• StarCraft II to be censored for South Korean release

    When I read this headline, I thought there must have been some mistake. I mean, as we all know, StarCraft is the life-blood of South Korea. How can Blizzard release a gimped version of the game over there? 1up calls it “heavily edited,” and perhaps “censored” is as much an overstatement as “heavily edited” is an understatement. The game was given a… Read More

  • 8-bit Starcraft: I would have played this

    This prototype for Starcraft was found by the son of an old-school Blizzard programmer — it dates from the early ’80s. Really quite shocking how advanced it is for the time! Check out this footage of a PvT game! Read More

  • Here's a LEGO Starcraft Terran Battlecruiser

    Sure, this isn’t the largest or most impressive LEGO ship out there, but it still cooler than anything you could build. Check out Jerac’s Flickr set to see the construction and other just-as-nice LEGO creations. [Thanks for the tip, Scott!] Read More

  • Starcraft II Story Mode on video; it looks fantastic

    Even though Starcraft II was playable more than a year ago, Blizzard has still been extremely selective about the assets that they release. This latest video shows off the “Story Mode,” also known as the game, in which you can see a few characters driving the story, directing the flow of the game, and so on. The graphics, as we know, are very reminiscent of the original, yet… Read More

  • Razer teases StarCraft fans with new mouse, keyboard and headset

    Remember that StarCraft Zerg messaging bag from yesterday? Yeah, that it’s only a teaser of what’s coming from Razer. Gamers can expect a new mouse, keyboard and headset themed after their favorite RTS. Read More

  • Starcraft lessons from a "100 percent full-blooded Korean"

    Let’s be clear: it was his prerogative to put his race in the advert. I’m just repeating what I heard. But let’s also be honest. Say you wanted soccer (football) lessons. Given two identical ads on Craigslist, would you go with a guy born and raised in Brazil or some local yokel? I realize this is a sticky issue for potential Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, but for us… Read More

  • Starcraft II done up LEGO style

    Normally we don’t get excited over LEGO like some other site, but we do like us some Starcraft II. Apparently at least one chap enjoys both and has spent a good amount of time constructing killer LEGO units based on the upcoming game’s units. They are impressive to say the least. Read More

  • Starcraft still being patched, ten years later

    That’s dedication for you. StarCraft 1.16.1 adds a CPU throttling option and fixes a couple issues. I think it’s incredible that even in the run-up to the Starcraft 2 trilogy, they’ve still got people hammering on decade-old code. Of course, it helps that about one trillion people play the game every day, most of them in Korea. Read More

  • South Korea's new soldiers look a little Starcraft-y; I wonder why

    CNET has decided that South Korea’s next-generation battle gear makes soldiers look Halo-esque. A very 21st-century assessment! But as Yahtzee has pointed out time after time, space marines are perhaps the most ubiquitous character in video game history, and even if you don’t want to go as far back as Space Hulk, you still have to give credit where credit’s due. And in… Read More

  • You engineering skill has increased by one point: StarCraft re-created in Spore

    Spore! StarCraft! Korea! It’s a triforce of fun! As you might have already guessed by glancing at that photo, some enterprising folks have re-created vehicles from the hit game StarCraft in Spore, which I have never played in my life. Not having played the game, I can’t really evaluate the authenticity of the re-creations, but they certainly look convincing. Bravo to the team… Read More

  • Something mysterious is happenning on the Blizzard Web site

    What’s up with Blizzard’s Web site? For the past several days, the splash page on has shown this mysterious, ice blue image. (I’ve been AFK since Monday, so this is all news to me.) As such, Internet speculation is in high gear. Is it Diablo III? Maybe a new race from Starcraft II? No one knows, which makes all the speculation particularly fruitless. Given… Read More