• SimilarGroup Raises $2.5 Million To Take On Alexa’s (Often Terrible) Web Rankings With Its New SimilarWeb Service

    SimilarGroup Raises $2.5 Million To Take On Alexa’s (Often Terrible) Web Rankings With Its New SimilarWeb Service

    Tel Aviv-based SimilarGroup, a company whose recently launched web measurement tool SimilarWeb is out to topple Alexa’s stronghold in web rankings, is today announcing $2.5 million in new funding. The round was led by Moshe Lichtman, the former President of Microsoft’s Israel Research and Development Center, and as a part of the funding, Lichtman is also joining the… Read More

  • If You Cite Compete Or Alexa For Anything Besides Making Fun Of Them, You’re A Moron

    If You Cite Compete Or Alexa For Anything Besides Making Fun Of Them, You’re A Moron

    Earlier today, I was checking out some new questions in the TechCrunch topic area on Quora. One in particular caught my eye: How was TechCrunch traffic affected by their major redesign in July 2011? This has been something I’ve seen asked here and there given the radical changes we implemented — and, I assume, given the audience issues Gawker faced after their recent redesign. Read More

  • Jason Calacanis Punches Comscore In The Face. Comscore Punches Back. Fred Wilson Drags Us Into It. $SCOR

    Jason Calacanis, our partner over the years on the TechCrunch50 conference, wrote quite a rant yesterday about analytics company Comscore. His argument: that Comscore has vastly undercounted traffic and visitors over the years, and is now formalizing “their extortion ring” by offering to track traffic more directly (and the numbers are generally much higher) via tracking pixels for… Read More

  • Amazon Shutters Unpopular Alexa Site Thumbnail Service

    Amazon Web Services is discontinuing the Alexa Site Thumbnail service, which has been providing developers with programmatic access to millions of thumbnail images for the home pages of web sites that were stored in Alexa’s index since July 2006. New subscriptions are no longer being accepted, and existing subscribers will only have operational access until June 12, 2009. The service… Read More

  • Alexa Overhauls Ranking System

    Everyone’s favorite web statistics whipping boy Alexa has announced a major overhaul of how it compiles traffic figures. The biggest change is Alexa’s decision to drop exclusive reliance on the Alexa toolbar for traffic data, with Alexa now aggregating data from “multiple sources” to compile its statistics and web rankings. As part of the move, historical data from Alexa… Read More

  • Photobucket vs. Flickr in Alexa and Technorati

    One of the top stories in the blogosphere today is a new Hitwise chart finding that Photobucket has a 46% leading market share in online photosharing and that Flickr is in 6th place with only 6%. This was a big surprise for parts of the blogosphere where Flickr is a hot topic. I looked up these two sites on Alexaholic and found traffic results quite different from the Hitwise graph. Many… Read More

  • Exclusive: Alexa Web Search Platform Beta

    Amazon have been beta testing their web search platform and we have managed to get a hold of some screenshots as well as some information about it. Alexa is giving users and developers access to their crawler in order to build their own search engines. From the website: The Alexa Web Search Platform provides public access to the vast web crawl collected by Alexa Internet. Users can search… Read More

  • Alexa Totally Gets It, Opens Up API

    John Battelle has the scoop – Alexa is making its dataI available on the Web Services platform, and it’s a really big deal. Amazon’s Alexa is opening up its 5 billion web documents and 100 terabytes of data to anyone who wants to use it. Included in this data are Alexa’s famous site rankings based on toolbar users. As John says, this certainly opens up… Read More