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  • Adobe Puts Another Nail In Flash’s Coffin

    Adobe Puts Another Nail In Flash’s Coffin

    Flash is dying of a slow, painful death. Adobe, the company behind Flash, just made clear once again that Flash isn’t the future by renaming one of its apps. Adobe Flash Professional is now called Adobe Animate CC. Read More

  • HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time Crunch Network

    HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) declaring the HTML5 standard complete, a significant milestone in the history of the Internet and web application development. In this past year, HTML5 adoption has gone into overdrive, with more and more companies moving to HTML5 to deliver rich cross-platform web applications. Read More

  • With ‘No Meaningful Position Beyond Flash’, Gaming Platform Mochi Media Will Close March 31

    With ‘No Meaningful Position Beyond Flash’, Gaming Platform Mochi Media Will Close March 31

    Mochi Media, a distribution and monetizing platform for Flash-based games that was acquired by Shanda Games for $80 million in 2010, is closing down, with all services ceasing March 31. The latest casualty in the decline of Flash, Mochi’s shut-down is also a message to those businesses built on it to diversify or perish. Read More

  • Initial Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Impressions Have One Refrain: Flash Sucks

    Initial Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Impressions Have One Refrain: Flash Sucks

    As we noted earlier today, Google has wasted little time getting their Cr-48 Chrome notebook machines in users’ hands. Less than two days after Google unveiled the device, there are a ton of reports of users getting them. Humorously, some people who thought they signed up for Chrome stickers are also receiving them — quite a bonus! But the Cr-48 hasn’t been a… Read More

  • "Flash Is Great." — Anonymous Flash Developer

    "Flash Is Great." — Anonymous Flash Developer

    I used to think that Android fanboys worked themselves into the biggest tizzy when you suggest their favorite device of the week may not be the absolute bee’s knees. I was wrong. Flash fanboys are much worse. They’re worse not only because they go absolutely ape-shit if you disrespect their platform, but also because at the end of the day at least Android fans have a leg to stand on. Read More

  • Adobe's Next Flash Excuse: If You Want To Save Power, Don't Turn On Your Machine

    Adobe's Next Flash Excuse: If You Want To Save Power, Don't Turn On Your Machine

    Adobe Flash is under attack again. And you know what that means. Time for more complaining. Today, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch spoke with Fast Company about the most recent Flash controversy the company has had to deal with. Last week, a report revealed that the lack of Flash on the new MacBook Air may save as much as 2 hours of battery life on that machine. Several subsequent reports noticed the… Read More

  • Microsoft Has Seen The Light. And It's Not Silverlight.

    Microsoft Has Seen The Light. And It's Not Silverlight.

    Nearly a year ago, Microsoft pulled together a group of reporters for Bing Fall Release event. The highlight of the presentation was a demo showing off some nifty new features in Bing Maps. The problem? All of this stuff required Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plug-in to work. I berated the company for once again pushing users towards a more proprietary web. So today it’s time to… Read More

  • To Show Off Chrome Integration, Google Builds A Flash Game On Top Of YouTube

    As we noted a few days ago, the latest stable builds of Google Chrome now come with native Flash support built-in by default. The hope behind this is to get better performance and better security out of Adobe’s plug-in. To showcase how well it works, Google has created a Flash-based game on top of YouTube, Chrome Fastball. It’s pretty nifty. If you go to this page you YouTube… Read More

  • Babbel introduces speech recognition to aid language learning

    Babbel, the language learning site, has added “realtime” speech recognition to enhance its practical application and enable users to fine-tune their pronunciation skills. This pits the service up against more traditional players such as TellMeMore or Rosetta Stone, says the company. The speech recognition functionality was built in-house – much of the team’s background… Read More

  • IAB Sets Up Tablet Task Force, Praises The iPad And HTML5, Badmouths Flash

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced that it has formed the Tablet Task Force, a group comprised of publishing and interactive industry executives, in order to “help create an infrastructure that would support a variety of rich new advertising opportunities for the emerging technologies of tablets and e-readers”. In reality, it’s all about the iPad, as… Read More

  • Netflix Is The Latest To Talk The HTML5 Talk

    As we all know, the battle between Flash and HTML5 for the future of online video is raging. But what about that other plugin some sites use for video? You know, the one made by Microsoft — Silverlight? A new posting tonight may call that platform’s future in video into question as well. Because arguably their most important client is looking to jump on the HTML5 video… Read More

  • Adobe Flash-Enabled Sites Are Highlighted Upon Updating To Android 2.2

    Adobe Flash-Enabled Sites Are Highlighted Upon Updating To Android 2.2

    Apple hates Flash. Adobe “loves” Apple. Apple hates Android. And now, yes, Android loves Flash. It’s widely expected that Google will unveil the latest version of Android, 2.2 (codenamed “Froyo“), at Google I/O which starts on Wednesday. The update is promising big things including huge performance improvements, tethering, and the ability to create your own… Read More

  • Scribd CTO: "We Are Scrapping Flash And Betting The Company On HTML5" (Exclusive Screenshots)

    Adobe’s much-beleaguered Flash is about to take another hit and online documents are finally going to join the Web on a more equal footing. Today, most documents (PDFs, Word docs, Powerpoint slides) can mostly be viewed only as boxed off curiosities in a Flash player, not as full Web pages. Tomorrow, online document sharing site Scribd will start to ditch Flash across its tens of… Read More

  • Decoding Steve Jobs' Dressing Down Of Flash

    Decoding Steve Jobs' Dressing Down Of Flash

    Steve Jobs doesn’t blog often, but when he does, it’s always entertaining. Today, Apple’s CEO has taken the time to write a 1,700 word post about why Apple (or perhaps more precisely, he) doesn’t like Adobe Flash. And why Apple doesn’t support it in new products. And more importantly, why Apple won’t support it in new products. The post is full of great… Read More

  • Facebook Considering HTML5, Won't Talk iPad App

    Earlier today, there was a lot of hubbub over Facebook supposedly enabling HTML5 video playback on their website. This would, of course, allow Facebook videos to be played natively within the browser on the iPad and iPhone. More significantly, it would be another big blow to Adobe’s Flash format. The only problem? These Facebook videos aren’t using HTML5 at all. Yes, videos on… Read More

  • Yep, Chrome OS Is Getting Deep Flash Integration Too

    Earlier today, Adobe and Google announced a partnership that integrates Flash right into future builds of Chrome. At a time when Flash is under fire from both Apple and HTML5 advocates, this is a huge win for the technology. But one thing that wasn’t clear from Google’s post on the matter (and Adobe’s comment to us) is what this means for the upcoming Chrome OS. So I… Read More

  • With More Flash, Is Google About To Cut Off The HTML5 Nose To Spite Apple's Face?

    With More Flash, Is Google About To Cut Off The HTML5 Nose To Spite Apple's Face?

    There’s a very interesting rumor circulating around out there right now. Apparently, Google is about to announce some sort of new partnership involving its Chrome browser and Adobe’s Flash platform, CNET reported earlier today as a rumor. Google isn’t talking, but what we’re hearing is that this could be related to the Open Screen Project that Google signed up for late… Read More

  • Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point

    While Apple is being lamented here and there for not supporting Flash on its shiny new iPad – boy does Cupertino have a strong dislike for the platform – Adobe has already responded to the news on the official Flash Platform blog. The blog post, unambiguously titled “Building iPad Applications with Flash”, is mostly just to remind people of the company’s Packager… Read More

  • This Will Be The Year Adobe's 2 Million Flash Developers Come To The iPhone

    It’s no secret that Apple doesn’t like Flash. It won’t allow Flash apps to run on the iPhone or iPod Touch despite all of Adobe’s cajoling and pleading, and despite the fact that it’s long been working in the labs. The iPhone’s lack of support for Flash is a major inconvenience for both consumers and developers, and is a gaping hole in the… Read More

  • Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 And AIR 2.0 – Both Include Multi-touch Support

    A mere week after Adobe Systems reported that it would be shedding nearly 700 employees or 9% of its total worldwide workforce, the company is releasing two highly anticipated new products that have been in the works for a while: Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. Both of the products are being released with a ‘beta’ label at the same time for all 3 major operating systems (Windows… Read More