• MacBook Pro GPU is always on in Windows 7

    MacBooks have great battery life for a few reasons, including, but not limited to, GPU switching. However, as Ubergizmo discovered, when you run Windows 7 in Bootcamp the GPU stays on all the time, essentially sucking down battery like a fiend. The 2009 MBP also had issues – the screen was too bright and the keyboard backlight was always on – but otherwise there wasn’t much of… Read More

  • Opening the Macbook Pro 15-inch Unibody

    The flaymasters at iFixIt have torn down the MacBook Pro 15-inch Unibody, revealing all of its terrible secrets including, but not limited to, a motherboard, an AirPort Express card, and some other stuff. Come to think of it, there are no terrible secrets. Just a bigger battery and new wireless antenna. Read More

  • Apple refreshing the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air line next week?

    Nicholas just voiced a valid question in the always-entertaining but private CrunchGear chatroom, “Why would I pay $1,500 for a Core 2 Duo in 2010?” He then answered it by saying, “I wouldn’t.” Well said, sir. Apple’s current crop of notebooks are a slap in the face to its customers, but maybe Apple will finally catch up to HP, Dell, Acer, Gateway… Read More

  • MacBook 3D concept: How long till it becomes a reality?

    What’s most surprising about this next story is that it took so long to emerge. Presenting… someone’s MacBook 3D mock-up! “See 3D, make 3D.” Yes, that’s very Apple-like indeed. Read More

  • Apple's latest patent: Macbooks with built-in projector

    Apple recently filed patent for a pico projector to be integrated into their notebooks. Like the sun-lit display we wrote about a few days ago, it’s probably too early to expect much. Nonetheless, this is an interesting idea and I can see it being useful for projecting presentations or pictures when you don’t have access to an external projector. Read More

  • New MacBook Pros launching soon?

    An unidentified rumor monger informed NowhereElse of a new MBP model, 6.1. The Pro was apparently tested using GeekBench and is running Core i7 M 620 at 2.66GHz. Rumor has it that these new MacBooks could launch as early as tomorrow. Read More

  • Must-have Mac accessory #31,345: Iron Man lid decal

    Avengers unite! [$14.99 on etsy via geek-gadgets] Read More

  • BookBook wraps your Macbook in old leather

    Finding a case for your computer is easy. Finding one that unique and still protects your computer can be a whole different story. Sure, leather is nice. Neoprene protects really well, and there are assorted other products that will protect your Mac Book, but they all look the same. Here’s your chance to use something that’s custom and unique – the BookBook. Based on the… Read More

  • Israeli airport security shoots a defenseless MacBook

    Not sure why this suddenly came up and I’m not going to get into the politics of this, but Israeli security, in an apparent fit of pique, shot a young woman’s laptop at the airport. Read More

  • Review: Apple MacBook [UPDATE]

    For weeks – months even – analysts have been telling Apple to make a netbook for the masses, a $299 junker designed for those who surf the web on the couch, their Cheeto-stained hands scrabbling for the TiVo remote while they incessantly refresh Reddit and hope against hope that their Craigslist Missed Connection emails them back. The Air, they said, was too expensive, designed for… Read More

  • New MacBook first look

    Here’s a quick look at the new MacBook. Look for a full review later this evening. Read More

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