• Keep an eye on CollectiveX

    CollectiveX, a new venture backed by serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has put up a landing page and is taking requests for people interested in taking part in their early 2006 beta. I’ve known Clarence for years (I used to be his attorney), and I’ve heard his ideas for CollectiveX. It’s going to be an awesome web application for communicating with… Read More

  • Windows Live Email Service

    Domains.Live.com is a free new email service offered by Microsoft. It’s a simple but very useful tool. And, like Office Live, it is disruptive to the existing domain name registrar market (are they even paying attention?). So the basic service is this: Microsoft will host email and instant messaging for you in a domain you own. Create up to 20 e-mail accounts within your domain Get a 250… Read More

  • Deep Web Search – Two Approaches

    Silicon Beat had an interesting article about Palo Alto based Dipsie dCloak yesterday (press release), a product designed to help websites make their content more indexable by search engines. Much, if not most, of the web is considered “dark” because the data is not readily available via a permanent URI. Cookies, forms, javascript and flash can affect what content (or if any… Read More

  • NumSum

    NumSum isn’t new, but I hadn’t really played with it until today (it’s actually nice that things are slowing down for Thanksgiving, giving me time to check out stuff I’ve missed). It’s well thought through Ajax spreadsheet application, with very basic functions. They’ve added tagging, and you can generate a permanent URL for any spreadsheet, even without… Read More

  • Web 2.0 WorkGroup Now Has 20 Blogs

    Richard MacManus, Fred Oliveira and I formed the Web 2.0 WorkGroup about a month and a half ago. We’ve now grown to twenty blogs: Category Sites Analysis & Trends Read/WriteWeb, Dion Hinchcliffe, Susan Mernit’s Blog, Web 2.0 Explorer Companies & Products TechCrunch, SolutionWatch, eHub Design & Usability WeBreakStuff, Bokardo,
    ParticleTree, Emily… Read More

  • Feedster Top 500 Update

    Feedster has updated their Top 500 List of Blogs. Scott Johnson, Feedster’s CTO, writes about it here. The first list was published in August. The new list incorporates recent links and has changed substantially from the previous version. In particular, they’ve added user tagging and a tag cloud to assist in search/find. The tagging interface is in Ajax (with captcha to reduce… Read More

  • New Look At Del.icio.us

    New Look At Del.icio.us

    Del.icio.us just put up a completely new site. Recent bookmarks on the left, popular bookmarks on the right. It’s about time. :-) Nice one, Joshua. Logged In: Logged Out: Thanks for the tip Brian. Read More

  • Companies I'd like to Profile (but don't exist)

    There are companies I review every day that I don’t write about. Reasons vary – it’s been done already and the product isn’t even as good as what’s been done, its a mostly or totally one-way application, or it isn’t consumer focused (or have implications for consumer focused applications). Even with this filtering, I get flame comments on some of the stuff I… Read More

  • WordPress.com Out Of Beta

    Matthew Mullenweg announced today that WordPress.com, the hosted (and free) (and extensible) version of WordPress is now available without an invite. I’ve created a test blog, and other than the fact that you cannot set additional ping servers (an advanced feature that only matters to some people), its an awesome product. If you are looking for a free, hosted blog, check it out. Read More

  • New Companies Will Be Built with SSE

    Wow, am I excited this morning to see Microsoft announce Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), which turns RSS bidirectional and which is released under the Creative Commons License. I wrote more about this at CrunchNotes, but I want to mention it here because this is an incredibly important technology that will allow entirely new classes of companies to be built. Dave Winer‘s excited too. Read More

  • Instantly Hooked on Diggdot.us

    Three sites I use often are Digg, Slashdot and del.icio.us/popular. If you want to find out what’s hot right now on the Internet, those sites will tell you (although Memeorandum usually gets the news even before these sites). I saw a blurb on Programmable Web about DiggDot.us, which launched yesterday. Diggdot.us combines results from all three of those sites into one very clean interface. Read More

  • Mindmapping Movies and Music With LivePlasma

    I’m a sucker for good looking Flash sites, and Frederic Vavrille’s LivePlasma, based in France, is a great one. He’s mashed up the Amazon recommendation API for music and movies to visually show the relationship between bands/artists/movies. The results are very relevant and there are links to purchase anything you see that you want. Thanks Alarm Clock for pointing to this. Read More

  • Why I don't like Riffs

    Riffs, a review site for anything, launched quietly last week. It takes a hybrid wiki/social bookmarking approach. Any user can add a URL to begin a discussion (or just begin a discussion without a URL), and the Riffs community votes on the thing and discusses it in wiki fashion. All pages have RSS and the clean interface has some great Ajax features. Riffs also has tagging, including… Read More

  • Another Tool For Domain Name Nuts

    AjaxWhois is similar to a site I wrote about a week ago called Instant Domain Search. Ajaxwhois is similar to Instant Domain Search in that it has a nice Ajax interface. It’s has better functionality, though, because it pulls whois information directly into the results page and allow queries on top level domains beyond .com and .net (it even returned information for .name). While there is… Read More

  • Riya's Launch Party @ TechCrunch

    Riya's Launch Party @ TechCrunch

    We reached a new milestone in our ongoing experiment to see how many people can fit inside my house before the police come and arrest me: over 250 last night (previous record was 200ish) at the Riya Launch Party. The thing I liked best about this party was that Tara Hunt from Riya and Andrea Reinhardt from Just Starting Up took care of everything – Fifty something pizzas, 20 or more cases… Read More

  • Skype Video within 30 days

    Strong rumors are afoot that Skype version 1.5 with video will be launching before Christmas. They are clearly behind the schedule announced in September at VON Boston, which anticipated v 1.5, with video and other features, in October. Read More

  • Waxmail Update

    Waxmail is a great productity tool that allows you to attach mp3 audio files to an email. We first wrote about Waxmail late last month when they released their Outlook product. Waxmail just announced that they now have support for Outlook Express. I’m hoping they include other email applications over time – like Mail and Entourage for the Mac. A lot of people overlooked Waxmail as… Read More

  • Advertising on TechCrunch

    As many of you know, writing TechCrunch is and has been a hobby/obsession of mine for over 5 months now. To this point, TechCrunch has not generated revenue of any kind, other than a couple of thousand dollars paid by sponsors of our third meetup to offset party costs. Revenue generation from advertising isn’t and won’t be the primary goal of this site because the value of… Read More

  • The Riya-Google Rumor

    Rumors are flying this morning that Riya (a killer photo facial recognition startup) has been or is being acquired by Google in the $40 million range. See Om Malik, Niall Kennedy and Paul Kedrosky. Even though everyone is blogging about it, this is nothing more than a rumor at this point. It is a rumor, however, that has been confirmed to me by employees of companies that were also apparently… Read More

  • Is the Gawker-Yahoo Deal Important?

    Gawker, a blog network similar to Weblogs, Inc., and Yahoo announced a syndication deal today that brings Gawker content to Yahoo News. Content from the largest Gawker blogs is already included – Wonkette, Gizmodo, Defamer, Lifehacker, and Gawker itself. More may be coming. The financial terms are undisclosed, but here’s what is now on Yahoo: Gawker brands and content are… Read More