• Sony Introduces Pint-Sized Home Theater System

    Sony unveiled a pint-sized 5.1-channel home theater system tonight in NYC. The satellites are about the size of an apple, but don’t let the size fool you. The tiny package puts out a total of 450 watts. The five satellites put out 50W each while the two-way subwoofer exerts 100W per channel. Not bad for such a small system, right? The DAV-IS10 is centered around a DVD/CD player that… Read More

  • Adsense For Video, Google Still Lagging

    Google has announced a closed beta test of Adsense for Video. According to the post on Inside Adsense, Adsense for Video consists of “in-stream” advertisements. Publishers define at what point the advertisements will appear for each video. It’s a change in the right direction for Google. The previously announced advertising trials for YouTube consisted entirely of text… Read More

  • Compete API Open For Business

    Web analytics startup Compete.com opened its API for public use today. Websites and applications can now access Compete’s data and incorporate it into their own products. This is timely for the company, which competes directly with Amazon’s Alexa. Recenty, Statsaholic has been in a very public dispute with Alexa over use of its data, with both sides looking bad. That dispute… Read More

  • Webjay Joins DeadPool, Yahoo Scores Hat Trick For May

    Music playlist sharing site Webjay, acquired by Yahoo in January 2006, will be closing June 30 according to a message that has appeared on the site. The announcement gives Yahoo a hat trick of closure announcements for May, Webjay joining Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Auctions in the TechCrunch DeadPool. Founded by Lucas Gonze, Webjay allowed users to publish music playlists on the web. Media… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Treo 680 for $39.99 (AR)

    MyTreo.net’s store is having a fantastic sale on Treo 680s for Cingular/AT&T for existing customers. You do have to wade through rebate hell, but when all’s said and done, you wind up with a brand new Treo 680 for $39.99. That is a very, very good deal. That’s for current customers. If you switch your service to AT&T, you can get the same Treo for free. This is how… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia 8600 Drops May 25

    Some of you Nokia fetishists are drooling on your shirts in anticipation of the hottest entry-level phone the manufacturer has ever put out, the 8600. It’s stats are “meh”, but man it’s sexy. And it looks like you’ll be getting it on May 25. The Ring Nokia nerds got a leak from Carphone Warehouse stating that it will have exclusive selling rights to the 8600 for… Read More

  • GE Digital Cameras Find Retail Homes At Sears, Kmart

    General Imaging, “the worldwide exclusive licensee for GE-branded digital cameras”—that debuted at this year’s PMA convention—signed a contract with Sears and Kmart to be the first retailers to carry the digital cameras, hitting stores this holiday weekend. As a bonus, the stores will get the cameras in some exclusive colors. Yay colors. Both retailers are… Read More

  • Hiccups At Technorati

    All that new traffic from the relaunch, and the site goes down for the count. Or maybe it really is “scheduled maintenance,” in the middle of the day, at peak traffic times. :-) I love Technorati, even when they lie to me. Read More

  • Sonos Introduces Hot New Bundles, Gets Pandora

    Sonos today announced the availability of the $999 Bundle 130 (BU130). The bundle includes one Sonos ZonePlayer 80 (ZP80), one ZonePlayer 100 (ZP100) and one Controller 100 (CR100). The package will allow users to wirelessly stream music to two rooms and control it remotely using the awesome controller. Users can also opt to include a Loudspeaker 100, bringing the package total to $1,149. Read More

  • Yahoo! Go 2.0 Walkthrough

    I got the chance to play with the Symbian version of Yahoo Go, Yahoo’s standalone networked application that offers news, weather, traffic, and Yahoo! search from a handset. It’s fairly full-featured and even supports Yahoo mail. Read More

  • PS3 Gets 1.80 Firmwared

    Sony announced today details of it’s forthcoming 1.80 firmware for the PlayStation 3. The update will include: 1080p upscaling for DVDs, PS2 and PS1 games PSP remote Internet play DLNA media center connectivity Epson photo printing It is expected to be available around May 24. Firmware 1.80 [PS3 Fanboy] Read More

  • GPS + GSM = TXT MSG Fear

    While it’s called the “Freedom”, this GPS unit has the ability to curtail just that. By combining a standard GPS tracking unit with a tri-band GSM radio, the Freedom can send text messages to a specified phone number at the touch of a button. Or, theoretically, when a certain area is left. Stalkertastic! It’s still new and is being marketed as a lifesaving device, but… Read More

  • The Wii Eats It: The Truth Can Finally Be Told

    I’m trying to like the Wii. I tried my hardest to love Super Paper Mario. But this image essentially sums up my opinion of the game, the platform, and the other games available, including Zelda. Please, Nintendo. Please. Stop it. Treat me like I have a brain. I’m so tired of “whimsical” being equated to “mythic” and “classic characters” becoming… Read More

  • Crumpler Beer for Bags 2007

    The video shows last year’s B4B event. Look at all that beer! I love Crumpler almost as much as I love beer. So imagine for a moment, the complete unfettered excitement I feel as the 2nd annual Crumpler Beer for Bags event approaches. The concept is simple (and beautiful): you bring Crumpler beer and it’ll give you one of its fine ass bags. According to the hypnotist snail one case… Read More

  • Gadget Holster: Bring Out Your Inner "Nerdy Harry"

    While I agree that pocket bloat is a problem that needs a solution, the gadget holster is not it. In short, it’s a belt that has a bag attached with pockets for your iPod, cellphone, memory stick, pride, virginity, etc. Not to sound all erudite, but didn’t we used to call these fanny packs? For serious, this is worse than wearing your phone on your belt. And yes, wearing your phone… Read More

  • SD Zabady Waterproof DAP: Shower Time Fun, Some Kind of Pun

    I guess summertime in the North brings about an influx of waterproof gadgets. Japan’s latest is the SD Zabady from Twin Bird, a waterproof digital audio player that sticks to the basics in order to bring you, the customer, a pleasurable waterproof experience. Its built-in 128MB of storage is offset by the inclusion of an SD card slot, bringing its total capacity up to a more mainstream… Read More

  • Roll Shades: You Know You Want Them (If You're 10)

    The Roll Shades aren’t just convenient, they’re badass. Collapsable sunglasses have been around since the ’80s, which is when these were apparently designed. Unlike most collapsable sunglasses, these Durkl Roll Shades don’t require a fancy faux-leather bag to be retained. Instead they become a wristband when not on your noggin. Uh, ok. Besides being a dork for… Read More

  • Chestnut Hill George Review

    The George by Chestnut Hill Sound is one of the more ambitious entries into the iPod accessory field. With the iPod dock on top of the unit, the George is similar in size to the I-Sonic or Bose Wave but it is especially for iPods. The white audio system weighs 10 pounds and has four internal speakers and a subwoofer. It features a faceplate that comes off and becomes the remote control. Read More

  • Casio G'zOne Type-S Sounds Like A Pasta Dish

    Those of you who are rugged lumberjacks out there will be happy to know that Verizon will be releasing an updated version of Casio’s rugged phone, the G’zOne. Dubbed the G’zOne Type-S, this phone not only is tough and sounds like a bad italian dish, it also features a round, rubber antenna to pick up chicks with. For a rugged phone though, the Type-S has a pretty nice design. Read More

  • Google Wants to Give Advice Based on Its Database of You

    “Should I take Company A’s job offer or Company B’s? Man, Company C’s offer is nice, too. Google, help me! Make important life decisions for me!” That’s the type of scenario that one of Google’s co-founders dreams of. One day, he wants Google to have enough of your personal information so that the search engine will, essentially, be able to give… Read More

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