• An Inconvenient Proof Crunch Network

    An Inconvenient Proof

    An Inconvenient Proof refers to the fact that personalization algorithms proselytize via code. Designed to scrutinize our lives, they’re also programmed to influence our behavior. Created by humans, every algorithm is imbued with the biases, business goals and personal agendas of their manufacturers. This doesn’t make artificial intelligence malevolent. But unless individuals… Read More

  • Meet Your New Boss, Mr. Algorithm

    Meet Your New Boss, Mr. Algorithm

    Meet Algo, your new boss. It’s flexible, willing to change work schedules so you can work when you want, and not when you don’t. It’s reasonable, providing you honest feedback without the politics of your last human boss. And Algo will find new projects for you to complete, so you always have something interesting to work on while receiving a paycheck. The best part is… Read More

  • The Winners & Losers Of Google’s Freshness Update Revealed

    The Winners & Losers Of Google’s Freshness Update Revealed

    Search analytics provider Searchmetrics┬áspent the weekend examining the effects of last week’s changes to the Google algorithm – changes that Google said would affect around one in three Web searches. According the company’s initial analysis, sites with fresher, more-up-to-date content, including many news sites, blogs, broadcasters and brand sites, have indeed seen a boost… Read More