• Dvorak Wants Us All To Stop Worshiping the iPhone

    “This is the last week of Apple iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing…. Hitler got less coverage when he invaded Poland.” Good move, Dvorak. I mean, to a point I agree with your sentiment and feel like the whole of the tech “journalism” world has completely abdicated its responsibility to be impartial in its coverage of the Jes… I mean iPhone, but… Read More

  • New Real Player Launches

    Real Networks has announced the public release of their new Real Player available on their website. We covered the beta release at the beginning of the month along with 20 beta accounts that went fast. The new player focuses on bridging the gap for video between the desktop and the internet by letting users save and share video from any location on the net. The new player adds a… Read More

  • Topix CEO Steps Down; VP Chris Tolles Takes Spot

    This is a quick post because I’m getting on a plane to Europe, but fast-growing news site Topix has a new CEO. Rich Skrenta has stepped down, and VP Marketing Chris Tolles has taken his position. See Tolles’ blog post on this here, and everyone’s bios here. The official explanation is below. The real explanation will come out soon, I’m sure: Even though we were… Read More

  • Dell Adds Colors, Webcams, Fingerprint Readers To Inspiron Notebooks, Kills Dimension Brand

    Congratulations Dell on catching up with the rest of the notebook-manufacturing industry. While others like Sony, Toshiba and HP — hell, even Acer and Lenovo — have been trotting out options like multiple color choices, built-in Webcams, mobile wireless broadband and fingerprint readers in their consumer notebooks for at least a year, you’re finally getting around to it with… Read More

  • Dyson Airblade: No Sucking, Just Blowing

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-28441174614961743&hl=en Dyson today announced the U.S. launch of Dyson Airblade, the fastest, most hygienic hand dryer available on the market and a solution to one of the concerns of restroom users. And here’s the video to prove it. Sorry, I had a case of the shakes, but you can still see Sir James Dyson showing of his magical… Read More

  • Sony Offers New Colorful Mice

    Sony has announced two new travel mice that come in bright colors and look fun and childish. The SMU-C3 is a two-color optical mouse and the SMU-M10 is more compact and plain jane. Both include support for Windows and Mac OS X and feature different color patterns. They each use a 800dpi sensor as well. Aimed at travel, the M10 comes with a wrap for the USB cable so it doesn’t get… Read More

  • Iomega Introduces New Portable External Drives

    Hardly is an external hard drive portable whatsoever. Carrying around a USB cable, a drive, and AC adaptor is no fun. Iomega wants to put an end to this with its new eGo portable hard drive. With 160GB of storage, this baby draws power through its USB 2.0 connection so you don’t have to cart around a clunky power cable. With a great looking bright red paint-job and funky design, I… Read More

  • "Red vs Blue" Last Episode Airs Tomorrow

    The critically acclaimed, Web-only machinima “Red vs. Blue” ends its illustrious run tomorrow with its 100th episode. The series’ creator claims that “The Sopranos” already used the ending he had wanted to use, so they’ve had to come up with another one. Sources tell me President Bush will address the nation tomorrow night to try to reassure the American… Read More

  • Internet Radio: Day Of Silence

    If you tried tuning into Pandora, Yahoo! or even MTV today to listen to some web radio and were confused and possibly ticked off by the silence then you’ve obviously been living under a rock. In protest of the $1 Billion royalty rates that are due to hit web radio broadcasters on July 15 today was officially deemed a ‘day of silence’ in the US. Every web radio outfit in… Read More

  • Toshiba Releases Several Laptops, One of Which Has HD DVD Drive

    I love it when companies release a bunch of products simultaneously. That either means 1) they want to flood the airwaves with news of their products or 2) none of the products are all that hot, so they release them all at the same time to dull the pain. My opinion, not anyone else’s here. Right, so, Toshiba just announced an HD DVD-having Qosmio and a few new Satellites. The Qosmio… Read More

  • Sony To Offer In-Store Tech Support

    The next time you cruise by the Sony Style store at your local mall, you may find people waiting in line with PS3s, VAIOs, and Walkmen. Don’t be alarmed, as they’re simply there trying out Sony’s new in-store tech support service. Dubbed “Backstage”, this service will be available in NYC and NJ Sony Style stores and certainly resembles Apple’s Genius Bar setup. Read More

  • Sprint Launches LG MUZIQ

    LG and Sprint are rolling out the MUZIQ today and it’s gunning for the top of the Mobile Music heap. Not only does it store up to 4,000 songs, but it also incorporates a built-in FM transmitter that feeds your music to any FM radio within 10 feet. A lot of mobile music phones lack the capacity to support any SD cards larger than 2GB, but the MUZIQ is not run-of-the-mill and supports up… Read More

  • Hydra Game Console DevKit

    Any video gamer loves playing games, right? Now imagine if you could make your own fantastic, lush 3-D environments to roam around in, shooting bad guys and driving dirt bikes into enemy bases. Well you can’t, because you’re not John Romeo and haven’t spent years designing games. Thankfully, there’s the Hydra Game Console Development Kit. Though it may resemble… Read More

  • Magician Doing Green Laser Tricks

    http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf Here’s a video of a pretty cool magician doing some rad tricks with a green laser beam that looks pretty powerful. Obviously some mirrors are involved, but watch the whole thing and you’ll see that this guy is no amateur. Any readers who dabble in magic want to fancy a guess how he’s pulling off some of these moves? Laser magician [MAKE] Read More

  • 80GB Zune, Codenamed Scorpio Coming Soon

    Zune Scene has the scoop from an inside source at Microsoft that a bigger, better flash-based Zune is coming out along side the Draco. The Scorpio will be packing 80GB of storage and is said to be rolling off the production line at the end of July. A launch date is still under wraps, but you can expect Zune 2.0 to hit shelves in time for the holidays. I think Europe will finally get some… Read More

  • Why Xbox Live Costs $50

    I, and many others like me, pay $50 per year for the privilege of hearing 12-year-olds curse and wish bad things upon my family while playing on Xbox Live. But why am I paying $50 for this when I can do the same on a PC for free? Says a member of the Xbox Community Team: … it goes back to this unified system. We have to have voice communication, text communication, now we’re… Read More

  • iPhone Will Be Activated By iTunes

    Call it convenience or call it more fiddling to do, but make sure you call it Apple’s final decision. Lucky iPhone owners will have to come home and sync their iPhone with iTunes in order to activate it. Now normally I’d say this would be an annoying process that Apple should have dumped on AT&T, though when you think about it, the iPhone is also a music and video player as… Read More

  • Hope You Didn't Buy That 360 Elite Just Yet

    I’m sure that anyone with a decent HDTV with HDMI realized that purchasing an Xbox 360 Elite would be in their best interest. I mean, who doesn’t want to play games on a big screen in full HD glory? But if you bought the console solely for HDMI connectivity, you could be in for a rude awakening. Seems cable-manufacturer XCM has just announced it will have a cable for older Xbox… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone Plans Revealed

    Alright. I’m not even going to work my way into giving you the lowdown. You’re sick of the iPhone, I’m sick of it, and we have ourselves some plans to look over. So if you’re buying an iPhone, listen up. Three plans are available for the iPhone. All of them include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail, 200 TXT messages, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Read More

  • ZFS *is* in Leopard–Rejoice!

    ZFS is in, ZFS is out… OK, so now we know that ZFS file system support is in Mac OS X Leopard. The read/write support was just seeded to developers according to reports online and no one but complete nerds will notice unless Apple makes it the default file system. The WWDC build of Leopard still has journaled HFS+ as the default file system. Man oh man, nothing like writing about… Read More

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