• Revlayer Launches Dead Simple Video Advertising Product

    Update: Revlayer was previously known as Prerollr Revlayer a new product that gives bloggers and other content site owners the ability to monetize embedded videos, launched today. The product focuses on creating revenue for the sites actually embedding video, as opposed to the creator of the video content or the service (Youtube, Veoh, etc.) hosting it. This is a space we’ve covered… Read More

  • Zune Joins Live Nation Concert Series

    If I had a Zune and felt the need to attend one of the 28 Live Nation concerts this summer then I, too, could join the Social. The Zune will have a major presence at the shows with Zune Spots that will let concertgoers try out the Zune and check out the hot, new, summer colors. The Zune Spots are actually converted freight containers, which maybe has some sort of recycling message to it… Read More

  • ValueClick Acquires Comparison Shopping Operator MeziMedia For Up To $352million

    ValueClick has acquired MeziMedia for up to $352 million, in a deal consisting of $100million in upfront in cash, with an additional sum of up to $252 million to be paid depending on MeziMedia’s revenue and earnings performance through to 2009 LA based MeziMedia is a comparative shopping company that operates sites including Smarter.com and online coupon site CouponMountain.com. The… Read More

  • Oakley to Auction Off 18K Gold Lance Armstrong Sunglasses

    Oakley will be auctioning of a pair off solid-gold shades signed by Lance Armstrong. Bidding will begin at $9,999.99 on July 19 and run for 10 days. If you’ve got that much cash lying around and want to give a little (or a lot, as it were) to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, you can try to win these puppies on eBay by looking up item #160135266040 next Thursday. Read More

  • TiVo's Ratings Service Might Help Bury Bad Commercials

    TiVo is introducing an interesting twist to the television-ratings game with a new service called Stop||Watch. Basically, the commercials that get watched and rewound the most win out over the commercials that get skipped the most. Results will be made available on a monthly basis. Categories include Top Total Viewing Commercials compared with Total Viewing of Top Programs, Time Shifted… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to Optimize Your Video for YouTube

    When I say things like this, my friends roll their eyes, but it’s how I actually talk. I say things like, “Let’s talk about video compression!” They buy another drink. But that’s what we’re doing in today’s Help-Key, and it’s something I actually get to do for a living (besides blogging, duh). YouTube is getting huge. Somehow, despite the lack of… Read More

  • Sony BMG, Dada Start Mega Social Network On Your Mobile Phone

    > I realize this has nothing to do with the story, but Dada reminded me of the popular song by Trio Sony BMG and Dada have joined forces to bring next-generation Web and mobile entertainment services that combine a broad range of music content that includes ringtones, video ringers, games, images, themes, full-length audio tracks and video. Previous offerings by Sony BMG and Dada will act as… Read More

  • Streakr Launches: MySpace + StumbleUpon = Something

    Streakr, a site that in private testing had a lot of buzz (we’ve covered it twice previously) launched in beta today. Streakr is pitched as follows: Streakr brings users the best of the web. They simply download a ‘discovery’ bar onto their browsers which, at the touch of a button, finds dozens of new websites that match their interests. They can then rate the sites they like… Read More

  • More Details About the Upcoming PSP

    The new thinner, lighter PSP from Sony will contain a few subtle changes, according to some guy who’s name starts with a zero. There’s a TA-085 PCB motherboard which can be used for homebrew apps, double the memory, USB charging, video output, a smaller battery (same battery life, though), and the WLAN switch is now on the top of the unit. Read More

  • Motorola Road Trippin'

    Other than camping what else is there to do during the summer? Road trip, anyone? Awww yeah! In anticipation of the 115 million road trippers hitting the streets this summer, Motorola has launched Motorola Road Trips where you can go to chat, update and blog about your latest trek. This is where you can also find resources on how to use that handset or Bluetooth device to show the parents or… Read More

  • DIY: Light Tents On the Cheap

    By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a photographer, but I am trying to get better and learn as much as possible. As I get products to review I find myself looking at different areas of my apartment to take product shots and I haven’t found anything suitable, yet. And paying XX amount for a light tent is just out of the question. Our favorite Swede, Ikea, seems to be… Read More

  • Epson Ensemble Home Theater System: For Movie Buffs With Tyrannical Landlords

    Epson was also in town last week (who wasn’t? LOL!) showing off its wares and the biggest, both in size and in potential scope, was its Ensemble home theater system. It combines a set of Atlantic speakers and a 1080p Epson projector. The left-, right- and center-channel speakers are built into the piece that also holds the powered, retractable screen. The rear surrounds are built into… Read More

  • Truphone Wins Against T-Mobile

    Truphone , which offers free internet phone calls over WiFi networks, has encountered quite a few road blocks in their journey toward growing their VOIP startup. Some carriers purposely disabled VOIP features used by Truphone on their Nokia N95s. VOIP has been labeled a possible method for terrorists to communicate untracked. Finally, T-Mobile refused to interconnect with Truphone’s… Read More

  • Aw, Heeall Nawgh: SunRocket Burns Out?

    Oh-kayyyy. That’s weird. A couple weeks after a round of layoffs, SunRocket allegedly sent out an internal e-mail today containing the following message… Unfortunately this email contains very bad news. We have just been informed that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will… Read More

  • Sprint Releases Two Ninjas

    Sprint and Sanyo are bringing the latest in fashion and wireless connectivity with the announcement of the Katana DLX and Katana II. Katana dos pimps 21MB of storage, a VGA camera, voice SMS and Sprint Mobile E-mail. The DLX ups the camera-antie to 1.3 megapixels, a microSD slot and all the online access you could ask for. Both models feature a power save mode, tethering capability… Read More

  • Analysts See Further PS3 Price Drop Early Next Year

    It’s barely been a week since Sony capitulated to gamers’ demands and market realities by dropping the price of the PS3 by $100. Two updates to the situation: one, like Vince noted last week, the 60GB won’t be staying around past the summer but its price will live on. Yes, industry analysts—who are never wrong—are now predicting that the 80GB PS3 will come down… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: E3 2007 Conclusions

    Well, a week has passed and we’ve had time to consider this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Some two-dozen companies showed off hundreds of games, new hardware was introduced and most attendees probably spent way too much time on shuttle buses or stuck in traffic. So looking back, what worked, what didn’t work and what the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) should… Read More

  • Answers.com Now Owns Dictionary.com

    Question and answer reference site Answers.com has purchased Dictionary.com’s parent company, Lexico Publishing, for $100 million in cash. Lexico can really serve all your lexical needs because it also owns Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. The deal is expected to close later this fall. The deal has some major benefits for Answers.com. In 2006, Lexico generated revenues of $7 million… Read More

  • Windows Home Server Shipping to OEMs Today

    Windows Home Server software is heading to its OEM partners today, according to a post on the WHS team’s blog. Read More

  • Jamendo Gets Cash for Creative Commons Music

    Online music has been one of the most tumultuous categories online. Ever since Napster launched in the late 90’s, the music industry has been scrambling for a new model. DRM was once thought the industry’s saving grace, but consumer frustrations and movements from big players like Apple have reversed the trend. Some are even streaming it for free. Luxembourg-based Jamendo (launched… Read More

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