• Renkoo Nails $3m in Funding

    The funding train continues to roll this week – Palo Alto based startup Renkoo, still in private beta, has closed on $3 million in venture capital from Matrix Partners. Renkoo is one of a number of new Web 2.0 event creation companies that I’ve had a chance to preview (see also Skobee). Renkoo was founded by CEO Adam Rifkin (founder of KnowNow) and CTO Joyce Park (formerly lead… Read More

  • Zillow Goes 3D

    A little competition is good – just two weeks after Zillow saw Real Estate ABC and Google Real Estate move into its territory, they launch a new 3D viewing application based on Microsoft Live’s “bird’s eye view” feature. This is a perfect use for Live.com Local, allowing potential buyers to get a better view of the homes they are considering… Read More

  • Automattic Takes Funding

    Toni Schneider, the CEO of Automattic (WordPress.com, WordPress.org, etc.), gave more details on the funding that founder Matt Mullenweg wrote about yesterday on his blog. No word on the size of the round, but Toni lists the investors: Polaris Ventures (Mike Hirshland), Blacksmith Capital (Phil Black, now at True Ventures), Radar Partners (Doug Mackenzie), and CNET (Shelby… Read More

  • Google Calendar is Live

    Google Calendar has officially gone live at calendar.google.com. A tour of Calendar is available here. Dave Winer may have been the first to write about it on Scripting.com. CNET also has a story. My first impression – It’s fast, slick and stable. Calendar is Ajax driven and, as I mentioned, very fast. Adding an event is as easy as typing “Dinner with Keith tomorrow at… Read More

  • Maya's Mom – For Parents

    Like previously profiled Minti, Palo Alto based Maya’s Mom is going to be a great collaborative/community resource for parenting. The founder, Ann Crady Kennedy, previously a corporate lawyer at Wilson Sonsini and later at Yahoo, has a landing page up to collect emails from interested people. The company is named after Ann’s daughter, Maya. If you have kids, make sure you sign… Read More

  • Local Coupons via RSS from Zixxo

    Silicon Valley based Zixxo has launched a great service that I asked for last year (#4 on this list) – local coupons via RSS. This is a very big market. Last year, 323 billion coupons were distributed in the U.S., and of those 4.5 billion were actually used (Zixxo has more coupon stats here). If you are an advertiser you can try this out for free – Zixxo is not charging anything… Read More

  • Millionaires24 – Email for the Rich

    I had to check the date to be sure this didn’t launch on April 1, but it appears to be a legitimate if highly dumb idea that officially launched yesterday. Millionaires24 is a new email service that caters to the super rich, and costs $399 per month. Do you belong to high society? Then take this chance to demonstrate your position in an unambiguous manner. The digital era has begun and… Read More

  • Live.com Academic Search to Launch Tonight

    Sometime after midnight PST academic search for Live.com will be launched at academic.live.com. The landing page is there now, although the search results actually point to normal Live.com search until the overnight change. To see what the actual results look like, see Kevin Briody’s screen shot here. Welcome to Windows Live Academic Windows Live Academic is now in beta. We currently… Read More

  • Cooliris Copies Browster

    Cooliris is a Firefox plugin that duplicates the Browster search preview functionality, although only on Google. Once the plugin is installed, you hover your mouse over a Google search link or image and the underlying content is pulled up on screen before you click. Browster CEO Scott Milener wrote about Cooliris and other competitors on the Browster blog, using it as an opportunity to… Read More

  • TuneFeed Music Widget for Blogs

    Tunefeed, a new service from Faces.com that will be launching soon, will allow people to upload music to a locker and then put a Flash widget on a website to allow visitors to play the music. MySpace has a limited way of doing this already, and TagWorld has a very robust service. But for those of us with normal blogs, Tunefeed could be a fun way to share music. I’m looking forward to… Read More

  • Subscription Music Services Compared: Part 2

    We’ve analyzed the services that sell digital music and are presenting the results in a two part post. This Part 2 compares the subcription music services that let you access an entire music library of up to 2 million songs for a single monthly fee. Part 1, posted last Thursday, focused on the pay-per-download services (such as iTunes). While the pay per download market is dominated by… Read More

  • Jigsaw Raises $12 Million, Still Evil

    Jigsaw, a company that I have begged our elected representatives to do something to stop, continues to see skyrocketing growth and managed to convince Austin Ventures to lead a $12 Million series B round of financing. Previous investors El Dorado Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners also participated. One of my best friends, Tom Ball, has joined their board of directors, which makes our… Read More

  • Otavo To Launch in May

    Ontario based Otavo is in the final couple of weeks of private beta testing and will be launching in May. I have been testing the service for a few days. It is a new social bookmarking site with an interesting twist. Users can group tagged bookmarks under “quests” which are public search/research tools. Pete Cashmore saw it in March and calls it collaborative web search. I think… Read More

  • Store Web Content Offline with Webaroo

    For those of us who are still offline sometimes and want access to at least some web content (me) and running a Windows machine (not me), Santa Clara based Webaroo will be a useful service. It launched today. Webaroo indexes the “highest quality” websites for content and creates topic based web packs for download. The content in those webpacks is stored offline on your computer… Read More

  • Great RSS to Website Tool: FeedoStyle

    FeedoStyle is a new service that allows people to pull any RSS feed into a stylized module on a web page. The idea is to allow blog and other website publishers to include new content directly onto their site in a very easy way. The service is easy to set up and does not require the creation of a user account. The style and size of the module/widget is customizable – I’ve included… Read More

  • BuzzShout is Yelp for Web 2.0 Companies

    BuzzShout, which went live yesterday, is a collaborative review site for new web companies. Some people are going to think this is useless, and a few will have a ton of fun with it. If you have something to say to or about a web 2.0 company, this is the place to do it. Anyone can suggest a new company (and there are a few already). The process includes stating the company name and URL, uploading… Read More

  • Let’s Buy Some Music: Part 1

    We’ve analyzed the services that sell digital music (iTunes and its competitors). This Part 1 focuses on the pay-per-download services. In Part 2 (now posted) we’ll compare the all-you-can-eat subscription services. While compact disc sales have declined 19 percent since 2001, online music sales have started to boom. According to a recent report by the International Federation of… Read More

  • The Flickr Gunners

    Flickr wasn’t the first photo sharing site, and it isn’t the most popular. In fact, it isn’t even the most popular photo sharing site owned by Yahoo – this is. But Flickr caught our attention and, at least with the technology-savvy crowd, it has become synonymous with photo sharing. A whole new crop of services are gunning for flickr and the title of “coolest… Read More

  • Online Video Sites: Breeding Like Rabbits

    No sooner did I proclaim Motionbox the best online video sharing service (mostly for its editing and deep tagging tools), than a new contender arrives on the scene. San Francisco based stealth startup Jumpcut, founded by Mike Folgner and Ryan Cunningham, just launched minutes ago. In my mind there are now two distinct types of video sharing services. The first is the YouTube crowd and its… Read More

  • Pixrat Bookmarks Photos

    Bangalore based Pixrat, founded by three ex-Yahoo employees, is Del.icio.us for photos. Functionality is straightforward: add their bookmarklet to your browser, and when you are on a page with photos and you’d like to bookmark one of them, click the bookmarklet and follow the steps to choose the photo and tag it. Photos can be sorted by recency or popular, or searched by tag. If you see… Read More