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    And The Oscar Goes To… Samsung, Jennifer Lawrence, And Selfies

    And The Oscar Goes To… Samsung, Jennifer Lawrence, And Selfies

    Though none of them actually walked away with a tiny golden statue, Samsung, Jennifer Lawrence, and a particularly star-studded selfie definitely won the Oscars last night, according to social media. PopTip data, which analyzes natural conversation across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in real-time, revealed that Samsung stole the show. Some of the top ten phrases about Oscars advertisers… Read More

  • Know Thy Selfie

    Know Thy Selfie

    When you’re mad, or happy, or looking into the eyes of your sweetie, do you know what your face looks like? Probably not, according to Dr. James Kilner, neuroscientist at the University College London. Kilner holds that you know very little about what your face looks like most of the time, though you probably believe you look much more attractive and much younger than you actually are. Read More

  • What We Know About

    What We Know About It exists… shrouded in mystery and excitement. In a world where photo-sharing reigns supreme, Instagram and its mighty legion of copycats, wannabes and tweaked iterations leading a massive charge, a new photo-sharing service rises out of the huddled mass to deliver the best that photography has to offer: selfies. Read More