Amit Kumar

  • Dapper MashupAds Turn Your Website Into Contextual, Display Ads

    The most important ad for a company or brand is its Website. So why not use that Website to generate ads? Dapper, a startup that can create a feed from any Website, is applying its technology to generate contextual, display ads from the constantly changing content on an advertiser’s own site. The new service is called MashupAds. It is currently in private beta. The first 150… Read More

  • Yahoo Loses Search Monkey Product Manager

    Yahoo may be pushing ahead with its strategy to open itself up to outsiders (this weekend was Hack Day), but insiders are still streaming out the door. Even some of the product managers driving the open strategy are not sticking around. We have learned that Amit Kumar, the director of product management behind Yahoo’s Search Monkey and semantic Web initiatives, is leaving by the end of… Read More

  • Yahoo Embraces The Semantic Web – Expect The Internet To Organize Itself In A Hurry

    Yahoo’s embrace of all things open continues today – expect an announcement in an hour or so that they are expanding their Open Search Platform that we wrote about last month. In that previous announcement, Yahoo talked about their plans to allow third parties to alter and enhance search results with structured data that may be useful to users. Today, they’ll give more details… Read More

  • Yahoo Announces Open Search Platform

    Yahoo will soon be allowing third parties to enhance the Yahoo Search experience. The new platform, codenamed “SearchMonkey” and officially called Open Search Platform, will consist of a set of APIs that allow third parties to modify search results on Yahoo by adding images, structured data and additional deep links. The altered results can contain far more information than the… Read More