• Robert Downey Jr. Wields His First Gauntlet

    The recent onslaught of cartoon/comic book based movies have left me wondering whether I’ll even bother paying the $11 it costs to see the next adaptation of a favorite and I’m sure some of you will agree. Did anyone go and see Ghost Rider? I didn’t think so. Let’s hope Iron Man resurrects my faith in comic book movies. Comic-Con Preview: Making Con-tact… Read More

  • Amp'd Mobile Shutting Down July 24

    According to Amp’d’s Q&A section, “Amp’d is potentially suspending US operations on July 24th.” All customer support will cease and desist after July 23. I guess the good news is that you can take your phone to any other CDMA network, but you’re losing your status as the cool guy/gal. Oh well. Read More

  • 6G iPod UI Revealed? NOT!

    Did that look like the UI for the 6G iPod? It looks real enough doesn’t it? Apple did unleash its pack of rabid lawyers on MacRumors who pulled down the original video, so that would make one think it’s the real deal. The video makes it very clear that the UI is click-wheel based and that would be huge a disappointment and Apple fans will surely revolt. Does anyone really care that… Read More

  • Privacy Is The New Black

    After a week where Ask launched AskEraser, a product that allows users to erase their search history, and Google announced a reduction in retained data time from 2038 to 18 months, more privacy initiatives are on their way. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will officially announce Monday “new policies and technologies to protect the privacy of users of its Live Search… Read More

  • Social Networking Site Hi5 Takes $20 million

    San Francisco based social networking site Hi5 has raised $20 million in a new round of funding led by Mohr Davidow Ventures. Hi5 doesn’t get a lot of coverage (we last covered it in January), however whilst Facebook has been getting all the press, Hi5 has become a global success story. According to Alexa, Hi5 is now ranked as the 11th most popular site online above Facebook at 13th. Read More

  • The Facebook "Bug." Not Really.

    Only heavy Facebook users will be interested in this post. Lots of bloggers are complaining about the fact that Facebook has removed the “skip this step” option when asked for how you know a person while accepting them as a new friend. The “bug” appeared over the weekend. First of all, it probably is a bug and will be fixed, but there is an easy way to sidestep it. Just… Read More

  • Time To DeadPool TailRank? You Decide.

    Three weeks ago we noted that blog news engine TailRank was looking like a ghost town: No new news was showing on the site, and people noted that the Technology section had been a blank for weeks. Founder Kevin Burton was outraged, said our post bordered on “complete journalistic incompetence,” demanded an “apology and a retraction” and promised big news within a… Read More

  • The Great Internet Crash of 2007

    This is just plain funny. The last line is the best – “Coming up next, One man’s heroic struggle to pick up the pieces, and rebuild his flickr album.” Read More

  • VisualSize To Give Accurate 3D Measurements From Photos

    VisualSize, a Southern California based company, will be launching shortly with a service that will give accurate three-dimensional measurements of things inside of 2D photos. To measure things accurately they need two photos of the same thing, but from different angles. The VisualSize algorithm automatically detects feature points in the two pictures and finds the matching pairs. It then uses… Read More

  • The FCC Needs To Listen To Google

    I was very pleased to see Google publicly wade into the upcoming FCC auctions for the 700MHz spectrum that will occur early next year. Should all go well, the new spectrum could be used to create a new open-access wireless broadband “pipe” into people’s homes and devices. If things go less well, the existing wireless giants would buy the spectrum and impose similar usage… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meetup Final Update: Budapest is Go!

    I will be rolling into town on Monday morning and we will be meeting at 19:00 at Maghaz, Rottenbiller u. 32 in Budapest on Monday, July 23, 2007. Please drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com or post a note in the comments if you plan on attending. I look forward to meeting CG/TC readers. My Grand Central # is +16468270591 or you should be able to call me using this widget (if you have… Read More

  • BOOMj.com: Social Networking For Baby Boomers

    Flower power, The Vietnam War, Nixon, The Beatles, Social Networking. OK, so social networking is the odd one out on that list but the folks behind BOOMj.com want to change that. BOOMj.com is a “lifestyle and social network” for Baby Boomers. According to BOOMj, Baby Boomers make up the Web’s largest constituency, accounting for one-third of the 195.3 million Web users in… Read More

  • Bestiality May Be Knackered In Second Life

    Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, may be extending their crackdown on “Broadly Offensive” behavior to Bestiality, following attempts to remove virtual pedophilia (or Age-Play) from Second Life in March. The Second Life Herald (NSFW) goes on to ask whether consenting adults dressing up like animals and partaking in virtual sex with each other or with human shaped avatars… Read More

  • SimplyHired's Traffic Soars: But Is It Real?

    For those of us who pay attention to these things, the recent rise in SimplyHired’s traffic on Compete and Alexa was noteworthy. Since April, both services show a dramatic rise in traffic – see chart to right, click for larger view). And more importantly, they show SimplyHired overtaking competitor Indeed, even though they have historically trailed them in reach and… Read More

  • Palm Releases Treo 750 Audio Alert Update

    If you’ve been experiencing a loss of audio on your Treo 750, which has caused you to miss very important calls and message notifications then drop what you’re doing and pay attention. Not every Treo 750 owner has been affected, but if your software version reads TREO750-1.13-ATT or TREO750-1.13-CNG then you will need this update. So what exactly is causing this sudden loss of… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8820 Coming, 8800 Being Phased Out

    The Interwebs are at it again with insider info that claims the Wi-Fi enabled 8820 will be launching as early as next week on AT&T rather than in August, but it’s all hearsay at this point. Does this mean much to us? Unless you’re on AT&T then probably not, but if you’ve been eyeing the 8800 and don’t care about Wi-Fi then you’ll be able to snag one for… Read More

  • OLPC Brings Porn To The Third World

    The One Laptop Per Child initiative has reached new heights by delivering internet porn to third world children. According to a report Thursday from the official News Agency of Nigeria, laptops in a primary school in Abuja “have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials.” It’s heart warming to know that the efforts of the well meaning… Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital: New & Easy Printers

    DemystifyingDigital is a new feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of DemystifyingDigital.com

    Printers are the kind of devices you usually ignore until there’s something wrong with them. And with how poorly made and unnecessarily difficult most printers are to use, there’s often something wrong with them. (“PC Load Letter error” anyone?) The following are three… Read More

  • Maybe Google News Needs A Little Tweaking

    An interesting story came across my desk today – A “news” site called Axcess News reported that President Bush was undergoing a colonoscopy, leaving Vice President Cheney in charge of the United States for the duration of the procedure. The article, which was the top story on Google news briefly yesterday, had the unfortunate title “Bush butt probed, Cheney in… Read More

  • Fun With Frickin' Lasers!

    Wicked Lasers has been making high-powered handheld lasers in China since 2003, and I finally got my pyromaniac responsible hands on one. While playing with the Wicked Fusion for several days, I tried to burn plenty of things (yes, including myself… real tattoos are expensive, y’know!), but I had the most fun pointing out stars and buildings. Okay, that’s not true: I spent most… Read More

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