• Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro DSLR

    Fujifilm announced today an update to the FinePix S3 Pro, the S5 Pro. This model uses the same 12.3MP Super CCD SR Pro sensor and adds the new Real Photo Processor Pro. The true benefits remain to be seen, but Fuji claims the S5 can produce far more realistic images. The S5 also touts an updated auto-focus, i-TTL flash, battery life and ISO 3200. It will be available next… Read More

  • Panasonic Filters Bird Flu, Other Nasties

    Being the resident hypochondriac here at CG, I tend to become easily exciteable by health related technology. So this morning when I woke up, the first thing that caught my eye was this new fancy-pants air filter from Panasonic. It utilizes a new technology dubbed Super Alleru-Buster to eliminate 99.999 percent of the baddies from the air, including things like bird flu, influenze and… Read More

  • TechMeme Invents New Kind of Advertisment

    TechMeme (formerly tech.memeorandum) is a site that bloggers and others check frequently for news. It is an entirely automated web service that looks at what bloggers are talking about, and linking to, and decides what is news based on that analysis. In many ways it is an anti-Digg. Humans have no say in what appears on the TechMeme homepage, other than by blogging about it. TechMeme is focused… Read More

  • Name that Squid Update

    Crunchy The Calamari? Squidster? Those are pretty good, but can we do better? Let’s see some creativity, folks. Here are the specs: Thanks to the amazing Bryce Durbin, we’re lucky enough to have our own jolly mascot, the Blue Squid or Blue Goo or Whatever You Want to Call Him. However, the poor soul doesn’t have a name. In an effort to remedy that, we’re asking you… Read More

  • Apple Wants Yer Podseses

    nee iPodGarage and now PodReady.com. See, the name PodReady would make people think of iPods and that could lead to a .00098% loss of revenue for the Madison, Wisconsin Best Buy store between October 2 and October 3 of this year due to reduced iPod sales. Protect your IP. Protect your designs. Protect your content. But please, big companies, don’t make your shiz a household name and then… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Skipping Edition

    A handful of the past week’s stories, including one contest ending and another beginning: LG’s Cutesy DAP
    iPod Nano Gets a Wood Case
    NES Controller Alarm Clock
    CrunchRace 2000 ends
    Name that Squid Read More

  • Pluggd to make podcasts chunkier, searchable

    Seattle based podcast discovery and management service Pluggd is unveiling a major new feature at DEMO this weekend that combines speech recognition and semantic analysis to let users search for and skip to parts of an audio file that are related to topics of interest to them. It’s more than just speech recognition. This is one of the most compelling examples I’ve seen lately of… Read More

  • "Red" Alert: Corporate Espionage in Ultra-High-Definition

    , has posted scant but exciting details about a break-in last night at the Red headquarters. Not mere criminals, the felons didn’t make away with only typical, easy-to-fence HD gear, but with paperwork and perhaps hardware related to the Red One camera. Jannard is quick to point out that this won’t set back development and deployment of the camera at all. Nonetheless… Read More

  • Sony Adds Wireless LCD to LocationFree TV

    You might recall a few weeks ago, we brought you news of Sony’s new LocationFree TV boxes. These fancy boxes allow you to take your analog or digital cable feed and send it via IP to your laptop or desktop, so no matter where you are, you can watch the TV you’re paying for. Sony is adding your location to LocationFree with the new LF-12MT1 LCD. In simplest terms, the 12MT1 is a… Read More

  • Samsung/T-Mobile Trace Party

    The inimitable Richard Blakely took some super footage of the T-Mobile Trace party. I think those are the Gym Class Heroes in the background. Great stuff. Read More

  • Attensa 2.0 reads feeds and multimedia in Outlook, for free

    Enterprise RSS and Attention company Attensa has released version 2.0 of their plug-in for Outlook and there are a number of notable changes that have been made. Most important, Attensa 2.0 is free. The company has moved to a strategy to sell customer support subscriptions and seed organizations with their product until a critical mass is met to offer their Enterprise Feed Server. I… Read More

  • PriceShout is a out of alpha and worth a shout.

    Priceshout, a self funded UK based company, has just launched a price tracking/price comparison/social shopping/wishlist website. Think of what Kelkoo.com might have looked like if it had been created in this web 2.0 period. Basically it allows you to build up a personalised price comparison mini-site that tracks the products you are most interested in, and enables you to search, sort and… Read More

  • Palm Buyout Rumor #447; Could This Be It?

    . Now there are rumors swirling at Palm that a suitor has been calling in an effort to buy them out. These rumors have plagued Palm for years, and in response the brass generally sends a company-wide email saying something to the effect of “that’s crap, we’re not for sale.” The thing is, this time, there’s been no such email, and the rumors are pointing… Read More

  • Kensington Gets Skype-Friendly with Desktop USB Speakerphone

    Your VOIP just got upgraded, kid. The Vo300 Skype speakerphone from Kensington is just swell. Plug it in to one of your available USB ports, fire up Skype, and you’re ready to go, hands-free and headset-free. The Vo300 includes it’s own LCD, so it’s not just a mic and a speaker. You can dial by hand, or scroll through your contact list and call histories. If using a headset… Read More

  • Buffalo Brings TV to Your USB

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/U2 TV tuner is a hardware dongle that gives your laptop or desktop TV via USB. The cool little device has support of external antennas to boost reception, and is powered from your USB bus. The U2 monicker does not mean it's red and black. The included software allows you to record Mpeg-4 at 320×180 (not so hot)… Read More

  • Who are you going to call?

    If you read sites like TechCrunch, then it is a fair guess that your friends and family probably think you are some sort of computer expert, someone they can turn to when they need computer related help and advise. This is often a blessing in disguise because once you’ve been successfully identified as an expert, often what was supposed to be a five minute quick question soon becomes a… Read More

  • UK2YOU

    If you are a British expat like – Alex Barnett and Ben MetCalfe – then getting hold of Tetley teabags, Heinz Beanz and/or Marmite can prove difficult. Asking friends to send you food parcels every now and then maybe one solution. Another maybe to use UK2YOU, a new UK focused website with more than 200 shops ranging from Hamleys to Harrod’s to Thornton’s… Read More

  • It's so stupid it just might work!

    They say there is a mug born every minute and the internet is clearly no sanctuary for mugs. Irish Actor Stephen Francis Brady recently launched a new website with the intention of giving away £1 Million ($1.8 Million) to someone out there. How very nice and grand of him but it’s not his money! He has setup a website called “Step up to a Million” or should that be… Read More

  • RebTel gets on the Index

    A few weeks ago I wrote about two new London based companies Truphone and ConnectMeAnywhere which offer cheap international calls on your mobile by redirecting a local call via VoIP. I also briefly mentioned the Swedish company RebTel which offers a similar service.  According to the Business 2.0 blog  “RebTel have just raised $20 million from Danny Rimer at Index… Read More

  • Podcast with Om Malik and Robert Scoble

    We just posted the next podcast episode at TalkCrunch. This was a joint effort, with Om Malik, Robert Scoble and me talking for an hour on a range of topics, from the startups we’re most excited about to the state of VOIP to the upcoming Yahoo Hack Day. We also wish Om a happy birthday and talk about Robert’s new tv show, Scobleshow.com (it hasn’t launched yet, but you can… Read More

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