• Free to pitch at Le Web 3

    LeWeb3 is now firmly established as Europe’s ‘answer’ (if you will) to any number of startup and Web 2.0 events in the US. Held on December 11/12, it offers a platform for Europe’s hot new start-ups to present their business and technology to some of the most influential players in the technology market. Last year’s program had, it must be said, mixed reviews due… Read More

  • Ron Jeremy Reviews Tech or The Darth Vader Blues

    http://www.heavy.com/ve/91867417a5c6816e74cd16c2a6b24ffb Which is more painful to watch? Read More

  • If A Conference Is Held In Second Life, Will Anyone Listen?

    The second session of the Metanomics Conference was held in Second Life today (see our previous coverage here) and I had the pleasure of attending. Guest speaker for today’s session was Sandra Kearney, IBM’s head of 3D Development. Kearney spoke from Sage Hall, Cornell in front of live audience, with a live stream being delivered to both Second Life and IBM’s Active Worlds… Read More

  • Greetings From Spain: Acer Global Press Conference

    Doug Aamoth here in beautiful Madrid, getting ready for tomorrow’s Acer Global Press Conference. What kinds of fascinating new products and services will be announced? It’s anyone’s guess at this point. I’d expect them to spend a fair amount of time talking about the recent Gateway acquisition and I’ll be having lunch with Acer’s wonderfully outspoken… Read More

  • LED Rigged Boomerang

    It’s extremely slow today and I haven’t found any YouTube videos for your amusement, so nosh on this until I can find some cool stuff. It’s pretty cool, right? The Complete Journey of a Boomerang [Spluch] Read More

  • FileRadar: Find, Share Hot New Games

    As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest gamer, but there are few instances where I have to get my hands on a particular game just because it forces me to. Halo 3 is my current obsession, for example. But a lot of times the demos are hard to come by and you have to time it just right so that you get in there and download those games before the servers crash or you’re… Read More

  • Nokia 6301: GSM, Wi-Fi Flip-Flopper

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a GSM phone that looked good that could seamlessly switch to Wi-Fi and back again? What’s this? How ya doin, Nokia? The 6301 utilizes Unlicensed Mobile Access technology for uncompromised coverage and sound quality. That sounds fantastic. A 2-inch QVGA screen, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio, 30MB of internal memory and a microSD… Read More

  • Stealthy Startup Mixx Launches Into Private Beta

    Mixx is a startup we’ve been watching for the last few weeks. They’ve been extremely quiet about their service until very recently. And since they are located well outside of Silicon Valley, in Virginia, they’ve been able to stay below the radar despite their high profile founder: Chris McGill, formerly the General Manager of Yahoo News and more recently the VP Strategy at… Read More

  • Sony Waits Till Spring for Home-Coming (har!)

    You may recall that back in March we told you about Sony’s “Home” initiative for the PS3. Home is Sony’s version of Second Life, or the Mii channel, or more. It was announced with much fanfare and was set to launch later this year. Sadly, those of you who were excited about the prospect will have to wait till next Spring to cyber on your PS3. All twelve of you. According… Read More

  • MediaDefender's Software Undefended

    MediaDefender, the sword and shield of the media industry, was hacked a few days ago, revealing mail files and voicemails integral to the process of throwing feces and FUD into the P2P process. Now hackers have found the company’s complete set of “protective” applications which appear to have been written by a teenager who hangs out in IRC too much. Programs include… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Upgrades to HD DVD in 2008

    Mark Bennett, MS’s European business development director for HD DVD, is reported as saying that the Xbox 360 will be upgraded with a HD DVD drive that will begin shipping sometime next year. He goes on to say that: the interactive features actually work on HD DVD whereas Blu-ray titles are six to nine months away from getting features that actually work. Can you handle that… Read More

  • Hands-on With The M-Audio Producer USB Mic

    Today M-Audio has introduced an easy to use vocal recording system for the PC that could potentially turn you into the next big thing. The Session Music Producer combo comes with a USB microphone that includes a microphone jack, which allows you to monitor your vocals without any latency you’d typically experience when routing through your PC. Now you don’t have any excuses as to… Read More

  • Welcome Erick Schonfeld, My New Co-Editor

    I was dying to announce this at TechCrunch40, but the timing just didn’t work out. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud to announce that TechCrunch now has a co-editor. Erick Schonfeld, most recently an editor-at-large at Business 2.0, will be joining the team starting next Wednesday, September 26. Matt Richtel at The New York Times broke the story. Erick has been covering startups and… Read More

  • Western Digital Overhauls My Book Line of HDD

    Western Digital spruced up the My Book external HDD line with a cosmetic change that shifts from a circle of light to a strip of light that acts as a storage gauge. The Home Edition now features eSATA along with FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. It’s also continuously backing up your data so rest assured all that p0rn will not be lost. The Office Edition can now be accessed online via MioNet… Read More

  • ViewSonic Rolls Out HD Widescreen Displays [Updated]

    ViewSonic showcased a few displays last night at Pepcom that might tickle your fancy. The widescreen LCD lineup of monitors is quite the visual treat in two 19- and one 22-inch version. The VX1940w and VX2240w boast contrast ratios of up to 4000:1 and a whopping response time of 2ms and 300 nits of brightness. Both 19- and 22-inch displays feature 1680×1050 high resolution making the… Read More

  • FileRadar Brings Digg-Thinking To Gaming Downloads

    Gaming downloads can be a pain. When the hottest new demos are released, such as the upcoming Halo 3 from Microsoft, the official servers can be brought to their knees. Some users go to BitTorrent to get the files, and others scour the message boards for alternative download sites. It’s also hard to know what the best games out there are. Gamers can rely on review sites and other sources… Read More

  • DiscPainter: You Know, For Painting Discs

    Printing on CDs and DVDs can be an arduous task and it usually ends up looking terrible. Correct me if I’m wrong. The software tends to be shoddy and it takes forever to do. Dymo’s DiscPainter CD/DVD printer makes the ordeal fun and easy. You see, it spins from the inside out at about 600 DPI a minute. The demo was impressive and even when prints were set at 600 DPI a minute… Read More

  • Slacker To Offer One Click Free Portable Music

    CrunchGear is reporting that users of the yet to be released Slacker MP3 player will be able to transfer their ‘personalized stations’ to the player with a single click and refresh them via Wi-Fi or USB. Slacker’s basic music service is similar to Pandora, providing based music player that customizes stations based on whether you like or dislike specific tracks that are free… Read More

  • MeeVee Takes $3.5 Million Series D

    TV listings discovery service MeeVee has taken $3.5 Million Series D in a round that included original backers Bay Area Equity Fund, Defta Partners, FCPR Israel Discovery Fund, Labrador Ventures, Rothschild Ventures and WaldenVC. The investment takes MeeVee’s total funding to $18 million. MeeVee’s basic service allows users to input their favorite actors, genres and keywords to… Read More

  • Creative Zen Stone Plus TravelSound Revisited: A Mea Culpa (I Admit It Rocks)

    Awhile back I put up a scathing critique of the Creative TravelSound portable speaker (the one that holds the Zen Stone Plus.) Anyway, while I stand by every single one of my criticisms as valid, I have to say I made a huge mistake: This product absolutely rocks, ESPECIALLY if you don’t own the Zen Stone Plus. After the jump, I go over my criticisms one by one and show why, even if I… Read More

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