• Announcing TechCrunch Japan

    I am very pleased to announce that TechCrunch is now available in Japanese at jp.techcrunch.com. All TechCrunch content will be translated into Japanese and posted within a day or so of the English version. In addition, Japanese startups will be featured on the site, and many of those posts will be translated to English for inclusion on the main TechCrunch site. The RSS feed is… Read More

  • Thank You TechCrunch Sponsors

    TechCrunch Sponsors TechCrunch Sponsors Rock! Thank you to Riya, Text-Link-Ads, Zoho, First Round Capital and new sponsor EV1 Servers (starting tomorrow): Riya Riya isn’t just about tagging your photos anymore (although it’s still one of the coolest apps I’ve seen). Get ready for Riya 2.0, coming soon. Zoho Zoho has quietly put together one of the best and one of the… Read More

  • Yahoo Opens IM to Developers

    Yahoo Messenger, with 60 million worldwide users, just got a lot more interesting. Today at 6pm PST Yahoo is launching Yahoo Messenger 8.0 for Windows PCs and releasing a software development kit to allow third parties to create content plugins that users can add to their Yahoo IM. Plugins can be built using javascript, flash, or both. There are two categories of plugins. Conversation… Read More

  • Windows Live Messenger speeds out of beta

    The first Windows Live product to leave beta status globally will be released tonight by Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger spent just six weeks in public beta. We reviewed most of the features available now when the beta launched. Most notable are the inclusion of voice calls through the interface and dedicated hardware, offline messaging and an easy system for file sharing. After years… Read More

  • SolidSpace offers very simple podcasting service

    North Carolina based SolidSpace Llc. will launch a new podcast hosting service called SolidCasts tomorrow at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore. Hardcore Web2.0 heads here may not find the SolidCast interface exciting, but this is a tool that could go a long way towards making podcasting for organizations easier. I have people ask me what the simplest way to start podcasting is all… Read More

  • Pickle makes photo, video sharing easy as email

    Pickle is a new photo and video sharing service that emphasizes email and phone submissions and shared project pages. Created by an Arlington based company called Incando, Pickle is based on the premise that email is the dominant way that multimedia is shared and thus should be the basis of media sharing systems. Despite some early beta bugs, the usability looks good and I really like the… Read More

  • Wetpaint Launches: Wikis Evolve

    Seattle based Wetpaint has been in private beta since March. On Sunday night they launched to the world, allowing anyone to create a free wiki on any topic. A good example wiki is this one around the XBOX 360. Like pbwiki, Wikia and JotSpot, Wetpaint is a hosted wiki solution with wysiwyg editing (no need to use wiki code or html). Each wiki (and each page on a wiki) is taggable, and… Read More

  • Conference Discounts: Supernova and The Next Web

    There are two upcoming conferences that are extending discounts to TechCrunch readers: Supernova (June 21-23 in San Francisco) and The Next Web (July 7 in Amsterdam). I’ll be speaking at both. Supernova Supernova is this week and it’s nearly sold out. Save $200 on the normal 2 day rate and $300 on the normal 3 day rate with the codes below. Register here. “TC2″ for… Read More

  • Markaboo is awesome open-source social bookmarking

    Markaboo is a fantastic new social bookmarking tool developed by Christian Romney and Jean Thomas from a company called tglo. It’s open source and has a great feature set. I’ve used del.icio.us for my social bookmarking for some time, largely out of habit. Other social bookmarking tools have features that are very appealing to me, but none have been compelling and usable enough… Read More

  • Yahoo Hack Day: Pure Innovation

    Yahoo Hack Day, held on Friday in Building C of Yahoo Headquarters (and remotely from other Yahoo offices worldwide), helped me remember why so many of us are excited about what’s happening on the web today. After you peel away all of the extraneous layers, the core of innovation is five or six people building something they think is cool. And there certainly was a lot of that going on… Read More

  • Why is Flickr afraid of Zooomr?

    Flickr says that users own the the images and tags we enter into their system. Apparently that doesn’t mean they have to make it easy for us to take what we own elsewhere. When Kristopher Tate, the founder of the feature-rich startup photosharing site Zooomr (see prior coverage), asked Flickr earlier this month for access to their Commercial API, Flickr’s response by email was… Read More

  • Industrious Kid lets parents watch kids network

    Emeryville, California based Industrious Kid Inc. launched a new social networking service for children today called Imbee. The service takes strong measures to keep kids safe. I was skeptical at first, but after looking at how security is implemented I think it just might work. The company was started with $6 million in funds from founder Jeanette Symons. Symons was a co-founder of… Read More

  • Riya 2.0 On the Way; Major Strategy Shift

    Photo search and facial recognition site Riya (a TechCrunch sponsor) had a million photos uploaded in the first two days after launch and seven million photos uploaded in the first seven weeks. For details on the core service, see this post and listen this podcast interview with Riya founder and CEO Munjal Shah. Next up – Riya 2.0. It’s still a few months away from launching, but… Read More

  • MySpace Nukes SingleStat.us

    Well, so much for the SingleStat.us experiment that allowed people to find out when someone on MySpace changes their relationship status. MySpace’s friendly lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to David Weekly, the engineer who built SingleStat.us, demanding he take the site down and claiming that his “activities are causing and will continue to cause MySpace substantial and… Read More

  • Yahoo Hack Day Today

    Yahoo has had a a couple of regional “Hack Days”, which are day long events where engineers stop everything they are doing and just build stuff that they think is cool. The idea was first popularized by Jot last year, and a number of companies have picked up on the idea as a great way to stoke innovation and creativity in a semi-organized way. The goal? Take something from idea… Read More

  • Ray Ozzie to replace Gates as Chief Software architect

    In a press conference today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and chairman Bill Gates announced that in two years Bill Gates will stop working for Microsoft full time. He will shift to part time work there and will be working full time at the Gates Foundation instead. A two year transition plan is being announced today. Ray Ozzie will take over Gates’ role as chief software architect… Read More

  • TalkShoe: host podcasts by phone and get paid

    TalkShoe is a podcasting service and directory that combines recorded conference calls with revenue sharing for show hosts. It appears to be very simple to use and the community elements make me think this service could be successful. I can’t imagine many show hosts are going to make much money off of this, but the online video world has shown that when sharing is easy people will do… Read More

  • Külist offers price comparison bookmarklet and cash back

    Külist is a new service that uses a browser bookmarklet to offer price comparisons across a number of online shopping sites. The service offers cash back for using its affiliate links on select sites, a referral reward program for getting other users into the service and price tracking alerts by email. Külist is headed by Don Wolfe of San Clemente, California. I think it’s a great way… Read More

  • AOL-Netscape Launches Massive "Digg Killer"

    On Thursday, AOL’s Netscape property will no longer be just another portal – it’s being converted into a Digg-killer. I was briefed on the new site by Jason Calacanis last week. As of tonight, he owns the Netscape property at AOL. The new site will run at beta.netscape.com for now, converting over to the main Netscape.com property soon. It’s not exactly a Digg clone… Read More

  • PubSub Co-Founder Takes The Gloves Off, Digs Hole

    PubSub co-founder Bob Wyman responded to rumors that PubSub is falling apart on his blog today. He says the problems were not that the company lacked killer technology or great employees, but instead lays the blame squarely at the feet of ex-CEO and co-founder Salim Ismail. Bob trashes Salim quite publicly: What has prevented us moving forward is a battle with a group of minority… Read More