• Video: This Guy Plays Air Drums That Actually Make Music

    Video: This Guy Plays Air Drums That Actually Make Music

    I find myself playing the air drums rather regularly when boppin’ along to some tunes, and the drum set on Rock Band is by far my favorite instrument, but neither of those hold a candle to what Maayan Migdal has up his sleeve. My air drums don’t make real music. My Rock Band drums do, but they also take up a hunk of space in my room. His make real music and are invisible. Read More

  • "Light Scythe" Is A Monster LED Strip For Long Exposure Art

    You’ve probably seen a few little gadgets and apps where you can wave it around and it spells something out on a long exposure, or draws a little picture. Pretty cool, but they’ve all been somewhat small — mainly good for painting stripes or single lines of text. The Mechatronics Guy’s “Light Scythe” is a two-meter bar covered in LEDs, and can be used to… Read More

  • The Cansole: A Pong Console In A Can

    You can stick anything into a can. Peaches. Corn. (Very small) Apples. Or an Arduino board and potentiometer. The latter of those items allows you to create a playable pong TV pong game in a container the size of one of the old Pong paddles from the 1970s. While you won’t be able to eat the contents of the Cansole, you can make one yourself and play the age-old game of table tennis right… Read More

  • Want To Get Your Arduino On, But Don't Want To Solder? Check Out Teagueduino

    With Google’s Open Accessory Toolkit rolling up Android and Arduino together, there’s a lot of attention being given to to the popular hacking engine. But unsurprisingly, such a powerful tool isn’t really able to be just picked up and played with. Teagueduino is a modification of the Arduino system that makes the platform a bit more accessible to newbies. Read More

  • Microsoft Programmer Builds Twitter-Enabled Geiger Counter With Netduino Plus

    Combining a Netduino Plus and a Geiger counter kit, a technical program manager at Microsoft named Fabien Royer created a tweeting radiation level monitor. Royer claims that his experience in France during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has made him a bit tense when it comes to matters of radiation poisoning and government transparency. According to Royer, the French government downplayed the… Read More

  • Minibloq Makes Arduino Programming Easy

    Minibloq is a programming language for Arduino motherboards designed to make it fun and easy for kids to make their own microprocessor projects. How does it work? Well, it’s a bit convoluted but you basically plug in a board and program it using either graphical objects or text source code. It’s completely portable and runs on multiple platforms including the OLPC. The product will… Read More

  • The MapBag: Know Where You Are Through The Power Of Vibration

    Every few weeks I pop up out of the New York subway and forget where I am. I’ll start heading east when I wanted to west and north when I wanted to go south. East and west are the worst because it’s a long block before I usually realize I’m going the wrong way and, regardless of all of the potentially cues around me (street numbers, landmarks) I will invariably have to… Read More

  • Massive 512 LED Cube Made Possible By Arduino (Video)

    This 8x8x8 LED cube with 512 LEDs takes the old 3x3x3 light cube made up of 27 LEDs to the nth degree. This, certainly more time consuming project, actually involves a simpler design. By using a STP16CP LED sink driver, Nick (the creator), was able to reduce the component count. The LED sink driver can control 16 LEDs at once, as opposed to single LED control from the 3x3x3. Programming came… Read More

  • A Lego Like Light That Lights When You Like (Video)

    Check out this Lego Like light; yes, the Facebook Like Lego Light. Using Aduino, redpepper was able light up their Lego Light anytime someone liked their Facebook page. It was all made possible when Facebook opened up their Graph API, allowing developers to grab Like data. Just a few simple scripts and a few wires, and the Like Light came alive. Video after the break. Read More

  • For The Tinkerers: The 3X3X3 LED Cube Kit

    I just love the stuff from Makezine — tinkering and programming bring back such good memories. If you like tinkering with little electronic devices and programming patterns, it’s definitely worth checking out the site. And, they just released their new LED Cube kit, inspired by the 3D Borg cube from Das-Labor, so it’s a good time to buy. Read More

  • Gameduino: Arduino For Gamers

    Arduino seems like a great way to create interactive devices but historically it hasn’t been too hot for creating the ultimate in interactivity, computer gaming. That changed with the release of the Gameduino, a version of the open-source Arduino board pre-loaded with games, sprites, and inputs for various game controllers. The Gameduino is an open source project and the creator has build… Read More

  • DOTKLOK Is A Hackable, Open-Source, Arduino Clock. Also Neat Looking

    Sick of telling time the old way? Spice up your time-telling time with the open-source, hackable and Arduino-based DOTKLOK. Basically, you can get a bunch of different ways to tell time. Different customizable animations will make you proud to show off your hard work the next time someone asks for the time. Speaking of time, it passes in a unique way with numbers and abstract/geometric patterns. Read More

  • DOTKLOK: A Clock Made Of Dots

    DOTKLOK: Game Time from The Latest Artists on Vimeo. Like the Pong Clock, the DOTKLOK uses an LED array to display the time – and more. Available at Etsy for $150 ($200 assembled), the kit uses and Arduino board to display the time and includes a sexy case. Read More

  • The LED Pong Clock, Sans DIY

    At the CrunchGear offices, after all our tireless work, we sit around and talk time; watches, clocks, and 2012 occupy our general water cooler discussions. But, when we aren’t talking time, video games is usually next on the list. So combining 1 and 2 would be like the sweet combination of peanut butter to our chocolate. That combination can now be had in a clock called the Wise Clock… Read More

  • DIY Dice Roller For Your D&D Dreams

    Are you a Dungeon Master? Do you think you’re a Dungeon Master? Do your literalist parents forbid you from having dice because they are witchery and won’t let you be a Dungeon Master? Why not build your own 20 and 100 sided die simulator. The kit uses an Arduino board and a single switch to select the dice size. It’s not amazingly complex, obviously, but it’s a… Read More

  • Mad Pimpin' Personified – The LED Fur Coat

    Let no one say that the people who attend Burning Man are not creative. This particular individual decided to “pimp his coat” with various electronics and LEDs. The end result is striking to say the least. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Using An NES Controller With Android

    So you’ve got an emulator installed on your Android device, along with a few ROM, and you think you’re pretty cool. Well, I can pretty much bet you that [Sk3tch]’s geek-fu is better then yours. He took an NES controller, connected it to a Bluetooth module, and plays his NES on a controller, while you fumble around with your SEND and Home buttons. Read More

  • Air rockets are dumb. Make your own floppy drive echo / delay unit

    You could spend your weekend making the compressed air rocket posted below. That’d be fun. Or you could get a few floppy drives together and make your own tape delay and reverb. Yeah, that sounds much more exciting. Read More

  • Wearing your unread email count on your chest

    If you’re like me, you get a little.. obsessive about checking your email. Wouldn’t want to miss that important message after all. So when I see a project like the email count t-shirt, I start to get a little twitchy. It looks like it could be a DIY project, but I’m not sure I have the necessary skills. Like sewing. Read More

  • Party people, wave your wristbands in the air

    This cool Instructable teaches you how to build your own persistance of vision wristband, one of those things that spell a word when you swing it in front of someone fast enough. The device uses a Lilypad Arduino board and about eight 8 LEDs. Read More

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