• Micro-controlled Arduino hourglass

    So you need your project to pause for a preset number of minutes but you can’t do it programatically? Why not connect a micro-controller to an hourglass egg timer to sense when the sand stops moving through the glass. A motor then resets the hourglass once the sand runs out, thereby repeating the process, ad infinitum. Pretty groovy, huh? Read More

  • "Teensy," a Triscuit-sized dev board that supports Arduino

    It’s really more half-a-Triscuit-sized. This little 1.2″x0.7″ $20 board is a good solution for your home projects that require a little computation but not a lot of space. Say you want to put a little RFID detector in your door that unlocks it when you come near. Don’t need a big hard drive-sized package nailed to the door; with a Teensy you could practically embed… Read More

  • Tweet-a-Watt tweets your energy usage

    Make’s Phil Torrone entered this odd gadget, the Tweet-a-Watt, in the Green Gadgets design competition. It’s essentially a Kill-a-Watt with a capacitor and transmitter added that will Tweet your current power usage using a nearby computer or wireless Arduino mini PC. Read More

  • Open source gadgetry for one and all

    Make, as usual, has an excellent round-up of open source hardware kits based our own favorite, the Arduino. The list includes all the add-ons, like the Ethernet and Motor shields, and devices like the Seeduino, a more powerful Arduino clone. Read More

  • Arduino microcontroller used to trigger flash for high-speed photos

    These little Arduino boards are a real boon to amateur electronics tinkerers: cheap, versatile, and very small. This guy had the idea to make a high-speed photography setup using one, instead of the more direct circuits usually involved. His reasoning was that the Arduino allows for a lot of easy customization, like for instance hooking up a sound sensor as well as a laser sensor. It allows… Read More

  • ArduinoBoy: A MIDI system in a Game Boy
    Arduinoboy mGB from trash80 on Vimeo. This haxor installed an Arduino Mini into a Game Boy case and then used a MIDI keyboard to play through the internal speaker. It basically turns the Game Boy into a synthesizer. The code is open so you… Read More

  • The DIY Twitter-reading box robot

    This odd fellow is an Arduino-based system for reading – and reacting to – incoming Twitter messages. While his eyes look like they’re made of CORN it’s nice to see someone as sad as me about getting incoming Tweets. via Giz Read More

  • Arduino sleep-tracker DIY

    Anita Lillie at the MIT Media Lab created an Arduino-based sleep tracker to process where she keeps her arms while thrashing in the great deep sea of sleep. The best part is that she created a graphing system that shows her movements and positions while she slept. My main problem with waking up in the morning is that feeling of grogginess along with an intense desire to sleep more. Read More

  • Arduino Nano released

    Arduino boards are very cool little system boards that let you do all sorts of cool electronics tricks by adding a few sensors and writing some code on your PC or Mac. Now theere is the Adruino Nano, a board that packs in the power of the Arduino Diecimila into something the size of a stick of gum. The board is based on the ATmega168 and has 16 I/O pits, 6 analog inputs, a USB jack, and most… Read More

  • Arduino TouchShield OLED

    Arduino is little open source circuit board that lets you create some fairly compelling projects with a few lines of code and some circuit boards. The latest addition to the project is LiquidWare’s TouchShield, an sensitive OLED that sits on top of the main board. Here it interacts with its human subject. (via Make) Read More