• Blue sunglasses will make your food look gross, and they're supposed to

    [photopress:08426s1.jpg,full,right]In Japan, people are fat because the food looks too good. Or so the reasoning goes behind these blue-tinted shades which, according to the company that makes them, will make food look so unappetizing you won’t want to eat it. This is total bullshit. The theory is that the red wavelengths in food make you want to eat it. Not true. I know this because… Read More

  • Digital painter's palette: good idea, but it won't look like this thing

    I can only imagine the troubles serious digital artists encounter these days. The muddle of tools and colors on the screen, the limited space for viewing the “canvas,” and so on. I think it’s natural to have two touchscreens: one to hold all the tools, colors, and layer information, and the other to simply be, well, the picture. I’m pretty sure it’ll be like… Read More

  • Elephant cinematographers capture magical tiger moments in new BBC documentary

    This is just off the chain. I knew elephants were good painters, but filmmakers? A new BBC series used specially trained elephants to follow a group of tiger cubs and their mother around in a jungle for the duration of their cubhood. I’m not sure if you heard me correctly, they used specially trained elephants. Elephants trained to frame shots and hold their mounted hi-def cameras steady. Read More

  • Suit of plate armor found at Salem bus stop

    [photopress:Original.jpg,full,center] If you’re in Salem, Oregon, and you left a full freakin’ suit of armor at a bus stop, the local police would like to have a word with you. You’ll need some proof of ownership to claim it. Really, though, if you lose a suit of armor, you don’t deserve a suit of armor. Read More

  • ┬┐Mexico getting iPhone in June?

    [photopress:mexico.jpg,full,center] Attention Hombres: the iPhone is coming to Mexico via Telcel in June, or so says the El Universal newspaper. Telcel has 72% of the Mexican cellular market, and landing the iPhone should boost that even higher. We’re looking at a late-June launch, likely the last Friday of, as that’s when the original iPhone was launched and when we think the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $39 Palm Centro for AT&T!

    I love me some Palm Centro, I think it’s the perfect first-time smartphone. Best Buy is having a killer deal on the AT&T flavor this weekend, offering the phone for $40 for new AT&T customers or $80 for existing ones. That’s hot. Go forth and upgrade, AT&T users, and rejoice! Read More

  • WordPress Gets Major Overhaul

    http://s.wordpress.org/resources/2.5/dashboard-and-images.swf WordPress 2.5 has been released with a major overhaul to the interface and a range of new features. The biggest change is in the appearance of the administration backend, which is described as being a “Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard.” The WordPress dashboard is now widget friendly, and users can include items… Read More

  • Fujifilm to track sensitive backup data via embedded GPS

    Imagine you’re Visa. You’ve got terabytes of personal data on millions of customers, and it all has to go somewhere. The cheapest solution is tape storage, which you keep in a secure room and write all that sensitive stuff to. Then, when the time comes to archive it somewhere cool and dry, like a storage facility, you put it on the truck, and it disappears en route. Uh oh… Read More

  • New iPhone firmware for developers really a minor upgrade

    [photopress:dsc00203er9.jpg,full,center] Appearing to be nothing more than a maintenance release, a new version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware (really 1.2, but we’re not getting into that here) was seeded to devs this week, version 5A225c. It’s got minor changes to the previous version, including icon updates and a few other minor tweaks, and is likely more stable. If you’re… Read More

  • Apple TV received minor upgrade Friday

    [photopress:apple_tv_intro_graphic.jpg,full,center] One of my favorite things I own is my Apple TV. I use it several times a week, and the HD download store is amazing. The quality of the videos is perfect and the audio is fantastic. You should all consider one thoughtfully. That said, I was pleased today to find an upgrade available on my console today. Apparently it adds a… Read More

  • Video: Jerry the Dog's automatic "Let's play fetch!" machine created by lazy humans

    http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf I should totally try to rig something like this up for my dog, Dogboy. I’m just really afraid my downstairs neighbors would hate me forever. Just imagine the ball bouncing around my floor every fifteen seconds. Read More

  • PWN 2 OWN: Linux FTW

    [photopress:hackers.jpg,full,left]We know that the MacBook Air was hacked at the PWN 2 OWN contest at CanSacWest, and then a Fujistu running Vista was pwned, but nobody could get through the Linux box’s security to take it home. Not that nobody tried, over 400 hackers found bugs in the OS that would have to be patched later, but the laptop was still standing by the end of the contest. Read More

  • Navy freaking out over the "Holy Grail of Lasers"

    Lasers are already being used in the field to shoot down missiles and such, but they are limited in their applications because they require volatile chemical agents or fragile crystal arrays — neither one something you want in a battlefield situation. But the Free Electron Laser uses a “turbocharged stream of electrons” to start the reaction that fires the laser. For… Read More

  • Ocean 2 image leaked by FCC

    [photopress:pantech_oz2_fcc_id.jpg,full,left]Regular readers know that we at CrunchGear love the Helio Ocean. At least three of us carry one with us at all times. The integrated GPS is the best I’ve ever used in a handset and the third-party software’s just fantastic. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the Ocean 2 and its rumored navigation technique that some say will rival the… Read More

  • AG: Every time you download an episode of LOST a terrorist gets its wings

    [photopress:30_mukasey_lg.jpg,full,center] That version of Photoshop that you bought from a dude on the street in West Hollywood last night is going to finance terrorists who will destroy your city and burn you and your family alive to death, or so says the AG, Michael Mukasey. Mukasey argues that terrorists are increasingly using tactics of organized crime syndicates to finance their… Read More

  • Hackers cause epileptic seizures to epileptics reading epileptic website

    [photopress:jerks.jpg,full,left]I’m all for griefing, I really am. Messing with institutions needs to be done, even if they’re virtual, even if they’re fun MMORPGs. No, especially if it’s with gamers. But leave the disabled alone, please. Hackers used JavaScript to cause panicky, flashing, multi-colored images to flash on a message board that cause people with epilepsy… Read More

  • Microsoft's "parental street cred" ads: close but no cigarizzle

    I’m not a big fan of advertising, so it pains me to see something so clearly with its heart in the right place, but so clearly failing. Someone really wanted to make these spots. But who exactly are they for? Who will pay attention enough to take the message home that the 360 is a family multimedia device and not just a virtual orgasmic rape simulator. The ads seem more concerned with… Read More

  • Yahoo's New Rock Star Retention Program

    Yahoo, in the midst of a fight to remain independent, is granting “golden handcuff” stock options to key employees. The stock options are given to “key contributors” among the rank and file – senior executives are not eligible. These stock option grants are on top of the previously announced changes to Yahoo’s severance plans. That provided for… Read More

  • Eee desktop revealed, let the Weee comments begin

    The thin, white form factor wasn’t exactly invented yesterday, but the Wii is the most recent and salient example of it. And it looks like Asus liked the design a lot, because these new leaked pictures look an awful lot like one. I like it, though, the design is even cleaner than Nintendo’s. Notice there does not appear to be a disc drive; but the pinhole (for emergency… Read More

  • Glam Makes Big Cuts In Publisher Payments – "Up To 80% Drop In Revenue"

    Advertising network Glam is putting an end to at least some of its guaranteed payments to publishers, just a month after raising an $85 million round of financing. Scott Swanson, Glam’s GM and Vice President, told publishers in an email (full text below) that “house ads” that were served for unsold inventory were being discontinued as of March 25, except to fulfill… Read More

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