• Daily Crunch: Bathroom Interruption Edition

    Cellphone jammers are a godsend, but they’re also illegal
    How much do you love your cellphone? More than this girl?
    Halo and the terrorist mind-set
    The horrible monster head murderer thing
    Tesla coil Super Mario Brothers theme: Don’t tase me, Wario Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Introducing The 2007 Crunchies

    I am very happy to announce the first (of many, hopefully) annual Crunchies, a year-end startup competition and award ceremony/party that we are coordinating with three other blog networks – GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb and Venturebeat (click on the links to see their coverage). More details will be coming soon, but the idea is to let the community decide who to nominate, and who wins, in a… Read More

  • HiveLive's Social Networking Platform Puts Users in Control

    I’ve covered a lot of white label social networking platforms in my fairly short time here at TechCrunch (see here and here). So when I initially heard of a new platform called HiveLive, which launched Monday at the DeFrag Show in Denver, I expected to see much of the same features that are available elsewhere. In large part, my expectations were realized – HiveLive is a platform… Read More

  • Time Is Money: Calculate The Real Cost Of Those Corporate Meetings

    Ever been caught in a meeting you thought was a waste of time and money? Well, PayScale has created a little program that lets you put a number on exactly how much those meetings are costing your company. The program, called Meeting Miser, calculates the a meeting’s cost down to the cents per minute. Meeting cost calculators are nothing new, but Meeting Miser incorporates real salary… Read More

  • Alibaba.com Shares Trade At 160%+190%+ Premium In First Days Trading

    The IPO of Alibaba.com hit the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Tuesday (local time) with a big increase over its initial offering price. Alibaba.com is a spinoff from the Alibaba Group, the company that owns Alipay, Taobao.com and Yahoo China and is 40% owned by Yahoo. Applications for shares in the IPO were 256x the amount of stock available, 858.9 million shares or 17% of the company. The IPO price… Read More

  • OpenSocial Hacked Again

    The same person who hacked the RockYou OpenSocial application on Plaxo just 45 minutes after it was publicly released is at it again. This time, he claims to have easily accessed the iLike application on Ning. Specifically, he says he can add and remove songs on users’ playlists. And more damaging, he can also access a user’s friends list in the client-side code. Give him a… Read More

  • Joost To Have Chat Via Meebo

    New online video startup Joost may have been somewhat overshadowed by Hulu news the last month or so, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely. Tonight they’ve announced a very cool new feature to the service – instant messaging, via Meebo. Integration for now is via Joost widgets. Over time the feature will likely transitioned into a more direct… Read More

  • Get A Free Ticket To NewTeeVee Live Conference, Nov. 14

    I’m not speaking at it, and we’re not making any money from it, but I’m definitely going to be attending the NewTeeVee Live Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 14. If you are in the video space, you need to be there too. It is one of the last conferences I’ll be attending in 2007. See Om Malik’s post this evening announcing new speakers.The full agenda is here. Read More

  • SNL remakes iFone commercial

    http://teamsugar.com/v/762522 Notice anything different about the iFones interface? Iphone spoof from SNL – Fred Armisen [Team Sugar] Read More

  • Listen To Ads, Earn Minutes On Jajah

    Ad supported telephony has been a bit of a hot topic in telephony. Jingle Networks plans on ads supporting for Free 411. Virgin launched an ad supported phone service last year. Blyk and ThePudding are two new startups that recently launched their own phone-based ad solutions. Now VOIP provider Jajah is also offering the ad-option to earn free telephony. Eventually, they hope to bring the model… Read More

  • Lonely Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy

    Apparently, some of you nerds out there are having a hard time getting laid. Not me. I have many methods of tricking my internet date into having sex with me. Anyways, here’s an article that covers 25 vacation destinations where a nerd can get laid without the trickery and drugs. Christina Laun (a real life female!) covers events like Comic-Con, MacWorld, Dragon Con, Galactricruise and… Read More

  • What's the benefit of a DLP HDTV?

    I’m sure you’ve seen the DLP commercials floating around and you may have wondered what the fuss was about, right? It’s quite simple, really. DLP technology is wicked fast thanks to all the crazy mirrors that are involved. It has an eight-microsecond response time and a refresh rate up to 300hz and tends to be 1,000 times faster than most other HDTVs. Still not sure… Read More

  • RC a human tonight in NYC

    In case you’re bored tonight around 8:30 PM EST. Imagine being able to control people by telling them what to do, what to say, and where to go. Imagine being able to see and hear the world around them as each new scenario unfolds. With the launch of
    modmylife.com, this strange new brand of entertainment has arrived. Mod My Life Read More

  • MySpace News Coming Out Of Beta?

    When MySpace launched a news site in April based on technology from Newroo (a company they acquired in early 2006), people expected it to become fairly dominant fairly fast. But a month later MySpace News had become a ghost town – there were no internal links to the site and it was being completely ignored by the 100+ million people who visit MySpace each month. Recently that has… Read More

  • Technorati Drops Content Older Than 6 Months Old

    When Technorati announced a new CEO at the beginning of October, many were hoping that the once great Technorati would focus on its core blog search product, a product that had been virtually ignored as the company tried to be all things to everybody, whilst never being the master of one thing. It might have been wishful thinking. Zoli Erdos noticed on Monday that he couldn’t find… Read More

  • Xbox gets family-friendly, kinda boring

    In an effort to bring families together and unify them under a strong head of household, as God intended, Microsoft is going to be introducing some family-friendly games to the Xbox lineup, as well as ramping up marketing of the console as being a “family connector”. Nintendo is already there, I’ve seen the elderly and infirm play Wii for hours and have a great time. Read More

  • How To Break The Hollywood Writer's Strike—The 1.5 Percent Solution

    It may be hard to sympathize with the TV and movie writers on strike. As the New York Times describes it, “instead of hard hats and work boots, the people on the pickets had arty glasses and fancy scarves.” But there are some serious issues at stake in this strike, particularly how the people who make TV shows will be compensated for the use of that material online. This… Read More

  • Pandora, Please Don't Try Too Hard To Be Last.fm

    I have a special place in my heart for music streaming site Pandora. It was one of the first startups profiled on TechCrunch, back in the summer of 2005. Pandora creates radio stations for users based on input on the songs they like and don’t like. Over time it learns about what you like and tends to play exactly what you are looking for. But it also plays new music that it thinks you… Read More

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