Activision Blizzard

  • Walker Digital Sues Zynga, Activision Blizzard Over Gaming Patent

    Walker Digital, the “invention company” founded by co-inventor Jay S. Walker, isn’t just suing Facebook, he’s also trying to take on some giant game publishers. More specifically, Walker Digital has just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Zynga, Activision and the latter’s subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment. Read More

  • When privacy meets hypocrisy: Blizzard Real ID edition

    If Blizzard wanted to spark a discussion, well, job done. The company’s plan to bring Real ID to its message boards has done nothing if not freak people out. Do keep freaking out. Read More

  • Fun rumor: Activision looking to turn Guitar Hero into a TV show

    Get ready for… Guitar Hero Idol, maybe! There’s some rumblings going on that Activision Blizzard is considering turning Guitar Hero into a TV show. It’d either be an American Idol-esque contest show or more along the lines of a reality show. (Those are still around, reality shows?) Yes, perhaps the dumbest idea to ever come out of the United States of America. Read More

  • Activision Blizzard: Done and done

    Random Blizzard fan art Activision Blizzard is now really really real. Let’s all celebrate with some non-alcoholic beer and unsalted pretzels. Yeah, so the merger was approved earlier in the week, and now has passed all those shareholder votes and so forth. The new CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, had these inspiring words for everyone except EA, which is still mired in… Read More

  • Oh hello there, Activision Blizzard

    Tada, Activision Blizzard! Yup, the merger between Activision, publisher of Call of Duty 4, and Vivendi Games, which owns World of Warcraft and Diablo creator Blizzard, has been approved by both companies’ shareholders. As you know, the new publisher will be called Activision Blizzard, and will be great. The move should be finalized by tomorrow. Read More