• Siri Sibling Trapit Raises $6.2 Million Series A From Horizons

    Siri Sibling Trapit Raises $6.2 Million Series A From Horizons

    Personalized web search tool Trapit, often called the sister to Apple's Siri because both were built on the same artificial intelligence project from DARPA and SRI, has just raised $6.2 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Horizons Ventures, the Hong Kong-based venture fund that manages the investments for Facebook and Spotify investor Li Ka-shing. Horizons also previously invested… Read More

  • Diffbot Sees The Web Like People Do, Now Free For Developers

    Diffbot Sees The Web Like People Do, Now Free For Developers

    Diffbot is a geeky and incredibly interesting technology that uses bots, algorithms, computer vision and artificial intelligence to process the content on the Web the way a human being can. "The entire Internet can be broken down into 30 different page types" explains Co-founder Mike Tung, also known as "Diffbot Mike," and "Diffbot can identify them all." Diffbot knows the difference between a… Read More

  • Watson! IBM's Artificial Intelligence Looks To Upstage Its Human Benefactors In Grand Jeopardy Challenge

    Like it or not, but the robots are coming, and they’re not messing around. I know this because I’ve seen an IBM-developed artificial intelligence (AI) named Watson defeat two human opponents (all-time great champions, no less) in a round of Jeopardy. Granted, it was merely an exhibition round—the actual robot versus human tournament airs in mid-February—but it portends something… Read More

  • It's AI Mario!

    Devin posted the first AI Mario run last night and now there’s a longer – and better – one. This one even includes an exciting techno beat in the background which means someone out there dragged an MP3 into Movie Maker. Read More

  • E3 2009: Lionhead's Project Milo

    Raise your hand if you thought Microsoft’s press conference was a bit of a bore this morning? Aside from Natal, I wasn’t all that impressed by any of the upcoming titles (except for Conviction and maybe The Beatles Rock Band) or the updates to Xbox Live. Lionhead really stole the show when they unveiled a little AI boy named Milo. Read More

  • AI chopper flies self, kills none

    AI chopper flies self, kills none

    On Monday, computer scientists at Stanford demonstrated their AI helicopter, sending it flying around campus all on its own. Instead of reveling in its new found freedom, the ‘copter performed aerobatics that it learned from watching a radio-controlled helicopter flown by a human. The AI system communicates with a ground-based computer that does the actual guiding. Each helicopter costs… Read More

  • Interesting video of improved robot vision and obstacle navigation

    Interesting video of improved robot vision and obstacle navigation

    This is a short video by the NYU splinter of a DARPA-funded project that aims to improve the way robots perceive the world around them (and most importantly, in front of them). As the video notes, the resolution (both temporal and spatial) of current robots’ visual systems is very limited due to data bandwidth and CPU limitations. Consequently, it cannot process its path beyond about 12… Read More

  • Children created in Second Life

    Children created in Second Life

    A potential market for AI in Second Life? Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created at 4-year-old boy, Eddie, within Second Life. Eddie runs around and “has beliefs,” according to researchers. As Eddie operates entirely on formal logic and well-defined theorems, reasoning is not automatically fast, Bringsjord said, explaining the need for clever engineering and… Read More

  • Video of Self-Playing Video Game, or Ghost? You Decide

    OK, I’ll level with you: I have no idea what this weird joystick thing is. It’s called Notbot and is part of some Spanish exhibition called Gameworld. It’s supposedly some sort of self-playing AI thing. How ’bout we call it a ghost and leave it at that? Notbot [Gameworld via we make money not art] Read More