• AdMob Ad Requests More Than Triple In Past Year; Debuts New Tablet Ad Formats

    It’s been exactly one year since mobile ad network AdMob was officially acquired by Google for $750 million, after intense scrutiny of the deal by the FTC. Over the past year, Google has been working to integrate AdMob into the company, and clearly there have been some highs and lows. Today, As AdMob-Google turns one the search giant is announcing a number of new features and milestones… Read More

  • A 17 year-old high school drop out tackles mobile advertising with MobFox

    The great thing about building successful software applications is that you don’t really need a proper education, but rather a good understanding of markets and obviously knowledge of how to program. Meet Julian Zehetmayer, who in 2010 as a 17-year old high school drop out quietly launched MobFox, a mobile advertising network, much like Admob, but with a simple and clear USP: Higher… Read More

  • Google's AdMob Adds Windows Phone 7 SDK; HTML5 And Tablet Support For iOS And Android Ads

    Google-owned mobile ad network AdMob is announcing a number of new products and features today for developers and advertisers. This includes the launch of the beta SDK for Windows Phone 7, which will allows these platform developers to advertise via AdMob. Google director of engineering Mark Schaaf (who is a former AdMob Engineering Director and the network’s third employee) says that… Read More

  • Mobile: It's Not Too Late To Be Early

    Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by Jason Spero, the head of mobile ads for the Americas at Google. Spero joined Google in May 2010 as part of the acquisition of AdMob where he was vice president and general manager of North America responsible for strategy and operations. Mobile is finally delivering on its promise. All the technology is in place and consumers are engaging… Read More

  • Google's AdMob Seeing 2 Billion Ad Requests Per Day; Up 300 Percent Over Past Year

    Google's AdMob Seeing 2 Billion Ad Requests Per Day; Up 300 Percent Over Past Year

    Google’s mobile ad network AdMob is releasing a number of staggering statistics today as the network begins its first full year under the Google umbrella. Google says that AdMob is receiving 2 billion ad requests per day, a data point which has quadrupled over the past year. To put that in perspective, as of May of 2010, AdMob was receiving nearly 1 billion ad requests per month. To give… Read More

  • The AdMob Exodus Continues; Sales Exec Leaves Google For Mobile Ad Firm Mojiva

    There have been reports floating around that mobile ad network AdMob was having a rough transition at parent company Google. The best evidence of this is that CEO and AdMob founder Omar Hamoui left Google only five months after the mobile ad network was officially acquired by the search giant. And a number of other execs and employees have followed Hamoui’s lead to join startups. Read More

  • Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    One of the most successful mobile games right now is Angry Birds, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times across different mobile platforms, with 12 million of those being paid downloads on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. But on Android, the game is free, and is supported by advertising. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android since that… Read More

  • Google Debuts First Integration With AdMob; Adds AdSense Inventory To Mobile Network

    When Google bought AdMob last year for $750 million, many were impressed as the search giant was able to outbid Apple in the fight for the mobile ad network. AdMob seemed like the perfect compliment to Google’s ad platform. But the past year has been tumultuous for the acquisition. The FTC investigated the deal for anti-competitiveness in the market, and Apple shot back with its own… Read More

  • After A Five Month Stay (And $750M Acquisition), AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui Leaves Google

    Last November, Google announced that it had acquired leading mobile ad network AdMob for a whopping $750 million. Today, less than a year after the deal closed, AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui is leaving Google, we’ve confirmed with the company. Google says Hamoui is leaving for personal reasons. It sounds like Google is getting the short end of the stick here — Hamoui has… Read More

  • AdMob Brings Interactive Video Ads To Android

    Google’s recently purchased mobile ad network AdMob is announcing today that it is bringing interactive video ads to Android phones. AdMob already offers the video ad format for iPhones. Similar to the iPhone formats, the new SDK for Android devices includes interactive video and interactive interstitial ad units. The ad network will dynamically identify screen resolution, size, and… Read More

  • In The Fight Against Apple's iAds, Google Plays The Cross-Platform Card

    In The Fight Against Apple's iAds, Google Plays The Cross-Platform Card

    While there are many players in the mobile advertising market, there’s no doubt that there’s a little bit of a rivalry between Google’s ad network AdMob and Apple’s new foray into mobile ads, iAd. Some say iAd is taking some of AdMob’s share in the mobile ad market thanks to better performance. One of the cornerstones to iAd’s claimed success is that the… Read More

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