• Unlocked iPhones Being Prepped

    Pure Mobile — don’t bother, the site is down — is claiming that they’ll have unlocked iPhone’s for sale, but I call complete BS on this. If the reports are true and only four million units are shipped, which equates to something like three iPhone’s per AT&T and Apple store, then Pure Mobile is doing some real heavy wheelin’ and dealin’… Read More

  • Rifftrax Acquires Cuts

    About four months since launch, web video editor Cuts.com has been acquired by Rifftrax, a site featuring DVD commentary by Michael J. Nelson of MST3K. No word on the price. The online video editing space has become increasingly competitive. Click.tv recently joined the deadpool, with plans to reorganize. On their blog post about the acquisition, CEO Evan Kraus says that since launch… Read More

  • Latest CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the latest jobs on CrunchBoard: Chief Executive Officer at Photography Online Community with E-commerce in California or Illinois (Chicago), CA Marketing Manager at Piczo Inc in San Francisco, CA Senior Java Web Develoeprs at Myndnet in Palo Alto, CA Windows Application Programmer at Garage Games in Eugene, OR Senior Java/J2EE Developer at n2N Commerce in… Read More

  • Wibree Joins The Bluetooth Family

    Bluetooth expands its realm of awesomeness with the inclusion of Nokia’s Wibree. The Wibree technology will now become the ultra low power Bluetooth spec. This in turn will boost Bluetooth’s Personal Area Networking for smaller devices to be used wirelessly. It’s been a long time coming as Wibree was first started in 2001. The first products to showcase Wibree’s… Read More

  • Video of Steve Jobs' WWDC 2007 Keynote Now Available

    If you spent your time yesterday under a rock (lol1) you would have missed Steve Jobs’ keynote. (Good thing, too, because it stunk.) But, for your viewing pleasure, Apple just posted the whole dog and pony show on its Web site. Relive great moments like, uh, when the EA guy comes out in his pajamas and describes Need For Speed: Carbon as a “car game” and when some… Read More

  • Safari's Porn Mode

    TUAW just dug up “private mode” in the new Safari 3 beta, a feature that deletes downloaded files, keeps no cookies, and doesn’t hold onto passwords or personal info. As someone who enjoys certain types of sites now and again — OK, every 15 minutes — it’s nice to know this is out there. It will definitely save on lawyer bills during the divorce… Read More

  • "Worst. Keynote. Ever!" T-Shirt: Take That, Steve Jobs

    Because Jobs’ keynote stunk to high heaven yesterday, this dude is going to cash in. A simple black t-shirt with the incredibly apt phrase “Worst. Keynote. Ever!” scrawled across the front. Just under $20 will land you a convenient, if not entirely played out, method of registering your disgust with WWDC 2007. Product Page [MacMerc.com] Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod

    We don’t normally tip you off on Woot deals, but this one was too good to pass up. iPods die at the most inopportune times and it really burns my biscuits because it’s happened to me too many times. Anyways, it’s Two for Tuesdays and up for grabs is a pair of Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Packs for $19.99. As Borat would say: “That is quite a good deal and I think… Read More

  • Win a 42-Inch Plasma: 24-Hours Until Contest Is Over

    Is anyone entering this contest? Are you all really that busy? Contest Info Read More

  • Teen Stabs PS3 Burglar With Samurai Sword

    This is, without a doubt, the coolest PS3 story I’ve heard about in a long time. Two burglars broke into a Florida home and started to ransack the place. What they didn’t know is that Damian Fernandez and his 15-year-old sister Deanne were both home at the time. Deanne hid in her closet when she heard the robbers break in through her front door and watched the whole ordeal unfold… Read More

  • Toshiba Cuts Sales Expectations of HD DVD Players In Half; Sony Says Blu-ray Doing Swell

    Toshiba just slashed sales expectations of HD DVD players by nearly 50 percent in response to slower-than-anticipated sales in the U.S. The slow sales of the company’s HD DVD players in the U.S. will negatively affect the global position of the high-definition format, the company said. Toshiba now expects to sell 1 million players, down from the 1.8 million that it initially… Read More

  • More than Meets the Eye on Mobile This Summer

    With content that promises to be “More than Meets the Eye” the TRANSFORMERS will arrive on mobile phones this summer in time for the big-screen movie from director Michael Bay. Glu Mobile Inc, a global publisher of mobile games, today announced that it will release the mobile game and personalization content based on the film on July 4, 2007. “As buzz builds for the… Read More

  • Five Ways The iPhone Will Change The Wireless Industry

    Om Malik has been eyeing Steve Jobs’ recent keynote at WWDC ’07 and has put together a list of ways the iPhone will change the wireless industry. Om brings up some important points that we normally wouldn’t think of while caught up in the hoopla of the iPhone. He mentions that since the iPhone is essentially an iPod as well, there’s no need to shell out money to… Read More

  • Sony Starts Official Playstation Blog, World Keeps Spinning

    “We’ve been waiting” No, we haven’t. Sony just started a Playstation blog which is managed and written by executives at SCEA. This new website will apparently give insight into the minds of Sony execs which was never before possible. Of course, there are absolutely no other websites devoted to the Playstation or Sony. This leaves us wondering whether the people at… Read More

  • Storage Problems Arise On The Wii

    You thought your Wii was truly a special console, didn’t you? Sure it doesn’t play DVDs and it lacks a hard drive, but that’s ok, ’cause the Wii has a remote for a controller! Now Wii owners are finding out the hard way that not having a hard drive sucks. Jake over at 8BitJoystick.com downloaded one too many VC games and realized that his Wii channels were full and… Read More

  • Gmail Intros PowerPoint Preview

    In Google’s never ending war against all other software companies, a feature in Gmail was just spotted which allows instant slideshow previews of all PowerPoint files. Google has mentioned that it plans to release software for editing these files also which is really making me reconsider Office 2007. With a full range of readers and applications, Google Office is looking pretty hot… Read More

  • ATI Shipping Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 GPUs

    PC Gamers will always find a way to justify buying the latest, greatest card on the market. ATI and nVidia know this, which is why they keep releasing cards on a weekly basis. ATI’s latest offerings include the Radeon 2400 HD and 2600 HD. Both cards will be available at fine retailers online and off. Both GPUs feature AMD’s Unified Video Decoder technology, which lessens the load… Read More

  • Epson R380 Ultra HD Photo Printer Review

    The Epson R380 is an Ultra Hi-Definition photo printer that relies on some of the same technologies used by professional photo printers. The R380s is the mid-range in Epson’s HD photo printer line with the R260 on the lower end and the RX580 at the top of the line. Slightly less than 16 pounds, the R380 is approximately 18 inches wide, 21 inches deep and just over 11 inches high and has… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Welcome to the Best Commenter Ever where we, the staff, honor you, the readers by posting your antics every now and then for everyone to enjoy. Last time we saw the introduction of the coveted CrunchDunce award and this time another commenter has had the honor bestowed upon him. We all know that Mac bashing is fun and that all the cool kids do it: Chuck earned the number one spot with his… Read More

  • YouTube Rolling Out Video Fingerprinting

    Rush could have the option to remove this video or take in profits from it In an effort to curb the constant copyright-infringement occurring over at YouTube, the company announced plans to test a new form of video identification. Disney and Time-Warner are the first companies in line to test the waters on this new form of digital fingerprinting and others will soon follow if the trial is… Read More

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