• AGLOCO Doesn't Pay To Surf, Joins Deadpool

    If it was a bad idea the first time around, it’s probably a bad idea the second time around too. Mike was harsh on AGLOCO, a variation of the failed AllAdvantage pyramid scheme from a few years ago, when he wrote about their launch. He was right to question the business – they’re closing down. The following email was sent to at least some AGLOCO members: We would like to update… Read More

  • Web 1.0 Undead Rise: AGLOCO

    We don’t always slam a company just for taking a new spin on an idea that didn’t fly in the bubble. But if the founders of the new company were part of the old company, and the business model looks a lot like a pyramid scheme, and they are saying publicly that the only reason it didn’t work the first time around was because the market crashed at the wrong time, we’re going… Read More