• Is Vista Broken? Joe Wilcox Says 'Yes'

    Joe Wilcox does not like Windows Vista. I can sympathize. I just bought a new PC and after using XP for the last however-many years, I was excited to see what all the Vista fuss was about. Read More

  • New Space Hotel Opening In 2012

    “We have calculated that there are 40,000 people in the world who could afford to stay at the hotel. Whether they will want to spend money on going into space, we just don’t know.” These words from Xavier Claramunt, company director for the upcoming three-bedroom space hotel set to launch in 2012. The price for a three-day stay? A cool $4 million. Read More

  • T-Mobile Samsung Blast Reviewed

    Pretty on the outside like a fresh Apple mixed with tar Samsung has come a long way since it started manufacturing cellphones. Over the past two years, I’ve seen a lot of great phones appear with the SAMSUNG logo plastered on the front of each device. But lately, Samsung hasn’t been doing much to impress. Repetition and competition are key points to blame when it comes to figuring… Read More

  • Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD Player

    This format war will drag on until we’re long since bored with it, if we’re not already. Onkyo’s shiny new HD DVD player, the DV-HD805, takes full advantage of the format’s extra features, including those that require a network connection. Movie freaks will be thankful for its ability to play movies at 24 frames per second—a feature that sorta came out of nowhere… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Kodak 5300 All-in-One Printer

    Now that you’ve won a camera, how about a photo printer to go along with it? Kodak has donated a Kodak 5300 All-in-One Printer featuring Kodak’s new ultra-cheap ink technology. Check out our review and read on for how to enter. Read More

  • iMovie '08 Supports HDD, DVD Camcorders, YAY!

    Owners of Mac and HDD/DVD camcorders finally have a reason to live or at the very least not to throw either against the wall. Say hello to iLife ’08, iMovie in particular. Your frustrations at Apple for not supporting AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats ends now. It may set you back $79, but it’s certainly worth it if you own a Sony, JVC, Canon or Panasonic model that’s been tested… Read More

  • How To Spot An HDMI-Equipped Premium Xbox 360

    Oh you didn’t know? Microsoft decked out the Premium Xbox 360 with an HDMI port, giving you one less reason to shell out the extra cash for an Elite 360. (I’d save for the new Halo 3 360, but that’s just me.) How do you spot the HDMI-equipped Premium? Um, it says that it has an HDMI port. Also, you’ll find the word “Zephyr” on the box. Class… Read More

  • More Details About Palm's Upcoming Foleo

    If you’ve been following news about the upcoming Palm Foleo, you may have noticed that it’s gotten a lukewarm reception from many gadget websites. Common complaints are that it’s underpowered, overpriced, and can’t play videos. For $500 you could get a cheap laptop that does exponentially more than the Foleo can do. That being said, I’m still getting one. Read More

  • Dell Experiencing Shipping Delays, Again

    Let this be a lesson to all of you. Dell struggles when it comes to shipping things in a timely manner and who really wants a bloated 7-pound laptop? This time around it’s the XPS M1330 and Inspiron laptops. Over at Notebook Review, an XPS delay dedicated thread already has 9,000 comments. The Inspirons aren’t experiencing the massive delays, but it all depends on what color you want. Read More

  • Oh Noes! iPhone Touchscreen Craps Out

    Sadly, Apple Kitteh is wrong on this one This is exactly why I’m waiting for iPhone 2.0. Maybe I’m the weird one, but I never buy v1.0 of anything, especially Apple products. Although, I haven’t had too many issues with my MacBook. The forums over at Apple Insider and Macrumors have been lighting up over the past few days with some irate iPhone users experiencing dead spots… Read More

  • Moto RAZR2 Debuts On Verizon Wireless: Such A Powerful LCD

    The much-hyped Motorola RAZR2 debuts on Verizon Wireless today. It will come with all the focus group-tested VZW features that I never use like V-Cast music downloads and VZ Navigator GPS. So the service is as you’d expect from Verizon. Here that means the best call quality out of all the major carriers, but you do have to put up with VZW’s habit of crippling phones. Read More

  • Sell Your Digital Wares Through Edgeio Paid Content

    Classified listing service Edgeio now lets you sell content through your listings. The new type of listing called “Paid content” consists of the same listing Edgeio already hosts, but comes with an embedded digital locker. Through the locker, users can securely sell text, file downloads, and streaming media through a widget hosted by Edgeio. It seems a good fit for selling podcasts… Read More

  • Spinning Camera Concept Takes Great 360 Degree Panoramas

    This spinning digital camera marks the second day in a row that I’ve seen a clever, useful concept. My whole world is crumbling right before me. It works like a top (or dreidel, I suppose), one with a built-in camera. Spin the camera and it takes a 360 degree panorama of the area. All photos are stored on a memory card, as they usually are. Read More

  • New iMac Keyboard Is OK, But Don't Expect It To Be A Good USB Hub

    ThinkMac, the guys behind the NewsLife RSS reader (I used its predecessor, NewsMac, back in the day), just got Apple’s fancy new iMac keyboard and delivered onto us a short, sorta mixed reaction review. There’s no silly unboxing, no “boy it’s sexyyy¡” here, just the opinion of some hard-working Mac developers. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Samsung L77 7.1-megapixel Digital Camera

    Our first prize of the day is the Samsung L77 7-megapixel digital camera. This super slim camera has a 38-266mm optical zoom with 2.5-inch screen and 20MB of built-in memory with slots for SD and SDHC cards. Here’s a full review — I can’t find ours for some reason — and special thanks go out to the folks at Samsung for supplying us with some great gear. Read More

  • Happy Birthday, CrunchGear!

    In honor of CrunchGear’s first birthday, the CG team is giving away over 30 prizes in the next 10 days, culminating in a get-together in Manhattan and maybe an iPhone or two. Head on over to check it out. Read More

  • Business Users Seen As Key To Cellphone Gaming Growth

    Well then, this is the complete antithesis of an earlier post. According to the Wall Street Journal, soon to be improved by Rupert Murdoch, BlackBerry-toting business users increasingly want to play video games on their precious device. They want to have the highest score in the office and the bragging rights that come with it. Companies like EA—loathed by “real”… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, CrunchGear!

    It was one year ago today that Blake and I launched CrunchGear, another gadget blog in a sea of gadget blogs. One year later we’ve hit the Technorati Top 100 (like Peter Ha’s weight, we tend to fluctuate above and below the 100 point) and just finished two consecutive months of 1 million+ pageviews. Not too shabby for a ragtag bunch of misfits out to stop the evil Empire… Read More

  • Onkyo CBX-Z1: It's A Radio, It's An iPod Dock

    You wouldn’t believe how dreary it is in the greater New York region right now, so dreary, in fact, that I’ve lost the will to call out Onkyo for making yet another iPod speaker+dock. The CBX-Z1 is actually more of a plane jane tabletop radio+CD player than a “straight up” speaker+dock, just with an additional slot for your iPod. It is, however, part of Onkyo’s… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Can Apple Afford to Slacker?

    Radio gives you two important things: It keeps you from getting in a musical rut, and you don’t have to make any decisions about what to listen to next. Now that customizable Internet radio services like Last.fm and Slacker are all the rage, the time has never been better for Apple to let iPod users get a piece of the action. I smell an iPod + Slacker partnership now that Apple got… Read More

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