• A Peek At Didja.com: VeryFunnyAds Clone

    Although “advertising as entertainment” site Didja.com is not launching until next year, the NYT has a sneak peak at what it will look like (screen shot below). The NBC Universal project is part of the yet unnamed News Corp/NBC Universal cooperative strategy against Youtube. However, New Co.’s second “major assult” on YouTube looks like more of the same, a clone… Read More

  • Blogrovr Blog Recommendations: New And Improved

    Keeping up with your favorite blogs can be somewhat of a chore. Robert Scoble talks about following over 700 feeds each day. But if you find that many feeds overwhelming, limiting yourself to a few blogs seems like the only option. Activeweave, however, has a solution. Instead of searching your feed for relevant content, their Blogrovr browser plugin serves you blog posts related to the… Read More

  • Fake Wiimote Games Surface at Wal-Mart

    I havne’t seen one of these yet, but that might be because I’m politically opposed to Wal-Mart, so I don’t go there. But others do. It’s a Wiimote ripoff with some crappy small-screen football game. If this isn’t a sign that the Wii is kicking much ass, I’m not sure what is. Can someone out there get me a demo unit to review? Thanks. Hit the link for… Read More

  • Lyrics Websites Strike Sour Note With Songwriters

    We’ve all been there, searching for the words to Weezer’s My Name is Jonas because you can’t tell if Rivers Cuomo says “just like Grandma made when we couldn’t find something to eat” or “just like Grandma made when we couldn’t find sleep”. I see it all the time, it’s an epidemic. Read More

  • iMovie '08 Makes David Pogue Angry

    Whoopsies. Looks like Apple’s brassed off the New York Times’ David Pogue. It seems that the iMovie program included in the new iLife suite is far less impressive than its predecessor, iMovie 6. Read More

  • Big Brother 8 Goes 24/7 on Verizon Wireless

    If you can’t get enough of CBS’s show, Big Brother 8, now you can get all there is on your mobile phone. The last four weeks of the show, from August 19 through September 18, will be broadcast live on V CAST Mobile every hour of every day. This is the first time a major U.S. primetime show will go 24/7. “We are thrilled to provide Big Brother’s passionate and… Read More

  • Gateway To Begin Selling Stuff In China

    China is big. And there are a LOT of people there. If someone tells you they won’t sell you something for all the tea in China, they’re not S-ing around. Look them in the eye, say thank you, and walk away. It stands to reason that each of the skillions of people in China probably has some moolah to spend on consumer electronics. Gateway wants a chance to get some of that moolah. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Red Sprint Upstage by Samsung

    Uh oh! We’re coming nearly to the end of our little adventure and we still have so much to give away. We’ll start off today with a Red Sprint Upstage from our friends at Samsung. We might close it off with something that takes pictures, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read More

  • Full YouTube On Windows Mobile Now Possible

    Windows Mobile fans needn’t be jealous of the iPhone any longer. The Touch is coming as well as the Tilt, which are both pretty cool phones in their own right, but now you can watch full-on YouTube, Google video and Veoh in four easy steps. Read More

  • Learn Mandarin on your Mobile Device

    If you plan on going to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing next summer, or you want to curse out the people who put dangerous chemicals in your toothpaste, you may want to learn Mandarin. For those non-linguists out there, Mandarin is a group of closely related Chinese dialects that are spoken in most of China. Fluenz is a company that provides interactive language learning software that… Read More

  • Bling Software Follows MobileCrunch Closely

    Bling is defined as, “flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth.” The good people at Bling Software have a wealth of knowledge about the mobile phone business through their following of MobileCrunch. Bling Software was founded in January 2007 by CEO Roy Satterthwaite. In just eight months, the company has delivered the first Ajax-based (Asynchronous, JavaScrip and… Read More

  • What Starts With 'i' and Rhymes with Smack?

    Hello, Mr. Fedex man! What’s in that big box. Oh my! Just put it down here by the couch. It’s certainly big! Let me open it up. Read More

  • Netflix Shaves Off One More Dollar

    Netflix is getting desperate in their struggle against Blockbuster or they’re taking a page out of Wal-mart’s playbook and gearing up to drive out Blockbuster from online rentals altogether. I’m inclined to believe the latter is true, well, for the most part. By shaving off another dollar from their already cheap prices, Netflix is teetering on a fine line that could end… Read More

  • RIAA Lawsuit Defendants Blame Everyone But Themselves

    So this is how Natalie Imbruglia felt. I’m torn. On the one hand, I think the RIAA is ridiculous for suing everybody. On the other hand, I think people not taking responsibility for their actions and blaming everything on everybody else is ridiculous too. And so we dance. Read More

  • The New Apple Keyboard Review

    Sleek and stylish like an ostrich walking across water When Apple revealed the new iMac at its Town Hall meeting, I was less than impressed. Sure, the design was cooler and the speeds were increased, but it still looks an awful lot like my iMac G5 with iSight. However, with the new iMacs came new Apple keyboards. Slim as hell and packed with improvements, it takes on the style of keys that… Read More

  • Happy 25th Birthday, Compact Disc

    I’m getting ready to move from Minneapolis to Boston and, upon cleaning out my house, found a treasure trove of old CDs that I’d shoved under the stairs along with my 3DO and Sega Saturn systems that some idiot spilled beer all over. I grabbed Metallica’s self-titled black album (which, coincidentally was the first CD I ever bought) and threw it in the last remaining CD player… Read More

  • Crucial Makes Picking RAM Easy, Even Your Mom Can Do It

    Figuring out what type of RAM you need for your PC or Mac can be a cumbersome task if you don’t know what the difference between DDR and DDR2 is. We’re all bargain shoppers to a certain extent and we want to get the cheapest RAM possible, but unless you or a friend know what you’re doing then you could buy something that won’t even work on your rig and that sucks. Read More

  • Textango’s Innovative Music Billing

    In the information age, small startup companies are able to compete in the marketplace through innovative thinking. Giants like Apple and Google started as great ideas that were backed by little capital, but grew into huge successes. A young company, Textango, may have found a market with huge possibilities. Textango is a mobile billing and music delivery platform that lets customers… Read More

  • Mossberg on iWork, Numbers

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 Uncle Walt did a video review of iWork, pointing out that Apple makes fun of the PC’s “expertise with spreadsheets” and then they go and make their own spreadsheet app. I’ve been trying a trial version of iWork for the past week and I may just switch once i figure out all of the features, but so far… Read More

  • Celebrity Death Match: Nokia vs Qualcomm

    Fight! Nokia has asked the US International Trade Commission to deny entry of Qualcomm chipsets while the two are fighting it out in court over five patents that Qualcomm is supposedly infringing upon. The patents in question relate to technologies that improve the performance and efficiency of wireless communication devices as well as enabling lower manufacturing costs, smaller product size… Read More

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