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  • Updated Apple Store App Makes For Less Painful Retail Experience

    Updated Apple Store App Makes For Less Painful Retail Experience

    The holidays will soon be upon us, and with them will come the inevitable clogging of our nation’s retail arteries. How fortunate then that Apple has just released an update to their Apple Store app that allows customers to streamline their shopping experience. Next time you walk into an Apple Store with the app in tow, you’ll be able to bypass all that “human… Read More

  • Microsoft Ready To Take On Apple Stores With 75 More Retail Stores

    Microsoft Ready To Take On Apple Stores With 75 More Retail Stores

    Microsoft’s clearly done testing the retail waters. It’s ready to dive in head first according to COO Kevin Turner who recently showed attendees of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference the company’s retail expansion plan. The plan is to open an additional 75 retail brick & mortar locations over the next two to three years. That’s a massive uptick from the… Read More

  • Apple Employees Complain Of Demoralizing Working Conditions, Fail To See Irony

    A story in the pro-union journal InTheseTimes paints Apple store workers as exhausted, demoralized, and generally ready to strum a little Woody Guthrie and hold hands around the old trash barrel, hissing at scabs. CultOfMac pulls out a few pertinent quotes: Veteran Apple Store workers asking about pay disparities (namely, that new hires were being paid more than many employees who had been at… Read More

  • In Russia, New Apple Store Buys iPhone From You!

    A site that, inexplicably, follows Apple’s retail stores,, posted a rumor that Apple’s top folks went to Russia to negotiate the rental of a two-floor Apple store in the rebuilt Hotel Moskva, the first in the country. Senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson and vice president of real estate Bob Bridger visited Moscow at the end of March and toured the… Read More

  • Why Is There A Pony In The Apple Store?

    I can’t decide whether or not to believe this. Can you? [via The Daily What and Waxy] Read More

  • Tour The Gigantic London Covent Garden Apple Store Before It Opens

    Apple’s currently on a tear of opening spectacular Apple Stores around the globe. The latest is located in London’s Covent Garden district and will be the largest such store when the doors opening in a couple of days. So big in fact that there’s two glass staircases. Take that, NYC. The UK’s ElectricPig got an insiders’ look prior to the opening and filmed a… Read More

  • Germany to get 5-10 new Apple stores

    Apple is on the move today. First the company’s Chinese aspirations broke, and now we learned that Apple plans on opening ten new retail outlets within Germany. (plus one that’s about to open) These new locations could bump Apple’s retail presence up from three to 14. Read More

  • Apple changes its tune, will now accept cash for the iPad at the Apple Store

    Who didn’t see this coming? A few days ago we learned of one woman’s inability to buy an Apple iPad with cash at an Apple Store. Store policy was such that they would only accept credit cards or debit cards. Apple was totally in the right legally, but it came across sorta funky, particularly given the woman’s backstory. Well, after a few days of bad press Apple has changed… Read More

  • The Line For the iPad Starts Behind This Guy

    The Line For the iPad Starts Behind This Guy

    The iPad doesn’t go on sale until Saturday, but the line has already started in front of Apple’s flagship store in New York City. Okay, there’s only one guy in line so far, Greg, but if you want to pick up your pre-ordered iPad you are going to have to get behind him. Unless you go to another store. Or just wait for it to be delivered to your house. Anyway, this guy is… Read More

  • Apple Store is down worldwide

    The Apple Store went down (globally) a short while ago. And we all know what that means: They are adding new stuff, or at least updated stuff. Could this be refreshed MacBook Pros, for example? Those that allegedly run Core i7 M 620 at 2.66GHz? Read More

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