• Samsung Blast Now Available For T-Mobile

    T-Mobile may not have the iPhone, but it certainly has a decent selection of other great phones. Coming to the lineup today is the Samsung Blast, a slider with some impressive features that won’t break the bank. You’ll find a 1.3-megapixel camera for starters, microSD for up to 2GB of storage, integrated AOL and Yahoo! mail, media player, Bluetooth, and four IM clients (ICQ… Read More

  • Hitachi and Alarion Working on Mobile WiMAX Jointly

    Japanese and other oversea markets will soon enjoy the collaborative efforts of Hitachi and Alvarion at 2.5 MHz. The Hitachi and Alvarion project will develop a Broadband Mobile Wireless Access System using WiMAX technology. WiMAX technology needs both a base station, which transmits broadband data, and mobile management technology, which handles handover between base stations. Thus the… Read More

  • U.K. Smoking Bans Equals More Texting

    Seems that people who would normally light up might be using those fingers to text instead. With no cigarettes to hold it seems that text messages are what smokers might be doing more of in the U.K. following the smoking ban, which went into effect on July 1. Texting across the Orange network of 17 million mobile phone users shot up by 7.5 million texts! The theory is that smokers need… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Upside Down?

    What goes up must come down, and when you’re a billionaire known for high flying – including high flying in hot air balloons you better be use to falling. But that doesn’t explain so easily why Virgin Mobile, once the darling of MVNOs, has fallen from grace. More so Virgin Mobile’s fall comes after being acquired NTL:Telewest? According to The Independent this was… Read More

  • A Billion Mobile Ads Served

    All that’s missing is the golden arches: “Over 1 Billion Served.” Except this isn’t hamburgers, this is mobile ads and that’s the monthly figure. AdMob announced that it had served up more than five billion targeted ads since its launch in December of last year, and that one billion of those ads were in July alone. “AdMob’s growth is a testament to… Read More

  • Scientific American Launches Mobile Web Site

    Need to search for daily news in science, technology, space or find interesting science related trivia… and need to do this while on the go? Now all this is as close as your mobile browser. Scientific American has launched a new mobile Internet site. Designed with mobile searches and browsing in mind, the search offers a listing of current articles in the newsstand issue, as well as links… Read More

  • T-Mobile: Cash for Old Cell Phones

    Last week we reported that mobile phone could be the toxic waste of tomorrow, but now comes news that some mobile companies are looking to do something about it. T-Mobile has launched a new initiate in the U.K. to get people to recycle their old phones. Under this effort T-Mobile is asking Britons to send their own phones, whether they work or not, and possibly even get some cash for doing so. Read More

  • Alliance for Fair Roaming’s Statement on FCC Action

    Yesterday the Alliance for Fair Roaming Access issued a statement on the FCC action regarding roaming obligations of wireless carriers. This was in response to the Federal Communications Commission unanimous vote to require automatic roaming services for voice, SMS and push-to-talk at “just, reasonable and non-discriminatory rates in agreements of wireless providers.” The… Read More

  • The Fascination With ToDo Lists Continues

    The amount of energy web entrepreneurs put into creating the perfect online ToDo list is surprising. In May 2006 we ran through a boatload of them in a comparison post. After all that entrepreneurial effort, you’d think the online ToDo list would have been perfected. Apparently not. Now DabbleDB, a beautiful little database-centric application builder based in Vancouver, Canada, has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shocking Blue Edition

    MP3s In Your Shower: Finally, A Sensible Invention
    Real Life Power Glove Senses Shape, Heat
    Awesome Pair Of Night Lights
    KDDI au Triple LCD Concept Phone Makes You Say Wha?!
    Unroll Your Own Portable Lighting System Read More

  • Spock Open Public Beta

    People search engine Spock, which we’ve been covering for a few months, has publicly launched. Spock differs from differs from recently launched WikiYou and other people search engines by using algorithms to find and merge the majority of their content into a unified profile. User generated content such (tags, links, photos) then augment the auto-generated content they spider from… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    It’s time once again for TBKE. Here are three comments that fit into the “good” category. Please enjoy with my compliments. Remember the time when Peter wrote a post called Microsoft Laugh’s in Lucent’s Face and Remo said, “Good for them…So much time has been wasted by those lawyers… they could be out pickin’ up garbage or doing something… Read More

  • From Garage to Cubicle: JS-Kit Closes $1.2 Million Seed Round

    Web widget provider JS-Kit has been doing a lot of growing up since starting as a simple commenting widget, founder Lev Walkin’s pet project in his off hours. Since then, that single widget has grown into a company with the addition of CEO Kris Loux, 12 engineers from Filmloop, and today’s $1.2 million round of financing led by the Entrepreneur’s Fund III. JS-Kit’s… Read More

  • Hearst Acquires Kaboodle for $30+ million

    This is the second recent acquisition announcement for Hearst Interactive Media – UGO for around $100 million last month, and tonight they are announcing the acquisition of Kaboodle, a social shopping service that launched in late 2005. Kaboodle, founded by Manish Chandra, Keiron McCammon, Chetan Pungaliya, closed a key distribution deal with eBay a year ago. Comscore numbers show… Read More

  • Another Vista SP1 Rumor

    Oh, here we go. According to Mary Jo Foley’s unblinking eye, the pre-beta Vista SP1 may or may not be in the hands of certain testers. This may or may not mean that the public beta will be released sometime soon. Microsoft told early testers that if everything went smoothly, the first service pack would be out in November. The beta version is supposedly coming sometime between about a… Read More

  • Liquid Crystals Adjust For Best Possible View

    Taiwanese researchers have developed an LCD display where the crystals shift to give viewers optimal clarity no matter what angle it’s being viewed from, which is rather astonishing but once you learn how it’s being done I’m sure you won’t be that impressed. The prototype display is attached to a diminutive camera that tracks the location of said viewer and then a… Read More

  • 8coupons.com For The Win

    Web 2.0 is in full-throttle and it’s becoming increasingly harder to start a great website. Luckily for 8coupons.com, they offer a service that any working class person will love. Coupons and discounts from local business are offered up for you. You can send them to your cellphone and sign up for alerts when new coupons are being offered. However, the site is currently invite only and… Read More

  • Scrybe Closes Series A

    Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer, has closed their series A round of financing from Adobe Systems Incorporated and LMKR. In what is becoming an annoying trend, the company is not disclosing the size of the round. You’ll probably recognize the company from the somewhat viral product demo that swept the blogosphere last October. Since then they’ve been through a… Read More

  • Magellan Triton GPS Series Kicks It Up A Notch

    I’ve always been good with direction and I’ve never seen the point of owning a GPS. As tedious as it is to jump on the computer and check out GooMaps for directions before taking off on my adventures, it is cheap and relatively free. I don’t even bother printing out directions, I just write them down. But the Magellan Triton series is certainly changing my mind. I’m… Read More

  • Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Drops In September

    There’s been quite a bit of Xbox 360 and Halo 3 news in the last couple days and we somehow overlooked the biggest news of all. Our sincerest apologies, CG faithful. Just in time for the holidays (maybe a little early) and the upcoming launch of Halo 3, a Special Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 will arrive in stores this September. The 20GB version is given the royal Spartan treatment with a… Read More

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