• Salesforce Dives Deep into Google Adwords

    Salesforce will announce the launch of a new service called Salesforce for Google Adwords on Tuesday. The new product will be available to Salesforce customers on AppExchange, which launched earlier this year. Salesforce for Google AdWords can be found at appexchange.com under Search Marketing in the Marketing category. The product can be used by customers to create, track and measure… Read More

  • Cell Phones of the Future!

    Business Week ran an article today showcasing several handset prototypes. Few of them look particularly practicle, but I guess originality and sensibility aren’t always mutual. The phone shown is called the Oynx from Pilotfish and Synaptics. It has no buttons and is controlled entirely by signs and gestures. The idea is cool in theory, but I can imagine many circumstances in which… Read More

  • Jadoo Goes to Space

    Jadoo Power Systems announced today that it has received a contract to develop advanced fuel canisters for use with hydrogen fuel cells. Using a proprietary digital interface technology called N-Stor, the new canisters can utilize a chemical hydride derived from ammonia borane. This process drastically reduces the weight of the new canisters, making it ideal for space objectives. Jadoo Read More

  • Fox Streams More TV to Internet

    Fox has released its “Full Throttle” platform which streams television shows over the internet. We’ve been waiting for this since it was first announced in April (and further covered here). It’s unclear exactly what shows will eventually be streamed (although we know some of them). The project is complicated by the fact that Fox has to negotiate separate deals with each… Read More

  • Guba starts price war on movie downloads

    Guba, who recently added professional content from Warner and Sony to its user generated lineup, announced today that it’s dropping prices on rentals and purchases. View-On-Demand (VOD), a 24 hour rental priced from $1.79 to $2.99 will drop to $.49 for catalog titles to $.99 for new titles. Download-To-Own (DTO) will go from a range of $9.99 to $19.99 to $4.99 for catalog titles and… Read More

  • Heads Roll At AOL, Including CTO

    The heads are rolling at AOL over the recent search engine data clusterfuck (see here, here, here and here). CTO Maureen Govern and two other employees are now history. John McKinley, AOL’s former CTO, will take over on an interim basis. See here and John Paczkowski for more. From my discussion with Andrew Weinstein, the AOL spokesperson who apologized on behalf of AOL after the data… Read More

  • Zooomr launches zoomable picture in picture feature

    Photosharing upstart Zooomr launched a number of new features today, the most notable one called Portals. It’s a means of linking zoomable pictures inside of each other. It’s quite striking, as you can see from the video below. Zooomr also released annotation features today that include the ability to leave notes on images that are color coded by friend status and people notes… Read More

  • Amazon Is Down

    Reports are coming in that Amazon.com is down…and sure enough it is. I’ve got a ping into Amazon PR to see if this is something serious (for a site like this to go down on a week day, it probably is). If anyone has information on when it first went down, please let us know. It sounds like the outage has been for an extended period of time and is affecting international sites as… Read More

  • Belkin WiFi Skype Phone Review

    Gizmodo has the exclusive review of the Belkin WiFi Skype phone up today, and they seem to be impressed. The connection and setup parts of the process were relatively painless, supporting WEP, WPA, and WPA2-PSK encryption. The actual calls were fairly good as well, with Skype to Skype performing well and SkypeOut almost just as well, with a little added delay. Other than calling… Read More

  • Sprint Treo 700wx Ad Brochure Leaked

    The Sprint Treo 700wx is almost upon us, and someone from the Sprint Users forum has a copy of the upcoming ad brochure featuring the new “Smart Device”. Some notables are the ethering your phone as a modem (needs a Phone as Modem Plan) and their target market of high-end and business users. Click the image for a full look. Sprint Users Forum [via Slashphone] Read More

  • QuickerTek Takes Macbook Pro to 5.5 dBi

    QuickerTek has released a new omni-directional antenna for use with the 15″ MacBook Pro. This newly designed 5.5 dBi rig is capable of increasing exponentially the range of portables equipped with it. It will also allow users to connect to those distant networks at significantly higher speeds. There is a catch though, QuickerTek warns about installation: This one is not that easy to do. Read More

  • Shuttle XPC SD37P2: Fastest Small Form Factor PC

    The Shuttle XPC Barebone SD37P2 will cost only 419 Euros, or 537 dollars when it’s released in the 3Q 2006, but we’ll be damned if you don’t get a lot of performance from this little machine. The included Intel 975X/ICH7R motherboard supports Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo Extreme, Pentium Extreme or Pentium D CPUs, and has enough room for 8GB of RAM, 2 PCI-E cards, 3 SATA… Read More

  • Samsung 70-inch LCD TV

    Being unveiled August 23 at the International Meeting on Information Displays, this huge 70-inch LCD TV From Samsung holds the record for being the largest LCD, beating the previous record holder of 65-inches. The TV supports 1080p, 120Hz refresh rate, less than 8ms response rate and will be produced starting the first half of ’07. Start saving up your money now because this bad boy… Read More

  • Pink PS2 Coming To the UK In November

    Bundled with the popular UK game Singstar Pop, which lets you Karaoke along with your favorite pop tunes, this Pink PS2 will be landing the Queen’s country with as much grace as Ken has when he’s dressed in Barbie’s clothes. Not only is the body pink, the controller, control cables, and even the memory card is pink. Boy, we bet they’re going to get the girls to play… Read More

  • SocialPicks enables collaborative investment research

    There’s no shortage of stock market oriented communities coming online, it’s almost hard to tell them apart, but today’s entrant is particularly interesting. SocialPicks is focused on reputation building and small group collaboration. They have just begun to offer limited beta accounts. Users enter their stock trading activities and thoughts then befriend and rate other users. Read More

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2 Pictures Leaked

    Pictures of he upcoming Sony DSC-N2 digicam have just turned up on a Chinese discussion board, showing off its new slim and rounded body. The new N2 is reported to have 10.1 megapixel resolution, a 3x Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens, a large touch screen (3 inches), and ISO 1000 support. i4u thinks the official announcement will come at Photokina in September. Forum [via i4u] Read More

  • Onkyo Portable Media Player With No Screen

    Onkyo’s making this PMP to be sort of a do-it-yourself approach to PMPs. The player fits a 2.5″ hard drive which you need to put in yourself – not to mention buy yourself. Then, better yet, it has no screen, so you’ll have to pipe out all your video through your TV. Wait, I haven’t gotten to the best part, the supported codecs. Yes, because the casing is so large… Read More

  • Panasonic's New 4GB 3CCD Camcorder

    The SDR-S150 SD from Panasonic has many features that set it apart from its competitors. It features MPEG2 recording with 4GB of storage and can fit up to 3 hours and 20 minutes of video. In addition to its recording capabilities, the camcorder SD utilizes a Leica Dicomar lens and an Advanced Pure Color Engine to deliver respectable image quality. The SDR-S150 SD will be available in September… Read More

  • Web Call centre solution Sky-Click opens today

    Switzerland based SKY-click is releasing today its light-weight 100% web based call centre. Since our first review about 800 companies registered to their alpha version but now SKY-click is launching at full speed. SKY-Click is a 100% web-based and easy to use call centre solution based on Skype. Implementation and usage is simple and quick. SKY-click enables free PC to PC and cheap… Read More

  • SanDisk Introduces 8GB "Nano Killer"

    SanDisk, Inc., the makers of all things flash, announced today large shakeups to its line of DAP players–the most notable of which is the forthcoming e280. The new player will carry 8GB of flash memory and a microSD expansion slot. In addition to the new model, prices for existing Sansa players at 2, 4 and 6 gigabytes will be reduced up to 30 percent, bringing the price range of… Read More