• Next iPod or iPhone May Have Dynamic Lyrics Display

    A recently published patent filed by Apple shows that the next iPod or iPhone may have a new way of displaying song lyrics. The patents shows that text displayed would be highlighted in some way, whether it be color, an underline, or box around the text. This could be used for karaoke or following along with an audiobook. So far it sounds like a smart idea for the Cupertino-based… Read More

  • Crackle Coverage Continued, With More Kung Fu

    Crackle’s eating some of their own dog food since launch to produce this corporate viral video. This is the second in their Kung Fu series where grouper takes on the competition, with a noticeably higher production value. I don’t know what it is about working at Grouper that breeds a love of kung fu films (see their previous video), but the ending may be more justified with… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Fit Parody

    This video needs no introduction. Just watch and laugh, cry, or throw your Wii out the window. Read More

  • Original Enigma Machine For Sale

    Currently priced at a bit over $20,000, this real German Enigma machine is apparently in full working order and only needs “bulbs,” presumably for the internal display. The Enigma machine confounded the Allies for years and was essentially the precursor to the modern computer and the men and women of Project Ultra who finally cracked the code are proto-hackers to whom many of us… Read More

  • XtremeMac's New iPhone Cases Are, In Fact, Cases

    Owners of the iPhone will inevitably want to keep their prized possession looking as fresh and new as the day they bought it, but we all have different tastes so XtremeMac has released the Onyx, SportWrap and TuffWrap to satisfy them. The Onyx is built for the professional with fine black leather and white stitching and an integrated belt clip to show everyone in the board room you’re a… Read More

  • New 3CCD, Hi-Def JVC Everio Coming in September

    Fans of the hard drive-based JVC Everio line will be pleased to hear that a new three-chip, HD version will be available in early September. The GZ-HD3 will feature 1440×1080 HD recording, three, 16:9 progressive-scan CCDs, a 60GB hard drive, and will weigh a pound and a half. Recording is 1080i only, unfortunately, but should still be plenty good for everyday use. I have an Everio… Read More

  • Samsung Unveils Gold-Plated Phone For Olympic Games

    With the Olympics coming to Beijing, China next year, electronics manufacturers know it’s time to step up to the plate and to offer something ridiculous and expensive to commemorate the event. Samsung today announced a special version of the P318 Anycall phone in a stunning 18-karat gold paint job.Combined with the black finish, it looks like an alright phone, especially next to the… Read More

  • Ujogo Launches, Takes Series A Funding And Acquires Gaming Everywhere

    Gaming site Ujogo launched in public beta today, providing a free poker service that combines game play with player rewards and social networking tools. In a busy day for Ujogo, the company also announced Series A funding and the acquisition of Gaming Everywhere. The company refused to disclose how much the Series A funding was, or who it was from; the latter in particular being somewhat… Read More

  • Fake Tattoos For The Macho Nerd

    Nerds being macho. Right. Never gonna happen, but you can always pretend to be tough! Why not pick up a set of these geek tattoos available from Archie McPhee? You’ll get 16 of silliest, geekiest rub-on tattoos available. All the classics are there, including “Pwn3d!!!”, “w00t!”, and “”. If these don’t bag you a blind, 400-pound chick… Read More

  • 120GB PS3 Coming To Europe

    Like this, ‘cept 120GB Well, maybe. It’s a rumor and anyone can make those up. But according to Akihabara News and its silly “trusted sources”, a 120GB version of the Playstation 3 will be making its way to Europe in the form of a starter pack. The package would probably include a few games, 120GB system, and two controllers I’m guessing. Judging by this image of… Read More

  • Nokia Adding A-GPS To Select Phones

    Looks like Nokia is still a company that cares about giving back to its customers. The Finnish phone maker is adding assisted GPS to phones that already have a GPS receiver included. The purpose for the update is to improve usability of its Maps program on select phones, which is always a plus when you’re trying to find yourself lost with only a cellphone. So what are you waiting for? Read More

  • Sprint And Clearwire Strike Major WiMax Deal

    Today Sprint and Clearwire announced that the two companies will be partnering to create a nationwide mobile broadband network. Using the 2.5GHz spectrum as the foundation, this network looks to be one of the first of its kind. With super-fast speeds and availability from New York to San Francisco, this could very well be the boost Sprint needs for its image in light of recent… Read More

  • New $299 TiVo Series3 Available Soon?

    The TiVo Series3 DVR is about to get a little more affordable, according to a recent Ars Technica article. A product with the model number “TCD652160″ has apparently been popping up intermittently on retail websites in the past few days and is believed to be the new “Series3 Lite” as it’s been christened by the TiVo community. General consensus is that the new… Read More

  • Moo's Stickers Are Here – 100 Free Sets For Readers

    As promised, London-based Moo has released a new sticker product this morning. $10 plus shipping gets you 90 small but high quality vinyl stickers, and each can be a different image if you like. If you want to try this out, we have something cool for you. The first 100 people to place an order through the link below get a free order, with free shipping. After 100 orders, you have to pay the… Read More

  • Dontcha Think This Meme is About Dead?

    This video requires no explanation nor does it actually require you to view it. Just rub yourself all over with lamp oil, listen to the Pussycat Dolls, and kiss your iPhone until you fall asleep. Read More

  • Keen vs. Weinberger: The Plot (by Amateurs) Against America

    Why is this man smiling? I was on my way to the outhouse with some print-outs of the WSJ opinion page — the newsprint version is too harsh — when I noticed an interview between Andrew Keen, writer of The Cult of the Amateur, and David Weinberger, author of Everything is Miscellaneous. Mr. Keen’s argument runs in the cranky old man watching Elvis on Ed Sullivan vein. He… Read More

  • E-mail is Dead to Kids, Use Social Networks Instead

    Kids don’t use e-mail to communicate with each other. Not socially, at least. See, kids today are all about the Facebook (so are we) and the MySpace when they need to send longish messages to each other. If they’re just sending short messages—”where u at, dawg?” and the like—they’ll TXT each other. IM, it sees, is also on the way out as far as kids… Read More

  • 10 Gmail Apps: You Know, For Gmail

    I don’t really use Gmail’s web interface, but if I did I’d download all ten of these apps and plugins and make my Gmail experience that much better. I think the best one on this list is Gmail This bookmarklet which allows you to send blog postings and other things just by clicking a button. Most of the tools are for Firefox only, but a few are cross-platform. Top 10… Read More

  • Pageflakes Blizzard Release Launches

    Customized home page startup Pageflakes launched a slew of new features this morning under what it is calling its “Blizzard” release. Among all of the new features, the two that are important to highlight are social networking and customizable themes on pages. Until today Pageflakes users could create pages for their own use, and/or make public pages called Pagecasts. The content… Read More

  • The Futurist: Simple Ways Gadgets Could Be Better

    We love gadgets. And, like everything we love, gadgets piss us off. So many times, I’ve held a product and thought to myself: “This would be perfect, if only…” The fact is, even with countless generations and web forums full of fuming fans, companies still repeat numerous mistakes. Mistakes that feel like a slap to the face of hard-working gadgeteers everywhere. For… Read More

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