• PNY Jumps On 1GB Micro SD and 2GB Mini SD Cards

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/sec transfer rate and SDMI encryption. PNY's made a chart, that we show above, for easy reference on how many pictures you can fit into your cards at what resolution. From our own experience, PNY's usually managed to make cards cheaper than its competitors while keeping the quality up. Mini SD [PNY via jkOnTheRun] Read More

  • Samsung SGH-i600 Thin Smartphone With Windows Mobile 5

    Samsung’s SGH-i600 brushes firmly, yet tenderly, up against your thigh—the same thigh that the Motorola Q is vying for. Which one will you pick? Well, the SGH-i600 will have tri-band GSM, EDGE, HSDPA, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and push email. It also has 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, a microSD slot for expanded memory, and a 320×240 TFT display. There’s even a camera on the front for… Read More

  • Some More Sirius Stiletto 100 Details Emerge From The Goo

    , you’re probably dying to get some solid release dates and pricing info. Well, we can only give you the latter, since it’s up for pre-order at Crutchfield for $349.99. However, we can give you some finalized specs: 2GB internal storage, FM transmitter, MP3 and WMA playback, color screen, and both satellite and WiFi Sirius delivery. It measures 2″ x 4.5″ x 0.68″… Read More

  • Pink XM Inno for Breast Cancer

    Nothing earth-shatterng, but we like it when people do good deeds, especially if those selfsame deeds involve electronics. XM is selling a Pioneer Inno in pink and proceeds, up to $150,000, will go to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The pink Inno will be available on September 10 for $349.99 at Circuit City and on the XM Website. For every Inno sold and activated, XM and Circuit… Read More

  • Sony PSP Download Service Coming Alongside PS3 Launch

    Sony’s download service for the PSP, which will allow users to download PlayStation 1 games onto their portables, will be launched simultaneously this Fall with the PS3. The reason for this double launch is because Sony is going to use the PS3 as a hub to manage downloads and digital distribution. So all the original PS1 games and downloaded movies will have to pass through your PS3… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Delayed Until March 2007 In Europe

    Thanks to Blu-ray laser production issues, the PlayStation 3 is going to be delayed in the European area until March 2007. That’s something everyone’s been expecting, but it looks like Sony’s finally dropped the hammer. Other regions affected: Russia, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. In other news, Americans will have their shipment cut from 4 million to 2 million, just… Read More

  • TiVo Series 3 Price Finalized: $800

    Popular Mechanics says the TiVo Series 3 DVR is going to be $800. Yep, they sound pretty sure of themselves. So far the price has just been an all-but-confirmed rumor, but if Pop Mech says $800, who are we to argue? They don’t say anything about the launch date, but we’re still thinking somewhere around an October/November timeframe. As you pony up one month’s rent… Read More

  • HTC Moving Into Multimedia Smart(er)Phones

    HTC has announced that they’re moving away from infrared transmission on their phones – big whoop – and will be adding more multimedia and music functions to all of their phones. HTC is one of the biggest names in cellular technology you’ve never heard of so if they’re moving in one direction, expect many major U.S. carriers to follow suit. The makers of devices… Read More

  • Mac Mini Updated To 1.83GHz and 1.66GHz Core Duo

    , the Mac Mini line has also been upgraded today, albeit with just a speed bump. Instead of getting Core 2 Duos like their screened big brothers, the Mac Mini now has a 1.83GHz Core Duo in the $799 model and a 1.66GHz Core Duo in the $599 model. Both of these have a 2MB L2 cache, 667MHz frontside bus, 512MB of DDR2 memory standard, and built-in AirPort and Bluetooth 2.0. The 1.83GHz model has… Read More

  • Sprint to Offer Full-Length Movies

    Sprint is offering full-length movie downloads from a number of studios including Sony Pictures and Buena Vista VOD. Sprint already has mSpot, which is a TV and video download service which costs $6.95 a month. However, Sprint Movies will cost between $3.99 and $5.99 and will be available for a few days a time. “Extensions” on the films will cost 99 cents per 24-hour… Read More

  • WhoIS Domjax?

    DomJax is a very handy new Web 2.0 domain name search engine written using Ajax by Third Eye Solutions. Domjax is basically WhoIS on steroids. It enables you to streamline your domain name search process across all of your TLD’s i.e .com, .net, .co.uk. It also serves as a tool for search engine optimization enabling you to check your web traffic, review content and archived web pages… Read More

  • Six Apart Acquires Rojo

    Blogging platform company Six Apart will announce this morning that it has acquired Rojo, a feed reader and search engine that competes with Bloglines and other companies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but our assumption was that this a less than $5 million deal. Six Apart is not planning on continuing to build out the core Rojo products. In the press release (sorry no link available… Read More

  • Radar.net: Moblogging for Friends, Family

    , a beta mobile photo system that is designed for sharing photos and comments with friends and family rather than with bored exhibitionist couples in deepest Wisconsin. <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/the inside of a pocket. Phone cams were useful little toys, fun for a moment or two and then forgotten. Radar, however, seems to be changing that equation. Read More

  • Blacknight first Irish hosting provider to introduce support for Ruby on Rails.

    Irish based hosting provider and domain registration company Blacknight Solutions has started to offer Ruby on Rails hosting to its clients. Ruby on Rails developers wanting to try out the new technology can get up and running in a couple of minutes. The latest versions of both Ruby on Rails and Ruby gems are available to allow web developers produce content rich applications for their… Read More

  • Friends of the Earth hope politicians get the message

    Britain’s leading political blogs recently joined forces to sell their combined advertising space, in an attempt to cash in on the growing commercial potential of the blogosphere.  The seven websites – including the country’s top three political blogs Guido Fawkes, ConservativeHome.com and former Tory candidate Iain Dale – have launched an advertising sales service… Read More

  • Gliffy helps you draw in a jiffy.

    Gliffy is a next-generation collaborative rich internet application for drawing FlowCharts, UML, Network diagrams etc., has just started its public beta.  Gliffy is purely a web based application, which runs in your web browser, so there is no need to download any additional software to use it. By leveraging new web technologies, Flash (OpenLaszlo), Gliffy brings you a familiar… Read More

  • Apple Releases 24" iMac

    We reported yesterday that Apple would likely release a 24″ iMac at the “It’s Showtime” event, but it looks like they just couldn’t wait until September 12. Apple jumped the gun a bit and today added the new 24″ size to its store. The new system features: 24-inch widescreen LCD 1920×1200 resolution 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor1 4MB shared L2… Read More

  • Mac Ads Feature Giselle, Therapy

    Nick Starr has a very nice write up about the latest Mac ads featuring, in order, Giselle Bundchen, the PC gagging on something, and the two systems in therapy. The Giselle one, seen here, should be pretty hi-larious considering that John “PC” Hodgman’s girlfriend seems to be a guy I went to college with – yes, he wore a dress all the time, then, as well. With Nokia… Read More

  • Intel Restructures

    Last week we reported about a rumor circulating regarding Intel’s plan to restructure its organization, a process featuring mass layoffs–today it’s been quantified. The chip maker released a statement saying: Intel today announced plans for restructuring following an analysis of the company’s structure and efficiency. As a result of the restructuring, the company expects… Read More

  • CrunchGear this Week

    The Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest is over and we gave away a Motorola Q and a Kodak V603 to two lucky winners. Drop in to see some of the entries. In upcoming news, Apple has announced that they’ll be holding a super-secret press conference on September 12 and CrunchGear will be there, liveblogging like fiends. Finally, two CrunchGear editors will be at CTIA next week so drop them… Read More

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