• Katzenberg Says DreamWorks Will Render In Realtime, Speed Up Animation Work 50X

    Katzenberg Says DreamWorks Will Render In Realtime, Speed Up Animation Work 50X

    Making an animated movie is a tedious process because of all the intense computing power and rendering required.  “An expert animator can do about 3 seconds of animation in a week,” Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg says, speaking onstage today at the Techonomy conference.  But a joint R&D effort with Intel, which he describes as the largest such effort in Hollywood today with… Read More

  • Papervision parlor trick puts 3D Flash character into web video
    Papervision – Augmented Reality (extended) from Boffswana on Vimeo. A digital design shop in Australia, Boffswana, shows off a neat parlor trick in the video above. It places a 3D Flash character made with Papervision into a… Read More

  • Video: New Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer You guys know my thoughts and feelings on trailers for any geek-related movies, so I can’t tell you anything about this trailer. But feel free to tell us what you think of it in comments. Read More

  • Flash animator wanted

    Hey, CGreaders, like animation? Like Flash? Like to work for next to nothing or nothing? Drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com to discuss some lucrative yet almost completely probably unpaid opportunities at your favorite website. Read More

  • GameTap Gets Creative, Announces Animated Series

    Fan of the original “Aeon Flux” or “Reign: The Conqueror?” Might want to sign up for GameTap soon, as the company will be releasing a new animated series called “ReVisioned.” A collective group of artists and writers will get together to create a cartoon series based on popular video games. Up first is “Tomb Raider” and guess who’s doing… Read More

  • Details On The Simpsons Video Game

    The boys over at Kotaku got a chance to spend quite a bit of time with the new Simpsons game that’s due out this summer from Electronic Arts. Aside from an awesome party with hilarious parodies of current video games (“Grand Theft Scratchy”, “Bartman Begins”), they say the game is very well done and includes plenty of creative input from the show’s… Read More