• Pligg, The Open Source Digg Clone, Put Up For Sale

    Pligg, a controversial but popular open source content management system that lets developers quickly create Digg-like clones, has put itself up for sale. Assets included in the sale are the domain name, website and control over the SourceForge account where people can download the current code. In an email, Pligg says they have 10,000 registered users on the site and the software has been… Read More

  • Facebook Source Code Leaked

    We just received a tip that the source code for the Facebook main index page has been leaked and published on a blog called Facebook Secrets. There are at least two possible ways that the source code got out – the first is that a Facebook developer has sent it out, or the more likely option that a security hole or other method has been used on either one of the Facebook servers or in… Read More

  • Apple Gets Into Social Music Scene with My iTunes

    Apple isn’t just sitting on the sidelines as startups like iLike and MOG and others try to tackle the social music space. Many of these services gather user music preferences via an iTunes plugin. You are then able to tell the world what music you are listening to, get recommendations for new music you might like, etc. People love this stuff, as evidenced by iLike’s ridiculous… Read More

  • Google Video To Cease Sales

    Not that you’ve ever paid a single cent for anything Google has given you, but just so you know, Google is going to stop selling videos via Google Video. On Wednesday, August 15th, Google will stop selling download-to-rent and to-own videos. It makes sense now that it owns YouTube and has a real means of making cash of videos. I’d say leave the content distribution to Apple and Joost. Read More

  • 3/4 Sleeve Mario Tattoo

    I bet the ink gun sounded like this: Doo da doo da do do Doo da doo da do do Doo da doo da do do do do do do dododododododo da da da doo. (Hint: 1-2) Remember kiddo, it’s on there forever. Your grandkids with the PS9 are going to bust on you. Official Site [Sam M.] Read More

  • Motorcycles Made From Watch Parts

    Sure it’s a beautiful Saturday, but wouldn’t you rather spend your time inside like a true dork? Check out these motorcycles made from watch parts. Half-steampunk, half-junk, they almost look safe enough to ride. At least for John. He’ll do anything to put his crotch near a watch. Hit the jump for a few of the sweetest rides available. Motorcycles from watch parts [Digg] Read More

  • New Generation Adult Sites Roundup

    Online porn is usually a cutting edge industry and it is always all about the money. The industry is often first to the Internet with new features that eventually trickle down to mainstream consumer sites. The latest wave of web innovation, though, was centered squarely on consumer sites. And the porn guys have adapted many of those features to create massively successful second generation… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Hangtimer

    I know a lot of you are out doing EXTREME SPORTS and GNARLY OLLIES or whatever you kids do, so we’re offering the Hangtimer, an odd little watch that measures how long you’re in the air during stunts and jumps. Cool, right? How do you win? Read More

  • Hate Your Boss?

    What started off as a HS prank to piss off my English teacher, Miss Hunt, has spilled over into my cubicle life, rather, did spill over into my cubicle life. But I was using paper clips, pens and rubber bands to piss off co-workers and the occasional paper football. Office workers really do have a full arsenal of weapons at their disposable if they use a bit of creativity. But not everyone is… Read More

  • New Tiny Pico-ITX Form Factor Is (Almost) Here

    Get ready for a tiny, tiny motherboard. If you’re looking to build, say, a system that fits in a box of Pop Tarts, the Pico-ITX form factor is right up your alley. Although it was announced way back in 2004, it’s just now becoming available in small quantities and should be plentiful very soon. It’s 3.9-inches by 2.8-inches and contains an embedded VIA C7 processor running… Read More

  • Enlist To Become A Minesweeper

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1770138 The object of Minesweeper is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. To play Minesweeper 1. On the Game menu, click New.
    2. To start the timer, click any square on the playing field. Notes * You can uncover a square by clicking it. If… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Red Motorola RAZR from Sprint

    Do you have a janky old phone? Take a picture of it and send it to contest@crunchgear.com with the subject line “RED RAZR.” We’ll pick one winner at random to receive this hot Red RAZR from Sprint — sorry, no service included. Read on for specs. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: A Space Boy Dream Edition

    Happy Birthday, CrunchGear!
    Spinning Camera Concept Takes Great 360 Degree Panoramas
    New Space Hotel Opening In 2012
    T-Mobile Samsung Blast Reviewed
    More Details About Palm’s Upcoming Foleo Read More

  • Texty: Dead Simple Content Creation And Editing

    Texty is a dead simple but useful new internet service that you can use to quickly create and edit content on a web page with zero HTML or programming skills. Go to the site, start typing text in a WYSIWYG editor, format it and add images. Click a button and get an embed code. Your text will appear in whatever website you add the code to. And if you want to make changes, go back to Texty and… Read More

  • Google Closes Video Marketplace; Users Out Of Luck

    Google ignominiously shut down its video marketplace today via an email to us and everyone else who’s ever tried the service. The product, announced in January 2006 at CES by Larry Page, was an answer to iTunes’ sales of television shows. It was largely forgotten afterwards and if sales were occuring, we didn’t hear much about it. The email to users, which is copied below… Read More

  • Behind The Scenes Of China's Cloning Empire

    Popular Science has a fascinating article about China’s cloning industry including information about an iPhone knockoff known as the P168 (see the above video). Aside from consumer electronics products, the article also focuses on automobile and fashion industry look-alikes. Apparently some cloning operations are so organized and efficient that they’re able to produce… Read More

  • Why Your iPhone Can't Copy And Paste (Yet)

    John Gruber has written an article about the iPhone’s lack of a cut/copy/paste feature and, although he expects Apple to provide clipboard and text selection in the future, he explains why it wasn’t present in the first place. The basic gist of the article is that the iPhone’s main function is to allow people to easily consume information rather than create it. The lack… Read More

  • Slim Samsung Clamshells Hit Verizon, Helio

    Two of Samsung’s anorexic offspring are saying hello to the world a little prematurely, but we’re ok with that. The Gleam aka SCH-U700 will launch on VZW covered in gold. All we know other than network are the camera and external music controls and display. Hooray! The skinnier of the two Samsungs is the SPH-A513 aka Fin. It will be the thinnest clamshell on the market with a… Read More

  • Are You Ready To Bar Camp?

    Bar Camp, an open multi-day event where people can share ideas and talk about just about anything they like, is a very important event for me. Two years ago I attended the first Bar Camp, which was held at Social Text’s offices in Palo alto. It was just a few weeks after starting TechCrunch, and nearly everyone I met there is now a friend. It was held just before all the craziness… Read More

  • Is Vista Broken? Joe Wilcox Says 'Yes'

    Joe Wilcox does not like Windows Vista. I can sympathize. I just bought a new PC and after using XP for the last however-many years, I was excited to see what all the Vista fuss was about. Read More

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