• Playstation 3 Drops Price, Adds HDMI

    Finally, some good news from Sony. In Tokyo, Japan, Ken Kutaragi revealed that the lower-end Playstation 3 model will have HDMI support. At least now people will consider buying the cheaper version of the Playstation 3. Kutaragi actually stated that the addition of the HDMI was done because of the bad press Sony was getting! At the time of E3 there was no [consensus on] HDMI, and that Sony… Read More

  • Audioengine 5 Speakers Are iPod Friendly

    The Audioengine 5 speakers are compact, but quite powerful. They have an iPod charger port, two audio inputs (you plug in your iPod this way) and an Airport Express power outlet. That means not only can you use your iPod directly with these speakers while keeping it charged, you can just directly stream your iTunes to it as well. The cabinets are made of wood, and feature a 3-year… Read More

  • Will Tivo box the Amazon Unbox?

    Amazon is reportedly in talks with Tivo to enable movies downloaded from the Amazon Unbox service to be sent to TV sets via the Tivo. Strangely, stock prices for both companies took a quick leap this morning before quickly losing gains again within an hour. Perhaps after the initial enthusiasm the reality set in that Unbox is widely seen as a technical disaster. Amazon Unbox does provide a… Read More

  • Microsoft Fixes All Xbox 360s Made in 2005 For Free

    As long as your Xbox 360 was manufactured before January 1, 2006, Microsoft promises to fix any problems with it for free. Gratis. The company doesn’t admit there’s a problem with the early units directly, but says there are a higher than usual number of them coming in for repair. That’s as good an admission as you’re going to get from the company that still… Read More

  • Palm Confirms Low-End Treo In Earnings Call

    In a conference earnings call, Ed Colligan of Palm confirmed there was a low-end Treo coming sometime in the next few weeks. This will be priced at users who are “price sensitive”, which just a nice way of saying poor. Yes, there’s going to be a Treo for poor people. The phone, which is probably going to be labeled the Treo 680, is PalmOS based, does not have 3G data, has 64MB… Read More

  • Wii Calculator

    Well we now know that the Nintendo Wii will cost $249.99 and will include one Wiimote, one Nunchuck and Wii sports. But manufacturers usually make their money on the extras that are sold along with the console. The Wii Calculator from N-Sider allows you to tack on launch peripherals and games to see a total price for your Wii. It even calculates local sales tax. Unfortunately Battalion Wars… Read More

  • Imation Flash Wristbands Make You Look Like Lance Nerdstrong

    This wrist-fashionable USB flash drives from Imation don’t quite have the punch the original Lance bands did, probably because they’re a few years too late. Also, because it says Intel on the side. They’re available in 32MB to 1GB sizes, and are actually fairly useful because you’re less likely to forget them in the library computer. These have been out for a little… Read More

  • Name that Squid: Do Better than Crunchface

    We’ve gotten 18 entries for our Name that Squid contest including this incredible Flash toy. We’d love some more, so send us your best names for the Blue Goo. Creativity is a plus – write the proposed name on a birthday cake, on a shirt, or in the sky – or just email a list. We’ll go through to pick out the best on the winner will get the Samsung Trace we… Read More

  • Micro Mosquito

    We got to take a look at the ultra-cool Micro Mosquito from InterActiveToy on Wednesday and it was really neat. It’s a tiny little RC helicopter with two blades that can hover, making it perfect for Predator drone-like attacks on your fellow office-mates. It worked extremely well but, like all RC helicopters, traversing a New York apartment might be a bit of a challenge. If… Read More

  • Apple's Making The Zune!

    Microsoft’s thrown in the towel already. ;) Thanks to our friends over at Amazon UK. Microsoft Zune – Portable Media Player by Apple Computer [Amazon UK] Read More

  • Microsoft to Ship All Versions of Vista on a Single DVD

    Microsoft has confirmed that all versions of Vista will be included on one DVD. The feature, called Windows Anytime Upgrade, is intended to enable users to more readily upgrade to a “better” version of the OS. Users will be able to move up by simply purchasing a new product key. This is probably a pretty good idea. Not only does it cutdown on the overhead of packaging, it will… Read More

  • Stop Buying Petrol… and Start Wasting Money

    It’s not every day that we get scams wrapped in press releases. Scammers usually try to use more obtuse methods of spreading the good news like flyers posted to lampposts and stickers on cars that say “Sell Herbalife and Make $5 billion! I did!” However, this RamJet crap is quite an old scam and even includes a helpful book on how to “How To Develop Fuel For As Low As… Read More

  • Windows Media Player 11: DRM Out the Arse

    We like knee-jerk reactions to DRM – it kind of makes us think we’re running a political blog – but unfortunately the Inquirer is pretty much spot on. In short, WMP11 is probably some of the most draconian DRM we’ve come across to date. Let’s start with the inability to back-up music licenses. The licenses are tied to a single machine, so if you drag your… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: An Extra Twenty Edition

    Take a gander at these fantastic stories: Using Google to Take Over ATMs Is Easier Than It Sounds
    OCZ Roadster
    Sizeasy Makes Sizing Easy
    RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone
    Motorola Vending Machines
    Name that Squid (CrunchGear contest) Read More

  • Exclusive: Mysterious Paypal Secure Storage

    PayPal is preparing a new feature on a select range of users that allows them to securely store files with the payments provider. The new service, called DropBox, creates a secure storage area that is associated with the account. What we are not sure about is if this is a service just for merchants, or if it is a service that will be open to every user – from what we have seen so far… Read More

  • Zecco Has A Hard Road Ahead

    Note: The following post was written by regular contributor Neil Kjeldsen. It’s worth noting that Neil worked for nine years in the brokerage industry, most recently managing the schwab.com website and online brokerage product. He is no longer with Schwab or affiliated with any other broker. Yesterday’s announcement by Zecco and their $0 commission trading platform generated a lot… Read More

  • More Merger Rumors – Xuqa, Dovetail, Zooomr

    The acquisition rumor train is running at full steam. We’ve got the really small deals going through ebay (see our post yesterday rounding up the recent ones), and lots of chatter about the largest independent web sites looking for $1 – $2 billion (see Facebook and YouTube). Even Napster, a public company with $100 million in the bank, is looking for love. But there are lots of… Read More

  • A Moment For Our Sponsors

    We periodically like to say thanks to the people who keep us up and running, our sponsors. Thank you for your support. Feel free to stop by their sites and check out their products, or apply for some open positions they and others list on the Crunchboard job board. Faces.com: Faces.com is a social networking site from Australia with an emphasis on multimedia sharing. They’re big on… Read More

  • Blaupunkt Drops Two Gadgety Car Decks

    We’ve seen iPod connectors, sure, but Blaupunkt looks to be wanting to make our little white-or-black friends obsolete. Two of their new car decks incorporate some high-tech, gadget-friendly features that really do make the iconic portable media devices redundant. The Memphis MP66 and the St. Louis MP56 both feature digital AM/FM, full-graphic displays, and six-band parametric EQs… Read More

  • Zune vs. iPod: Tale of the Tape

    When there’s a fight, we go crazy. Blake here at Crunch Gear has been running a cockfighting league in his basement for three years now, just for the conflict. It makes good money, sure, but nothing’s better than putting two prime competitors head-to-head, mano-a-mano and letting them slug it out. And that’s what Michael at My Tech Lists did with the Zune and the iPod. He… Read More

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