• Chronotech Bluetooth Headset/Wristwatch

    Sometimes when you combine two things, like a mouse and a phone, you get something good. Other times you combine a bluetooth headset and a wristwatch and you get a shiny turd you put in your ear. This Bluetooth headset gets 4 hours of talk-time when it’s on your ear, making you look like twice the tool of ordinary Bluetooth headset users—of which we are one. At least when… Read More

  • Samsung Sheds Wires for New HDTV

    Samsung has announced that it will soon be offering in South Korea the SPD-50P7HDT. What sets this 50″ high definition plasma screen apart from similar displays is its fully wireless peripheral connectivity. The setup allows users to avoid cable clutter with a new technology that connects DVD players, VCRs and other devices via a newly developed wireless technology. It will sell for… Read More

  • Fifteen Dollar MP3 Player

    This $15 MP3 player is great for kids who aren’t quite old enough to trust with a $300 iPod. The player has 10 hours of playback from its AAA battery, supports SD/MMC cards and has simple play/forward/back/volume controls on the side. There’s not much else to speak of in terms of features, but for $15, nobody’s expecting groundbreaking technology. Product Page [USB Geeks via… Read More

  • Nintendo Not Charging For Wii Online Gaming

    The Nintendo corporate solders have been tight lipped about what the Wii will cost, what it can do, and when it will be launched. Fortunately for fans, USA Today was able to get them to divulge that the online gaming portion of the Wii will be free to everyone. We will offer online-enabled games that the consumers will not have to pay a subscription fee for. They’ll be able to enjoy… Read More

  • Float-a-Pet Surfaces Questionably

    Alright, I’m an animal lover in the extreme, so when I hear about something that might help keep my pets a bit safer, I’m always interested. That said, inventor Jed Berks has designed a pet safety collar that has me scratching my head. His Float-a-Pet prototype is designed to, theoretically, save your pet’s life by tackling several hazards that it might encounter while on… Read More

  • Scala Rider Bluetooth Helmet Headset For Motorcyclists

    Normal Bluetooth headsets don’t really work on motorcycles—a few friends of mine have tried. This Scala Rider headset was made especially for riders, with its boom mic and thinner body so it doesn’t get in the way of the helmet. The headset clamps into the helmet itself, the speaker goes into your ear, and the boom mic goes in front of your face. What did tech digest think… Read More

  • Sony Finally Shipping 50GB Dual Layer Blu-Ray Recordables

    It’s been a bumpy ride on the Blu-ray road, but Sony’s finally managed to get their dual layer writable Blu-ray discs to market. Each disc is around $48, which at a dollars-to-gigabyte ratio, loses to DVD recordables right now. That should change within a few years, but the meantime, DVD is still the champion for thrifty burners. Those thinking of using these Blu-ray discs for… Read More

  • myKeyO Wireless, Backlit Keyboard Organizer

    The myKeyO Keyboard Organizer gets a Web 2.0 update with a palm-rest, backlight and wireless connectivity. It still retails all those little middle-school-desk-like storage compartments underneath for holding your pencils, keys and scissors; but unlike the old one, doesn’t look like it’s from 1995. The good news is that it’s only 1/10 of an inch thicker than a regular… Read More

  • Super Secret Remote

    and I think this might be a better deal, even though TBG was basically first to the party. Product Page [ThinkGeek] Read More

  • Wal-Mart Offers Westinghouse Back-to-School Bundle

    Westinghouse announced today that it will be offering a back-to-school bundle that packages a 1.46Ghz Intel Celeron 410M laptop with a 19″ HD-ready LCD TV. The bundle retails for $989 and will be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart stores. The laptop features a 14.1″ WXGA display with a native resolution of 1280×800 that is powered by an ATI 200M graphics chipset. It also… Read More

  • Google Circles Wagons, Will Not Launch Nationwide Wi-Fi

    It appears that Google’s plans for world domination are currently on hold as they’ve neglected to bid for any of the open Wi-Fi contracts nationwide. They will offer free Wi-Fi in Mountain View – so their cyborg monkey army can get messages from the mothership – and may launch in San Francisco in partnership with Earthlink, but they’re not planning unwiring any… Read More

  • Naneu Pro Military-Ops Sierra Review

    While “carrying an SLR and laptop” aren’t usually considered military ops, at least according to the marine I know (Hi Chris!), the Naneu Pro Sierra bag is quite an original. Designed to hold both a camera and a laptop, the bag is compact and well-proportioned, allowing a 12-inch Powerbook and my Rebel XT to cohabitate like college virgins discovering the first taste… Read More

  • Webmail.us relaunches enterprise webmail with ajax and more

    Virginia based Webmail.us relaunched its web email service for small businesses this morning and it’s so ajax intensive that it’s really smooth to use. It’s not for everyone and it’s got some limitations to it, but small businesses interested in inexpensive enterprise webmail may find that their users really like it. Search, ajax and lightweight RSS integration are… Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Offers Unparalleled Protection

    Motor Trend reports that the new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class features a new technology called Pre-Safe. Utilizing this new system, the cars are able to detect driving conditions that have a high probability of accident. When it senses that danger might be imminent, the sysem enacts a series of precautions designed to lessen the severity of the impact. By adjusting variables like seat height and… Read More

  • Runco Launches 1080p Projectors

    Runco has announced the expansion of its already intimidating lineup of home theater projectors. The company will be adding seven new systems that each features a native 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution for your viewing pleasures. The devices range in price from $11,995 for the single-chip DLP Reflection Series model to $115,000 for the flagship 3-chip DLP Xtreme model. All of the projectors can… Read More

  • Carbon Fiber Hats

    Carbon fiber is the new, ummmmm…. chrome? These hats look like they’ve go great with Crash Override’s outfit while he hacks the Gibson and smooches an elfin Acid Burn [Link NSFW]. The hats are made by Ginity and are purported to mix Formula 1 materials with downtown street stylee, but I’ll believe it when I see it on someone’s head. Until then, feast your eyes on… Read More

  • Nike+iPod Caseling

    Just got the Nike+iPod setup so I can time my runs to the toilet and back and I discovered that you essentially HAVE to have the Nike shoes to go with the kit and I haven’t worn Nike to run in years and probably won’t spring for a pair. What’s a poor boy to do? He can buy this tiny case from Marware. It just kind of hangs out on your shoe and costs about $10. I suspect… Read More

  • Logitech Audio Gear Hands-On

    We posted a bit about the coolness offered by Logitech including two Skype devices, a cordless phone and a speakerphone. We got a chance to take a look at their gear yesterday and were quite pleasantly surprised.
    The two headsets, a Bluetooth model and a wired model, are pretty standard. Each come with a dongle – one Bluetooth and one audio – and the quality and build are excellent. Read More

  • TROLLTECH Announces Greenphone

    TROLLTECH, the makers of Qt and Qtopia, unveiled Greenphone Monday night in San Francisco. Greenphone provides the source code API calls to all of the phone’s basic operations, such as the dialer, calendar, address book and more. Trolltech stated that they believe many of the simple services in typical phones can be enhanced drastically by opening up the source code rather than adding… Read More

  • All Hail Guitar Hero 2

    Fans of Guitar Hero for the PS2 rejoice, Guitar Hero 2 is coming. What’s more, the new version will now allow players to strum either rhythm, bass or lead with its intuitive Gibson SG guitar controller. Beyond overseeing the design of the SG, Gibson has also seized the honor of having its guitars branded in-game. Like the original, Guitar Hero 2 will feature tracks from a multitude of… Read More