• Bow Before The Wii UNLimited Edition

    This, this is a pretty nifty case mod, and it’s for the Wii—you normally don’t see too many Wii case mods out there. It’s called the Wii UNLimited Edition, and it’s water-cooled. Thumbs up for completely superfluous water-cooling. Read More

  • Wii 2 Announcement At E3 Hinted At Within Industry

    Nintendo hasn’t announced anything, nor have there been any leaks or even indications that Nintendo is doing anything but stay the course. That said, Wii sales have dropped quite a bit since last year, and the Kinect has replaced it as the must-have family-friendly gaming device. Some would have said that Nintendo should have preempted this decline by announcing a successor last year… Read More

  • Nintendo Demos Glasses-Free 3D With The Wii

    Now don’t get too excited, this is just a demo being shown at GDC. Nintendo decided to test out what Wii games would be like in 3D, so they set up Mario Kart Wii to send a 3D image to a glasses-free TV, and decided… that it was cool. That’s all. Yeah, kind of a disappointment after that headline, but that’s what they did! Don’t blame me! There’s a nice… Read More

  • WTF Ubisoft, A Wii Game Where You Have To Make Out In Real Life?

    WTF WTF WTF. Watch this video. This is a real game. German, yes — but nevertheless, real. Read More

  • Nintendo: 34 Million Wii Consoles Sold In The U.S. To Date

    Nintendo this morning announced that its DS family of portable video game systems has sold more than 47 million in the United States since the original model launched in November 2004. The company also said that, according to its internal sales figures, the Wii system has gone over the counter more than 34 million times in the United States alone. Of those 34 million, roughly 21 million… Read More

  • This Portable Wii Wins Our Mii’s Hearts And Respect

    We love homebrew, custom-made, DIY solutions. They scream geek love and dedication louder than even dumb fanboy tattoos. This Wii laptop, and the word laptop is used loosely, is about the best thing since, well, this Wii laptop. This solution is a tad bit smaller thanks to the exclusion of the optical drive in favor of a game loader chip called SunDriver. Click through for a video look at… Read More

  • Add An SD Card Activity Light To Your Wii For Fun And Profit

    Ever wanted to know when your Wii was reading your SD card? Yeah, why not, right? Well, here’s the result of one curious Wii owner who discovered that one the voltage of one of the SD card reader’s changes when in use. Just like that, a little light is installed on the Wii’s front panel that blinks away when the SD card is in use. Clever. Click through for a video demo. Read More

  • EA: $99 Wii Would "Explode," Presumably Off the Shelves

    What can Nintendo do to sell more of their consoles? How about price them at $99? That’s what EA CEO John Riccitiello believes will truly save the Wii as it rolls down into obsolescence these next few years. According to an IndustryGamers interview, Riccitiello believes: “I would say they did exceptionally well in ‘07 and ‘08, started tapering in ‘09 and… Read More

  • Our Favorite Things: Super Mario All-Stars Special 25th Anniversary Edition

    Super Mario Brothers 25th Anniversary All-Stars
    MSRP: $29.99
    Product Page
    Good For: People who remember when men were men, women were women, and plumbers wore little hats and smashed turtles.
    Not for: WoW players It’s hard out there for a plumber and for 25 years Mario and his brother have been smashing turtles and taking names. While I’m not a huge fan of the modern games… Read More

  • NPD November: Xbox 360 Outsells Wii, Black Ops Tops Charts

    There’s two big stories coming out of November’s NPD numbers. The first is that Microsoft somehow managed to sell more Xbox 360s than Nintendo sold Wiis, with Microsoft selling 1.37 million to Nintendo’s 1.27 million. That’s probably the result of the Kinect. The second is that, yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops sold a whopping 8.4 million units. Good on Activision, swimming… Read More

  • Surprise! Wii Speak Microphone Discontinued

    It appears that the Wii Speak microphone we saw debuted at E3 2008 with the new Animal Crossing hasn’t seen the interest Nintendo hoped for, and has been discontinued. I probably could have told them that in the planning stages and saved them some money. Now the question is: will the Vitality Sensor share the same fate? Read More