• $5 million More For 5Min, Following A Painful Angel Round

    $5 million More For 5Min, Following A Painful Angel Round

    Rumor has it that Israeli video startup 5Min, which has user-uploaded “how to” videos, has raised another $5 million in cash, from Spark Capital. We covered the startup recently – think YouTube with special features like slow motion to make the videos more useful. Our original profile is here, and our coverage of competitors is here. Ouch! How Not To Do An Angel Round The company… Read More

  • Time To Learn How To Breakdance At 5Min

    http://www.5min.com/Embeded/4284/Sometimes its worth taking a second look at a startup a few months after we cover their initial launch to see how things are going. We first covered Israeli startup 5min back in May. The site is a sort of YouTube for short user generated instructional videos. And there are some indications that it may be taking off. The company says 2 million videos were watched in… Read More

  • How To Raise Money From VCs

    The following video “How To Raise Money From VC’s” comes from 5min.com, an instructional video site we covered in May, and is currently getting a lot of attention in Israel. The video (in Hebrew with English subtitles) provides some fun advice for anyone looking at raising money from VC’s. Content aside I was just impressed at not only the quality of the video playback, but… Read More

  • 5min: Life Videopedia

    5min: Life Videopedia

    The semi-finals of the European focused Startup 2.0 contest were held in Madrid on the weekend, an event with 15 of the best/ most promising Web 2.0 startups out of an initial 300 nominees presenting. 5 startups were chosen as finalists with the final to be held in 2 weeks time. Amongst the final five was 5min, billed as a “Life Videopedia”. We’ve covered similar start ups… Read More