• Amazon Kindle To Debut On Monday – Ugly But Impressive

    Amazon Kindle To Debut On Monday – Ugly But Impressive

    Update: Erick is liveblogging the event. The speculation over Amazon’s new ebook gadget, called the Kindle, ends on Monday afternoon during a special Amazon press conference in New York. Newsweek’s Steven Levy claims to have had the device for weeks and wrote a glowing seven page cover story review of the Kindle this weekend. He finds no fault with the device (every journalist who… Read More

  • Zune 2 sells out across the Web. Wait, what?

    Zune 2 sells out across the Web. Wait, what?

    What’s the hardest to find and most sought-after portable MP3 player on the market? Is it the fantastic iPod Touch? The new fat Nano? Nope. It’s the Zune. Read More

  • Amazon e-book reader coming Monday

    Amazon e-book reader coming Monday

    Come Monday, it’ll be all right. That’s when Amazon’s e-book reader (tentatively called "Kindle") will be announced at the W Hotel in New York. It’ll supposedly cost $399, which means those of us who read casually will be stuck with paper books for another however-many years until an affordable feature-rich e-book reader gets released. The reader will be able… Read More

  • Amazon To Rekindle Interest In Ebook Readers Monday

    Amazon To Rekindle Interest In Ebook Readers Monday

    Amazon will launch its ebook reader, called “The Kindle” Monday, according to As we wrote in September, The Kindle will be black and white ebook reader that includes WiFi and EVDO. List price is expected to be around $399. The Kindle won’t support open standards, with Amazon using their own proprietary format from Mobipocket, a company they acquired in 2005. The… Read More

  • Amazon 'Customers Vote' deals are outstanding

    Amazon 'Customers Vote' deals are outstanding

    How’d you like a Wii for $79? Unbelievable. See this is why you can’t get a Wii anywhere. Amazon’s been hoarding them all for this very event. Up for grabs is your choice of 1000 Wii consoles at $79 each, 1000 40GB PS3 consoles at $139 each, or 1000 Xbox 360 Arcade consoles at $99 each. More scantily clad deals after the jump. Read More

  • Amazon's 'Customers Vote' back for the holidays

    Amazon's 'Customers Vote' back for the holidays

    Wow, it IS the most wonderful time of the year. In my self-centered quest for survival over the past however-many months, I completely forgot about’s Customers Vote thing. Products will be revealed this Thursday, the 15th. I can’t wait. Remember last year when you could buy an Xbox 360 for $100? Madness. Wonderful, beautiful madness. Hold on to these moments… Read More

  • Movie Rentals Are Baked Into the Latest Version of iTunes.

    Movie Rentals Are Baked Into the Latest Version of iTunes.

    Look inside the code of the latest version of iTunes (version 7.5), and you will find eight lines that speak volumes about Apple’s next move in video. Movie rentals and video-on-demand, it appears, are now baked into iTunes, just waiting to be turned on. When Evan DiBiase bothered to look at the code of the new version of iTunes and compare it to the last version, these eight lines… Read More

  • E-Commerce Sales Up 23 Percent in Third Quarter

    E-Commerce Sales Up 23 Percent in Third Quarter

    We tend to focus so much on online advertising that it is easy to forget there are other ways to make money online. Like good old-fashioned sales. Online sales in the third quarter across all categories (excluding travel) rise 23 percent to $28.4 billion, according to comScore. (Including travel, e-commerce sales are up 18 percent to $48.6 billion). Total e-commerce sales for the year are… Read More

  • Powerset Testing Search Results At Mechanical Turk

    A reader noticed that stealth search engine Powerset is using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service to gauge user reactions to search results. See the screen shot (click for larger view) – users are shown a query and a number of results and are asked to evaluate the relevancy of each result from five choices. In this case, the query is “revealing bikinis.” Users are asked… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Save $20 on Leopard via Amazon

    CrunchDeals: Save $20 on Leopard via Amazon

    Hey, Mac users, we know you’re all kinds of stoked to get your hands on Leopard in a few days. To save money, you can try Vince’s controversial “hack” (which may be is dishonest). Or, you could reserve your copy on Amazon today, which is selling the software for $20 less than pretty much anyone else, including direct from Apple. We’re not sure if it’s a sale… Read More

  • Win a Heroes edition Xbox 360 from Amazon

    Win a Heroes edition Xbox 360 from Amazon

    The good folks over at Amazon have teamed up with artist Tim Sale to bring 90 lucky winners a limited edition silk-screened Heroes edition Xbox 360, Xbox 360 HD DVD drive and Heroes Season One on HD DVD. The contest started this last Monday and runs through till November 15th. Three winners will be plucked at random each day for the hot and exclusive bundle. If you’re a n00b to HD then… Read More

  • Amazon's $100,000 Startup Challenge

    Amazon's $100,000 Startup Challenge

    Anyone out there with a great idea for building a startup around Amazon Web Services can enter a $100,000 challenge that Amazon is sponsoring. Amazon’s collection of Web infrastructure services include hosted storage (S3), compute cycles (EC2), computer-to-computer messaging (SQS), payments (FPS), and an on-demand workforce (Mechanical Turk). AWS has already attracted more than… Read More

  • Apple lowers iTunes Plus price

    Apple lowers iTunes Plus price

    Get your music off iTunes but often opt for the DRM-laden versions due to the cheaper price of $.99? Worry no more, friend. Apple has officially lowered the price of iTunes Plus tracks to 99-cents, down from $1.29. The move comes as competitors like Universal and have started offering DRM-free alternatives to iTunes. Now that DRM-free tunes are cheaper, will you seek them out in bulk? Read More

  • Amazon Takes Another Step Towards The Web OS With Dynamo

    Amazon Takes Another Step Towards The Web OS With Dynamo

    Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels just released a very technical paper about a Web storage system being tested internally at Amazon called Dynamo. As applications move to massive grids of computers on the Web (like the ones that power Amazon’s e-commerce site or Google’s search engine and online apps), a new type of Web operating system is developing that treats all… Read More

  • Game On: A Real Alternative To iTunes

    Game On: A Real Alternative To iTunes

    It may have taken Amazon a few years, but they got it right: their new music store is DRM free and songs, starting at $0.89/track, are cheaper than at Apple’s iTunes. The top 100 best-selling albums are priced no higher than $8.99. Songs are delivered in MP3 format, meaning they’ll work on any music player, including the iPod. The store opens with 2 million songs from 80,000… Read More

  • Amazon Killing ECS Access From Mobile Services (Updated)

    Amazon Killing ECS Access From Mobile Services (Updated)

    This is coming in late on a Saturday, so we only have one side of the story so far. But Canadian startup TXTReviews, which allows people to get book and movie user ratings via text message, says they’re being shut out of Amazon web services. In a message on their website, the company is actually saying Amazon has banned all mobile startups from accessing web services, but I can’t… Read More

  • Search For Steve Fossett Expands To Amazon's Mechanical Turk

    It’s been five days since adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in the Nevada desert. So far, searchers have found half a dozen previously unknown crash sites, but no sign of Fossett’s plane. Earlier we reported that his friend Richard Branson was using Google Earth to try to located him. Amazon is now involved as well, and has set up a Mechanical Turk project where volunteers can… Read More

  • Amazon & Google To Enter eBook Business

    The New York Times is reporting that both Amazon and Google are entering the eBook business this year, joining Sony and others who already have products (the image to the right is Sony’s Reader). The new Amazon product and service will be called The Kindle and will compete directly with Sony. Google will begin charging users to read the full text of some of the books they have… Read More

  • Can Google Do What Amazon Couldn't? The Search For Steve Fossett In The Nevada Desert

    When computer scientist Jim Gray was lost at sea earlier this year, Amazon stepped in to help. They arranged for a satellite sweep of the area and stored the images on their S3 storage service. They then created a task on their Mechanical Turk service to allow volunteers to scan the images to look for the boat. Thousands of people joined the search, but he was never found. Now Steve Fossett, a… Read More

  • Nirvanix Launches To Compete With Amazon S3 Storage Service

    As anticipated earlier this month, San Diego based Nirvanix has launched and will offer an alternative to Amazon’s S3 storage service, which is growing rapidly. The company is positioning itself against Amazon by saying it’s easier to integrate than S3 and they offer a service level agreement to guarantee 99/9% uptime (Amazon does not offer an SLA). Pricing is $0.18/GB/month… Read More