2D Barcodes

  • Junaio 3.0 Augmented Reality Browser Now Includes 2D Barcode Scanning

    Junaio 3.0 Mobile AR Browser Update. Now Scans Barcodes Too.

    Junaio, the mobile Augmented Reality browser created by German AR firm Metaio, has been updated this morning: Version 3.0 now supports scanning barcodes. Some of you are probably thinking “Whoop-dee-doo, every app can scan barcodes nowadays.” And you’re right; it’s not really a big deal in that sense. When you consider Junaio’s capability at advanced image… Read More

  • Interview: 20+ questions for JAGTAG's Dudley Fitzpatrick

    Interview: 20+ questions for JAGTAG's Dudley Fitzpatrick

    I recently had the opportunity to have a phone conversation and Q&A session with JAGTAG Founder and CEO Dudley Fitzpatrick. JAGTAG, for the unfamiliar, is a company that specializes in the creation of proprietary two dimensional bar codes, or JAGTAGs as they are called. These special “tags” are encoded with a variety of information—everything from URLs, to coupons to… Read More