• GPS Sneakers Defeat Purpose of Sneaking

    The Associated Press has an article about new sneakers, called Quantum Satellite Technology, designed to help locate people via GPS. At $350, the sneakers contain a 2-by-3-inch chip that is activated by a button located inconspicuously near the shoelaces. An alert detailing the wearer’s location is sent to a 24-hour monitoring service that charges $19.95 a month. The chip also can be… Read More

  • Pop Goes the Soda Bot

    This conversion toy kit allows you to turn your pop can into some sort of motorized robot bug that vibrates, slides and buzzes (that’s right, I’m from the Midwest. It’s called “pop”). Although the UK company that sells it, Great Gizmos, has yet to put a price or release date, I can imagine it being extremely popular with beer-drinking frat boys and activist recyclers. Read More

  • Round Sound

    This giant speaker, dubbed “The Eyeball,” by those who fear it, is actually a large four-way coaxial speaker. It is designed for movie theaters and offers dynamic range and loudness for orchestral music and film soundtracks, according to Stereophile. Meanwhile, the “spherical enclosure is designed to help eliminates standing waves and create a more rounded sound,”… Read More

  • Nokia N77

    The N77 isn’t much to look at — just a longish video phone with DVB-H satellite video and 20MB of storage with miniSD expansion. It has a 2.4-inch screen and works with most music and video formats. Flip it for side viewing and talk into it like the candybar it is. About $500 in Euro/Asia zones, $500+the cost of a full DVB-H roll-out (approx. $3.5 billion) in the U.S. Available… Read More

  • Nokia 6110, 3110: Plain Jane Phones With Some Interesting Features

    The $500 6110 is our first interesting phone and includes GPS and mapping software. It has 40MB storage along with HSDPA and assisted GPS, which relies on terrestrial signals allowing you to get a signal even if you’re out of satellite range. It supports miniSD and a 2-megapixel camera. Read More

  • Nokia: Now With YouTube!

    What’s all this, then? Nokia’s new Video Center offers RSS video feeds along with content directly from YouTube, no browser needed. Initially available on the N95, Nokia’s fattie media phone, it will be available for S60 phones including the N93i down the line. How is it integrated? Well, the Video Center looks sort of like Apple’s Front Row and offers YouTube… Read More

  • Nokia E-Series: E90, E65, E61i

    Communicator lovers rejoice. The E90 is a vast improvement over the fat Nokia Communicators of yore. This Quad-band beast has HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooth along with dual cameras and mapping apps and sync. There’s a nice fat keyboard and an internal screen. Best of all, it has mini-USB so you don’t have to use Nokia’s weird connectors on this one. $900 in Spring 2007. Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6 In the Wild

    Popped by the Microsoft booth before the official conference this afternoon to take a look at Windows Mobile 6. It looks like the major upgrade is in the messaging, which isn’t nearly enough to excite me this morning. However, it does have two editions now, Standard and Professional, and both of them will run MS Office Mobile and includes a mini MSSQL client along with an Exchange client. Read More

  • Moto RIZR Z8: Mulitmedia RIZR

    Just walked up to the show grounds this morning and what do I see? The MotoRIZR Z8, an updated RIZR with multimedia charm. From my brief examination it seems this is a 3G — HSPDA — GSM phone where the main draw is video and music. I’m headed over to Motorola’s booth right now, so you’ll get more info as I have it. It should be available in April in Europe… Read More

  • 3GSM 2007: CrunchGear in Barcelona

    Just settling in at 3GSM and we’re already spying secrets and strange launches. What, for example, is this amazing Motorola product we spied last night while grabbing press badges? And where can you buy Iberian jamon in New York because that stuff is great?
    Last night’s mystery. Read More

  • PowerHype At Powerset

    The more I dig into the new search engine startup Powerset the more I am wondering if it is nothing more than a house of cards. They’re an odd company with a bit of a split personality. For example, in some ways they are very secretive – everyone who gets to see “The Demo” (as it’s now being called) have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. It’s rare for… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Toys in the Attic Edition

    Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit
    Lensbabies New Aperture Kit
    Lights, Camera, ActionCam!
    Apple Vs The World Read More

  • Yahoo! Mobile Serves Ads and Go Goes Gamma

    Yahoo! made three announcements today at 3GSM in Barcelona: the release of Yahoo! Go mobile 2.0 (Gamma), pre-loading on LG handsets, and the launch of its mobile ad network. Yahoo! Go is the mobile part of Yahoo!’s three screen initiative to optimize their services for PC, TV, and mobile. Yahoo! Go is a downloadable application that gives users access to search, maps, mail, sports… Read More

  • TeleNav Arrives in Italy

    TeleNav has just announced that it has entered an agreement with Softec S.p.A. to deliver its TeleNav GPS Navigator to Italy. The service will be available immediately on a variety of BlackBerry smartphones. You’ll recall that a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the TeleNav service on a BlackBerry Pearl. The TeleNav GPS receiver and service can turn nearly any Bluetooth enabled phone into… Read More

  • Benchmark and Accel Put $12M Behind Zlango

    Benchmark Capital and Accel have invested $12 million in Israeli mobile startup Zlango. Zlango is an icon-based mobile messaging service. Users send short texts typed in representational images instead of typing out the messages (see below). It’s like a modern hieroglyphics. Users can also add images to the basic icons of the language, as Zlango has in their press release. Zlango is a… Read More

  • Zlango Update: BenchMark and Accel Invest $12 Million

    Israel-based Zlango will announce a $12 million round of financing tomorrow, led by BenchMark Capital and Accel Partners. The company launched the Zlango icon-based SMS service in the middle of 2006, and has expanded to three countries (Israel, Poland and certain Caribbean cell phone carriers). The press release for the financing (see bottom of post) was written in Zlango with an English… Read More

  • Bolt Sells to GoFish to Pay Universal Music Settlement

    Video sharing site Bolt.com is being acquired by GoFish – a smaller but richer rival, in order to pay the settlement the company has agreed to with Universal Music Group for copyright infringement. The New York Times broke the story tonight. Bolt will go for an estimated $30 million in GoFish stock (update: forms filed Monday indicate that the acquisition was for about half this amount)… Read More

  • Very Ugly Bug at BarackObama.com

    The “find a group” section of the new Barack Obama social network contains a hard coded racial and sexual orientation slur. When searching groups, a couple of search options appear along with the hard coded text “Example: Gay Nigger Association of America -#@ for Obama, 16892.” If you have an account and are signed in to the social network, this appears on… Read More

  • MyBarackObama: Who Built This?

    Everyone’s buzzing about the new social network that presidential hopeful Barack Obama launched today on his website. Lots of opinions from the experts on what’s good about it, what’s been left off, etc. All I really want to know is, who built this for them? It launched basically feature-complete and bug free, which would be very hard to do without an extended beta. My bet… Read More

  • GPS – Heads Up 3D and Marking the Spot

    In January, Denso received a smart patent on displaying GPS and navigation information on a heads up display while Alpine Electronics received a patent on marking a favorite spot using a GPS system. Denso Corporation of Japan, primarily an automobile parts manufacturer, has developed and patented a three dimensional heads up display for a car that uses sensors to detect when certain… Read More

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