• Lenovo And NEC Launch PC Joint Venture In Japan

    The joint venture NEC and Lenovo announced back in January is now reality: the companies today said they have finally set up “NEC Lenovo Japan”, which Lenovo holds a 51% stake in (NEC holds the rest of the shares). The joint venture is limited to the Japanese PC market at this point, but NEC Lenovo instantly gained the bragging rights to call itself the country’s biggest PC… Read More

  • Lenovo Waves Their New Tablet Around At Brazil Event

    We’ve heard many things about Lenovo’s tablet plans, but they’re a bit hard to parse. After all, Lenovo is among the tablet faithful, and their convertible Windows machines have been selling steadily for years. We’ve heard they’ll be bringing a new Android tablet (the Ideapad) to the US, but whether it’s just a revamped LePad, a resurrected U1-type device… Read More

  • Lenovo Sees 2012 To Be The Year Of USB 3.0

    USB 3.0 devices have been available since late 2009. I tested several first-gen USB 3.0 external hard drives in early 2010 and the spec hit several laptop platforms a bit after that. Still, even though it’s nearly halfway through 2011 now, USB 3.0-equipped computers are rare. One Lenovo product manager expects the spec to hit the big time next year. Read More

  • Lenovo X1 Appears In All Its Swanky Glory On A Lenovo Notebook Comparison Chart

    Let’s just say it: The Lenovo X1 is real, m’kay? It’s not even a leak anymore. A full-fledge stream of info has been pouring out of Lenovo about the upcoming notebook. Last week it was an X1 ad spot on the official Lenovo YouTube channel and now the notebook appeared — along with most of its stats — on a Lenovo notebook comparison screen. The damn thing is even… Read More

  • Report: Lenovo Convertible Tablet Hitting This June, $499 And Up

    It was only a matter of time until Lenovo broke into the Honeycomb party. The company’s upcoming Tegra 2 tablet is reportedly set to hit this June with an iPad-ish WiFi/3G and storage pricing scheme starting with a 16GB WiFi-only model. Not that exciting, right? You’re probably saying it’s more of the same ol’ Android nonsense. Read More

  • Lenovo: "No Plans To Introduce A 23-inch Tablet"

    Did the story about Lenovo’s 23-inch tablet sound a little too advantageous? Yeah, it was. Lenovo has no plans on introducing a 23-inch tablet, countering what William Cai, a senior specialist in marketing, stated a tech conference recently. Ray Gorman, executive director of Lenovo communications, said via ZDNet: “As you know, it is usually not Lenovo’s practice to talk… Read More

  • A 23-inch Tablet Coming From Lenovo This Year?

    Lenovo be crazy. Or smart. Either way it seems the firm is hoping to out a 23-inch tablet by the end of 2011. This comes right from William Cai, a Lenovo senior specialist in marketing, during a talk at this year’s Gadget Show Live. I’m going with smart rather than dumb. The man goes on to talk about the obvious challenges with the project with battery life being the biggest issue. Read More

  • Tobii Technology Unveils Eye Tracking Laptop, A World First

    A new technology that we’ve been hearing about for a few year finally is getting unveiled today at CeBIT in Germany. Tobii Technology has partnered up with Lenovo to create a laptop with integrated eye tracking control. It is said that it will add to the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, rather than killing them. Read More

  • Lenovo LePad Launching In China Next Month, World In June

    Nevermind the Lenovo LePad was officially announced — read: not prematurely leaked — seven months ago back July 2010. The Android 2.2 tablet will finally ship in China next month and then worldwide in June. So yeah, that’s nearly a year from announcement to worldwide launch. Craziness. Just ship the damn tablets already. Last year the 1.3GHz Snapdragon CPU and Android 2.2… Read More

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