• Hollywood Hearts PS3

    I’m apologizing in advance for posting this, but I find it extraordinarily silly. Sony sent out a press release this morning announcing last night’s unveiling of the PS3 to “Hollywood’s elite.”
    At the invite-only event, David Arquette and Nick Cannon witnessed a new era of gaming, playing PS3 launch titles such as Resistance: Fall of Man, Genji: Days of the Blade… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Detox Edition

    Take a look at some of Wednesday’s interesting stories: TrackStick Pro: GPS Snoop/Tracker
    Tiny Living Xmas Tree for Your Desk
    PlugKing Innovates Powerstrip
    Time’s Gadget Of The Year: Nintendo DS In The Lead
    Cell Phone Detox Contest Read More

  • Simon Murdoch speaks at Internet People dinner

    Simon Murdoch is interesting. Amazon’s first head in the UK has been both an entrepreneur and a VC and now he’s back to being an entrepreneur again. Speaking last night to an Internet People dinner audience comprised largely of entrepreneurs (indicated by a show of hands), he talked briefly about the Web start-up experience and how to raise money. What follows are paraphrased… Read More

  • iLike Adds Music Videos From YouTube

    There’s lots of buzz about newcomer social music site iLike (a Garageband service) this week at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. We originally covered them in late October – download the iLike iTunes sidebar and see music related to what you listen to, along with recommendations of indie music that you might like, and tons of stats on the music you and your friends listen to on… Read More

  • Neo-Network Computing & The Service-Oriented Client

    Google’s Eric Schmidt made the perfect analogy for webware and web-based applications yesterday at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 conference: “Fundamentally, it’s better to keep your money in the bank than in your pocket.” Schmidt was commenting on the notion that architectural recent developments had now enabled the vision of Ellison’s Network Computer to finally… Read More

  • AOL, MSFT, GOOG: What Are They Doing in the Sandbox?

    Microsoft, AOL and Google are making more quiet moves in their labs that indicate an interest in the kinds of things that many Web 2.0 startups are doing. From social bookmarking to rich media RSS to clustered search, here’s a quick overview of some of the newest developments still far from market. If you are a heavy user of new web tools, try not to giggle. These could be signs of… Read More

  • Battle Test: Belkin SportsCommand

    I first encountered the Belkin SportsCommand at Digital Life about a month ago and I was intrigued by its design. There are a lot of Bluetooth iPod controllers out there, but none that can stand up to the demands of serious athletics. I do a lot of cross country mountain biking, and over the years I’ve searched for a product of precisely this caliber.After using the SportsCommand for… Read More

  • DietTelevision: Weight Loss 2.0

    I never thought I’d find a dieting website interesting, but today’s launch of DietTelevision is something that web 2.0 heads will want to take note of. The site is a directory of diet plans that combines user ratings and professional nutritionist analysis of various factors like ease of implementation, speed of weight loss and allowable alcohol consumption. It’s a… Read More

  • Mac Guy Waves Bye-Bye

    Yea so I doubt this will come as much surprise to anyone, but Radar Online is reporting that the “Jeepers Creepers” kid will no longer be playing Mac in commercials. Justin Long’s rep has confirmed that Long will no longer be in the commercials stating: Every ad you see Justin in is for that previous time period only. There’s no long-term deal with him. Justin’s… Read More

  • Phantom Slips Yet Again

    Just when things looked like they might be perking up slightly for vapor-friendly Phantom, it went and announced that shipping of its much touted lapboard has been delayed. You’ll remember the lapboard as the one component to emerge from Phantom’s ill-fated gaming system. Biggs actually had the opportunity to check out the lapboard late last month. He seemed cautiously optimistic… Read More

  • ConceptShare and Thinkature: Two Approaches to Visual Collaboration

    Collaboration between distributed users online is widely recognized as one of the key next steps in software development. The products available for collaboration are becoming increasingly light weight, powerful and easy to use. Two companies that we’ve found entering into this market with compelling, but markedly different, products are ConceptShare and Thinkature. Both products let… Read More

  • Serious Valued with Sirius InV SV2-TK?

    Specs leaked today for the new Sirius, the InV SV2-TK1. With an MSRP of $49.99, it is clearly expected to be an affordable option for value-minded consumers. It features a 3-line display, 10 channel presets, one-touch Jump Button and a 100 channel built in wireless FM transmitter. The inV does not support the new Siruis universal docking option. New Sirius InV Plug-and-Play Receiver [Orbitcast] Read More

  • Time's Gadget Of The Year: Nintendo DS In The Lead

    Time’s Gadget of The Year race lets visitors vote on their favorite gadget from a specified list of of tech toys. This year, the list featured the Apple MacBook Pro, Palm Treo 700w, Logitech Wireless DJ System, Nintendo DS-Lite, Logitech VX Revolution Mouse (which I love), and a few more. Not surprisingly, the leader of the bunch is the Nintendo DS-Lite, with a whopping 59% of votes. Read More

  • Hack the Gibson: 2G iPod Shuffle Edition

    If you’re feeling burned from the silly proprietary USB connector featured on the 2G iPod Shuffle, you’re in luck. MAKE dug up a a German source with soldering schematics on how to make your own USB interface for the new Shuffle. Sure it requires some some technical capabilities, but if you’re not like me, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with it. Translated Page… Read More

  • PlugKing Innovates Powerstrip

    Here’s a good idea: A powerstrip with interchangeable sockets that allow users to arrange the desired plugs in any order or fashion he or she wants. It doesn’t have to just be a boring powerstrip though. There are options for iPods and door chimes and three prongs and pretty much anything else you can imagine. It’s not in production yet, but I’m sure someone will bring… Read More

  • NEC TYPE-N01: Greatest Laptop Ever?

    Spec-wise, the TYPE-N01 from NEC and Takara might not be the fastest kid on the playground, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in style. As you can see, the TYPE-N01 is decked out in all sorts of scary looking garb, including a red button and what looks to maybe be a fingerprint scanner. Really, it’s just a tricked out LaVie G type L laptop with a 15.4-inch WXGA display. Under… Read More

  • Holidays 2006: The Season's Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras

    Basically every digital camera that’s not a digital SLR (dSLR) is a point-and-shoot camera. From there though, the camera model types get more segmented by features as well as by size: compact, ultra-compact, advanced/enthusiast and super-zoom. And with so many models of each type on the market, we decided it was about time we broke down and told you about some of our favorites. Read More

  • Fujitsu Releases New Tablet PCs

    Fujitsu has announced it will be releasing two new extremely portable tablet PCs to the LifeBook line: The T4215 (on the right) and the P1610. The LifeBook P1610 is 1.4-inches thick and features a 1.2GHz Core Solo U1400 processor, a WXGA resolution display, 512MB of RAM, 30GB hard drive and 802.11a/b/g WiFi. To make it look and feel more like a James Bond device, the P1610 also features a… Read More

  • Gateway Announces New NX570X Laptop

    Along with a couple new LCD displays we told you about earlier, Gateway has also announced it will be releasing its new NX570X PC notebook. The stock NX570X will feature an Intel Core Duo processor (upgradeable to Intel Core 2 Duo), 512MB of DDR2 RAM, an 80GB hard drive, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 and a 15.4-inch Ultrabright widescreen display. The notebook will also feature WiFi… Read More

  • Like.com: Be Like Anyone

    This is an interesting way to shop. Riya has just launched Like.com, an image search system that lets you tag images and then find other things online that look like those images. For example, you apparently can grab a still of Paris Hilton in action, select her video camera, and then find similar night vision cameras on the market. Here’s what our drunken uncles at TechCrunch have… Read More

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