• Bitgravity Officially Launches The Content Delivery Network Than Everyone's Been Talking About

    Burlingame based BitGravity officially launches their website and content delivery network (CDN) this evening, although the company has been busy working with nearly fifty existing customers for months to work through any last minute issues. We first covered the company when one of its employees sent a live video stream from his car (using BitGravity) during a drive from San Francisco to… Read More

  • Edgeio Spams Bloggers: Bad Idea

    Random spam is never welcome. But when it comes from a company that I co-founded, I think it’s worth criticizing in writing. Edgeio’s classified listing platform has been doing well. We use it for our CrunchBoard job board, and many other blogs and websites have begun to use it, too. The company recently started reaching out to bloggers to discuss business development deals. Which… Read More

  • X-Arcade Tankstick review

    There was a time in college that I wanted to buy a Golden Tee arcade machine because…well…it’s just about the coolest game ever. I also hated going to Clodfelters and paying up to $20 to play the damn thing when I was getting crunk. So my roommates and I had it all planned out. We were going to get one off of eBay and to recoup our costs we’d hold tournaments and leave it… Read More

  • Buddystumbler Combines Social Networking And IM

    Buddystumbler is a newly launched (out of beta) social networking site that focuses on Instant Messaging (IM) contacts. Users create profiles that include the typical social networking features of photos, descriptions, and interests. Buddystumbler then offers an interface that enables searching of user profiles, interests and location, sort of part Meetro, part Facebook. The search option… Read More

  • Spyder Groove backpack review

    Backpacks are like shoes, you can never have too many of them. At least that’s my logic. Backpacks are one of those things that I always seem to keep buying not matter how many I have. But this time around I decided to pick up one that offered something special. There are a number of MP3 player specific bags with built-in speakers, but I’ve found that most of them sound like garbage. Read More

  • iWon Gets a Makeover

    iWon, the site owned by IAC that attracts people with the promises of instant prizes, is revamping it’s look, going from a very 1.0 portal to a Flashy, casual-games site, complete with spinning wheels, slots, and lots of bright colors. The games are also now going to become widgetizable so they can live on people’s Facebook or MySpace pages. (And you thought you could avoid… Read More

  • Copy And Paste On The iPhone

    The following is a concept video produced by LonelySandwich.com demonstrating cut and paste on the iPhone. It’s a feature that’s sorely lacking on the phone; it can do so much but without copy and paste it can never really be a 100% computer replacement (although for me it’s a 75% of the time laptop replacement.) It’s a old mockup so I don’t think it will be… Read More

  • Randy Pausch: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=362421849901825950&hl=en Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch, who has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer (see his blog for details), gave his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon University last week. He gives excellent advice on how to live your life and achieve your most outrageous dreams. It’s a must see for entrepreneurs… Read More

  • Dude complains too much, gets free stuff

    After getting three dodgy iMacs in a row, some guy decided to email the big man himself: Steve Jobs. Obviously the CEO of a multimillion dollar hardware company has nothing better to do than sit in his basement and respond to random guys who feel that they are important enough to contact him, but I digress. He reached one of Steve’s minions who seemed extremely concerned about the… Read More

  • Awesome Razr 2 marketing campaign

    The irony here is extraordinary, check out this pic captured just moments after a giant Razr 2 crashed through a Benz on a busy corner in Moscow. Looks like Putin didn’t see this coming when he began enforcing strict cellphone use laws. We have to admit the marketing here turned out awesome, who wouldn’t want a car crushing phone? For those of you who haven’t figured it out… Read More

  • Toward A Better Online Petition

    LivePetitions, an Italian startup, just launched with Italian, British and U.S. localized websites. It’s meant to be a much cleaner and functional online petition service than PetitionOnline, the big player in online petitions. Users can quickly create an online petition, set an optional end date and enter categories and tags. Various required and optional fields can be added (email… Read More

  • AT&T censors users, secret police to follow

    So apparently there is a new clause in the AT&T terms of service which says that they have the right to shut down your interwebz if you complain about the service or billing publicly. Now, we would usually discourage anyone from trying to anger a conglomerate with lots of money and legal resources. But this is just ridiculous, folks. Go out and vBlog about them sucking to your hearts… Read More

  • Nostalgic Upgrade: A Look at Phones From My Past

    So here we are, entering the fall of another year. This is the time, traditionally, when we prepare our brains to be assaulted by hundreds of ads for electronics (as well as less important stuff) that will be available at low, low prices in just a few months, in time for the holiday shopping season. There will be specials on iPhones, Centros, Oceans, and other high-end cellphones that will… Read More

  • Facebook To Launch Friend Grouping. Competition Can Suck.

    So Facebook will finally allow users to group friends and control information flow based on friend type. For guys like Robert Scoble, who have 5,000 friends (the limit), this may be a way to finally sort through the real friends from the fans. It’s a much needed feature that people have been requesting for a long time. It also shows the steady maturity of Facebook from a college network to… Read More

  • Have An Old, Broken iPod? Get Cash For It Fast

    Sure, you can always sell those old iPods (working or not) on eBay, but it’s far easier to use BuyMyBrokeniPod, a site that promises to buy any model of iPod, working, broken or in between, with no questions asked. You even get an estimate of the price before you send it to them. Since launching earlier this year, the guys who run the site say they’ve purchased more than 1,000… Read More

  • NetBank Joins The Deadpool

    NetBank, one of the first online banking startups and a survivor of the first web bubble, was closed Friday after intervention from the US Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). NetBank had been in trouble for some time with failed mortgages and serious operating deficiencies. The service, which floated at $12 a share in 1997 hit a high of $249/ share… Read More

  • YouTube Gets Adsensed

    Google has launched YouTube Adsense video units that let users monetize a YouTube video embed with text or image ads. The product is not dissimilar to one of the multitude of slide products currently on the market, essentially you use the unit as a display point for your favorite content (in this case from YouTube). Site visitors get to play videos from your list with the ads displayed when… Read More

  • Palm Centro groped on video

    If someone says something feels good in their hands one more time, I swear my head is going to explode. Here’s a decent video walk through of the Centro’s interface. I guess it’s not that exciting, which is probably why I skipped the unveiling at Digital Life. Maybe your mom will like it. Read More

  • Rock Band set to rock and roll this year

    Get ready to rock! Pricing and launch dates have been announced for Guitar Hero’s closest rival, Rock Band. The MTV and EA mashup will be available on the PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360 platforms with varying kits that include guitars, drums and mics. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will begin shipping November 23 for $169.99 and will include the aforementioned accessories. The PS2 version, which… Read More

  • Elecom multi-card reader

    Do all the varying memory cards require you to travel with tons of readers and cables? Not every USB card reader supports all the cards you have either, right? I feel your pain and so does Elecom, which is why they’ve introduced the MR-C12 USB 2.0 card reader. It comes in a tidy package with a flipup lid that stores your SDHC, SD, MMC, xD, and Memory Stick MagicGate/Pro/Duo cards. It… Read More

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