• Sprint Launches loopt, First Social Mapping Service

    Are your friends avoiding you? Are they really getting together without you? Well, Sprint probably didn’t have tracking in mind when they announced loopt, but this first-ever social mapping service on a major U.S. carrier will help you know if you’re being given the brush-off. More importantly it will help make sure you don’t miss your friends, as the service uses GPS… Read More

  • Verizon's FiOS TV 2.0 Begins Its Slow Rollout

    Groundbreaking! Hey, John, I like FiOS. Nuts to your crazy, East Asian “technology,” OK? Now, thanks to Zatz, I can look (no touching!) at FiOS TV 2.0, what the kids will call IMG. The jazzed up interface++, which now includes super helpful widgets and a free hard drive space indicator(!), is currently available in select FiOS neighborhoods. Verizon is expected to announce… Read More

  • TeleNav "Share Your Location" Contest Winners

    Hey folks, back on July 6 we wrapped up a contest for TeleNav’s GPS Navigator service awarding two lucky readers a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service. People entered. We picked winners. And then we promptly forgot to ever mention the winners. Our bad. As you may recall, the contest involved coming up with a creative way to use the service’s… Read More

  • Before and After, PSP Edition: Slim vs. Fatso

    Can you handle even more pics of the new and improved Sony PSP? Can you handle comparison shots between the PSP Fat and the PSP Slim? I actually just went into cardiac arrest checking out the side by side pictures of the two systems. The two more or less look the same, but the Slim is shinier than the Fat as well as “more roundie” as GamePro put it. Like Hickey pointed out… Read More

  • The Video You've Needed All Day

    While watching Peter Frampton videos for a bit on YouTube, I came across this bitchin’ Whitesnake video that features Steve Vai. What makes it so special? Try the heart-shaped, three-neck guitar that Vai is playing some insane solo on. It’s pretty much like watching Jesus play with the iPhone, except better. Oh but you thought that was it, right? Hardly. Vai then points to… Read More

  • Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 Coming To Mac

    A few years ago, if someone said “You can’t use a Mac as a gaming machine!”, I’d reply “Yeah, I’ll give you that one.” Alas, things have changed dramatically since then. The now-Intel-based Macs are faster than ever and more and more games are finding their way to OS X. Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein has now revealed that the highly anticipated… Read More

  • What's Your Favorite Facebook App?

    Facebook and I are no longer on speaking terms, but these kids today sure do love them some Facebook Apps. There’s gotta be two, maybe three Apps by now, and Wired would like to know—for reasons unknown—what are your favoritest. Right now, the Google Reader Shared Items App is in the lead with 29 yeas and 14 nays. The least popular is Shelfari, which tells your friends what… Read More

  • Vending Machine Red Is Jawsome

    Those silly clowns at Gizmodo must be sniffing too many panties. Uncovered is a video of Japan’s jawesomest superhero, Vending Machine Red! He reads! He scares pigeons! He makes no sense! Just what I’d expect from the minds of the people who brought us this game. Vending Machine Red [Gizmodo] Read More

  • 3.5 Reasons Why The Interweb Gets You No Play

    http://view.break.com/332082 – Watch more free videos The lovely Miss Brooke Marks in all her infinite wisdom is here to help you score with chicks online. Adhere to her rules and you’ll be out of your parents’ basement in no time. That, or you’ll just be spankin’ the monkey as usual. Chicks don’t dig glitter flowers, tool. Read More

  • Nintendo's Harrison Says Game Boy On Its Way Out

    Portable gaming would straight up not exist if it weren’t for Nintendo’s Game Boy. I remember receiving an ORIGINAL model back in 1989 as a gift and I fell in love with it instantly. Tetris, Super Mario Land. Almost every game became an instant classic to me. Now there’s word that Nintendo may retire the Game Boy for good. With increasing popularity surrounding the Nintendo… Read More

  • How Big is Too Big? Samsung's 19-inch SENS G25 Notebook

    Personally, I think desktop replacements are a little silly (do iMacs really take up that much space?), but lots of folks disagree with that sentiment, including Samsung. Its upcoming SENS G25 notebook has a laughably large 19-inch display and is buoyed by other components you’d sooner expect in a full on desktop… maybe. Actually, the only “facts” we have now are… Read More

  • (Almost) Last Chance to Get Tickets For TechCrunch at August Capital Party Next Week

    We’re opening the final 100 tickets to our second annual TechCrunch meet-up on July 27 on the fabulous outdoor patio of August Capital. Register here. This is the last batch of tickets we’re releasing, and the list is full. Only sponsors and TechCrunch20 registered attendees will be able to get in after this batch. If you’ve bought a ticket to TechCrunch20 and aren’t on… Read More

  • Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases

    You don’t need to be wealthy to own an iPhone but to be able to spend money on a case that costs nearly twice as much as the phone itself means you’re living the life of luxury. These Louis Vuitton cases can be had at the signature Manhattan 5th Ave. store starting tomorrow for the low price of $225 for the staple monogram case. Expensive, yes, but doable for most. After all… Read More

  • T-Mobile Samsung Handsets Leaked

    Details on Samsung’s latest T-Mobile offering have been leaked and if you’re into QWERTYless phones then the t429 and t729 aka Blast are right up your alley. I for one can only scoff at them because I’m jaded and cranky. The t429 slider has an integrated camera, Bluetooth, IM client, HiFi ringers and vibrating alert! It will make its presence known August 20. The t729 or… Read More

  • New Harry Potter Book Leaked Onto Bit Torrent

    First OJ’s book, now Rowling’s. Seems the latest book in the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, has been leaked onto Bit Torrent. The book was leaked onto Demonoid and quickly spread to other sites in the form of two torrents. One of the torrents features only 495 pages of the book while the other is complete. However, users who have downloaded… Read More

  • The $500 Madden Ring

    Yah dude, like, that ring could buy us so much Easy Mac Hey brah! I just got back from the DeltSig house and we chugged three cans of Keystone before we played a Madden ’08 exhibition. Yah, wicked sweet, I know. But yo dude, did you hear about that shit? Yeah, that shit Electronic Arts is doing or whatevs. It’s like, if you’re super good at Madden like yours truly is, then… Read More

  • Sims Bowling Released For iPod

    Normally a new Electronic Arts game would hold my attention span for about six seconds, which is long enough to pour a cup of coffee and curse when I stub my toe. But this new title for the iPod grasps my immediate attention for a few reasons. Sims Bowling features accurate bowling physics and control via the Click Wheel. Plus the graphics don’t look too shabby either. What’s… Read More

  • Soundwave: Behind the Music

    Poor Soundwave. I always wondered how he got so small when he transformed. Now we know: his heart was broken. Read More

  • Digital TV Tuner To Launch With PSP Slim

    Over in Japan where everything is cooler, better, and full of tentacles, you’ll have the luxury of watching TV on your PSP – at least when September 20th hits. To coincide with the launch of the PSP Slim, Sony will be selling a 1seg digital TV tuner add-on in Japan only. Though it’s not the best in terms of quality, it’s still TV and reminds me of the infamous TV… Read More

  • Apple Expected To Beat Q3 Estimates

    Goldman Sachs analysts are predicting that Apple’s third-quarter sales will beat expectations thanks to the success of the iPhone. Thanks to the success of the uber-popular phone and the increasing popularity of Macs, Apple is on its way to make more than $5.3 billion for the quarter mdash; now that’s a lot of money. According to the Sach, Apple shipped out 550,000 iPhones the… Read More

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