• Razer's Nostromo, For WASDers Who Don't Need The Rest Of The Keyboard

    We’ve seen things like this before, and while they do look comfortable, I’m wary of customizing my desktop to the point where I have a whole different set of WASD keys for my game-playing convenience. If I did get a WASD-gripper, though, this Nostromo from Razer is looking like a pretty solid choice. It’s a hell of a lot like the old Belkin one, but adds improved on-board… Read More

  • Motus, A Real-Life-3D Camera Hybrid System

    That headline makes it sound a little sexier than it is, but this system is pretty cool. It’s actually an application of the Sixense technology we saw at the last CES, which uses magnetic detection instead of visual. Some researchers at Abertay University have made it into a kind of handheld virtual camera, not unlike something similar used by James Cameron for Avatar. Read More

  • Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard Makes Your Thumb A Lethal Weapon

    Hot on the heels of their first mechanical-key keyboard, the Black Widow, Razer has announced an MMO-orientated model they call the Anansi, named after the spider god of many tricks. That seems appropriate given its intended use: quick access to a huge amount of macros. Read More

  • Razer To Sell Wireless Naga Mouse In November

    The Razer Naga mouse is a monster. With three interchangeable panels for different grip positions and a multi-colored backlight, this gamer’s mouse is pure sex (Note: This is an idiom. Sex not included.) The $129 mouse will drop in November 2010 and has wired or wireless capability. We reviewed the wired Naga back in November and found it more than capable for most MMO players even if it… Read More

  • Razer Releases "Unibody" Aluminum Mousepad

    Been wearing through those mousepads lately with great rapidity? Perhaps this world was not prepared for the velocity of your mousing. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, you need special equipment to do what you do. He had special low-friction shoes; you need an aluminum mousepad. Read More

  • Razer Jumps Into The Mechanical Keyboard Game With The BlackWidow

    As you may know, there are three general types of keyboards: mechanical, scissor-switch, and membrane. It’s often asserted that mechanical keyboards are the most durable and comfortable to type on, but their construction is also more complicated, resulting in a higher price. I’m typing on one right now — the SteelSeries 7G — and the Das Keyboard is another example of… Read More

  • Razer Orca Headphones Focus On Music, Being Really Green

    Well, it looks like Razer has finally departed from the “mostly black” style with their latest. The Razer Orca is, as you can see, as green as a radioactive Granny Smith apple. I suppose it’s to set it off from the rest of the lineup; unlike almost everything else Razer makes, this headset isn’t made for gaming at all. Read More

  • Razer Lachesis Upgraded With New Sensor

    Razer’s Lachesis, an ambidextrous mouse which, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like very much when I reviewed it, is getting a refresh. There’s a brand new 5600DPI sensor in there, plus you can now change the color of the LED lighting. But I wonder if they fixed the shape and button layout that gave me so much trouble way back in ’08? The Lachesis is selling for… Read More

  • Razer's TRON mouse and keyboard get priced and semi-dated

    The TRON gaming hardware we got exposed to at E3 are headed your way later this year, though you may be disappointed at the price. True TRON fanboys won’t buck at paying $150 for a keyboard and $100 for a mouse, but the average gamer might. Read More

  • Hands-on: Razer's StarCraft II-themed mouse, keyboard, and headset

    For the last six months or so, whenever I was on Razer’s site for whatever reason, I always would check the StarCraft II section for updates. There were silhouettes there for ages, teasing Blizzard-branded peripherals, yet aside from the messenger bag we gave away, we saw no more of said peripherals than we saw of the dark side of the moon. But E3 this year was the launch date, and I… Read More

  • The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition is pretty and shiny

    Razer introduced the world to its ambidextrous Abyssus gaming mouse late last year and now we’re seeing the second member to the line. While we weren’t too happy about its $50 price tag seeing as its just a simple two button mouse, we knew deep down it’s a quality kit. Razer doesn’t put out bad products. The company just outed the Abyssus Mirror Special Edition that… Read More