• PadPivot NST Review: The Best Available iPad Stand Just Got Better

    PadPivot NST Review: The Best Available iPad Stand Just Got Better

    I’ve seen a lot of iPad stands in my day. Comes with the territory. But only one has ever earned a regular place in my gadget bag and on my desk: A scrappy upstart from Kickstarter that made it to big box retail called the PadPivot. And now that device just got better, with an update that fixes its sole noteworthy weak spot. Read More

  • Kickstarter’s Obsolescence Problem, Illustrated By A Fantastic iPhone Cable I’ll Never Use

    Kickstarter’s Obsolescence Problem, Illustrated By A Fantastic iPhone Cable I’ll Never Use

    Kickstarter is a place I regularly turn to for hardware accessories, mostly because I’m often bored by the safe bets being put out there by the general crop of hardware makers. But all too often lately, I find myself running into a problem, one that seems endemic to the Kickstarter way of doing things: accessories I back are often useless by the time they ship. Read More

  • Smartfish Pouchpad For The Traveling Mouse Lover

    So it looks like a pita pocket. So what? If you’ve got a nice little wireless mouse for on-the-go gaming or productivity and don’t want it clattering around your bag, this thing sounds great. And it turns into a tiny mousepad! How can you say no? How, I ask you? Only $15 at Smartfish. Get one, even though it looks like robot food. Read More

  • Dodocase Puts Out Some J. Crew Exclusive iPad 2 Cases

    If you’ve ever looked around for an iPad case, you’ve probably checked out Dodocase. We like this solid, book-like case, and you probably would too. And now there’s a slightly new variety, a collaboration with J. Crew. The primary change appears to be a switch to a more canvas-like material. It’s for the iPad 2 only, so I’m left out of the party, sadly. You can… Read More

  • Joby Updates Its Ori And Yogi Stands For iPad 2

    Do you spend a lot of time trying to attach your iPad 2 to the limbs of trees, or building elaborate towers on which to perch it? You, sir, could use an accessory stand from Joby to save yourself some trouble. We saw the original iPad flavor versions of these back at CES, and now they’ve done the adjustments to the design so you can get one for your iPad 2 as well. Read More

  • Fling Mini Joysticks For iPhone Seem A Little Overkill To Me, But Hey

    I’m not a fan of the dual-stick touchscreen controls in iPad games. The analog stick simulation just isn’t very intuitive to me, plus my thumbs get sweaty. So getting a physical analog stick on there, which the Fling does for the iPad (or any tablet, really), seems like a natural thing to do. But on an iPhone? Apparently people were asking for it. Did they count on the sticks… Read More

  • Razer's Hydra Motion Controller Gets Priced And Dated

    We first saw the Hydra, then called the Sixense (after the company that originally developed it) back at CES 2010 almost a year and a half ago. I was impressed with it then, as it felt more natural and responsive than a Wiimote (what doesn’t now?), and used a genuinely different and powerful technology. It’s based on magnetic detection of the controller, instead of optical, and it… Read More

  • Giveaway: Element Case Joule Chroma iPad 2 Stand

    We’ve always been impressed with Element Case; the build quality on their products is always outstanding. Sure, they’re expensive, but you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Element Case hasn’t abandoned this notion, even for their new $150 iPad stand. Which we are giving away. Details after the break. Read More

  • Giveaway: Every Impactband Color

    These thick rubber things are called impactband(s). They have been proven to protect an iPhone from serious drop heights (video below). Sure they’re thick, but some people won’t mind considering a broken iPhone is very expensive to replace. These guys usually cost $25, but today is your day to try and get one for free. Read More

  • The Magic Connector Unifies The Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic Trackpad

    The Magic Connector is a lot like the BulletTrain adapter. It creates a union between the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad, making it one single unit, except without the extra bulk. Video after the break. Read More

  • Nyko Releases Intercooler STS Cooling System For Xbox 360 Slim

    We haven’t heard about too many heat issues with the new slim Xbox 360, but for those who run the console 24/7 it may be worth looking into a cooling system. Nyko just recently announced their Intercooler STS system made exclusively for the slim Xbox. Thankfully, the system is smart and only runs when it needs to, keeping noise levels down. Power comes from USB and it looks like the… Read More

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