• Developing Continents Help Soften Mobile Sales Slowdown

    As the mobile phone market in Europe and North America slows down the slack is being picked up by Africa and Asia. Handset manufactures sold 238 million phones in the first quarter of this year, up 10% from a year ago, but down 15% from 2007’s fourth quarter. Fourth Quarter sales are usually up because of Christmas sales. Texas Instruments, a large chip maker for the mobile industry… Read More

  • Twinity metaverse wins Balderton backing

    Berlin start-up Metaversum, the developer and operator of the virtual world Twinity, has won a new investor in the form of Balderton Capital. The exact amount has not been released but it’s understood to be in the ‘multi million Euro’ range. Metaversum is adding to investment from VC Grazia Equity. Balderton, better known in its previous incarnation as Benchmark Capital… Read More

  • Build Your Very Own Google Airplane

    If you create a new document in Google Docs, you’ll see a number of options in the “File” pull down menu. One of those options, which as far as I can tell wasn’t there yesterday, is “New airplane.” It’s right there after “New document.” Choosing it opens a new file with folding instructions to build a paper airplane. Why? Dunno. This is… Read More

  • Fun at Vantrix’s Booth in Las Vegas

    If you are attending this year’s CTIA Wireless convention is Las Vegas this week, you may want to stop at booth #6935 and have a visit with Vantrix. The Weather Channel Interactive and Vantrix are hosting a set that lets you announce the weather in front of a camera with Jim Cantore. Your debut in broadcast storm tracking will be available on your mobile phone within minutes to share… Read More

  • Google Wake Up Kit

    I’m lumping Google Wake Up Kit in with the Gmail Custom Time – not super funny. More Google April Fools Craziness: Build Your Very Own Google Airplane Google And Virgin Team For Human Settlement On Mars YouTube RickRolls Users Gmail April Fools Not Very Funny. On the Upside, They Started A Wikipedia War Google Launches Future Search 2007 2006 Read More

  • One of our VCs is missing

    People join organisations, people leave organisations. But some leave and are then literally air-brushed out of history. Just take Trotsky. One minute you’re in the photo with Lenin. The next minute you’re not (and you’ve got an ice-pick in your head). So it is with companies. But are the rumours true that Sonali De Rycker, partner at Atlas Venture (backers of Zoopla, Moo… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Take-Two working on Sophie's Choice MMORPG

    While rumors swirl about an EA/Take-Two takeover, the company’s programmers are quietly working on a new MMORPG based on William Stryon’s book Sophie’s Choice. Set in post-war Brooklyn, the MMOPRG will introduce a new “moral” game engine that encourages nuanced thought and reactions to real-life scenarios. While you can never play as Sophie or Stingo, you can… Read More

  • Google And Virgin Team For Human Settlement On Mars

    Sir Richard Branson has announced on the Google Blog Virgle, a joint Google/ Virgin project to establish permanent human settlement on Mars. Sir Richard writes: Larry Page, Sergey Brin and I feel strongly that contemporary technology is sufficiently advanced to make such an effort both successful and economical, and that it’s high time that humanity moved beyond Earth and began our… Read More

  • Video: Slingplayer Mobile for BlackBerry 8820

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F795528&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf David Zatz of Zatz Not Funny was kind enough to show me his AT&T BB 8820 running Slingplayer Mobile. There’s no launch date at the moment. Read More

  • Problems with LED screens on Penryn MacBook Pro?

    I think some LEDs decided to die on my new MBP. I haven’t restarted as I’m trying to get some work done, but anyone else experience this? Read More

  • Gmail April Fools Not Very Funny. On the Upside, They Started A Wikipedia War

    Right on schedule: Google is releasing their April Fools jokes onto us as the calendars hit April 1 on the east coast (here’s last year’s efforts). Google Australia got a head start earlier today with the very funny Future Search. Gmail’s effort this year isn’t in my opinion as funny. Gmail Custom Time lets users send emails with a custom date in the past, putting it in… Read More

  • Fav.or.it to bring all comments back to your blog

    Fav.or.it, the RSS reader and commenting aggregator in private beta, has launched what it calls a “conversation tracker,” which aggregates all your comments from around the web in one place and allows you to track what conversations you have partaken in, whatever the platform. As found Nic Halstead says on his blog: Decentralization has meant many services now let you follow a… Read More

  • Exclusive: First 3G iPhone hands-on

    I can’t say much about this right now but you will be amazed and trust me, it’s not what you think. Ben has one as well. Read More

  • Value-testing l33t overclocked PC hardware

    Tom’s Hardware has been doing a feature for the last week comparing the performance of six systems: budget (sub-$1000), mid-range (sub-$2000), and high-end (sub-$4000) PCs and then the same PCs overclocked as far as they’d go. The object was to find what offers the best value for the dollar. They ran about five billion tests, but I’ve got the Cliff’s Notes here. And… Read More

  • Video: Jetpack Brontosaurus physics demo

    Jetpack Brontosaurus Visual Technology from Matthew Wegner on Vimeo The creators of the insane Velociraptor Off-Road Safari Rampage are well on their way to creating a new opus, which they call Jetpack Brontosaurus. Doubtless it will have the same nuanced plot and fascinating characters as their last game. Actually, it just looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun piloting your… Read More

  • ChaCha Ditches Guided Search Model. I Love To Hate This Startup

    Well it only took ChaCha fourteen months to figure out what everyone except ChaCha (and these guys) knew when it launched – search with a human guide as a business idea is ridiculously stupid. The idea is that you do a search on ChaCha and a real person works with you via a chat interface to give you results. In theory those results would be better than Google. In reality, they… Read More

  • Palm sells one million Centros

    That Centro smartphone from Palm? The one now in Obsidian Black? The one I told you about this weekend that you could pick up for a measly $39 on sale at Best Buy? They just sold a million of them. That’s one million people in America walking around with the small yet powerful devices for AT&T or Sprint. I’ve been a fan of the Centro since it was leaked. I said it was the… Read More

  • Creepiest 3D interactive Flash thing you'll see today

    It wouldn’t be right of me to know about this excessively creepy 3D mouse-following Flash lady and not share it with all of you. If I must suffer, you must suffer. That is the price you pay for my genius. This will sort of blow your mind a little bit. You’re welcome. Read More

  • Vu gets groped early at CTIA

    We’re thinking the Vu is the first real post-iPhone cellphone, using a haptic-feedback touchscreen, a fluid UI, and multimedia features in a phone that should cost less than the iPhone but still be cool enough to induce lust. Laptop caught up with the phone on the floor of the CTIA Emerging Tech Awards pavilion, snapped a few shots, and did a pretty good hands-on. John Biggs here and I… Read More

  • YouTube RickRolls Users

    If you aren’t familiar with RickRolling – it’s when someone puts a link on website to something, but it actually takes you to a music video of Rick Astley’s “hit” song Never Gonna Give You Up. YouTube is RickRolling its own users on April 1. All of the featured videos for YouTube UK and YouTube Australia actually link to the Rick Astley video. We’ll… Read More

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