• Google's App Inventor now open to anyone with a desire to make Android apps

    TechCrunch has previously covered Google’s App Inventor — which is basically a WYSIWYG editor for creating Android apps — but, up until this point, the program has been in closed beta. Well, my fellow Android fiends, today that changes, with Google announcing that the code-free app-creation tool is now open to anyone with a desire to create apps (and a Google Account). Read More

  • It's Alive! Taking Android's App Inventor For A Spin

    By now you’ve probably heard of Google’s App Inventor for Android, a web-based development environment that’s meant to make it possible for non-developers to build their own Android applications. The technology has been in testing for a year, primarily with educational organizations, and may well be a boon for the Android ecosystem as students are introduced to the platform… Read More

  • Android App Inventor To Eventually Expand Third Party Support With Component Developer Kit

    This morning Google officially unveiled App Inventor for Android, giving non-developer Android users the ability to build their own applications using a visual, puzzle-like interface. I’ve been playing around with the tool all morning (more on that soon), and noticed that one set of Components allows users to seamlessly integrate Twitter functionality. As far as I can tell this is the… Read More