• All About Linux 2008: An interview with Gerry Carr of Ubuntu

    [photopress:prec_m90ubuntu.jpg,full,center] Today I got to chat with Gerry Carr, a product manager for Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu, the very popular desktop version of Linux. Besides the merits of the Seattle and Portland areas, we talked about Ubuntu’s current status and its future in gaming, portable devices, and even desktop computers. CrunchGear So first off, which version… Read More

  • Stealth Startup Glassdoor.com Takes $3 Million Series B

    Glassdoor.com has taken $3 million Series B in a round led by Benchmark Capital. Not a lot is known about the Sausalito, CA based company. CEO and Founder Robert Hohman was previously the President of Hotwire.com, and the team includes Richard Barton, CEO of Zillow and Tim Besse, previously in senior management at Expedia. PEHub suggests the company is a “social networking company focused… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Penguins fly! An interview with Charles Ogilvie, Virgin America's head of In-Flight Entertainment

    Rather than bore you with a handful of other random gadgets and doodads that run Linux, I’ve decided to focus on one really big thing that’s phenomenal. So I present to you, dear readers, with Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment system, RED. I’ve written about it once or twice before and every flight I take on VA gets better. I’ll be flying to Vegas this… Read More

  • CBS Testing HD Streaming

    CBS released a high definition player today in the labs area of their site, along with a few clips. They are currently streaming (not progressive download) in H.264/AVC format at 480p, with 720p and 1080p coming soon, they say. Hulu and others are also beginning to test high definition streaming. Some shows on Hulu, for example, are optionally available in 480p format. They also have a few… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Linux distros I've loved before

    In honor of Linux week, I’d like to talk about some distros I’ve known and loved. This isn’t an exhaustive list and many aren’t really distros, but it’s more an exercise in nostalgia than anything else. I’ve been loving *NIX since 1993 or so. That’s when I got my first shell account at Ohio State while I was still in high school. I didn’t… Read More

  • MacBook Air cracked in two minutes

    IPhone hacker Charlie Miller compromised a MacBook Air in a mere two minutes at CanSecWest security conference. He won $10,000 in prizes by hacking the Air after the judges visited a web site Miller created for the contest. None of the contestants were able to hack into the MacBook, a Sony VAIO running Linux, or a Fujitsu U810 on the first day because the rules state they could not induce… Read More

  • Here's the first sound ever recorded, circa 1860

    The year was 1860. Abraham Lincoln was taking the political world by storm, South Carolina had decided it needed a break from the rest of the Union, and the first ever audio recording was made in France by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on his latest invention; the phonautograph (left). The device worked by “scratching sound waves onto a sheet of paper blackened by the smoke of an… Read More

  • Dumbass teen holds iPod ransom for sexy, sexy video of schoolmate, goes to jail

    [photopress:ipod_porn_videos.jpg,full,center] Attention teenagers: There are many ways to see naked girls. Many. Even when I was a teenager, before there were terabytes of porn on the Internet, I found ways, and none of them got me arrested. This guy from Iowa, though, he had different ideas. He stole a classmate’s iPod, then demanded that she video record herself doing some filthy… Read More

  • OMG: Stormtrooper golf bag!

    [photopress:starwarsgolf.jpg,full,center] I love Star Wars and I love golf, and I always kind of assumed that they were mutually exclusive. Not so, as now a Japanese company has made this bad-ass Stormtrooper-head golf bag that I so totally want. Now all I need is an Ewok costumer for my caddy and I’m set, man. Set. Read More

  • ATI fixes that annoying st-st-stuttering gl-gli-gl-bug

    What is it with ATI and stuttering? When Half-Life 2 was released, the game was totally unplayable on my rig (With a Radeon 9600 Pro, no slouch at the time) and pretty much everyone else’s due to constant and crippling stuttering and the still-dangerous audio-loop crash. The game was allegedly designed with almost my exact hardware configuration in mind, yet it was totally busted… Read More

  • Aircell completes GoGo network

    Aircell announced today the completion of the GoGo network. We’re stoked on this because it means unadulterated (no VoIP) in-flight Wi-Fi. American Airlines recently installed the Aircell ATG system on one their Boeing 767-200 planes. It’s currently being tested and should deploy throughout the fleet sometime this year. Virgin America is also slated to roll out the Aircell… Read More

  • Overclocking the OLPC for fun and profit

    It was just a matter of time before someone overclocked the hell out of one of these things. Thanks to a user named bdleonard over at the OLPC News Forum, you can really kick that 433MHz AMD Geode up a couple notches. One user was able to get his humming along at 566MHz, although he did report that the back of the screen got “noticeably warmer.” Anyway, it’s not for the faint… Read More

  • Real electric car spotted on set of Star Trek

    [photopress:TrekSet4.jpg,full,center] The Aptera, one of our favorite electric cars, is so futuristic it’s landed a spot as a prop in the new JJ Abrams version of Star Trek set to hit theaters next year. The very cool, very Mod car was seen in shots, like the one above, taken during the filming of “Corporate Headquarters“, the cover name for Trek.. Read More

  • Video: Tron's lightcycle game gets sweded, and it's sweet

    I enjoyed Be Kind Rewind for the most part but thought the editing was a little messy, making for a sloppy ending. But by far the best part was the “sweded” films. I could watch a movie of nothing but films sweded by Mos Def and Jack Black and be a happy, happy boy. Take, for example, this amazingly well pulled off sweded version of the lightcycle scene in Tron. The executed one of… Read More

  • Guardian hires Yahoo! developer head to build platform

    It’s highly significant that The Guardian newspaper has just made a major hire direct out of Yahoo! in the US to begin building some kind of development platform. Matt McAlister, currently the director of Yahoo’s developer network in San Francisco, is to become head of the Guardian’s development network from the end of April. He’ll be reporting in to Mike Bracken… Read More

  • BlackBerry Pearl 8120 available at AT&T

    Just a reminder that the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is available at AT&T. We just got ours in and will have a review soon. Read More

  • Some UK PlayStation Store accounts breached

    Sony has issued a warning to gamers in the UK concerning “a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PLAYSTATION Store through PCs.” It didn’t say how the accounts had been accessed but the last line of the message reads, “Remember; do not disclose your log-in or password details on any email communications,” although that could be… Read More

  • Taliban making good on promise to take down cell towers

    In the last month, the Taliban in Afghanistan have been targeting cell phone towers. Around 10 towers have been attacked causing nearly $2 million in damage. Service providers have been forced to shut down service across southern Afghanistan at night. This has angered hundreds of thousands of customers who have no other telephones. The Taliban is attacking certain towers because it believes… Read More

  • Sling Media confirms it has iPhone SDK, weighing options for iPhone version

    [photopress:slingboxiphonesdk.jpg,full,center] The rumor that Sling Media is working on an iPhone-compatible version of its Sling software refuses to die. In speaking with iLounge, Dave Zatz (of Zatz Not Funny fame, now at Sling Media) confirmed that Sling Media has an iPhone SDK and that’s it’s currently planning what move to make next. “We know it’s [iPhone] a hot… Read More

  • Brando releases Star Hub II for USB power-users

    [photopress:UHUBS003400_06_M.jpg,full,left]Brando makes all things USB and we love them for it. In fact, the “B” in USB should be changed from representing the word “bus” to “brando”. I’m serious. I mean, just look at this Star Hub II. It’s a four-port, twisting, turning USB hub that has colors. You know you need color returned to your life. Read More

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