• LeWeb3 on Dec. 11-12 in Paris

    TechCrunch is co-hosting this year’s LeWeb3 in Paris, France December 11th and 12th, an event organized by Loic Le Meur of SixApart. It is a two days conference to discuss the next generation web and mobile services, virtual games/communties, old and new media and other topics. Last year the event gathered 450 web entrepreneurs, key players and bloggers from 25 countries. A great panel… Read More

  • BlueTie Launches Free Ajax Email Suite

    New York based BlueTie released a very nice hosted Ajax email suite last week. This is a polished product – the company has been in business since 1999 and has hundreds of partners, like ISPs, that already distribute this software to their customers. The new product is a customer-facing email solution, with both a free and premium version. This is a crowded space, with products from… Read More

  • My CarsDirect Experience

    A couple of months ago I decided I was going to buy a new car, but there is almost nothing I like less than negotiating with car salespeople. The first thing they do is try to get your name and phone number. They will then begin calling you a day or two after you leave to ask how your search is going, and try to get you back to the dealership. If you do go back to the dealership, the second… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Terrorize Y'all's Neighborhood Edition

    Here are some stories from Friday. Have a good weekend. Be Free Of Over-Heated Laptop Concerns With Lapworks’ Miracle Laptop Desk
    Nyko’s Intercooler Causes Problems For Xbox 360
    Reuters Reporting from Second Life
    Trimersion Head Mounted Display
    It’s Pumpkin-Carving Time, Bitches!
    How are We Doing? Part XIV Read More

  • Rocketboom: Almost 10X Ze Frank's Downloads

    Videoblogger Ze Frank is in what he calls a nerd fight with Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. Frank says that Baron’s numbers are inflated and make it difficult for he and other video bloggers to sell advertisements with much lower numbers to offer. I spoke with both of them on the phone, looked at Rocketboom’s traffic logs and ran my understanding of what I saw past several… Read More

  • Whip Firefox 2 Into Shape with Basic Tweaks

    Firefox 2 has been out a little less than a week now, and the reviews are all over the Internet and mostly positive. But there are a few changes that we personally don’t like. Take, for example, the close-tab button. In the former Firefox, it was on the far right-hand side of the tab row. Now each inividual tab has it’s own close button, much like Camino. We don’t like… Read More

  • Apple Computer Poised to Launch 15.4-inch MacBook in May 2007

    .” It currently offers a Core Duo model with a 13.3-inch widescreen glossy display in both white and black. The rumors circulating indicate that the company is planning on offering a version with a 15.4-inch LCD screen as a mid-range solution for those who don’t have need for the full-featured, Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, its professional-grade laptop computer. This rumor cannot… Read More

  • YouTube Catches Dumbass Criminal

    What kind of person has three of his idiot friends record him stealing glasses of a charity worker, then posts it on YouTube? The kind that gets caught. Can this guy BE more of a dumbass? Guess technology works after all. YouTube video leads to arrest [The Sun via Fark via CNET via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Trimersion Head Mounted Display

    The Trimersion Head Mounted Display is a virtual reality setup for FPS games on the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All you have to do is plug the adapter into your gaming peripheral and you’re good to go. No drivers needed for PC, and the adapters are supported for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Basically, the sensor tracks the HMD so when you move your head, your character moves its head. Same… Read More

  • CPA Shopping Search Jellyfish Closes $5 Million Round

    Madison, Wisconsin shopping search engine Jellyfish.com just announced the end of a $5 million round of funding from Kegonsa Capital Partners and Clyde Street Investments. It’s been a busy week of funding announcements for 2.0 style sites. Jellyfish searches for products across more than 1000 thousand stores that provide Cost-Per-Action compensation to Jellyfish for each purchase. … Read More

  • G-Tech Messenger Bag Lets You Control Your iPod And Listen To It Too

    I love Eleksen’s ElekTex Smart Fabric and the companies that think up new ways to use it. Case in point, this messenger bag from G-Tech (by GoodHope Bags) that was announced earlier this week. Connect your iPod inside a pocket on the bag and you can use the Smart Fabric buttons on the strap to control your audio. That in and of itself isn’t too groundbreaking, but G-Tech added… Read More

  • Wii Kiosks In Japan

    The Nintendo Wii kiosks in Japan feature the console, Wii-mote and nun-chunk under glass. There’s also a looping Wii demonstration video, which will probably make you want to break the glass and steal the Wii-mote if you stand in front of it for too long. Sorry Japan, but it looks like you won’t be able to play the Wii at kiosks yet. Although, I don’t think anyone in Japan… Read More

  • Sprint Crams EV-DO and EDGE Into the Treo 750w, HUH!?

    for Sprint. It’s featuring a 1.3 Megapixel camera, WinMo 5, and EV-DO and EDGE. Wait, WTF!? We really don’t know what’s going on here, but Sprint gives its users the CDMA-friendly EV-DO high speed wireless internet access, not the EDGE that Cingular and T-Mobile offer. How can this device have both? Well, it can’t. Either it’s a typo on CompUSA’s part… Read More

  • Battle Test: Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro

    Ultimate Ears has spent most of the past 11 years creating custom-molded headphones for musicians. Not to be outdone by the likes of Shure and Etymotic, however, UE put out a line of three, more consumer-friendly universal-fit earbuds last year under the super.fi name. The company recently added a fourth set to the line, the $399 triple.fi 10 Pro. If you really care about what your music… Read More

  • Canadians Getting Number Portability March 14, Eh?

    If you’re one of the gazillion or so people in Canadia who is jealous of us Yanks and our progressive Number Portability act, take heart. Your giant country just got one step closer to the Holy Grail of Indecisiveness that is number portability. If you don’t like Fido, you’ll be able to hitch onto Telus without changing the number on your business card. Call us optimistic… Read More

  • VSocial Pitches White Label Video Solutions

    If you had stopped by video sharing site VSocial before today you may not have thought much of the service, its sparse UI made it look like just one more also-ran. This week the site relaunched and is making a serious play to monetize customized white label video players. With $1.5 million in funding from Ron Conway and Consor Capital, VSocial is aiming for a mid market price point on short… Read More

  • Ebay Puts Restrictions On PS3/Wii Auctions

    If you remember correctly, there were numerous problems with Ebay last year when Xbox 360 was released. People were selling their empty Xbox 360 boxes with the letter “X” on them and making hundreds of dollars (to thousands) of dollars. Telling the difference between a legitimate Xbox 360 auction and a fraud Xbox 360 auction became extremely difficult, leading to more and more fraud. Read More

  • Who is the King of Displays: PSP or DS Lite?

    PC Mag’s like the guy at the party who has to explain the joke to everyone and thus, taking all the fun out of the joke. This time they turn their Aspergers-like analytical powers to the PSP and DS Lite, examining which one of the two screens is the winner. The DS is made up of two 3.0-inch, 4:3 ratio screens – one of which is touch sensitive – whereas the PSP only has… Read More

  • Reuters Reporting from Second Life

    As proof that Second Life is booming, Reuters recently opened an SL bureau and assigned it a full-time reporter. Adam Pasick, known in SL as Adam Reuters, heads up the branch and reports on events inside the community. No word on how much Reuters dumped on opening its SL branch, but I’m sure it was a few grand. Crazy. I still don’t really understand this whole Second Life thing. Read More

  • New York Times: London is the New Financial Capital

    A great New York Times article (also run in the Herald Tribune) published today details many of the reasons London is surpassing New York as the world’s financial capital. Among the key factors cited are London’s more diverse labour market, problems getting people into the U.S. and the stricter regulatory regime in the U.S. epitomized by the infamous Sarbanes-Oxley law. Of… Read More

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