• Halo 2 Windows Vista Edition "Drops" on May 22

    Quick heads up for the many gamers out there: The Windows Vista edition of Halo 2 ships on May 22, despite what we said earlier. It seems there’s been a slight delay to address some last minute technical issues. You’ll be able to play against Xbox owners on Live and against fellow Windows users for free. There’s also a map editor. Neat. Now bring on the third installment… Read More

  • Screen Shot of Truemors: Guy Kawasaki's Rumor Service

    We mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture, Truemors, last week along with some early comments we got from the private beta testers (“rumor reporting bulletin board with twitter-like capabilities”). We’ve now gotten into the private beta via some “borrowed” credentials and have had a look around for ourselves. The site, which is built on the WordPress… Read More

  • Mother's Day iPod Giveaway: The Items Can Be Virtual

    Whip out MS Paint, draw your mommy a card, and send it along, folks. I’m even canceling the “voting” portion and will pick a winner at random tomorrow at noon EST. To be fair, I will pick one of the three “physical” entrants in a separate pool than the “virtual” entrants, ensuring that they have a better chance of winning. Read on for full details, again. Read More

  • Panasonic Strada: Your GPS On Steroids

    Say “hello” to the Panasonic Strada (it rhymes with “yo mama” and means “street” in I-talian), otherwise known by its catchier model number: The CN-NVD905U. The in-dash HDD mobile navigation system (professional installers only, please) is the first Panasonic navigation system to reach the U.S. and was designed specifically for the North American/U.S. market. Read More

  • From the Vaults of Why? LG HDTV Fridge

    Today we open up The Vaults of Why? for yet another product: the LG LSC27990 refrigerator. This $4,000 appliance features the popular two door fridge and freezer design. It also comes standard with a 15-inch LCD HDTV in the door. Why anyone should need an HDTV built into their fridge is beyond me, but if you’ve found yourself wishing there was a TV there when you open it to get… Read More

  • Soltronix Solar Powered AM/FM Radio: Save the Environment, Listen to Hot Talk

    From the looks of it, going “green” is set to become the next SoHo fashion trend, following the micro-sized dog fad that’s all the rage right now. One way to get jump on the bandwagon is with the Soltronix Headphone AM/FM Radio. It’s a pair of solar powered headphones whose solar cells are sensitive enough to run with just 30 percent light exposure. It sort of works… Read More

  • Foreboding New Zune Ad

    Video: Zune TV Spot Zune Insider has announced the release of a new Zune ad, that seems a little too appropriate. As you can see, it depicts a legion of Zunes in an environment that looks considerably like a graveyard. Now I still love my Zune, I hold to my original statement that it’s a great music player. But I have still yet to encounter… Read More

  • Feeling Cheeky? Try Out Happy Monkey!

    FM Radio is always hit or miss, but with the Happy Monkey FM Radio, every time you go to listen to the radio, you’ll feel youthful again. These crazy little monkeys come in yellow, green, blue, or red and only cost $16, which isn’t terrible for a creative-looking radio. No AM is available because AM radio sucks, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Oh. See that little… Read More

  • Ubuntu @ The Library: Like "Blair Witch," But With Linux

    You so rarely get to see people actually happy about installing operating systems, but that’s one of the things about Linux — you stick in a disk and suddenly an old crappy computer running Windows ME is a real powerhouse. The video shows a librarian in Washington, Vermont installing Ubuntu. With the zydeco background music, her palpable excitement, and the fact that they make pee… Read More

  • Mophie Bevy Review

    Its not every day that I get to review a device so meaningless that I want to cry — actually that does happen every day, as evidenced much of our slow news day coverage — and the Bevy is one of those devices. It’s an iPod Shuffle case, it’s made of plastic and metal, and it has a church key for opening bottles of frosty ale. What else could you ask for? Read More

  • E! True Hollywood Story: Luigi Segali

    This week’s episode of E! True Hollywood Story focuses on our favorite ‘Player 2’, Luigi. The Segali Brothers started out as simple plumbers and made their way to Hollywood to hit it big. Sadly, Mario’s super stardom leads Luigi down a very dark and lonely path, where his Fire Flower addiction, life of crime and allegations of punching kittens in the throat almost… Read More

  • LG Launches Santa Rosa Laptops A Day Early

    We’ll probably never see these laptops on our shores, but it is important to note that LG is going nuts with the Santa Rosa laptops this morning, about 24-hours before everyone — including a company that begins with S and rhymes with “pony” — is getting their Santa Rosa laptops ready to roll out the door. Santa Rosa, for those not in the know-sa, is the fourth… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson S500: Ever-changing Themes and Illuminations

    I know that this sounds like a Jonathan Safran-Foer novel, but the S500 has “Hidden Illumination” and “Ever-changing Themes,” dig? It’s got “Vibrant Images” and “Mysterious Green” and “Spring Yellow” exteriors. Yes, friends, it seems that someone slipped some ketamine in S-E’s bento box. Read More

  • Recent Jobs on Crunchboard – Become An Affiliate

    Recent jobs on the Crunchboard Job Board: Flash Design and Production Artist at Filter in San Francisco Sr. Software Engineer at Piczo in San Francisco Web 2.0 Software Engineer at R7 Solutions in Houston Technology Evangelist at Truveo (AOL) in San Francisco Marketing Manager at Snapvine in Menlo Park, CA Senior Product Manager at iWin in San Francisco Senior Java Performance Engineer at… Read More

  • Mother's Day iPod Giveaway: Two Entrants, No Smoking

    OK, guys. It’s six days until Mother’s Day and you don’t have anything for your mom. How about an iPod Nano and some chocolates, courtesy of Best Buy. Here’s what’s going to happen. I have two iPods lying around here and, in order to ensure they go out in time for Mom to get one, I need entries by 12:00 PM EST Wednesday, May 9 and we’ll vote until 12:00PM… Read More

  • Apple to Reveal Feature-Complete Leopard at WWDC: Secret, As Yet Unannounced Features Ahoy

    If Apple’s official e-mails are to be believed then we should see Leopard in all its glory at the WWDC next month. The key phrase from the e-mail—feature-complete version—implies that all of Leopard’s so-called secret features that many think Apple has yet to reveal will be there. New Finder? New GUI altogether? Something else no one else has come up with? In a little… Read More

  • Patent Applicaiton Shows Landline Phone That Displays Internet-Based Ads: Hooray, More Ads

    A patent application that ZDNet unearthed a few days ago shows a regular old telephone that’s capable of displaying Internet-based ads on its screen. That includes Google Ads, part of the reason why Google is worth $infinity right now. The phone uses the Internet Protocol Phone System (like the in-trouble Vonage), so it could also tap into Internet radio streams, provided they’re… Read More

  • Say Hello to the Ofone

    The Zune Phone isn’t Microsoft’s answer to the iPhone. The Ofone is and I’ll be the first in line! WTF?! MS, I love you again. The Windows Mobile oPhone Video [Inside MS] Read More

  • Centerfold Guitar Folds in Half and Doesn't Even Need to be Retuned

    This Centerfold guitar, they want us to know, is the world’s first guitar that folds in half for easy transport. It takes just 20 seconds to go from musical instrument to compact, everyday blunt object. It’s built, by hand, by “Sweden’s finest luthiers” and despite its crazy construction actually sounds pretty good (though Vince is the true guitar expert here). Read More

  • Showtime for Universal on Mobile Phones

    The best seat in the house could be on a bus or train, or just about anywhere else where you can take your mobile phone. TG Daily is reporting that mobile entertainment company I-Play has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to provide streaming video clips from dozens of features films to cellular handsets. While you still won’t be able to watch full films, these clips will be from… Read More

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