• Gillmor Gang 10.1.11 (TCTV)

    Gillmor Gang 10.1.11 (TCTV)

    The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Danny Sullivan, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — lauded Amazon’s entry into the mobile media universe with the Fire. We were unanimous in our praise for the impact the device will have on the tablet scene, with a price within reach of a whole new audience that has found the iPad resistable and Android tablets even less or… Read More

  • TCTV: Hands On With The Kindle Fire

    TCTV: Hands On With The Kindle Fire

    The Kindle Fire is the device we were all waiting for and when it arrived it did not disappoint. The Fire is a 7-inch media device that plays well with all of Amazon’s media services including the book store, the video store, and the music store. It includes a web browser and supports Amazon’s own Amazon App Store, a branch of the Android App Store that focuses on apps optimized… Read More

  • Live At The Amazon Event In New York City

    Live At The Amazon Event In New York City

    Watch this space because beginning at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific we will be live from the Amazon event in New York City. What are we expecting? The Fire, of course – Amazon’s newest Kindle that will come with a full-color, touch-sensitive screen and perhaps a few other tricks including Prime ebook subscriptions and a more robust and compelling Amazon app store. We’ll update… Read More

  • Following Fire Incidents, Apple Japan Replaces 5,000 iPod Batteries In 3 Weeks

    The never ending story between Apple Japan and the local government may have finally come to an end. Following months of disputes whether overheating first generation iPod nanos pose a security risk (some iPods caused fire) or not, Apple last month announced it will put up a special warning message on its Japanese company site and offer to replace batteries in all models affected for free. Read More

  • Apple Japan Now Ready To Replace Overheating 1st Gen iPod nanos

    As we reported last week, Apple Japan had to admit to the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) that its local subsidiary failed to report 34 mostly minor accidents involving the iPod nano. Big A has a somewhat problematic history with the Japanese government, mostly because of overheating iPods. Read More

  • 34 Minor iPod Accidents: Apple Under Scrutiny By The Japanese Government

    If you’re Apple and manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of electronic devices over the years, accidents are unavoidable. But according to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Apple’s local subsidiary failed to report 34 mostly minor accidents involving the iPod nano (first generation). Read More

  • Watch a hard drive enclosure set on fire, then driven over by a backhoe

    We told you about the IoSafe Solo before, but here’s the new SSD version. IoSafe invited us to a secret location off the strip to show us the new IoSafe Solo SSD, the first “disaster proof” SSD drive. Sorry for the length of the video, but they set the drive on fire, sprayed it with a fire hose, dropped it from 20 feet up out of a backhoe bucket, and then drove over it. And… Read More

  • Butane lighter looks like a cigarette

    A small butane lighter that’s the size and shape of a cigarette. That’s what this is. It even looks like a cigarette! Buy a new pack of cigarettes, take one out, light it with this lighter, then put the lighter BACK IN THE PACK!!! That way, you’ll always have a lighter with you but you won’t have to give up precious pocket space. Read More

  • Class action lawsuit targets faulty Apple MagSafe power adapter

    Fire hazard, smire hazard. A class action lawsuit accuses Apple of negligence vis-à-vis the MacSafe power adapter. The suit, filed in San Jose, says that faulty MasSafe design can lead frayed wires and general calamity, which can cause fires. Read More

  • Man's trebuchet launches 16-pound fireballs through the air with the greatest of ease

    I don’t have the time, patience, carpentry skills, open space, or wherewithal to build my own trebuchet but after seeing Mark Winkler’s “Mongo the Trebuchet” launch a flaming ball of fire across an open field under the cover of darkness, I suddenly have the urge to go to Home Depot with a quick stop at the local Fireball Emporium (or wherever they sell fireballs). Read More