• Google.org Targets Climate Change, Poverty and Emerging Threats

    Google.org has announced five core initiatives that will be the focus of its philanthropic efforts over the next five to ten years. The philanthropic arm of Google announced $25 million in new grants and investments to initial partners as the part of the core initiative roll out. Google.org’s five initiatives and partners include: Predict and Prevent: supporting “efforts to… Read More

  • Free Lines: Power cables that snap into each other

    [photopress:free_lines3.jpg,full,center] Rather than “put up with” (because it’s so hard to do) a rat’s nest of cables, a designer has come up with a new way to think about electrical outlets. It’s called Free Lines and uses a system of modular blocks and cables to tidy up the whole cabling process. You plug one end into the wall and then snap in as much cable as… Read More

  • Great moments in movie stealing: Netflix and Apple Rentals hacks

    Two hacks came to light last night that enable the overly excitable to grab streaming and rented movies for longer than the alloted time period. First, you can add a bit of Greasemonkey code to Mozilla to download streaming video from Netflix. 1. install the Greasemonkey add-on for firefox. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748. restart firefox after installing. 2. unzip the… Read More

  • Bloglines breaks on div tags?

    This is a quick test to see if Bloglines and other RSS readers breaks on links. Dear RSS reader readers: There should be a link [between these brackets] if there isn’t then there’s something wrong. Is there? Read More

  • FlipStart gets price cut from $1499 to $699

    Remember FlipStart? The brickey, Paul Allen-funded “super compact PC with the form factor that’s proven to work for mobile professionals” that some people thought might never come out before it finally launched last March? The price just got karate-chopped from $1,499 down to $699, making it a relatively affordable option for those of you looking for a really tiny computer. Read More

  • Time Warner trying usage-based billing in Texas

    I’ll be damned, they’re actually doing it. Time Warner will be testing out a pay-for-what-you-use program for its high speed Internet service in Beaumont, Texas. This, based on findings that about 5 percent of the network’s users account for more than half the bandwidth. Here’s the problem, though. What happens when all the high-bandwidth users leave for the… Read More

  • SuperDrive add-on only works with MacBook Air

    In light of the fact that Apple’s “new” Remote Disc technology is looking to be little more than a network drive share, some people might be eyeing the $99 external SuperDrive add-on. Well, guess what? It only works with the MacBook Air, even though it’s a USB drive. Read More

  • P2P movie site Jaman signs deal with TIVO

    Jaman, the San Mateo-based P2P Web movie service, has struck a deal whereby TiVo subscribers will be able to access Jaman’s catalogue of American independent (think Sundance Film Festival) and international film titles directly from their TiVo DVR. Viewers will be able to rent and buy films starting at $1.99, with a number of shorts and full-length films available to download for free. Read More

  • Yahoo Implements OpenID; Massive Win For The Project

    The rumor last week was that Google (as well as Verisign and IBM) were mulling over the idea of joining the OpenID 2.0 single sign-on framework. But the real news comes today, as Yahoo and its roughly 250 million user IDs officially jump on the bandwagon. Today, there are only approximately 120 million valid OpenID accounts. In one move, Yahoo more than triples that number. The service will… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Green Driver Edition

    CrunchGear’s own John “Sensible” Biggs makes the “What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?” list
    Crumpler gets Squirrely at Macworld
    Star Wars Mimobots
    Scientists develop dog bark-to-speech program
    Does Apple have a chair yet?
    Psst… wanna win a watch? Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Scientists develop dog bark-to-speech program Rob the Drummer Old news. Gary Larson figured this out years ago. Remember the strip? All the dogs were just saying “hey!” Read More

  • Triggit: Edit Any Page Where Java Script Is Accepted

    HTML code and CSS is easy enough for most, but not everyone. There’s an obvious need for simple editing solutions as more people become amateur webmasters. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve seen a host of simple web page editors cropping up around the web (Jimdo, Weebly, Typeroom). So far most of these editors let you modify web pages on their terms by hosting sites on… Read More

  • Digg Has Super Users Or Hates Ron Paul

    One tin foil hat post in 24 hours isn’t enough. :-) On January 16 (yesterday as I post this) I wrote about about Paypal suspending the account of a Ron Paul supporters group, effectively stopping Paul’s supporters paying for a recount in New Hampshire. The good news (for Paul supporters anyway) is that the authorities granted an extension and a supporter stepped forward and… Read More

  • WAYN said to be close to sale. The price? $200m. The buyer? AOL

    Social travel site WAYN is allegedly in talks with AOL over a possible $200m sale to the consumer portal giant. A spokesperson for the UK startup denied that any sale talks are taking place. However, I have tonight spoken to three well-placed sources who have all independently quoted the $200m figure to me, and named AOL as the prospective buyer. In a phone call tonight Anika Erskine… Read More

  • As Promised, Zivity Founder Does The Full Monty

    I wrote two weeks ago that Zivity founder Cyan Banister was not just an executive at her adult-focused photography startup, she was beginning to model for it as well. At the time, though, she was still partially clothed. Now, she’s starting to go “full monty.” She appears topless in five photos included in a new set titled “When in Paris.” I’ve included… Read More

  • Crunchies: Here's The Winners' Award

    Last night we gave an overview of our thought process for coming up with the award that will be given to each category winner for the Crunchies event on Friday night in San Francisco. The award itself, created by Clockwork Apple, is 14 inches tall and created in a very hard, very heavy cast plastic. The inspiration comes from 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the movie a tribe of prehistoric… Read More

  • How Do You Say "Fix Your Service" In Japanese?

    Twitter is to launch a dedicated version of their growingly popular messaging service for Japan. The new site is will be developed in partnership with Digital Garage, who as part of the deal has also made an investment in Twitter, “and will commit engineering and other development resources to help bring Twitter to Japan.” The announcement follows a week where Twitter failed under… Read More

  • Loopt Launches Mobile Location Based Application Platform

    Loopt has the most tightly integrated and feature rich mobile social networking service we’ve seen, and we’ve seen a bunch. Loopt’s mobile application lets you broadcast your location even while your phone is closed and send messages or photos between you and your friends. It can do this to a greater degree because of their deal with Sprint/Nextel, which recently went… Read More

  • Toolbar Company Conduit Raises $8M More

    Conduit, a service that enables web publishers to easily create their own toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox, has raised $8M in a Series B round with Benchmark Capital. We covered Conduit a couple of times early last year when the company had 25,000 partners and 5M toolbar installs. The company now has 140,000 partners with 12M+ installs. The company is cash-flow positive and describes… Read More

  • Salesforce.com To Offer DaaS Service, New Pricing Model, Competition

    CRM and SaaS provider Salesforce.com have announced that there Force.com Cloud Computing Architecture (our review here) is to now offer Development-as-a-Service (DaaS), a new pricing structure and a developer competition. The DaaS service consists of a new set of development tools and APIs that allow enterprise developers to harness cloud computing. The tools offer full access to the… Read More

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