• CarMD Tells You When Your Car Needs Love

    A new company calling itself the CarMd.com Corporation has released its one and only product, the aptly named CarMd. You’ve seen this contraption before, you just might not recognize it. In a much larger and greasier form, this is in every mechanic shop in the country. You (or previously the mechanic) plug it into your car’s data port and it lets you know what’s going on… Read More

  • Canon Fire: Cameras

    Canon loves to release a bazillion products in one day. Today they’ve announced a bunch of cameras that cover the gamut of shooting habits. Three new cameras will be added to the Digital ELPH line. The SD900 shoots at 10MP, has a titanium body, zooms to 3x optical and supports those new 4GB SDHC cards–it sells for $500. The SD800 IS has 7.1MP, optical image stabilization and ISO 1600. Read More

  • Alltel Releases Samsung Nimbus U420 Slider Phone

    Heh heh, 420. Oh sorry, the Samsung Nimbus slider phone has made its way over to Alltell, making it one of the only sliders on that network – if not the only one, since we couldn’t find any others on their website. The features, however, aren’t as impressive as its looks. The phone only has a VGA camera, Bluetooth, speakerphone capabilities and a Java BREW 3.1.4 client. It… Read More

  • Toyota Makes Robot Leg That Jumps

    Toyota has developed a new robotic leg that can do something that half of America probably has trouble doing, jump 1.6-inches. The leg can jump and stay stable on its own and that’s a big deal. Having the ability to jump means that future robots will be able to run smoother, and hopefully jump higher than they have been able to in the past. It’s only a matter of time before our… Read More

  • XDA Stealth Sliding WM5 Smartphone Clears FCC

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/g, and a mini USB connector. No word on which carrier will be launching it in the States (most likely Cingular or T-Mobile). XDA Stealth – stylish Pocket PC Phone in slider design [Phonearena] Read More

  • Segway Glitch Causes Recalls

    Segway has announced that it is recalling about 23,500 of its Personal Transporters due to a software glitch that has caused injuries. The software related error causes the wheels to start spinning in the opposite direction, which I can imagine would be a shocker to one using the device. This recall involves all Segway PT i167, i170 and i180 (“i Series”) models, the p133… Read More

  • Wii Gets Date, Price

    Well we were off by about a week–the Nintendo Wii will be released on Sunday, November 19. It will cost $250 and is going to ship with Wii Sports, which includes golf, bowling, baseball and tennis. The Wii is sort of bittersweet to me. I’m completely anxious to play games like Battalion Wars 2 with that wonderfully creative controller, but the lack of HD support really pisses me off. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sumo Spy Edition

    Let’s recap yesterday’s posts: Bagir iPod Suit
    CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!
    Splashpower Gives You Wireless Recharging For Your Portable Gear
    CrunchGear and the Race to 2000 Update Read More

  • Socializr in Private Beta, zzzzzzzz

    Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams is getting ready to launch his new startup, Socializr. It looks like it’ll be a social network/event organizing site…You can go through a “gamma” application process on the home page, or just read Steve Poland’s post – Steve played around with the URLs and found lots of ways into the protected site. Here’s… Read More

  • Podango Launches Public Beta

    Podango, which we wrote about last month, went into public beta today, so anyone can access the site and, if they care to, apply to be a station director. Podango aims to combine multiple podcasts, which may only be publishing weekly, into a 3-5 shows per day channel with a single RSS feed. Podango will recruite station directors, who in turn will recruit podcasters for their channels, manage… Read More

  • Live.com and Yahoo! bulk up for local search brawl

    A hefty list of new features were added to Microsoft’s Live Local Search yesterday and just tonight to Yahoo! Local. As both rivals get stronger, you can’t help but wonder what’s going to come after coupons for Google’s local search. Both Yahoo! and Live Local are looking good. Yahoo! Local
    Yahoo! Local now lets search users build personal collections of search… Read More

  • CrowdStorm goes live.

    UK-based social shopping startup Crowdstorm is creating a buzz of its own right now. It recently announced the public beta to the world at large on its blog. Crowdstorm was founded and funded by Philip Wilkinson (creator of the shopping comparison site Kelkoo UK) and Christopher Scollo (formerly VP of Technology at Ciao.com). “Crowdstorm takes the experience of online shopping one… Read More

  • SD Cards with USB Plugs. Suh-wheat!

    No longer will camera lovers be chained to the evils of the SD card reader. No more! We will be free to move about with our laptops, extra-baggage left in the waste bins of history. No longer will our desktops need those damned multi-card slots, making the face of it appear to be that of a pimply teenager. Done are we with the labors of cables and such, for OCZ Technology has combined two… Read More

  • Zune Unveiling Tomorrow

    Microsoft is conducting invite only press conversations tomorrow to discuss the rollout of Zune, their new bundled device/music service. Look for updates on TechCrunch and CrunchGear tomorrow AM as the story starts to break. Previous Zune coverage is here. Read More

  • Social Media Club opens its London chapter

    News from Jackie Daniki, “if you are in London and into the social media thing, especially from a PR/marketing perspective, please join her, BrainJams‘ Chris Heuer, and PR firm Fleishman Hillard for the launch of The Social Media Club’s London chapter on Friday 15th September at the offices of Fleishman Hillard They are going to get started at 5.30pm, and wrap up… Read More

  • NBC to put new primetime shows online for free

    The race to put TV on the internet continues with an announcement today from NBC that all of their new prime time shows will stream for free this fall. Each show will have a cast member, creator or producer “host a live blog immediately after the premiere episode,” according to the episode. Does this mean a live chat or several blog posts with comments enabled and responded to? … Read More

  • LinkedIn supports microformats … at last

    Thanks to Chris Messina for single-handedly badgering sections of the industry to adopt microformats. Besides his recent open letter to Google about integrating microformats into the next version of blogger, he has also been pressing for LinkedIn, the business focused social network, to add support for microformats. Well it seems it has worked and a couple of days ago, LinkedIn announced that… Read More

  • Sony Gets Chic with New VAIOs

    Sony has unveiled the VAIO N line of notebooks–These laptops feature Intel Core Duo processors (on select models?!), 15.4-inch XBRITE-ECO LCDs, DVD burners and integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless. The specs are pretty basic to be honest, but the real draw is clearly the colored cases. The N series comes in black, white or brown. Seems a little superficial to me, but if you’ve been… Read More

  • Sierra Wireless Announces AirCard 875

    Here at CTIA, Sierra Wireless and Cingular Wireless have announced that they will be releasing the AirCard 875. The AirCard 875 is a 3G LaptopConnect card and also the first HSDPA 3.6 Mbps network card in America. The new AirCard will allow Cingular customers to have a mobile broadband connection in over 100 countries. The card will be retailing for $99.99 (after rebate) when Cingular… Read More

  • T-Mobile Mystery Logo

    Sascha Segan from Gearlog has noted a strange rumbling from the T-Mobile booth at CTIA. Featured on many of TMo’s new phones is the that five dotted logo. The logo is said to represent an, as of yet, unannounced new service. T-Mobile says that the service will be “debuting soon.” Some possibilites include GPS, personal teleporter, self-destruct or some sort of digital… Read More

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