• VisiblePath Is A Lot Like LinkedIn, Except It's Useful

    One of the better features of LinkedIn is the relationship map that shows your friends, and their friends, and their friends, and so on. It is a useful tool when you need to talk to someone you don’t know directly, or get information about them – just find a path through mutual friends. But we all know what sucks about LinkedIn. Contacts are sorted in only a single list, and there… Read More

  • Trimble Outdoors' Multimedia Google Earth Layer: All That Outdoor Fun On Your Cellphone, Desktop

    GPS software firm Trimble Outdoors gets a gold star for being the first to release an outdoor enthusiast multimedia layer for Google Earth. Users download the software to their cellphones and other GPS-capable devices. It then piggybacks on top of Google Earth, providing video clips and the like for featured areas. Want to check out your local hiking trail before you even step outside? Read More

  • China To Ban All-Day Online Gaming: You Go Now!

    China doesn’t want its citizens to become video game-playing zombies, so it’s going to impose restrictions on the amount of time gamers can play. This doesn’t just apply to Internet cafes, either, but will be a server-side ban that affects everyone. The government will give companies that host online games three months to install time-limiting software. Once installed… Read More

  • Cosplay Dance: Why, Japan, Why?

    Cosplay Dance: Why, Japan, Why? Free Skype? Cosplayers dance. Police come. Cosplayers scatter. Rinse. Repeat. via TokyoMango Read More

  • Rolling Stone Says They'll Launch Social Network

    The best place to tell secrets may not be while speaking to a room full of journalism students at New York University. But that’s how Keith Blanchard, Wenner Media’s executive director for online media for Rolling Stone and other magazines, released the news that they plan to launch a MySpace-style social network around the Rolling Stone brand. Andrea Feczko, one of the students in… Read More

  • Dell Ups Laptop HD Capacities to 250GB

    In all likelihood, desktops will always be ahead of laptops as far as storage goes. It’s simply a matter of size and power: a desktop can have both in spades, but a laptop needs to be portable and cord-free. Dell, though, is stepping things up a notch by adding 250GB HDs to certain of its XPS M1710 laptops. These make the first mass-produced commercial laptops in America with… Read More

  • Payday for Red Swoosh: $15 million from Akamai

    Update: According to SEC documents, Red Swoosh sold for a total of $18.7 million to Akamai. Akamai has acquired Red Swoosh for $15 million in a stock for stock transaction. We covered Red Swoosh last year when they launched a free, ad supported version of its file serving technology. Red Swoosh uses bittorent-like technology to quickly transfer files using peer to peer technology. Some… Read More

  • Stanton's T.90 USB High-Torque Turntable

    The new T.90 USB High-Torque Turntable from Stanton certainly isn’t the first we’ve seen for converting your vinyl to digital files on your computer through USB, but it is definitely better equipped to handle the demands of a pro or hobbyist DJ than most. The T.90, aside from its namesake high-torque direct-drive motor, features a built-in “Key Lock” for adjusting… Read More

  • Retrevo.com: Search Engine For Gadgets, Electronics

    A search engine made specifically for finding information on gadgets and consumer electronics? I’m in love. Retrevo.com‘s searches focus on reviews and articles about the products your looking for and dismisses all other irrelevant information (storefronts, ads, eBay pages, etc). Down the left side of the page you get a set of tabs for single-click access things such as reviews… Read More

  • Do-It-Yourself Apple TV Upgrade Kit: More Power

    Sure, you can send your Apple TV away to some company and let them upgrade its hard drive for you, or you can buy a simple installation kit and do it yourself. Weaknees sells a kit that includes a 160GB hard drive, Torx T8 screw (for opening the Apple’s TV’s chastity belt and all the relevant instructions. The kit will set you back $200, but at least then you can store all the… Read More

  • Apple Prepping a Fully Developed Media Center?

    If this recent patent filing is to be believed, then Apple is working on an actual media center solution, not some half-hearted Front Row attempt. The patent, which was originally filed back in late 2005 but was unearthed today, depicts a central “module-controller” that appears to lie at the heart of the media center. Apparently it’s a piece of software that sits between… Read More

  • Geek Squad Dude Caught Recording Showering Women

    Here’s a sad story for all you nerds out there. A Geek Squad employee has been accused of using a cellphone to record a young woman taking a shower. Instead of fixing two computers like he was supposed to, the guy placed his video capable cellphone in the woman’s bathroom and was all ready to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Unfortunately for him, the woman discovered the cellphone… Read More

  • Y Combinator's WriteWith Launches – Collaborative Blogging

    We mentioned WriteWith in a roundup post last month on new Y Combinator startups. They’ve created a group writing platform that falls somewhere between a blogging platform, a wiki, and an online Word clone. The best part of it is that it works with the existing WordPress and Typepad blogging software. Current blogging software is rather kludgy when it comes to working with other writers… Read More

  • Final Wii Browser Released: Grab It While It's Still Free

    Nintendo released the final version of the Opera Web browser for the Wii on the console Internet Channel. The browser is free until the end of June and brings the wonders of the World Wide Web to TV screens, much like the DreamCast did so many years ago. The final version of the Web browser shows a number of improvements like smoother scrolling and collapsible toolbars. No one said the… Read More

  • AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB TV Tuner Goes Both Ways

    The AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB might look a tad on the dull side, but the little gray box contains a TV tuner for receiving both standard- and high-definition broadcasts and has an MPEG-2 hardware encoder as well. Plus, there’s an FM tuner built in for those of you that still listen to FM radio and want to listen and record it on your computer. The $129.99 (MSRP) package is designed to… Read More

  • Researchers Increase Download Speeds By 500 Percent

    American researchers have come up with a way to increase file sharing speeds by up to 500 percent, blowing your “fast” BitTorrent speeds right out of the water. Rather than split a single file into several pieces like BitTorrent does, this new method scans a whole bunch of files and reassembles the data from there. For example, looking up your favorite Liz Phair… Read More

  • Vonage CEO Leaves – I Told You So!

    I so called it! Vonage is totally creaking. Today, Michael Snyder, CEO of Vonage, stepped down from his position so that he, ya know, won’t be part of a company that fails. Rumor has it that plenty of other jobs have been cut over at Vonage as well, which is probably true when your stock is a whopping $3.11 a share. Despite all the woes lately, Vonage still posted a decent Q1 earnings… Read More

  • HaptiTouch 2.0 Will Make You Forget All About That Silly iPhone

    I am willing to bet most of you didn’t know there was a HaptiTouch 1.0 or even HaptiTouch But this video will fill you in on all the details of this magical touchscreen interface made with more than a half-dozen patents, and you will be set free from your ignorance. True, this marketing movie seems a bit dated, but F-Origin, the company behind all the technologies, exists… Read More

  • Sorry, We're Fresh Out Of XP

    Looks like PC manufacturers are getting screwed by Microsoft. According to Slashdot, by the end of this year, manufacturers won’t be able to grab a copy of Windows XP OEM. Dell will be selling XP on select models, but only until the end of the year because Microsoft won’t allow any further sales. This is a terrible move by Microsoft on so many levels. First off, consumers want choice. Read More

  • 20GB PS3 Discontinued, Funeral Service Scheduled For Next Week

    Sony has discontinued the production of 20GB PS3s because of lack consumer interest. The 60GB PS3 so far has sold at a 10:1 ratio compared to the 20GB model, so Sony said there’s no point in making something that nobody’s buying — but then why are the making the PS3 (HAR HAR!). If that is indeed the case, you really can’t fault Sony here, though the company’s… Read More

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