• Buffalo DriveStation Duo Offers A Lot Of Hard Drive To Love

    No one likes to come up short in the storage department and Buffalo Technology knows this. That’s why it’s launched the DriveStation Duo USB 2.0/FireWire external hard drives–WiFi connectivity would have been nice. These drives come in 500GB (HD-W500IU2/R1) and 800GB (HD-W800IU2/R1) capacities and are compatible with PC and Mac. And since each has two 7,200rpm SATA hard… Read More

  • Here We Are, Face to Face, a Couple of Glossy Zunes

    Some lucky devil, not one of our own writers, got a bit of time with the Zune recently and compared it to the iPod, discovering that it was different, yet strangely the same. It’s a bit lighter than the 80GB iPod, which we can probably assume is due to hard drive density, and the screen is purdy. Please, Zune, be amazing. We’ve invested so many bits to your praise, yet I’m… Read More

  • Shilling for Cash

    This isn’t quite a tech post, but it’s an interesting bit of reporting by our older, yet still cool, uncles, over at TechCrunch. PayPerPost connects bloggers with advertisers, meaning that “shills” can connect with “the man” to sell “crap.” The real rub is that the bloggers are expected to write good stuff about the products they’re… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bon Appetit Edition

    What do these objects from the past week have in common? You decide: Cambridge Geniuses Invent Practical Digital Scroll
    Thanko MP3 Watch Doesn’t Look Half Bad
    Book Time 5000 Automatic Book Reader
    Verizon Quietly Launches the Moto KRZR
    CrunchGear New York/Digital Life Reader Meet-up Read More

  • Momo London tonight

    Mobile Monday London is on tonight. It begins at 6pm and goes on until 9pm. The venue is the CBI Conference Centre Ray Anderson from Bango will be speaking as well as Barbara Ballard from Little Springs Design and Jan Standal from Opera. There will be demos from Ed Moore from WiderWeb, Vinay Philip Mathew from Jataayu and Richard Marshall from Rapid Mobile Media. Visit the MoMo London… Read More

  • SEP raises £160m and helps with the Scottish Tech Tour.

    Leading UK venture capital group SEP (Scottish Equity Partners) has just announced that it has raised approximately £160 million ($300 million) for its new fund, SEP III which ranks as the largest venture fund raised in Europe in the last twelve months and one of the biggest in the last few years. The new fund marks the second time in five years that SEP has raised a fund in excess of… Read More

  • Re:Transmission

    Re:Transmission is a gathering of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. The event is held on Friday 13th October until Sunday 15th October The venue(s) is the Limehouse Town Hall, London, also British Film Institute and RampArt Social Centre The background to the… Read More

  • Controversial PayPerPost Raises $3 million

    We first covered PayPerPost when it launched three months ago. The service is a marketplace for advertisers to pay bloggers to write about products for a fee. Commenters to our original post were polarized into those violently for and those againt the product. The key area of controversy is the fact that advertisers can mandate that posts be positive on the product, and disclosure of payment… Read More

  • MobileWeb 2.0 event(s) in London & San Francisco

    The Etech Conference (2007) is once again shortly upon us. It begins March 26th and goes on for 3 days until 29th March, 2007. This year it will be at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. If you think you have a cool technology worth showcasing, then why not submit your proposal. The submission deadline for all proposals is October 9, 2006. Speakers will be notified by October… Read More

  • All The Cool Kids Are Deep Tagging

    The popularity of rich media publishing (such as podcasting and videocasting, the YouTube phenomenon, etc.) is a problem for search engines and people trying to use search engines to find this content. The problem is that the traditional ways search engines index and rank content don’t apply to rich media because, well, it’s not easily indexable. A few startups are focusing on… Read More

  • Why Does Sling Hate Palm, America So Much?

    Photographs, on their own, can be enticing and exciting, but then that’s also the fun. Take, for example, this photo we found on zatznotfunny. It shows the side a of SlingBox Tuner’s box. Our mystery deals with the badges of the different mobile platforms and operating systems that the Sling works with, which is fairly typical for electronics. What’s interesting is the Palm… Read More

  • BarCamp Ireland is a success

    This weekend was Ireland first BarCamp in Cork, with over 100 people attending. You can get an idea of the talks for yourself from this picture of the schedule. The main topics covered included microformats, OPML, funding, startups, Second Life and Tom Raftery gave talks on a new Data Centre being built in Cork and on the Web 2.0 controversy earlier this year. There are some pictures online… Read More

  • USBCell is just a great idea …

    Every now and then a really great idea comes along that makes you go “now why didn’t I think of that”. Probably the last innovation in this genre was the Windup Radio. USBCELL is a AA battery that simply plugs into any USB port to recharge. No longer do you need to throw away used batteries or lug the chargers or adpators for rechargeable batteries. With over 15… Read More

  • Singapore Welcomes Treo 750v From Vodafone

    Wait a minute. What? “V” doesn’t stand for Vodafone? Prolly not. Palm and Microsoft this weekend introduced the Treo 750v, formerly the sole domain of Vodafone and the must-have smartphone of the quarter, as its first Windows Mobile entry in the Asian market. Singapore’s M1, owned by Vodafone, will be rolling out the UMTS Treo in October. We’re still waiting… Read More

  • Swedish Beers & Innovation clash?

    In the next few weeks & months there are a lot of events happening across the UK & Ireland. I am contemplating either putting together a “socialtext” wiki to enable event organisers to list their own events here on TechCrunch or would you prefer me to use something like UpComing.org. The reason I ask is because once again we have a clash of events in London. There are… Read More

  • All Women Team Takes Yahoo Hack Day Top Prize

    Yahoo opened its corporate headquarters to hordes of hackers, press and others on Friday and Saturday for its open Hack Day. After 24 hours of hacking (with a break for a private Beck concert in the Yahoo courtyard the first evening), 54 projects were demo’d to the crowd of about 400 people. Over 3,000 pictures from the event (tagged “HackDay06″) are on Flickr here. A handful… Read More

  • New Look For Netvibes

    Netvibes quietly released an updated look and feel this evening. Read about the release on the Netvibes blog here and here. Key additions to the service include: Module search New web/blog /video search with results within netvibes Customization of look and feel MySpace module Netvibes says in their blog entry that the new release “will change the way you use and view the web”… Read More

  • Is T-Mobile Ready for Take-off?

    , which gives weight to the idea that T-Mobile is not just growing, but completely reinventing itself. And that is good. Why, you ask, is it good that the anemic T-Mobile is going to be reborn? Read More

  • Does Messagr have the presence of mind to find an investor?

    Messagr is a “new presence-based search engine” that helps you find other skype users with similar interests to yourself. To participate you simply register yourself on messagr with your skype details and then add some tags that describe the topics you might like to chat about.
    For example if you wanted to discuss music with someone right now, you could search for the term music… Read More

  • New FM Transmitter for Sony-Ericsson Phones

    Somehow, in the avalanche of new phones and accessories this week, we missed this dope new FM Transmitter for Sony-Ericsson phones. Seeing as how they’re aggressively going after the mobile music market, this little gadget makes perfect sense. It plugs into the bottom of your favorite SE phone and transmits your tunes to your car stereo. In addition, it turns your sound system into a… Read More

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