day, and stare glumly at the ceiling… Read More

  • Public Art: Finally, a solution to unsightly utility boxes

    Hats off to Joshua Callaghan of Los Angeles for coming up with a way to not only hide those utility boxes you see all over your neighborhood, but to also turn each one into something of a conversation piece. Callaghan calls it “public art” after answering a call from the city of Los Angeles to somehow disguise the boxes. More photos after the jump… Read More

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