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  • Groupon Now Has 8,000 Employees—About Half Of Them Salesmen

    Groupon, as everyone knows by now, is growing like crazy. How crazy? CEO Andrew Mason just revealed at the D9 technology conference that he now employs 8,000 people, which is up from 1,500 a year ago. That means it grew headcount by 433 percent. About half of its employees are sales people. Signing up local businesses to offer group discounts requires a lot of hand-holding and sales… Read More

  • DLD11: Foursquare And Groupon CEOs On Cracking The Local Commerce Nut

    DLD11: Foursquare And Groupon CEOs On Cracking The Local Commerce Nut

    These are my notes from a panel on ‘Local Markets’ at the DLD Conference in Germany, which featured Groupon CEO Andrew Mason and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley. Q: It’s always been quite hard for local merchants to be found. How do you look at the differences between your companies in trying to solve that problem? Dennis: We’re more about loyalty, aiding businesses who… Read More

  • Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: 'I Think of Us as the 'N Sync of Websites'

    Groupon's Andrew Mason To Charlie Rose: "We Are The 'N Sync Of Websites"

    Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was on Charlie Rose last night. He refused to answer any questions about why Groupon spurned Google’s $6 billion acquisition offer, but he did reveal a few stats and his thinking on what makes Groupon successful. Groupon now boasts 40 million subscribers for its daily deals, and added 3 million last week alone. In the beginning of the year, it was adding… Read More

  • Andrew Mason on Groupon Dating

    Awkward Interview With Andrew Mason On Grouspawn And How Responsibility Can Scale (TCTV)

    After debuted the latest in a series of wacky stunts, dating service and scholarship fund Grouspawn, I caught up with Groupon CEO Andrew Mason backstage at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about the recent Groupon backlash, the company’s success problem and how transparency can scale to hundreds of millions of dollars in deals in 150 cities around the world. Read More

  • Groupon Launches National Deal With Gap, Selling 10 Groupons A Second

    Groupon Launches National Deal With Gap, Selling 10 Groupons A Second

    What a difference a deal makes. This morning, Groupon launched its first nationwide deal, $25 off a $50 purchase at Gap. The promotion, which was available in every city, briefly crashed Groupon’s servers as deal-happy consumers clicked on the 50% discount and pinged their friends. Despite the technical difficulties, according to Groupon‘s CEO Andrew Mason, as of 11AM PST (the… Read More

  • Groupon Was Almost A Slippers With Flashlights Company

    Groupon Was Almost A Slippers With Flashlights Company

    According to GroupOn CEO Andrew Mason who is on stage right now at Social Currency CrunchUp, GroupOn was originally a side project Mason started in order to make money, “We tried a zillion things” Mason said. Including selling slippers with flashlights, which Mason describes as “act of desperation, pretty impressive considering that the company is currently making $365 million… Read More

  • Groupon And The Problem With The Daily Deal Religion [Video]

    With the debut of Groupon personalization, I have little doubt that the daily deal site will double the number of deals (and double its revenue run rate) in just a few months. According to CEO Andrew Mason, the service is churning out 75,000 transactions per day. Through personalization, Groupon will be able to offer 20, 30 or more deals per city per day. Assuming the current growth rate… Read More