• Unlocked Treo 680 Surfaces on Amazon; Disappears

    Palm Treo 680 available for pre-order on Amazon for $413, with a shipment time of 1-2 weeks. Before we could finish getting this post up, however, the item switched to “not available” on the website, something fairly telling. It’s worthy to note that the version Amazon had ready for you when it was a pre-order item was the unlocked GSM version, not the all-but-official… Read More

  • Interview With Jeff Bezos On Amazon Web Services

    Moments after Jeff Bezos left the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit last week I was able to talk to him for a few minutes about Amazon’s web services ambitions. Jeff is emphasizing that new services like Mechanical Turk, Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) are going to be a key business line for them in the future, and they are planting the seeds now. This was also… Read More

  • Amazon To Sell Xbox 360 for $100?

    If you are thinking of buying an Xbox 360 in the next few days, don’t. We’ve gotten information that Amazon may be putting the $300 Xbox 360 bundle on sale for $100 in the next week or so as a promotional move for the holiday season. We don’t know if this will be limited to the Xbox or will include other items, or exactly how many will be put on sale – but it came from… Read More

  • Amazon Puts Internal Links Up For Sale’s subsidiary has built a new pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network called Clickriver. Clickriver will allow advertisers to display text ads alongside’s product pages and search results. This service will compete with the likes of Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and many others — although Clickriver at launch will only serve ads to… Read More

  • How to Watch Amazon Unbox Movies On Your HDTV

    that you bought on Amazon Unbox onto your HDTV, well, you’re in luck. That is, if you have an Xbox 360. Dave Zatz found a way to stream videos using your Media Center PC and your Xbox 360. 1. Download an Unbox video to your Media Center PC.
    2. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to the Media blade and select Media Center. Your Xbox will connect to your Media Center PC.
    3. Select… Read More

  • Zetabyte Amazon Storage Device

    Zetabyte Amazon Storage Device

    Zetabytes? Pounds, baby, pounds! The Zetabyte storage device is actually a networked storage system that backs up to Amazon’s S3 networked file system. It cans store up to 690GB for, and this is the kicker, $299 a month. The cheapest plan is $49 a month for 30GB. The real key is that all of the data stored on the zBox, as it’s called, goes straight to Amazon’s S3 service. Read More

  • IBM Attacks Amazon in Court

    IBM Attacks Amazon in Court

    IBM has announced that it has filed against Amazon two patent infringement suits in two courts in the Eastern District of Texas. The manufacturer stated that it has attempted to resolve with the retailer the issues for four years. According to The Inquirer, the patents in question are: 5,796,97 – presenting apps in an interactive service; 5,442,771 – storing data in an… Read More

  • Movie Downloads: iTunes v. The Rest

    Movie Downloads: iTunes v. The Rest

    We started testing the various movie download services earlier this summer when rumors of Apple’s new movie download store first heated up. We’re now regular customers of three of the services. Michael Arrington is an iTunes junkie because he likes having movies and music videos on his iPod, Nik Cubrilovic likes Movielink and I’m hooked on Guba’s very low prices. For… Read More

  • Amazon Outs Zune's Accessories. A/V Outs, That Is.

    . Nothing fancy, but it’ll get you started. If you really want to use your Zune like a pro, you’ll need some add-ons, and Amazon is, of course, more than happy to sell them to you. They’re already featuring preorder pricing on a wide range of accessories, from wireless remotes (via WiFi?) to travel packs, and our first look at the round Zune Dock. A couple of secrets new… Read More

  • Will Tivo box the Amazon Unbox?

    Amazon is reportedly in talks with Tivo to enable movies downloaded from the Amazon Unbox service to be sent to TV sets via the Tivo. Strangely, stock prices for both companies took a quick leap this morning before quickly losing gains again within an hour. Perhaps after the initial enthusiasm the reality set in that Unbox is widely seen as a technical disaster. Amazon Unbox does provide a… Read More

  • Amazon Unbox goes live

    Amazon Unbox goes live

    Amazon’s movie download site, called Unbox, appears to have gone live today. There’s no link yet on the front page of Amazon, but the direct link at works. We covered early previews of the site last month. Shows may be purchased or rented. For purchases, TV episodes are $1.99, most movies are between $8 and $15, some are $20. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing is $36. Read More

  • Almost Exclusive: Amazon Readies Utility Computing Service

    Almost Exclusive: Amazon Readies Utility Computing Service

    Amazon Web Services are readying their latest service called EC2 which will allow users to setup and run servers and computing capacity in the cloud. Users of the service can setup a server instance which is hosted with Amazon, and then access and use the servers they setup just like any other. With EC2 there would no longer be a requirement to source and setup physical hardware and the… Read More

  • Amazon Is Down

    Amazon Is Down

    Reports are coming in that is down…and sure enough it is. I’ve got a ping into Amazon PR to see if this is something serious (for a site like this to go down on a week day, it probably is). If anyone has information on when it first went down, please let us know. It sounds like the outage has been for an extended period of time and is affecting international sites as… Read More

  • Amazon video download pages discovered pre-launch

    Amazon video download pages discovered pre-launch

    Web developer Alan Taylor has used some creative thinking and the power of Google to unearth what appears to be a series of pages from’s forthcoming video download service – Amazon Unbox. Amazon announced in late July that they would begin offering video downloads in mid August. The company said that the service would be called Amazon Digital Video, would be… Read More

  • Amazon to throw its weight at video downloads

    Amazon disclosed this weekend that they would be entering the video download space in mid August. AdAge reported on Saturday that Amazon Digital Video will be a subscription service operating through a desktop client. The company has already cried uncle on music downloads and will focus instead on video, a milieu it believes is still free of domination by a single vendor. ABC/Disney appears… Read More

  • Amazon releases early info on S3 storage use

    Just over three months ago Amazon made a major move beyond online retail with the launch of its S3 grid storage service. The company today released some information about the program’s early progress. Online storage as a utility might seem unexciting to some, but it could be a real boon to innovation. S3 just passed 800 million discrete objects stored and has some interesting… Read More

  • Exclusive: Alexa Web Search Platform Beta

    Exclusive: Alexa Web Search Platform Beta

    Amazon have been beta testing their web search platform and we have managed to get a hold of some screenshots as well as some information about it. Alexa is giving users and developers access to their crawler in order to build their own search engines. From the website: The Alexa Web Search Platform provides public access to the vast web crawl collected by Alexa Internet. Users can search… Read More

  • TalkCrunch: Podcast with Amazon S3 Grid Storage Team

    Episode 3 of TalkCrunch is up. We invited in two key Amazon S3 team members, Adam Selipsky (VP of Product Management and Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services) and Dave Barth (Product Manager for S3), to talk about Amazon’s exciting new Grid Storage web service. As I wrote previously, S3 provides a terrific opportunity for startups with great ideas for a storage user interface to… Read More

  • Amazon Tags

    Amazon Tags

    Amazon is integrating user tagging into product pages (see image below). Tags are public by default and can be managed under a “your tags” area that I am failing to find. You must first select a “Real Name” (odd choice of names given the old company called RealNames). Once you’ve signed up and started adding tags, you can delete them or make them private in… Read More

  • Amazon finally reveals itself as the Matrix

    Amazon’s new Mechanical Turk product is brilliant because it will help application developers overcome certain types of problems (resulting in the possibility for new kinds of applications) and somewhat scary because I can’t get the Matrix-we-are-all-plugged-into-a-machine vision out of my head. The “machine” is a web service that Amazon is calling “artificial… Read More