• Weebly Launches Blog Platform, Closes $650K Investment

    AJAX website editor Weebly has just landed $650K in investment and launched a new blogging platform today. The investment comes from Ron Conway’s Baseline Ventures, Steve Anderson, Aydin Senkut, Paul Buchheit, and Mike Maples. Weebly plans to put the money towards new personal and product design. Weebly’s core product is an AJAX website editor that creates personal pages using… Read More

  • Third Screen Serves Up Mobile Ads

    Third Screen Media, a mobile advertising network serving ads on 185 sites in its group including Accuweather, Boston.com, Fox News, the Gannet Network of newspapers, Maxim, Wapipedia, and WWE, reports serving 225 million advertising impressions monthly. The volume generated by TSM’s network indicates adoption of mobile Internet, which will only increase as more subscribers start using… Read More

  • Study: Kids Have Cell Phones

    A newly released study by iGR finds 50 to 70 percent of kids aged 12 to 14 have a cellular phones. The percentage of 15 to 17 year-olds with mobile phones is even higher. The reasons for having a cell phone cited in the study were to keep in touch with friends and parents. But “the ‘cool’ factor and peer pressure also ranked highly,” the study said. Older kids… Read More

  • T-Mobile Loves Your Mom

    T-Mobile <3’s Mom so much we’ll be getting unlimited messaging all day on Mother’s Day, May 13. In case you’re feeling festive and/or creative T-Mo has also launched the ‘Stick Together’ site to help give you some ideas if you think SMS’s are lame. Print a sign or frame and spice up that picture message. Love you, Mom! Stick Together Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Ping-Pong with Monkeys Edition

    Feeling Cheeky? Try Out Happy Monkey!
    Pebble MP3 Player: The Have-Nots Finally Design an MP3 Player for the Masses
    It’s a Door and a Ping Pong Table, See!?
    Keep a Lid On It
    From the Vaults of Why? LG HDTV Fridge Read More

  • War Of The People Search

    I moderated a fascinating panel tonight at Google headquarters that included execs from three “people search engines” – the CEO of Wink (Michael Tanne), the CEO of Spock (Jaideep Singh), and the COO of Zoominfo (Bryan Burdick). The panel was very timely. Earlier today the Wall Street Journal published an article called “You’re Nobody Unless Your Name Googles… Read More

  • Mpire Launches Widgets for eBay and Amazon Affiliates

    Mpire launches a new widget service today with over 75 different widgets aimed directly at eBay and Amazon affiliates. It’s a crowded space. On Sunday Michael Arrington described it well with a post aptly titled “The Attack of the Advertising Widgets“. A natural first reaction is what? more widgets! I caught up with Mpire CEO Matt Hulett and Co-Founder Dave Cotter earlier in… Read More

  • Google Reader for Your Wii

    Google has launched a Wii specific Google Reader for your favorite RSS feeds and the new UI makes use of all the Wii controller buttons. This makes me Wii Wii in my pants. Excuse me while I go and change. In the meantime check out the tips and tricks: * up/down: scroll up/down
    * right/left: next/previous item
    * 1 button: show subscriptions
    * 2 button: show links When… Read More

  • Microsoft, Apple Work Together…WTF?!

    Hell hath not frozen over, folks. Microsoft, with the help of Apple, released a patch today for Vista users who have been getting corrupted iPods upon ejection. I just about spewed my drank all over my screen when I read this quote from Vista product manager Nick White: “The long and short of it is this: Apple and Windows have partnered together to ensure a great experience in using… Read More

  • Pioneer 8th-gen HDTV Kicks Out 20,000:1 Ratio

    Pioneer has announced the ‘World’s best flat screen TV’ and I’m pretty sure they have some oomph to back that up. The Project Kuro TV line-up has black levels that are 80% deeper than before with a true contrast ratio of 20,000:1. OK? The blacker the background the brighter everything else is. Get it? Good. Why didn’t anyone think of that before?! The… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Unveils the Complete Mobile Office, P1

    Sony Ericsson unveiled the P1 today in the hopes that it will bring the smartphone pioneer back to the top. SE is touting the P1 as a complete mobile office with features like push email, web browsing apps, GPRS, UMTS, and WiFi(802.11b). The P1 packs a one-two-punch with a Symbian OS and UIQ 3.0. Most of those features are great, but what makes it a complete mobile office? For starters, there is… Read More

  • eBay Close to Acquiring StumbleUpon

    First reported here at TechCrunch on April 18, eBay is now said to be close to finalizing its deal to acquire StumbleUpon for $75 million, according to a new online report from the Wall Street Journal. The high flying startup has been rumored to be in acquisition talks since November . The Wall Street Journal report quotes an insider saying that no final agreement has been reached and that… Read More

  • MSN Live Messenger on XBox 360 Tomorrow

    Want to talk to everyone, all the time? Just turn on your 360 and start chatting away. As part of the XBox Spring Update, the 360 will be compatible with Live Messenger and will be able to chat with desktop and mobile Live users. You can use a USB keyboard or the 360 keypad add-on, which is hitting the streets “very soon.” When are you getting it? May 9, baby. Tomorrow. Product Page Read More

  • HP Pavilion HDX: 20 Inches of Media Rockingness

    HP and the rest of the laptop world are dumping hundreds of laptops tomorrow, but the HDX seems to stand out in a potentially crowded news day. It’s essentially a huge media center with a tilting screen and HD DVD drive and HDTV tuner. How much will it cost? About $2,000 with only a few of the extras and expect the price to rise stratospherically with the add-ons. It also runs Santa Rosa… Read More

  • Stardoll.com: From Little Things Big Things Grow

    Inspired by a childhood passion for paper dolls, Scandinavian born Liisa started drawing dolls and accompanying wardrobes, uploading them to Geocities. The personal page grew, evolving to Paperdoll Heaven in 2004. Now calling itself Stardoll.com, the site took $4 million in Series A funding from Index Ventures in February 2006, and $6 million in a B Series round lead by none other than Sequoia… Read More

  • Keep a Lid On It

    I’m not exactly flipping my lid here, but Toilet Tattoos isn’t just potty talk. In my bathroom the lid is always up and it drives my girlfriend crazy. The toilet lid is not exactly a place where I expected to see art but hey, why not? Toilet Tattoos come in different styles and themes, including a line for potty training (just a little late for me).
    They are hygienic, removable and… Read More

  • Wall Street 2.0

    Gordon Gekko is back. 20th Century Fox has announced that it will be filming a sequel to 1987 cult classic Wall Street. The movie spawned lines that even today are quoted by stockbrokers and Investment Firms: lunch is for wimps and or course “Greed is Good”. It’s sad they didn’t make the sequel in the late 90s. Gordon Gekko would have made a killing in Web 1.0 stocks. Read More

  • HP Preps Fanless, Water-Cooled Laptops for This Fall

    Buckle up, boys and girls, because HP has yet another announcement to whet your palette, brought to us by our good friends heresy and rumor. The company will launch a line of laptops in the fall that feature fanless watercooling. No, it’s not the first laptop to have watercooling, but HP is all about bringing bleeding edge features to the average Joe, even if under the Voodoolabel. Read More

  • The End of Human Civilization I: Landline MP3 Ringtone Thing

    If you’ve got $12 to blow and want to guarantee I never speak to you again, you might consider investing in a Magic Ringtone MP3 Ringer. Sure, ringtones are nothing new, but this horrid little device takes things a step further by providing ringtones for your landline phone. No, read that again. It typed it correctly. This USB-connected box stores a single MP3 ringtone. It’s… Read More

  • It's a Door and a Ping Pong Table, See!?

    Ahoy, fellow apartment dwellers. If you’re like me, your apartment, even if roomy, could use more space. I mean, when you’re paying out the rear for a 2 bedroom, where are you going to put your ping pong table? You could just play Wii tennis, but seriously, real ping pong is the way to go. If you’ve got a doorway, you can now have ping pong. This table — net and all… Read More

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