• Rumor: Pentax upgrading DSLRs early next year

    I was just getting used to my K100D Super and now I see rumors circulating that the K100D will soon be replaced with the K200D, which is rumored to up the feature set with the inclusion of: Read More

  • Facebook got drunk with ABC News over the weekend, posted pics, now there's a politics section

    Now banned in Syria, Facebook is getting into U.S. politics. Woooohoooo!. Facebook signed a deal with ABC News, apparently giving the site an air of credibility beyond the “look how drunk we got last night” crowd. Users will be able to follow off-air ABC reporters as they cover all the excitement of the campaign, from candidates dodging answers in Des Moines to professional… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay cancels its OiNK replacement, BOiNK, suggests you find other trackers

    First OiNK died, then came the replacements. Now one of those is gone, never having gotten of the ground. BOiNK, the Pirate Bay’s planned all-music BitTorrent tracker, has been cancelled. It seems TPB’s powers that be figured that there were enough OiNK replacements out there, so there was no real reason for yet another one. This leaves Waffles.fm and What.cd?, the former, I… Read More

  • TiVo in Canada, you hoser

    Oh hey. Ya, they got them TiVo in Canada now, you betcha. You can get a Series 2 dual-tuner DVR for $199 CAD or $10,223 USD, considering the exchange rate. You also got to get yourself a TiVo subscription, ya, and it’ll be available at Best Buy, The Brick, Ye Olde Maple and Moose Shoppes, Beer ‘n’ Pancakes ‘n’ DVRs, Bruce’s Hockey and Electronics Store, and… Read More

  • Microsoft Brings Social Networking Style Feature To The XBox 360

    An update due to be available to XBox 360 users December 4 will bring a social networking style feature to users of the XBox Live service. Xbox Live, for those not familiar with the service, is Microsoft’s online gaming service that allows users to play online games with friends and others. The service has always supported a friends list, but the new changes will now allow users to… Read More

  • iYule.tv: A Yule Log for your iPhone

    http://www.virb.com/external/video/31736/eAZn5K02o6f7NC1v83qYibi1kTh8E0FC Cali Lewis, gadgetress to the stars, is leading the charge to bring old fashioned fireplaces back to our phones, Xboxes, and PCs. That’s right, friends: Cali and Neil are selling an electronic Yule Log complete with calming music and HD flames. You can pop the file onto almost anything and they even sell a huge… Read More

  • You don't know what you're talking about, Scoble

    I try not to step on anyone’s toes in the gadget blogosphere, but I cannot sit idle after reading Scoble’s “Dear Jeff Bezos” post and the big boss man’s video review. I agree with some of Scoble’s points, but there are a few that just don’t make any sense or have any place in e-books. Maybe I’m wrong. There’s a possibility that… Read More

  • Green Eee (4GB) shows up on eBay Germany

    The green Eee wasn’t supposed to be available until early next year and it was supposed to be the 2-gigabyte version. Well there’s apparently a 4-gigabyte version shipping out of Taiwan that’s only being offered by two Taiwanese sellers on eBay’s German site. Weird. Both sellers appear to be established enough (one’s got a 417 rating, the other is 2260) that… Read More

  • Facebook Privacy Issue Won't Die

    When news hit last week that Facebook was publishing user information gathered from third party sites (like ecommerce purchases) and publishing in the news feed, my assumption was it would quickly blow over. Facebook is continuously pushing the envelope with new features, and there always seems to be short term backlash when they try something new. But it isn’t clear that the new… Read More

  • Firefox for Mobiles gets official; still no official timeframe, though

    Stuck with Windows Mobile? Opera Mini not cutting it for you? You’re in luck, friend, as development of Mozilla for mobile devices is now official. According to Arne Hess at the Unwired, there’s already a version ready for those nifty Nokia Internet tablets we keep writing about. I haven’t seen it in action, but I’m sure it’s sweet. They’re Linux-based, but… Read More

  • iHound: Lojack For Your USB Devices

    Okay, we’re taking credit for this one. A year ago, Mat Mullen’s iPod was stolen from his car while he was attending a TechCrunch MeetUp in Silicon Valley. (Sorry, Mat). He was so upset that he came up with a way to get them back. Yesterday, he launched the beta of iHound Software, which makes tracking software for USB devices like iPods, digital cameras, and USB… Read More

  • "Lunar Resonant" LED streetlamps to reduce energy cost by 90 percent

    Raise your hand if you knew that streetlamps accounted for 38 percent of all energy used on lighting in the USA. Very good, children! It’s true. And now, the Civil Twilight Design Collective has designed an award-winning light-aware streetlamp that would adjust its intensity based on the brightness of the moon. By using this technology and LEDs instead of the steam-age sodium bulbs we… Read More

  • Staggering Genius: The Beer Pager

    Where was this gadget when I was in the blur I sometimes confusingly refer to as my 20s? This thing is amazing, and I need to get one. It’s a beer cozy with a built-in beeper. Can’t remember where your beer is? Use the included remote to page it, it responds with a burping noise, so you can locate your can like a bat locates prey, only maybe you’ll have a shirt on. Read More

  • LG Shine arrives on Black Friday, PR issued on Cyber Monday

    It’s nice that AT&T made the Shine from LG available for purchase on Black Friday, but shouldn’t they have pushed out the press release on Friday and not today? The shiny slider with its 2.2-inch LCD screen, 2-megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth capabilities is now available for $149.99. Product Page [via Press Release] Read More

  • Linus Torvalds on upcoming Linux improvements

    InformationWeek has a pretty interesting interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds. The requisite Microsoft vs. Linux comparisons make up much of the article but he also weighs in on which improvements he feels will come to the open source operating system in 2008. He thinks graphics and wireless networking have been "somewhat weak spots" and will garner more attention this… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to parent-proof your parent's PC

    This last holiday weekend, I was at my mother’s house and, just as I do every Thanksgiving, I spent about an hour un-doing the damage they’d done on their PC. I can’t convince them to buy a Mac or to browse safely, so this is my fate. Sure, I could leave it, and wait till the thing started running slug-slow and then act all high-and-mighty, but I’m not like that. I must… Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Presenters' Traffic Two Months In

    The team over at Docstoc has compiled a document (embedded below) with traffic charts from Alexa and Compete for all forty of the companies that presented at TechCrunch40. As could have been expected, many of these presenters’ websites experienced traffic surges around the time of the conference, only to see their traffic drop back off to pre-conference levels. Wixi, Flock, Docstoc… Read More

  • Can't bring yourself to switch? Make your PC a Mac hybrid

    I use both OSX (Tiger, thank you) and Windows (XP, thank you) but that doesn’t mean I’m simply indecisive. There are some things each OS does better, and one of the things OSX has going for it is its for the most part excellent UI. If you don’t have the motivation or, more likely, the scrilla to switch over to a Mac, maybe these programs will help put a shine on… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: iPod Touch for $344 shipped

    A brand spankin new 16GB Touch for $344 shipped or the 8GB model for $244. Just be sure to pay via paypal. 16GB
    8GB Read More

  • iYule.tv: A Yule Log for your iPhone

    http://www.virb.com/external/video/31736/eAZn5K02o6f7NC1v83qYibi1kTh8E0FC Cali Lewis and her team of videobloggers have created something that I’ve been looking for for years: a video Yule Log. Five dollars gets you a small, iPod-ready version while $10 gets you a compedium of Yule Log videos including versions for the Apple TV and other hi-res devices. Some proceeds go to multiple… Read More

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