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  • Turn Your iPhone Into A Combination GoPro Mount And Monitor With The GoPhone

    Turn Your iPhone Into A Combination GoPro Mount And Monitor With The GoPhone

    A new Kickstarter project aims to make your GoPro filmography easier to handle, with a case designed to hold the GoPro in such a way that you have a full view of the screen of your iPhone 5s or 5, so that you can monitor all the action while you shoot one-handed. There are no shortage of iPhone cases that offer double-duty performance with some other task, be it acting as a wallet, or… Read More

  • Nicholas Woodman on Failure, Inspiration, and Talent

    GoPro Files For IPO As The Action Camera Maker Prepares To Go Public

    Action camera company GoPro has filed the initial documents for its initial public offering, according to a press release from the company this morning.¬†GoPro has confirmed this to TechCrunch. The announcement is brief, revealing only that the San Mateo company intends to go public as soon as the Securities and Exchange Commission completes its review process of the IPO submission draft… Read More

  • Thanko's new USB gadget: "Action Camera"

    Thanko's new USB gadget: "Action Camera"

    USB gadget specialized Thanko strikes again. This time, the Tokyo-based company gives you a small portable camera [JP] that can be attached to your bike or helmet, for example. The so-called Action Camera is similar to a device Thanko released in May, but this new model isn’t waterproof. But it can record video at 30fps (in 640 x 480 VGA), weighs just 80g and stores video on MicroSD… Read More

  • Oregon Scientific Action Helmet Camera

    Oregon Scientific Action Helmet Camera

    The ATC-2000 Action Helmet Camera is a new activity camera for action oriented individuals. It shoots hands-free full color digital video in 640 x 480 VGA at 30fps. And as one would expect from an action cam, the ATC2k is both water and shock resistant. Sadly it only supports SD cards, so there is no bluetooth synching for constant picture uploading via a phone, but I guess it is, at least… Read More