• Daily Crunch: Island of Robots Edition

    Here are a handful of yesterday’s exciting stories: Smartphones Now: A Guide to the Hottest Smartphones of 2006
    Sony CDX-HS70MW Everything-Proof Head Unit For Boats
    iLounge’s 2007 iPod Buyers Guide
    All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO
    Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops Read More

  • Internet Peeps Dinner with Simon Murdoch

    There is another Internet People’s dinner being held on Wednesday the 8th November. The speaker this time is Simon Murdoch, CEO of Friendsabroad, Partner in Episode1 and former Head of Amazon.com in Europe. The event is at Adam Street Private Members Club and starts with a drinks reception at 6.30pm followed by a 3 course dinner with wine and coffee at 7pm. Places are limited to 60… Read More

  • Is it bye bye Microsoft or just au revoir?

    Due to the nature of TechCrunch (UK), I am forever installing and uninstalling beta software, therefore it was only a matter of time before my Media Center PC crashed. Luckily I only lost a few days worth of work which I had not backed up. i.e a few new emails, calendar entries and contacts in my Outlook 2007 PST store. So if I have not written back to you or called you that may be why. Read More

  • InstaCalc: A Shared Embeddable Calculator

    InstaCalc is an online calculator that can be embedded in a web page, edited by anyone, displayed in charts and shared in a given state with a link. If you’ve got a formula and some numbers, you can post it on your blog or website and I can see how things would work out with different numbers. The math is done in real time. As you can see below in developer Kalid Azad’s example… Read More

  • TV 2.0 Should Be Easy: An Interview with Paul Cleghorn of Tape It Off The Internet

    TechCrunch UK’s Mike Butcher has written a long post about the future of TV on the internet based on an exclusive interview with Paul Cleghorn, the founder of the new TV aggregation site Tape It Off the Internet. Our previous coverage of TIOTI is here. Cleghorn’s primary contention is that bringing TV online will be much easier than has been the music industry’s experience. … Read More

  • Wal-Mart Will Offer Nintendo Wii And PlayStation 3 Preorders

    If you didn’t get a chance to preorder a Nintendo Wii at EB Games/GameStop or ToysRUs, you’ve still got a few chances to preorder a Wii system and/or a PlayStation 3 online. Wal-Mart doesn’t have a date posted up on when they will be taking preorders, but like most online retailers, you can be put on an email list to be notified when the preorder will be available. If you… Read More

  • Last.fm Relaunches with New Features

    Music recommendation service Last.fm relaunched this morning with a number of new features including a Flash player in addition to the desktop client, free MP3s available from independent artists and affiliate sales of recommended concert tickets. See our previous coverage of Last.fm here. At relaunch, the company says it has 15 million unique active users per month from 200 countries… Read More

  • GameStop/EB Games Not Canceling PS3 Preorders

    There’s a rumor going around that GameStop/EB Games is canceling PlayStation 3 preorders that are being sold in Ebay. It all started from one post at Evil Avatar. The post stated: Today during a conference call, managers of EB Games stores in Canada were told that a list is being made of all pre-orders for PlayStation 3’s that have been posted for sale on eBay. Lists will be… Read More

  • 62 Titles For Nintendo Wii

    Now that you know all about the Wii system’s virtual titles, its time to find out more about the next gen titles coming for the Wii. Nintendo Wii will have a total of 62 titles by the end of the year, 32 of which will be next gen titles (other other 30 are virtual titles). From what we’ve heard so far, there are enough Wii titles to hold gamers over until there are enough PlayStation… Read More

  • CrunchGear this Week

    Lots of mobile fun is brewing over at CrunchGear this week. We’re kicking off our feature packages with a look at the smartphone. Smartphones Now will be updated daily with reviews and discussions of all the latest smartphones and a few things to watch out for before you buy. We also got the inside scoop on the Shuffle 2, Helio’s new phones, and new multi-colored PSPs. Then we… Read More

  • Corsair Celebrates Its RAM Dominance With Gold-Plated Modules

    Memory manufacturer Corsair is having a very good year with its high-end performance RAM modules. Year-to-date the company’s total premium module shipments have surpassed one million units. To celebrate the acheivement and its general market dominance, Corsair is giving away five, custom 2GB DDR2-8888 gold-plated DOMINATOR memory kits. The DOMINATOR sticks are pretty awesome with an… Read More

  • Helio to Launch Two New Phones, We Add Two Cents

    Phonescoop and Engadget Mobile have some exciting news about Helio’s new handset, the Drift, along with an unnamed Pantech phone. Although I can neither confirm or deny this, the Drift, codenamed the Astropop by Samsung, is considerably smaller than the Kickflip and slides up. It’s actually about the size of Samsung’s Yepp line of MP3 players, making it a welcome addition to… Read More

  • T-Mobile BlackBerry 8705 In The Wild

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/bad news for T-Mobile users. The good news is that we've got snap of the BlackBerry 8705 communicator in the wild. Featuring a standard BB keyboard, a pretty bright screen, and version 4.1 of the OS, the BB is an upgrade to the older versions now available on T-Mobile. The bad news? Well, it's not available yet. Read More

  • Sony Vaio G1: Preorder Now

    Weighing in at just 1.98-pounds, the new Sony Vaio G1 is the lightest girl in the class. To achieve this crazy low weight, the G1 features a carbon fiber chassis. There is, however, some substance to its feathery existence. It features a 12.1-inch XGA TFT and a 17mm keypitch keyboard. The G1 has a 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo processor and can hold up to 1.5GB of RAM. It also comes standard with… Read More

  • iPod Shuffle 2 Hands On

    Our spies got their hands on a Shuffle 2, Apple’s diminutive teeny-tiny MP3 player. They report that it’s quite small and quite cool and that the guy who gave it to him pulled it out of his pocket like a joint. Very sneaky. Read More

  • All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO

    Korean robotics house ED has developed a house-trained robot with questionable uses. It packs a 1GHz Intel Pentium processor and 512MB RAM under the hood. The unit also features WiFi, ethernet, USN 2.0 ZigBee and RFID, so a wide range of connectivity options are covered. Users can control the U-ROBO via its 6.4-inch programmable touchscreen display, or through voice recognition. It includes… Read More

  • LG VX-8600 Chocolate Flip Details

    for a while, we never really knew what specs the Verizon-bound phone was going to have. Well, now we do. The phone will have a 176×220 pixel display, 800mAh battery, touch-sensitive music keys on the front, 1.3-megapixel camera, 15FPS video capture, 8x digital zoom, micro SD slot, MP3/WMA playback, MPEG-4/3GP video playback, and Bluetooth A2DP support. Not much else is known about the… Read More

  • Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops

    Ah yes. Ricardo Montalban and and his “rich corinthian leather” has made their way onto your laptop in these Asus W6 and S6 series machines. The laptops have 13.3-inch widescreen displays, and features leather so “genuine”, it comes with “markings such as scars, wrinkles and grain variation.” No leather substitute here. The W6 laptops can be mounted in Core… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: A Look at the Current Crop

    The boys at CrunchGear are going through their junk drawers and picking out some of the latest and greatest smartphones of 2006 along with a bit of pithy commentary on the state of the industry. Read along by visiting Smartphones Now. They’ll be updating daily with articles on Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and other goodies. Read More

  • iLounge's 2007 iPod Buyers Guide

    iLounge just released their 2007 iPod Buyers Guide, a 180 page monster all about iPods, iPod accessories, iPod cleaning kids, iPod cases, iPod food, iPod grooming tips, iPod sexual aids, and clickwheel degreasers. Over 20 exclusive accessory debuts: See Etymotic’s new wireless Ety8 earphones, iPodMods’ incredible new iVue replacement casing for the iPod, Vaja’s new iVod… Read More

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