• Microsoft Now Selling Digg's Ads

    Kevin Rose writes a somewhat cryptic blog post announcing that Digg has done an ad deal with Microsoft. He says it’s a deal similar to the one Facebook signed with Microsoft last year. That probably means that, as with Facebook, Digg is getting a guarantee, and Microsoft will be losing money on the deal. The status of Digg’s relationship with Federated Media is somewhat up in the… Read More

  • Motorola Teaming with Microvision For Mobile Phone Projectors

    Earlier this year Toshiba came out with a so-called “palm-sized” video projector, but soon we might be seeing projectors built-in mobile handsets. Imagine the idea of using the phone to watch mobile TV and projecting the image on a white wall. What was mere science fiction could be fact as Motorola has teamed up with Microvision to bring laser-projector technology to mobile… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up: Warsaw

    Warsaw Readers: We’ll be having the Poland meet-up tomorrow, Thursday, July 26 at 19:00 in Pub Lolek in Pole Mokotowskie. A lot of you have already emailed/commented and I hope we can organize this around one big table and just talk. I know Lolek is often crowded, so let’s try to meet in the outside area (wasn’t there a playground there?). Click through to see what I look like. Read More

  • Facebook In Court With ConnectU; Press Conference at 3 PM PST

    The Facebook/ConnectU litigation is moving ahead steadily – lawyers for both sides are in court today arguing over a preliminary motion to dismiss portions of the case. ConnectU has scheduled a press conference immediately following today’s hearing, roughly scheduled for 3 PM PST. We also expect some sort of statement from Facebook shortly. Stay tuned. Read More

  • Apple Employees Start Receiving Their Free iPhones

    Let us bow before Almighty Apple. Who could forget when word hit that Apple was going to give all of its full-time employees free iPhones? Those iPhones are now arriving, thank goodness. Several employees report that they’ve received their iPhone and are now instantly happier: those who were bald now have full heads of hair and those who were frail are now strong. Everyone has to pay… Read More

  • Helio Launches Mail For Microsoft Exchange Beta

    Oh happy day! Helio officially released Mail for MS Exchange last night into beta, so all the business-user-haters can quit their griping. All Ocean owners with an All-in account will be privy to the beta for the next 60 days. You’ll be able to sync your Contacts, Calendar and E-mail from the MS Exchange Server OTA. At the end of the beta period, the final release of Mail for MS… Read More

  • Nintendo's Profits Triple on Wii, DS Sales

    The implication here is that Nintendo is rolling in money As if we really needed Reuters to tell us this, but Nintendo, that small Japanese startup, is making lotsss of money as a result of the Wii and DS. Its quarterly profit—look at me use that phrase like I know what it means—more than tripled. So for all the haters out there, know that for however many message board threads… Read More

  • Microsoft WGA Busts Chinese Microsoft Counterfeiting Ring, Five Million More to Go

    Dear Friend do you know what is 0EM soft ware? The FBI and Chinese authorities busted a $500 million piracy ring Guangdong province after Windows Genuine Advantage, Microsoft’s authenticity thingie, informed purchasers of “OEM software” that they were trying to activate fake copies of Vista. The resulting forensic evidence led authorities to the pirate’s lair where… Read More

  • KanaSD Digital Audio Player: Bring Your Own Storage Cards

    This KanaSD DAP from Green House Japan follows the “B.Y.O.S.” mantra—bring your own storage. As the name implies, it uses SD cards as its storage medium, with no hard drive—flash or otherwise—to speak of. This keeps costs down (it’s only around $27), but does necesisate that you carry around pockets full of SD cards everywhere you go. The KanaSD, which is… Read More

  • Ustream.tv Now With More Interactivity

    Earlier this month we tackled the evolving space of online live video. In its raw form, live is a very different format when compared to recorded video. There’s no post production editing to cut out your gaffs or nab the best parts. Pushing the most interesting content in front of viewers in real time is a challenge. But there’s an audience to interact with, and that makes all… Read More

  • UnWired Buyer Let’s You Do the Talking

    As a self-confessed eBay junkie, being in front of the PC in those final seconds is crucial to my well being. There are snipe programs, and I can monitor the auctions on my mobile handset or Blackberry. But the problem is that the interface in many of these devices is just too slow for those times when I need to quickly enter a last minute (second) bid. I find myself yelling at the phone…… Read More

  • THQ Wireless Puts You Behind The Wheel With Three New Titles

    One of the first major video game publishers to embrace mobile gaming was THQ Wireless, and the company continues to deliver quality titles. This week THQ Wireless announced three new games that put you in the driver’s seat, including Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Stuntman Ignition, and MotoGP ’07. Juiced 2 focuses on officially endorsed street races in some of the world’s… Read More

  • Olympus Stylus 770SW Review

    I’m willing to bet that everyone reading CrunchGear has a digital camera. Delicate little things that they are, they don’t take kindly to abuse. In fact, I’d even bet a bunch of youz (err you) guys have abused some of these poor little fellers. The Olympus Stylus 770SW is made with the active person in mind and will serve you heavy-handed Cruncher’s quite well. Read More

  • iPhone v. BlackBerry: Side By Side, Two Week Comparison

    With the Wi-Fi-equipped BlackBerry 8820 coming soon to an AT&T store near you, business folks around the country will be faced with the decision of switching to the trendy new iPhone or upgrading to a more iPhonesque version of their trusty CrackBerry. To determine whether the grass really is greener on the iPhone side of the fence, we have chronicled the experience of a venture… Read More

  • Add Ringtones to Your iPhone… Sorry, XP/Vista Only

    David at MobilityToday is selling a cool new app that appears to take advantage of the jailbreak hack to add new ringtones to your iPhone. Vista only, kids. Sucks to be a Mac user! Click through to MobilityToday to pick up a copy. via MobilityToday Read More

  • Joost Says They Have 1 million Beta Users; Launch By Year End

    1 million is a lot of beta users. But that’s the number of users that IPTV startup Joost co-founder Niklas Zennström said are using the service at a press event in Estonia yesterday (get your invitation to Joost here). And he also said the service would launch publicly by year end. The company, which raised $45 million in venture capital in May, is one of the trendy startups right now. Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up: Budapest

    Yes, there were women there. I took the train from Warsaw to Budapest — fourteen hours in a Polish sleeper car made in that halcyon time between WWII and the fall of the Berlin Wall — and I was groggy, delirious, and hot as I walked down a street called Rottenbiller AKA Billy Rotten into the university district. I organized the event with Matt of mobilport.hu who told me to meet… Read More

  • Justin.TV To Film Itself Filming Itself

    If you find yourself bored this morning – incredibly, mind numbingly bored out of your mind – you may want to drop on over to Justin.tv and watch the show’s creator, Justin, hanging out with one of the other stars of the show, the Naked Cowboy in what can only be described as a cry for media attention. Like the Naked Cowboy, Justin will be wearing nothing but briefs, shoes… Read More

  • Going.com Lands $5 million

    Event based social network Going.com has taken an additional $5 million in funding, in a round led by the sites original investors General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Going.com recently passed 500,000 users, up from 200,000 users in early June and an impressive feat considering the service currently only operates in four cities: New York, Boston, Chicago and San… Read More

  • AT&T Launches Video Share in 160 Markets

    If you’re using AT&T, and are in the top 160 markets in the country, you’re going to be able to share live video during voice calls. AT&T has announced the nationwide launch of AT&T Video Share, which is the first ever service in the United States that allows users to share live video over their mobile handsets. “AT&T Video Share will be groundbreaking in the… Read More

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