• Scribd "YouTube for Documents" Gets $300K

    Scribd, a site for sharing documents, is coming out of private beta this morning with a fresh Angel investment of $300K on top of their original Y Combinator nest egg of $12,000. Scribd is most easily described as a text version of YouTube. It is a social network that lets you tag, share, and comment on uploaded documents (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, .ps, .lit). Scribd is not just a carbon… Read More

  • Mpire Upgrades and Launches Shopwave Shopping Visualization

    When shopping meta-search engine Mpire launched their Firefox shopping plugin last year we felt it was one of the best shopping tools to come out in a while. Today, Mpire is offering the plugin for IE7, upgraded their site and launched the newly established Mpire Lab’s first product, a visual shopping site called Shopwave. Mpire is also working with Electric Sheep and Linden Lab to… Read More

  • AnyDVD Says Buh-Bye To DRM

    AnyDVD has come to the aid of Blu-Ray fans who want to crack that useless DRM. It was initially thought that AnyDVD would release a beta version, but Version has been released and you are now free to disembowel DRM from your Blu-Ray discs. The free upgrade works on XP-64 and Vista-64 and removes region coding. Happy Pirating! Product Page [via The Inquirer] Read More

  • Adobe CS3: March 27

    You’ve got your MacBook or Mac Mini or Mac Pro, or whatever Intel-based Mac you decided on, and that’s great. The transition from PowerPC to Intel processors went much better than anyone could have expected, and Apple kicked the conversion of its own software to universal binary in almost no time. The one glaring issue you can’t turn a blind eye to, though, is the lack of… Read More

  • ImageExpo Mega Phone: Man-Sized Phone, Man-Sized Fun

    Here we have the ImageExpo Mega Phone, a fully functional cellphone that’s as tall as a man. Rock! I even recognize its interface, having just seen in it in the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what purpose does this gift from Satan serve? Well, I mean, it’s a big cellphone, what can’t you do with it? Why not install it in the office or open… Read More

  • Welcome CrunchGear's Newest Reporter, Nicholas Deleon

    . Nicholas is a junior at NYU and an all-around great guy. He says: Howdy, boys and girls! My name’s Nicholas Deleon and I’m a new writer here at CrunchGear, or CG as those of us in the biz call it. You may remember me from a certain other gadget blog (read: Gizmodo), but I figured it was time for a change of scenery. I will do my best to compare today’s hottest gadgets (!)… Read More

  • Airport Extreme Units Shipping from China

    Not sure how this is relevant to the price of tea in… erm… wherever, but I ordered an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, expecting it to roll in from a warehouse in Cupertino. Much to my chagrin, the device is apparently winging its way straight from China, which means that this little bugger’s carbon footprint is huge and that clearly Apple underestimated the number of… Read More

  • Verizon Sales Rep Dishes on Contracts

    Consumerist is running an interview with a former Verizon rep who is spilling the beans on that company’s customer retention policies and confusing everyone in the process. Essentially, he’s describing the metrics Verizon uses to reward their sales force and punish the foolish customer. His best advice? Don’t get the 2-year contract and, if you play your cards right, every… Read More

  • XBox 360 Patch Prevents Linux Hacking

    This might have effected you last night, especially if you were running Linux on your XBox 360 in order to process SETI@Home faster. Otherwise, you’re just fine. The patch closes a hole that allows for an unsigned code injection, allowing users to potentially run Linux or other homebrew code on their expensive gaming consoles. Seriously, guys. It’s an XBox 360. Hack your regular… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Patent Applications Meet Social Review

    Highlighted yesterday in the Washington Post, as well as covered more extensively by IP blogger Dennis Crouch at Patently-O, is the forthcoming new prototype of an open patent review process for patent applications. To build a sustainable solution for the growing web/tech community’s patent concerns, Beth Noveck and the NY Law School’s Do-Tank created the Peer-to-Patent Project as… Read More

  • Just Launched: AuctionAds Ebay Advertising Widget

    Here’s another tool that launches today for bloggers and other website owners looking for different ways to monetize their site: AuctionAds. Like booBox and other services, website publishers create an account, add descriptive tags relevant to their content, and place an embed code on their site. The AuctionAds widget will then show eBay auctions relevant to the tags. See their demo page… Read More

  • The Real Google Phone?

    This image leaked by Engadget possibly shows some rendition of the Google Phone Venture capitalist Simeon Simeonov has made a post on his VC blog High Contrast that he claims to be an insider tip on the hotly anticipated, yet still speculative, Google Phone. According to Simeonov, Google has charged Andy Rubin with the task of creating the G-Phone. Read More

  • MyNetscape to Launch Today: More Ajaxy Muck

    MyNetscape (which is down as of 3 am PST) officially relaunches today as a customizable Ajax homepage for it’s users. The Netscape blog has details. Like Netvibes, Pageflakes, GoogleIG, MyYahoo, Live.com and many, many others (who am I missing?), users will have the ability to choose from “just under 100 modules” of customized content, and add RSS modules for favorite… Read More

  • Helio is Off to See the Wizard

    that Helio was likely preparing to release the Pantech PN-810 slider. The rumor today is that the new device will be dubbed the Helio Oz. With the Helio Heat just out of the furnace and the Drift standing strong, Helio is positioning itself firmly in the MVNO market. I continue to be intrigued by this, heavily financed, up-and-coming company. We don’t know when this device will be… Read More

  • YouTube Revenues: $15 million per year, or per month?

    It looks like the “conservative” estimate by John Dvorak late last year that YouTube was generating $15 million or so per month in advertising revenues was off by a factor of about twelve. Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck reviewed a recent Google SEC filing and says YouTube generated approximately $15 million in revenue for all of 2006. The markets are still digesting the San… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Little Monsters Edition

    Samsung Fridge Puts Rachael Ray On Ice
    WurlyBird – Stupid Name, Fun Times
    The All-Time Five Greatest In-Movie Video Games
    MC4 Music Cocoon: Frankenstein’s Rejected Spawn?
    Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won’t Boot Read More

  • Hands-On With The Just-Announced Archos 704-WiFi PMP

    At midnight, Archos pulled the curtain back on their feature-packed, but anything-but-pocket-friendly 704-Wifi PMP (although it’s closer in form to an UMPC than an iPod.) This 80GB, 7-inch-screener packs in WiFi Web browsing and DVR functionality with the usual music/photo/video business. We got our hands on perhaps the most feature-packed of players and took it for a spin. Read More

  • reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

    Today mapping veteran AtlasCT (est. 1987) is launching a new mobile photo geotagging application for Java ME called reLive!. It seems similar to Yahoo!’s geotagging program for Flickr, Zonetag. However, reLive! is not meant to only geotag individual photos, but also connect them on the map in the context of a trip. When paired with a GPS system, reLive! lets you automatically map… Read More

  • $100 Million Valuation For Geni

    Seven week old Geni raised a $10 million second round of financing last week, led by Charles River Ventures (see our coverage of CRV here), with a post-money valuation of $100 million. George Zachary from CRV is joining the Geni board of directors. This was originally passed to us as a rumor, and Geni founder and CEO David Sacks has confirmed the story. This is a 10x increase in valuation… Read More

  • Yahoo Mixd Says "Peace Out" and Goes to DeadPool

    Yahoo Mixd, which launched in November 2006, closed down on February 25 (although nobody noticed until today). Mixd competed with several group SMS services such as Zemble, Dodgeball, and Twitter. The last, Twitter, has recently stolen the bulk of media and blogger attention. Mixd is now in the TechCrunch DeadPool. Read More

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