• Rumor: Cingular to Launch Router and WiFi Switching Cell Phone Service

    I have found the wifi + cell phone momentum quite interesting and covered two early patents leading the trend. So I’m on a flight and a guy behind me, sitting next to someone worthy of being impressed, talks about what any guy would want to talk about to chat it up, his new cell phone that his company, Cingular, is launching.. Goes like this… Read More

  • The Touchscreen You Don't Need To Touch

    Lucky day, a company has developed a touchscreen where users don’t even have to touch the screen in order to use it; simply waving your hand in front of the TochKo screen (as far as six inches away) does the trick. Apparently it was originally designed for medical use, but let’s not forget that the Internet was originally a military invention. I doubt DARPA thought it’d be… Read More

  • Ditch T-Mobile Without The Fees

    We’re not sure if you noticed or not, but recently it seems every carrier is raising SMS prices. Now T-Mobile has joined its rivals by increasing rates for SMS, yet decreasing MMS prices. And when a provider changes it’s service, you know what that means kids… That’s right! It means you can cut and run with T-Mobile without forking over a $200 cancellation fee. Boy… Read More

  • The Wall Street Journal Reviews Apple TV, Cautions Power Users To Not Get Too Excited

    The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg scored the first review of the Apple TV wireless media streaming device and the big conclusion is that it “work[s] great…” for the average person. In other words, power users may feel that the Apple TV is a little too limited to appeal to them. As a power user, this news saddens me. First, though, the good. The Apple TV was simple… Read More

  • This WoW Thing Is Big With the Kids

    http://www.g4tv.com/lv/15576 Minesweeper MMO? Excel MMO? Cats? What wonders will the folks in the gaming industry offer us next? G4 took MMO mania to its next logical level. Clip: Excel the MMO [Kotaku] Read More

  • FragFX Offers PC Styled Control for PS3

    No amount of auto-aim or assistance can help set in our way gamers like me with first-person shooters on a console. Trying to run and gun is next to impossible, and I’m one of those types that take weeks to complete games like Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3. This is partially because I suck, but also because the controls really suck. But now the playing field is being… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sky Rockets in Flight Edition

    Chapit Helper Robot Reminds You of How Lonely You Are
    GPS System Helps Blind People Mosey Around Town
    SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon 1 Rocket
    Travel For Geeks: The Accessories
    Cali Lewis <3s CrunchGear Read More

  • Digesting Google's New PPA Advertising Product

    Google announced the testing of a new pay-per-action, or PPA, advertising product today. It’s important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Google controls so much of the online advertising market that just about anything they do in advertising has real consequences around the Internet. Background Until now, Google has primarily sold cost-per-click, or CPC ads. Read More

  • Motorola Z3 RIZR on T-Mobile Hands On

    http://s86.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid86.photobucket.com/albums/k90/crunchgear/March%202007/81132388.flv Well, it’s official. The Motorola RIZR, the company’s diminutive RAZR-alike, is out on T-Mobile and it’s pretty cool. I’ve been using it for the past week and I’m pleased to say it’s quite a phone with a very solid fit and finish, great… Read More

  • SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon 1 Rocket

    Privately owned space exploration company SpaceX moments ago successfully launched its Falcon 1 rocket. The rocket was developed entirely by SpaceX. According to company founder Elon Musk, who previously co-founded Zip2 and PayPal, the Falcon 1’s success will drive the cost of space access down “ultimately by a factor of 10.” Read More

  • Cali Lewis

    or whoever sponsors her. Rarely, if ever, will it give you cancer. NOTE: The audio issues were my fault because I was a big gimp and didn’t record my side right. GBTV | John Biggs from CrunchGear.com [GeekBrief] Read More

  • Google Closes Adscape Deal, Plans Google Ads for Games

    Google today confirmed that it has acquired in-game adhouse Adscape Media, though it didn’t give up much other detail, including terms and prices. Google is aggressive with its ads, as that’s the only real revenue the search giant has, and if you think they’re ubiquitous now, wait until the merger is complete. Adscape has several key patents, this acquisition is all about IP. Read More

  • Hitachi Launches HDTVs with DVR, Removable Media

    Hitachi is taking a page out of the Apple rumor book, launching a series of widescreen HDTVs with built-in DVRs, cutting out the pesky Tivo middleman. The idea itself is nothing new, having a DVR and HD tuner built-in to the TV set makes sense. What makes these Hitachi’s notable, however, is that the DVR’s discs are removable. Granted, the discs are in Hitachi’s own iVDR… Read More

  • Congratulations to SpaceX, They Made It Into Space

    It looks like there’s a good chance today’s SpaceX launch will be successful – Founder Elon Musk just wrote that they made it into space. The maiden launch attempt one year ago didn’t go so well, and today’s launch was almost aborted. Congratulations to the SpaceX team. This is an awesome private sector accomplishment. There’s much more about this story… Read More

  • Have Fun Wiretapping Enemies and Loved Ones with 2ReCall

    New York based call recording company 2ReCall just recently launched their initial call recording product last week. The new service lets you record any US domestic outgoing call by first dialing into an 800 number and then number you want to call. The old fashioned way of recording calls consisted of Spy-vs-Spy type tape recorders and suction mics. VOIP changed that a bit, making it dead… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Geek Travel Contest by Crumpler

    It’s that time again again, the triumphant return of the Reader Response contest format. This time it’s a contest in conjunction with our Travel for Geeks feature series and, as always, there are some fabulous prizes. What kind of prizes you ask? Read More

  • 37Signals Launches HighRise Contact Manager

    37Signals has added an online contact manager to their online productivity suite. The new product, Highrise, to keep track of all the contacts you’ve inevitably made while drumming up clients for your Basecamp projects. The customer resource management (CRM) space is packed with a lot of big players, Salesforce and NetSuite being two of the largest. 37Signals is taking a more… Read More

  • Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    At some point this week, the wheels of commerce may be set to turn over, changing the logo on forthcoming Treos to that of Nokia or even Motorola. The two have been bidding on Palm, maker of the Treo, for a few weeks now, and a couple of private equity firms have entered the fray, and the rumors are that things will finish up this week. Nokia wants the Treo name recognition, and Motorola wants… Read More

  • Facebook's Battle Against Chaos

    There’s a post on the Facebook blog today announcing a new group called “Facebook Sneak Preview” where they will show upcoming feature additions and changes before they are made live. My bet is that this is their response to the user backlash and protests last year after after Facebook made some fairly dramatic changes to the site. With the new group, Facebook can ease users… Read More

  • Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    , and a couple of private equity firms have entered the fray, and the rumors are that things will finish up this week. Nokia wants the Treo name recognition, and Motorola wants a decent foothold in the smartphone market (the Q is not that). Sadly, if one of these companies gets Palm, we see them absorbing our favorite smartphone maker instead of propping it up. That’s why we, like… Read More

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