• Get Your Family Together At Sampa

    When we covered the slate of companies helping people chronicle family stories and milestones, we left out a quiet but excellent Redmond, Washington startup called Sampa. They aren’t new, and we’ve covered them before. The reason we left them out is that we’ve had some difficulty in categorizing them. In many ways Sampa is a blog platform with a focus on privacy features… Read More

  • America Recycles Day is tomorrow, dump your crap on Microsoft's campus

    Just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow is America Recycles Day. In order to “Make an Effort to Make a Difference” Nokia and Microsoft have partnered up to collect your scrap electronic materials for recycling tomorrow at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus. We know you have old computers, cell phones, TVs, monitors and whatever else lying around so why not trek on over… Read More

  • Live Free or DRM

    The DRM camp is now saying that copying is good—to a degree. The upcoming DVD release on November 20 of Live Free or Die Hard will be the first to allow digital copies to your PC and one other USB-attached device. That’s two copies for the price of one DVD. The folks at Fox are calling this a Fox Digital Copy, and plan to roll it out with future DVDs as well. The catch: any… Read More

  • Man, zero gravity looks really fun

    http://www.glumbert.com/embed/spaceplay I bet you’d get sick of this after a certain amount of time. The question is, how long would it take? I think it’d be awesome for 48-72 hours. Just like Las Vegas. Space Playground [glumbert.com] via MetaFilter Read More

  • Invitastic Brings Online Invitations Back to Basics

    Lots of companies think they can improve online event invitations, mostly by building out social networking features that facilitate interaction before and after events. Invitastic, a newly-released project by Jackson Fish Market (which brought us Tafiti and They’re Beautiful!), heads in the other direction by making invitations pleasingly simple and straightforward. As Jackson Fish… Read More

  • WTF?

    WTF? WTF? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Helio slashes $50 off all handsets

    As if the refreshed Oceans and $99 all-in-one plan weren’t enough, the MVNO of choice has slashed $50 off all handsets for new members. That means a brand new Ocean is $199, the thinnest flip on the market, Fin, is $79 and the Heat is FREE. Need I say more? Helio Read More

  • Billeo Secures $7 Million In Financing

    Online bill pay service Billeo has announced a $7 million Series B round of funding. ATA Ventures led the financing, with additional contributions from all of Billeo’s existing investors including Altos Ventures, Claremont Creek and Pacifica Fund. There have been a lot of startups focused on enhancing your online personal finance, mostly around analyzing your investments (Cake, Zecco… Read More

  • Man uses Comcast van and uniform to steal cable box

    This seems like a lot of work for a little money but a man "dressed in a Comcast uniform and driving a Comcast van" showed up at a woman’s house at 2:30 in the afternoon a few days ago, took her cable box and cable modem, gave her a receipt, and left. Comcast, of course, "had no record of the worker coming to her home" which begs the following question; is it… Read More

  • Wendy's, Rhapsody giving away 100 million songs

    The Red Head and Rhapsody have teamed up to give away 100 million songs starting this week till the end of the year. Every time you purchase a medium- or large-sized combo meal you’ll be given a code for a free song from Rhapsody. That’s a pretty sweet deal as is, but it gets better because you can enter the Combo Up to Download contest and win a 50 song download bundle or a… Read More

  • Study says iPhone not great for txt messaging

    The iPhone “may not be suitable for heavy text use.” That’s the end-of-the-day result on a recent study comparing users’ text messaging abilities. The study, carried out by User Centric, compared iPhone users, QWERTY-based cellphone users and regular old multi-tap phone users. It found that iPhone users were able to text, generally, as fast as their QWERTY… Read More

  • This is how you sell LCD TVs

    That little peanut is holding a big TV. Either she’s freakishly strong or the TV itself is unbelievably light. Any proud owner of a handful of LCD TVs and monitors would tell you that they’re often heavier than they look. These new Hitachi units look light and probably are light. They make up the UT series and will come in 32-inch (end of the year), 37-, and 42-inch (both… Read More

  • Virtual-Furniture Teen Thievery Ring Nabbed on Habbo

    Dutch police have stopped a ring of teenage furniture thieves who were caught stealing virtual chairs and sofas in Habbo Hotel, a 3D virtual world popular in Europe. One 17-year old was arrested, and five younger teenagers were questioned, according to BBC News. Members of Habbo Hotel decorate their rooms with digital furniture and other items that they pay real money for. The Dutch teens… Read More

  • Chevy's Project Driveway helps save the Earth

    Allow my inner treehugger to take over for a few moments. And allow me to talk about cars because we don’t often do that. GM is launching Project Driveway in NY, LA, and Washington, D.C. that will allow over 100 eco-conscious individuals the opportunity to test-drive the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell electric SUV for three to 30 months. Yesterday in Westchester, NY (White Plains to be exact)… Read More

  • X-Net system stops cars dead in their tracks

    Apparently, hitting the “release the marbles” button doesn’t stop cars from careening down a street, escaping Johnny Law after a bank robbery or something along those lines. In response, researchers have developed X-Net, the Vehicle Arresting System. I can only describe it as a giant, um, net, I guess, that gunks up tires, stopping the vehicle right then and there. The video… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Athlon 64 3500+ Vista Desktop for $260

    Feeling skittish on the whole $200 Linux desktop thing? Well for a limited time, $60 more will nab you a much more powerful processor, double the hard drive, a dual-layer DVD burner, and a mouse, keyboard, and speakers. It also has Vista Home Basic. You’ll need to use the code ASPIRE35 to get the deal. It includes free shipping and the offer ends the last day of the month. It’s… Read More

  • Midomi: Better than TrackID

    I’m incapable of reciting song lyrics or quote movies. If my life depended on it then I’d no longer be here. I can’t even quote a single line from a movie that I’ve seen over a hundred times like Karate Kid or Harold & Kumar. I’m even worse with songs. I’m the guy that hums along and pipes in sporadically with a line or two. But I can hum the shit out of… Read More

  • Hello Europe

    One of the things that really hit home to me when I went to the Berlin Web 2 Expo last week (as soon as I have sorted out the ton of business cards I got there, I’ll do an overview!) was the increasingly pan-European nature of the tech startup scene. And it’s something I would like UK-based startups to start thinking more deeply about. The signs are that this is beginning. Read More

  • ZenZui changes name to Zumobi, beta coming soon

    Way back in March there was a little murmur about the ZenZui GUI hooey. It’s a tile-based interface for Windows Mobile phones that lets you zoom in and out on web pages running off of a backend server. See the above video for a demo. Anyway, ZenZui changed its name to Zumobi and the beta is coming on December 14th. It’ll be available only on Windows Mobile devices, but there are… Read More

  • Apartment dweller: 'The letter forcing me to switch to Comcast is tantamount to an eviction notice'

    Wow. This guy really doesn’t like Comcast. I’m certainly not going to be asking Comcast to the Prom anytime soon but this guy is planning on moving out of his apartment thanks to a notice sent to the tenants in his building saying that Comcast will be the only ISP available starting January 1st. Read More

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