• Dropcam Gets An Android App

    Dropcam Gets An Android App

    Dropcam is a pretty novel idea: Take a little camera, plug it into an outlet, plunk in your WiFi network settings, and boom — you’ve got a wireless security camera streaming to your own little private recess on the Internets, 24 hours a day. Once that’s done, you can pop into your living room to check on your treasures with just a few clicks on your PC, or a few taps on your… Read More

  • Review: Dropcam Echo

    Review: Dropcam Echo

    When I first wrote about Dropcam I was fairly excited. Why? Because I had been looking for a simple DVR/security system for my home so I could see if the FedEx guy was at the door. Dropcam appeared, disappeared, and then was launched a few months ago. In the interim I started using a Linksys wireless cam and Vitamin D and that has worked extremely well and then Logitech came out with their Alert… Read More

  • Dropcam gets an updated iPhone App

    Dropcam gets an updated iPhone App

    I like a secure household. I like to back up my seismics with a perimeter of screamers and I like to keep a webcam trained on my front door. One problem, however, has been viewing my perimeter remotely with my iPhone. It is a problem no more. Dropcam, makers of $199 wireless webcams, have released an updated iPhone app that let's you add cameras to your system with a minimum of fuss and muss. Read More