• Apple Stock Crosses $700 Per Share After Hours On The Strength Of iPhone 5

    Apple Stock Crosses $700 Per Share After Hours On The Strength Of iPhone 5

    Apple joined the illustrious $700 club today in after-hours trading. The list of stocks that have traded at or above that price per share includes only a few select companies, such as Google, which passed that mark earlier in September. The share price was likely driven up first by strong response to its opening of iPhone 5 pre-orders last Friday, and then by the news today that in fact… Read More

  • Shares of AAPL down after the Stevenote

    During the WWDC keynote today, shares of AAPL retracted lower as investors showed mixed feelings about the announcements. As of this story AAPL is down nearly 3 points, but not as bad as a few years before. Read More

  • Apple's sales drop, the world gasps

    OMG. What is happening to the world. Microsoft is laying people off, Sony records first loss in 17 years, and now, Apple’s US computer sales fell six percent over last January. The company probably isn’t hurting though thanks to the hefty premium pricing, or as we like to call it, the Apple Tax. Apple’s global sales however are doing just fine and grew nine percent during… Read More

  • Post Steve Jobs Apple stock watch

    Apple’s stock (AAPL) was down last night in after market trading and the trend continued this morning. We gave the market a few minutes but it looks like Steve Jobs taking a six month medical sabbatical isn’t sitting so well with stock traders. Currently (as of 10:30) the stock is trading at 80.62 which is 4.27 below the close yesterday. We’ll check on it later today but… Read More

  • Apple stock back to pre-iPhone levels

    Apple experienced significant stock growth thanks to the iPhone, but even Steve Jobs & Co. are susceptible to the financial doldrums. The entire tech sector is chill’n on the poop shelf and Apple’s stock is following the crowd down the hole. For the first time since January 9, 2007 – the iPhone launched on the 10th – AAPL is below $85 a share. Even MacWorld… Read More

  • Apple stock falls thanks to financial panic, down 14%

    If I had bought Apple stock back in 1985… AlleyInsider is reporting that AAPL is down to $110 – 14% – due to stock downgrades by Morgan Stanely and RBC. Why? Because folks aren’t buying stuff – it’s “the weakest [90-day electronics spending] ever seen” – and Kathryn Huberty points out that Apple isn’t in the sub-$1,000 laptop… Read More