• British designers blogroll.

    I recently came across this interesting website called “stuff and nonsense” don’t ask me how or why – I don’t remember but I did bookmark it instantly because it contained a wonderful blogroll of links to British designers and developers who share a passion for web standards and accessibility. Read More

  • BCMA IPTV event series

    The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) is running a series of paid for events in September at The Arts Club, London, focusing on the topic of IPTV. Following the recent acquistion of HomeChoice by Tiscali and imminent launch of BT Vision, IPTV looks set to become one of THE hot topics in the UK over the next few years.    The BCMA are running the following three events: Part… Read More

  • Feedmailer manages your RSS via email and on the go.

    FeedMailer is a [free] new RSS service launched by John Slater and Chris Richardson, based in Leeds and self-funded, their aim is simply to keep people updated via their e-mail! You select the RSS feeds that interest you, add them to your feedmailer account online and then sit back as feedmailer does the rest. The first interesting thing about Feedmailer, is the ability to set the… Read More

  • Dave Winer Ponders Mobile

    Dave Winer has turned his attention to making mobile content easier to deal with. If you are the kind of person who’s always reading websites on a mobile device and curse the slow load times, complete lack of formatting, and other problems, you’ll want to save a few of these bookmarks on your phone. Check out NYTimes, BBC and TechCrunch in Dave’s new, stripped down format. Read More

  • Pilot invites go out for Microsoft's AdSense competitor

    Microsoft’s long awaited contextual advertising platform, named ContentAds, sent out the first invitations today to prospective participants in its pilot program. Starting on “primarily” (their word) MSN owned sites, Microsoft says that ContentAds will place advertisements using not just keywords but also demographic targeting, geo-targeting and incremental bidding tools. Read More

  • Webshots Redesign Launches, Video Coming

    CNET owned Webshots, a massive property with 420 million photos, relaunched moments ago with a new interface and a number of feature changes. The most notable changes are to the limits on photo uploading. Free accounts are now able to upload 1,000 photos plus an additional 100 photos per month (the additional photos are applied retroactively and continue to accrue even if not used). Read More

  • 1.2 million Flickr Photos Geotagged in 24 Hours

    Look for a post on the Flickr Blog later today announcing that 1,234,384 photos were geotagged in the first 24 hours after the new feature launched yesterday (159 of those were mine). Flickr Geotagging, which allows users to drag photos on to a Yahoo map and mark them with a specific worldwide location, received rave early reviews yesterday, even from competitors. After testing it myself I… Read More

  • Universal Embraces Internet, DRM

    Well it was bound to happen, the big labels are starting to see the light. Universal announced plans today to offer its entire catalog of music for free through a startup service called SpiralFrog. The project is supported entirely by ads. Users of SpiralFrog will be able to load its proprietary software and play Universal songs in Windows Media Player and on two portable devices, the iPod is… Read More

  • Apple snuggles up to Google with Schmidt joining BOD

    In a move that could lead to some fascinating collaboration, Apple just announced that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has joined its board of director. As the battle heats up between Google and Microsoft for online services and between Apple and Microsoft for media (not to mention computing) this is an important move that signals an alliance between the companies. Schmidt is now the eighth member… Read More

  • Fujitsu Drops Four New Laptops

    I don’t mean they literally dropped four laptops, that’d be bad. Actually though I wonder how many laptops are dropped and destroyed in productions and distribution. Anyone have a figure? Ah crap, I’m digressing. Fujitsu announced today the release of four new laptops to its Biblio and LOOX lines. Surprisingly none of these systems feature a Merom, but one of them does sport… Read More

  • Yardbarker wants to be sports news 2.0

    Yardbarker is a social news site focused on sports. You could call it a Digg clone, but there’s more here than that. Even if it is a Digg clone, it’s a particularly good one – and there’s no reason why the basic premise of socially moderated news shouldn’t be built on and targeted towards niche audiences. In fact, I think it’s a good idea and this site… Read More

  • Louisiana Judge Shoots Down Violent Game Ban

    A district judge in Lousiana threw out a bill today that would ban the sales of violent video games to minors. U.S. District Judge, James Brady, said the state had no right to stop any distribution of games because they contained violence. Brady dubbed the law an “invasion of First Amendment rights” of producers, retailers and kiddies who play the games. He said that depictions… Read More

  • Sprint Treo 700wx to Launch for Real September 3

    about the as-of-yet-unannounced Treo 700wx, it’s not even fun anymore. It’s EV-DO, with Windows Mobile 5, GPS, 1.3MP camera, 240×240 screen, and 128 built-in RAM. And now we know even more, like that it launches September 3rd, will retail for $399 after applicable rebates, and goes public at the same time as the sexy Samsung 900M, which is the latest not-a-RAZR, also with EV-DO… Read More

  • Six Degrees of Crunchation: It's On Like A Chicken Bone

    OK. I got all kinds of hate mail from people who were getting pictures to me. I actually didn’t realize we had such a rabid following. If you are taking part, please comment after this post so we can see who/what is entering. Thanks! Sorry for the confusion. We’re equally confused. Read on for full rules. Read More

  • Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest at CrunchGear.com

    Sorry to horn in like this, but we have a little contest going on over at CrunchGear.com that you might enjoy. Here are the rules. The concept is pretty simple: take your picture holding up a sign with your own name or a sassy saying and then pass that sign to a friend and have them take their own picture THEN have that friend pass it on to one of their friends, ideally someone YOU… Read More

  • Web filtering: computer says no?

    Instead of focusing on the job at hand, have you been checking the football results while at work, getting in a bit of online shopping or just simply chatting to your friends on IM? Well if its not related to your job, then some employees may soon be trying to put a stop to it by using web filtering technologies to block your access to websites or applications they deem… Read More

  • T-Mobile and Nikon Join Forces For WiFi Photo Uploading

    cameras to upload photos to T-Mobile’s servers directly from the camera. Owners can upload 50MB of images to T-Mobile, where they’re stored and slowly leered at by bored T-Mobile IT employees for two weeks, after which they’re deleted and end up in their personal archives. People who buy the Nikon Coolpix S7C get 1 year free, after which you’re going to have to either… Read More

  • Flickr supports "Geo" Microformat

    There is a lot of coverage on the web today about Yahoo! bringing together a bunch of its properties — Flickr, Yahoo! Maps, Upcoming, and Yahoo! Local and finally adding in support for “Geo Tagging” in Flickr. Back in June, at the Content 2.0 event here in London, SVP of Yahoo! Bradley Horowitz mentioned they would “soon provide geo tagging support“.  But… Read More

  • Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 Portable Charger

    This PowerSource Mobile 100 from Xantrex weighs about as much as a mobile laptop battery, works with “multiple electronic products at different voltage and power levels”, and costs $129.99. Why would you use this thing? Because when plugged in the AC outlet on this portable charger, laptops get 2 hours more power, Sony PSPs get 12 hours more power, and iPod Nanos get 72 hours more. Read More

  • Cingular Gets Samsung SGH-ZX20 HSDPA Phone

    The Samsung SGH-ZX20 is Cingular’s second HSDPA phone on their network, the first being the LG CU500. This flip-phone from Samsung allows you to be on a voice call and check your email, browse the web, or download ringtones simultaneously. The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a micro SD slot, quad-band GSM, and of course, the high speed HSDPA network. Cingular’s HSDPA network… Read More