• Klipsch Speakers Round Out Alienware M17x's Super Specs

    Klipsch, which was recently acquired by Audiovox, is stepping up its presence in the PC gaming scene. Its speakers are found in the just-released Alienware M17x gaming laptop, itself perhaps most famous for its inclusion of Nvidia-powered 3D graphics. Read More

  • Alienware M11X On Sale For Black Friday

    Oh Alienware, how could you do this to me? My favorite Alienware sub-compact laptop (the M11x) comes out on sale just when my wife expects me to spend money on gifts for the family. That’s right, the 1GB Nividia driven 335M 15″ gaming laptop that Devin wasn’t a complete fan of, but that was before they fixed the video chipset. The M11x starts at a quite reasonable $599… Read More

  • Bigfoot To Bundle Its Killer 2100 High-Speed NIC In Alienware Computers

    I’ve expressed my opinion on, as I put it, this performance NIC nonsense. But it’d be silly to pretend that if you’re interested in the best performance possible, you shouldn’t lay out out a little extra to make sure every piece of your computer is optimized. Alienware knows people like doing that, and they’ve partnered Bigfoot to offer the Killer 2100 NIC in… Read More

  • Alienware officially updates the M11x

    When we ran our review of the Alienware M11x a few months back, there were a couple of things that really didn’t sit well with us. They had decided on the older Nvidia chipset (which forced you to basically shut everything down to change from discrete to active video) and you were somewhat limited in what CPU options were available. Well, no longer. Read More

  • CrunchRumor: Alienware M11x to get updated Nvidia chipset?

    One question that has come up ever since the M11x was released was why didn’t Alienware use the Nvidia Optimus chipset. The chipset that Alienware did use makes switching between the integrated and discreet graphics rather awkward and jarring, and a less then ideal user experience. Well, the rumor rattling around the pipes today is that the M11x may be getting a refresh this summer, and… Read More

  • Review: Alienware M11x

    Short version: It’s not an all-in-one gaming solution, but for under $1000 it’s a sleek and relatively powerful machine with a few compelling features. Hope you like LEDs. Read More

  • Alienware M11x gallery and first impressions

    We’ll have a full review of Alienware’s pint-sized gaming machine, but in case you guys haven’t seen enough pictures of it (or there just wasn’t enough bokeh in those other sites’ shots), I’ve put together a nice little gallery for you. I’m happy to take more pictures too if you want close-ups of this or that. Read More

  • Alienware's Core i7-980x Area-51 beast ousted as the Lake Erie UFO

    Did you hear about the UFO that appeared for nine straight days over Lake Erie? It’s been identified as Alienware’s Area-51 powered by Intel’s just-announced 6 core i7-980X CPU and we have the pics to prove it. Read More

  • Alienware M11x autopsy photos

    The Alienware M11x is a fascinating modern notebook. May I say that it probably took “out-of-this-world technology” to pack so much power into a little kit? Get it? Because it’s an Alienware. You got? Yes, I know I’m dumb. John tells me that every day. Just click through for the photos, pal. Let’s get on with this. Read More

  • Review: Alienware Aurora ALX

    Short version: The Aurora ALX is quite possibly the fastest computer I’ve ever used. It is in a word, amazing. The water cooling, thermally reactive venting system, and lighting combine to make a system that runs great, looks amazing, and has some innovative features that make you go “duh. why didn’t I think of that?” Of course performance has its price, and you will… Read More

  • Alienware to probe shoppers on QVC

    Get ready home shoppers, Alienware is going to be paying you a visit at 1am Eastern time on the 6th. Apparently, showing up on geeky TV shows and at Blizzcon isn’t enough, so Alienware is going to be selling it old school: on QVC late nights. Read More

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